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Ask to Join Lakecliff School (RP thread)

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Finch~, Mar 13, 2020.

  1. Finch~

    Finch~ Previously Astrapi

    Pyrokinesis: Adelyn Browne @EeviumZ
    A small amount of gasoline or other extremely flammable material is injected into the blood daily, as well as small holes being poked into your skin. This makes you sick and puts you off food, but it seems to be working sometimes.

    'Wings': Scarlet Sundown @Finch~
    After you have been put to sleep for nearly a week, you wake up to find two, large heavy wings on your back. They are made of metal and covered in feathers, and connected to your shoulders; when they move, your wings do. Your DNA has also been edited and mixed with a bird's, and feathers start to appear near your shoulders, and a few on your cheeks, but no more have appeared since then. It is very painful, and puts a lot of strain on your back, but you're managing to get used to them.

    Posion: Richard Myers @Ridleymon226
    Having your DNA been mixed with a poision dart frog has given you a poisionous touch and saliva. You are immune, and you are also allowed an antidote on standby. What you don't know, is that all the students in the 'school' are immune to your poision. It doesn't hurt much, but the constant fear of accidently hurting someone puts a large mental toll on you.

    Camoflage: Jason Andrews @The Alright Attorney
    Your DNA has been mixed with that of a cuttlefish's and you are able to change your appreance to blend in. However, it can take up to 5 minutes to do properly, and it is painful.

    Electric Powers: Myra Rose @KeenKitsune
    After having your DNA edited to include the traits of an electric eel, you are able to give shocks to almost anything when you feel threatened, as well as being able to power things with it. However, when you shock something, it can harm your fingers, and sometimes even give them slight parayraslis.

    Echolocation: Austin Montana @WingedHussar
    Your DNA has been mixed with a dolphin's. You're able to locate places in a square mile of your location. It can, however, give you really bad headaches and miragranes if overused.

    Swiftness: Theodore Crywall @Clite of Dragonbow
    After having your DNA mixed with a Mantis Shrimp. You can punch with the same velocity as a speeding bullet. They make a shockwave so powerful it creates bursts of light. But, punching anything that cant poperly absorb the pressure of the punch, for example a wall, can break your fingers and/or knuckles, as well as the wall.

    Wallclimbing: Forsythe Stilinski @Shadow_Pup
    Your DNA has been fused with a geko's and your fingers have a sticky 'coating' that allow you to climb most surfaces – even glass, but trying to hang off celings can be rather painful if your arms aren't strong enough.

    Scarlet dragged her heels the whole walk up to the school, escorted by one of the teachers there and a Police Officer, who had insisted she be in handcuffs since she had already tried to run away countless times. She stared up at the school; It didn't look much like one, the building was oddly shaped and looked way too futuristic compared to the public place she went to before the 'incident'. She reached the door, the Officer giving a nod to the teacher and taking off her handcuffs too, before leaving them to take Ffion in. The automtic doors opened and let the two in after the teacher scanned an ID card, and shut as soon as she entered. From there, she was guided to a room as the teacher left. A lady, dressed in complete white, looked down at her from a high desk. "Name?"
    "Scarlet Sundown"
    The lady wrote her name down.
    "Any nicknames you'd rather us call you?"
    Scarlet looked puzzled at the question, but answered nontheless. "Sunny"
    "Urr.. 5"7', I think"
    "6 stone, again, I think"
    "Do you know why you are here?"
    Scarlet frowned, remembering what had happened with her brother and his girlfriend. "Yes, I do"
    "Good. Go to room 4 for your uniform then head to the changing room. Your dorm is on floor 1"
    Scarlet walked into 'Room 4'. It was just as bleak as the registration room, with boxes on the side labled Uniform. She looked inside and pulled out what looked like a prison jumsuit, but white. 'Weird...' she thought, taking it to the changing room and putting it on, before going to the dorm as instructed. She put her things away into the drawers next to one of the window beds and sat down. "Great, I'm gonna have roommates aren't I" she muttered, before laying on the bed and staring at the ceiling.
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  2. Austin woke up early that day. He took a quick glance through the window. It was a cloudy day. But what caught his attention was a van and three police officers outside. He knew who were they and what they were for. Austin put on his favourite button-down shirt, took his suitcase and made himself a sandwich. As soon as he stepped out of his house, he took a deep breath. He has already accepted his fate, it's still better than a prison sentence. The police officers handcuffed him and put him on the backseat of the van. Austin looked through the barred window of the van and saw his family with a disappointed look on their faces. He also saw his Shire horse.
    "I'm not gonna see him anytime soon." - he thought.
    It was a sad day for him. But at least he felt like an outlaw and that was enough for him.

    After an hour, the van has stopped. A policeman told Austin to get out and then escorted him to a building that looked like some sort of a lab or a hospital. The officer left him at the door.
    "Hey, wait! Take the handcuffs off me, no way I'm going into school in these!" - Austin said. The policeman laughed at him while getting back into the van. The young "outlaw" had no choice but to go in the school. He felt embarrassed. On the other hand, he felt like he deserved it. He wasn't a good person and now he has to face the consequences. Austin finally went in, but oddly enough, instead of seeing surprised students, he saw a group of people dressed in lab coats who looked like they were totally expecting him. He then was asked to fill in a form.

    "And one more thing, do know what brought you here?" - said a woman dressed in a lab coat.
    Austin nodded his head.
    "Wait, this doesn't look like a school at all!" - he said
    "Don't worry about that now. You'll be escorted to your room soon." - the woman replied in a calm voice.
  3. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Stiles walked quietly as the two burly officers walked him towards the building, he was cuffed and chained and then cuffed to each individual officer, it seemed excessive to him but he had flipped out on an officer before. He entered the building and walked up to the desk and looked at the woman.
    "Forsythe Stilinksi"
    The lady wrote his name down.
    "Any other names you'd rather us call you?"
    "6 foot 4 inches"
    "13 stone"
    "Do you know why you are here?"
    "Yes, I do"
    "Good. Go to room 4 for your uniform then head to the changing room. Your dorm is on floor 1"
    Stiles was released and then walked into 'Room 4'. He went in and picked up what looked like a prison jumsuit, but white, he then went to the changing room and put it on, before then going to the dorm as instructed. He entered and placed the few things he had in the cupboards next to a bed by the door, he saw a girl laying on a bed by the window, "um, hey I'm Forsythe, but I prefer Stiles" he said to the girl.
  4. Theodore walked toward the building with the group of his personal guards... Hmm, or policemen.
    His hands were cuffed and prison ball chained to his leg. After a while, he walked inside the building with two policemen, as rest left them. He still was cuffed, but they relased him from chains and prison ball. He and his escort walked up to woman dressed in white.
    "Theodore Crywall"
    "Other ways people call you?"
    "Crazy Demon.. " he answered and woman glared at him "But close friends called me Theo"
    "I reached 16 two weeks ago"
    "5 feets and 11 inches"
    "72 kg"
    "Do you know why you are here?"
    "Yes, I do"
    "Good. Go to room 4 for your uniform then head to the changing room. Your dorm is on floor 1"
    (Sorry, gonna skip changing clothes and stuff as it will be just really similar to what you all do and I didn't have time)

    Theo walked inside to the room and noticed two people... Dormmates? Probably... He wanted bed by the window, but it was already taken by the girl, so he placed his things on the bed next to hers. He then tried to make friendly smile and said "Im Theo, hope that we may be friends.. Or that you will at least tolerate me"
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  5. Keen Kitsune

    Keen Kitsune Previously KeenKitsune

    Myra glared at the policeman escorting her towards the so-called school. Her lip turned up in a slight sneer as she dug her feet into the ground. "I'm not going in," she snapped tugging against her handcuffs. From the eerie testing facility vibes it gave off, she started to regret not going to prison. The policeman ignored her and dragged her inside. Though she was agile, the policeman heavily out-weighed her frail frame. They stopped in front of a woman, who after a glance asked for her name. After a moment's pause, she answered, "Myra Rose."
    "Any nicknames?"
    "My, but don't call me that, I only tolerate friends calling me that," she replied, emphasizing don't. The woman seemed unfazed as she asked for her age. "16," she replied, this time with slightly less bite.
    "Isn't that rude to ask?" she muttered. The woman glared at her before she briskly answered, "74 lbs."
    "Do you understand why you're here?"
    "Not at all," she stated sarcastically "I must've forgotten the fact that I killed someone," she snapped.
    The woman pursed her lips before she inhaled deeply. "Your uniform is in room 4, go put it on in the changing room. Your dorm is on floor 1, go there when you're done changing," she said.
    After a moment, the guard released her from her cuffs. She rubbed her wrists, they were slightly red from all her struggling. Gleefully, she flipped both of them off before she ran to room 4. After putting on her "uniform" she walked towards her dorm. She banged open the door and was startled to see three people in her room. As she gazed around the room she realized they were her dormmates. She noticed the girl already on a bed. That seems like a smart idea. She made her way over to another one of the window-side beds and plopped down on it. With her face angled towards the window, she spoke "I'm Myra, Myra Rose. A pleasure to be stuck here with you, for now at least."
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  6. "Name?"
    A blonde-haired teen sat opposite the woman. She was unrestrained, unlike most of the people before her, due to the fact that she hadn't fought in the slightest. She'd already resigned herself.
    "Twilight Sparkle," Adelyn snipped sarcastically.
    The woman's gaze hardened. "Name?"
    "Adelyn Browne, dumbass."
    "Preferred name?"
    "You call me anything else and my so-called 'criminal record' will become a whole lot worse."
    "Five foot eight."
    "Hell if I know."
    "I just told you, I don't know."
    The woman kept composure, staring directly at the teen. "Do you understand why you're here?"
    "Because the police are idiots that don't know how to do a drug test properly."
    The woman looked fed up with Adelyn already. "Your uniform is in room 4, and your dorm is on Floor 1. Do not stop for anything else."

    After putting on her "uniform", if one could call it that, Adelyn strolled down the hall to the dorm, opening the door less than calmly. Several other teens were already inside.
    "Hey. Name's Adelyn. It is absolutely a pleasure to be here." Her voice was dripping with sarcasm and annoyance, as she leaned against the wall. "What y'all in for?"
  7. After filling out the form with his personal information, Austin was told to proceed to room 4. His suitcase has been confiscated and searched for any potential weapons. He felt strange about this place. While walking to that room, Austin tried to memorise the layout of the building. HVAC vents, cameras, fuse boxes, basically everything that he could take advantage of.

    He eventually went into the room. The buzzing sound of flourescent lights combined with a moist smell of the cardboard boxes gave him an unsettling impression of a hospital. Austin wasn't happy about the fact that he's going to wear an uniform for the rest of his stay here but had no choice but to put it on.

    After a while, he got back his suitcase. His shaving razor wasn't the only thing that's been confiscated, not much of a surprise. Now it was time for Austin to check out his room. He opened the door and was surprised to see other "students". He paused for a while and took a brief look across the room.
    "Howdy, my name's Austin. I guess we have to share this room now." - he said nervously
  8. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Stiles stood up and looked around at the group that had now formed as more 'students' arrived, he turned to a girl who had walked in, Adelyn, "does it really matter what we did to be here, I mean we're all here for doing something criminal right? anyway hello Adelyn, Austin, Myra and Theo, my name is Forsythe but I prefer Stiles" he said bluntly, "and if you must know, Adelyn, I nearly beat a group of boys to death" he added as he lent up against the wall processing that some of these kids were a lot shorter than himself.
    @EeviumZ @WingedHussar @KeenKitsune @Clite of Dragonbow
  9. "What I did, huh.... Prepare for an amazing story, with great special effects! Amazing battles! Beautiful women and money!... Nah, who is gonna believe me" he said and voice thone changed "I may tell you another time.. We all did something bad, thats enough to know.." he whispered and lay down on his bed.
    Crazy demon.. Known from his brutality and physical strenght..
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  10. Finch~

    Finch~ Previously Astrapi

    Scarlet looked around, standing up and introducing herself “I’m Scarlet Sundown, or Sunny, and judging by the looks of ya most likely I’m the youngest.” She turned to Adelyn. “As for why I’m here, I’ll cut the story short; My brother is the worst person on the planet and he deserved a death that the police managed to stop before I could give it to ‘im.” She sat down again, opening the drawer with her belongings and fishing out a notebook and pen, the only things she’d managed to sneak into the darned place, and started doodling. “Pretend like I don’t exist and we’re gonna get along like bees in a hive”
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  11. Keen Kitsune

    Keen Kitsune Previously KeenKitsune

    Myra watched as two others entered the room. Oh she's a bitch, was her first reaction to Adelyn. A moment later she realized she hadn't been much better minutes before. She cleared her mind as she listened to others explain their stories and observed their looks. She looked away from the last person who had spoken, the doodling girl, as silence fell. "Well, I killed a drunk who was attacking me. Stupid of me to be honest, but I can't say he didn't get what he deserved," she said, a smirk on her face as she finished. Ever since that day she had reimagined that day multiple times. However, she never imagined herself not meeting him. It was always different fighting tactics, different movements. "So do any of you know why we're in this facility looking 'school'?" she asked. Maybe someone knows more than I was told.
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  12. The brash teen raised her eyebrows in slight surprise. "Not bad. All of you. My so-called charge is so much more lame. Restricted drug usage. Probably the dumbest thing I could get in this hellhole for."

    Turning to the girl who had just spoken, she shrugged. "Honestly, I probably don't know much more than you do. All I know was I chose this over prison. We're here to get... educated, I guess? Other than that, I know nothing." She sat down on an unoccupied bed. "So.... Anyone have conversation topics? Something? I dunno about you but I'll probably go insane in here with nothing to do."
  13. "Conversation topic... Maybe... From what schools are you all? If you don't want to tell this then at least from what city?" He asked, but it didn't sound as Tgeo really cared about that, he just wanted to kill boredoom and meet a bit better his new room pals that he probably end up for probably a long time here. He sat up on his bed and looked at everyone. They seemed like a funny bunch of bois and gals... Well, maybe not as funny as his gang, but still..
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  14. The Alright Attorney

    The Alright Attorney Previously AlrightAttorney

    "Can't believe we gotta deliver these kids to some fucking school...Most of them are murderers, should be rotting in a cell." The voice of a police officer escorting Jason was all he could hear as the van made it's way towards whatever school he was supposed to be going to now.

    As much as Jason prefered not spending time in prison, even he had to admit that the other option was going to some school he never heard of was still pretty strange. What kind of place was it to willing accept kids with harsh criminal charges.

    "Kid, we're here." The van's rear doors opened, light pouring into and shining onto Jason. "Come on and get this over with." The police instructed him. Wordlessly, he followed his orders, getting to his feet and exiting the van. Jason's eyes were fixated on the building that would be his new home. It looked too...clean. Sterile. Like it shouldn't be real.

    Following the officers, Jason made his way inside. After everything was settled, the men left him alone at the front desk, where a woman sat and asked him some fairly basic information questions. He answered them all, feeling no need to lie yet.

    "Do you understand why you are here?" The last question took him by surprise. Yeah he knew being here was still a punishment for his actions he took, but he wasn't expecting that he'd actually have to talk about it anytime soon. A lump grew in his throat. He could feel the weight of the knife in his hand again. The sounds of the sirens that wailed rang in the back of his head once more.

    "...I'm a cold blooded killer who murdered an innocent man who just doing his job. Are we done here." Jason glanced away from the woman, trying to figure out where to go next. She directed him as to where he had to go, to get his clothes and where he'd be staying. Jason quickly left, wanting to forget about the incident that landed him here.

    Eventually he found where his 'school uniform' was. It looked anything but that. "Looks like I just traded one prison for another..." He muttered out as he slipped on the outfit and made his way to where he'd be staying. Pushing the door open, he came face to face with other teens. Figures they wouldn't just have one kid here, guess these are his roomies. He stayed silent, just approaching one of the beds and laying down on it, electing not to join in on their conversation.
  15. Ridleymon

    Ridleymon Previously Ridleymon226

    Richie clumsily made his way out the back of the van and onto the solid ground. "I really hate school" he muttered to himself. He pulled his head up to gaze at building in front of him. "I also really don't like weird and intimidating buildings of which confuse me."

    "Quit squeaking and keep moving" demanded the police officer that towered behind the kid. This startled Richie and he jumped into a brisk walk. The officer lead Richie to the door of the building.

    Inside the facility, Richie was brought to the desk of a lady in white. Her calm demeanor immediately felt threatening to Richie. He felt she knew exactly what lied ahead in Richie's future, and it wasn't happy. She then began her questioning.
    "My name?"
    "Your name."
    "My name... It's Richard."
    "Last name?"
    "Right. No, I mean Myers. It's Myers." Richie was quickly realizing that this whole facility was out of his league.
    "Any preferred names?"
    "Richie, but if it's too much of a hassle..."
    "Um, 15."
    "H-height is 5'5"... Maybe. I'm actually not sure. Could I-"
    "Weight?" The woman quickly cut the boy off.
    "I don't remember. I got it checked last when I was probably seven and back then I was 40 kilograms I think?"
    "Do you know why you are here?"
    "Y-yes, I think so." Richie's mind found itself back to that day, and a storm of guilt filled his brain once more.
    "Go to room 4 for your uniform then head to the changing room. Your dorm is on floor 1."

    Richie managed to find his way to room 4 and then the changing room where he fumbled to put on his uniform as fast as possible. He made his way to floor 1 where he opened the door to his dorm.

    When he was greeted with a handful of faces staring at him, he shut the door and opened it once more to make sure he wasn't seeing things. When he opened the door again he found that what he greatly feared wasn't a lie. Roommates. He slowly and nervously made his way into the room. He looked around for a bed and the situation just kept getting worse. The only empty mattress was the one nearest to the middle, surrounded by all of the others. He reluctantly took a seat, crisscross on his bed, and hoped to god none of these other criminals would go near him.
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  16. Finch~

    Finch~ Previously Astrapi

    Scarlet looked up from her doodling to the newcomers, smiling and giving a wave, trying to look somewhat friendly. “Hey there” She looked back at the notebook with a sigh, ripping out the page, crumpling it up and throwing it into the corner of the room, for there was no bin. In fact, the room was almost entirely empty, excluding the beds and bedside tables. She put the pad away, pulling the covers over most of her body and laying down. “Just me, or doesn’t this place look like a hospital?” She asked, “Sure does remind me of one, never seen a school like this. Too modern, angular, white, like it’s made of plastic.”
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  17. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Feeling a little bored Stiles looked round the room and decided the most recent addition to the group looked like a prime opportunity for conversation, he walked over to the boy (@Ridleymon226), "hey there, this might seem a bit rude but to be completely honest, you seem a little nervous, you sure you walked in the right room, are you really like the rest of us, hardened criminals and all that", he said chuckling slightly and smiling, he wasn't trying to scare the kid but sometimes his stature and size often scared those younger than him, so he wasn't exactly sure how this kid would deal with him coming over and springing into a convo.
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  18. Ridleymon

    Ridleymon Previously Ridleymon226

    Richie sat completely still as the larger boy came to talk to him. He stared straight forward, refusing to make any eye contact. He began trembling from holding his breath. Richie himself wasn't very sure as to the logic behind his reaction; perhaps he thought if he didn't move or make a sound, Stiles wouldn't be able to see him. Unfortunately the means of hiding from a T-Rex didn't apply to that of a human being and all Richie was doing was wasting his breath. The boy fell forward onto the mattress he sat on, nearly passed out from the halt in his respiratory system. He breathed heavily and wasn't even considering how much of a fool he must have been looking like to the others.
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  19. "Maybe leave this boy alone, pal. Not all criminals are equal, from little thiefs to murderers. Its okay to be scared, isn't it" said Theo to Stiles as he began talking to a boy that didn't seem very eager for a conversation. Theo lay on his bed and sighed "Man.. Its so boring..." he looked at his bag, grabbed and pulled it to him. Then he opened it and search for something, he found after a while a box, that didn't seem to be really interesting, he thought for a while and put it back to his bag.
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  20. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Stiles sighed "Hey was just trying to start a conversation, not my fault he started freaking out" he said before walking back to his bed and sitting on it, "so why do you think they decided to put a load of criminals in one building together and instead of call it a prison, they call it a school, just seems like a prison to me" he said to no one in particular. He lay back on the bed and stretched his arms out, he was starting to get bored.
  21. Keen Kitsune

    Keen Kitsune Previously KeenKitsune

    Myra watched as yet another boy entered the room. He seemed quite nervous, though she wondered why. She let out a loud, exaggerated sigh as she watched the scene unfold in front of her eyes. While everybody backed off, and a boy asked a question, she listened and thought about it. She couldn't deny that it was weird, but it wasn't as if this was some movie. "Well, maybe there were some legal problems, or maybe they wanted to give us false hope or something," she said, to listen better she had turned from the window to face her roommates. Her legs, dangling off the side of her bed, swung lightly as she tapped her nails against the frame. Though she hadn't been in the room for long, she felt bored already. "So, we've already covered our names and why we're in here. How about, when we get out of here, what would you do first?" she asked.
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  22. Ridleymon

    Ridleymon Previously Ridleymon226

    Richie sighed his relief away as the attention was drawn away from him and on to another subject. He sat back up on his bed, and wrapped his arms around his folded up legs. Richie listened as the conversation unfolded. "When we get out of here, what would you do first?" said one of the girls. Richie hadn't considered the question before. He plopped his chin against his knees as he considered it for a moment. Surely I don't deserve a second chance. They couldn't really be planning to send dirty rotten kids like me back outside of this place. I don't know if I could go back.
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  23. Finch~

    Finch~ Previously Astrapi

    Scarlet didn't reply, instead gazing at the window as the sky began to dim. She turned to the girl who asked something with a blank look. "I have a strange hunch that aint gonna happen, atleast anytime soon. I reckon this place's a lab, look at these darned uniforms! UNIFORMS! They're literally bleached prison jumsuits, I reckon. This place is too far from anything like a school. Its a lab prision, I reckon, or at least thats what it used to be, and they're gonna use us lot as guinea pigs or somethin', for makeup and soap and shit, anyway, I don't like it. I could be wrong, im probably wrong, and y'll should learn to ignore my tangents, and this could be some sort of futuristic school that specialises in sience and stuff." After speaking, she flopped back down onto the bed. "These next years'll be fun"
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  24. Theo sighed.. Some people here are getting emotional... Hmm... What he wanted to do, after he get out from this stupid excuse of a school. Did he know... He often used to not think about future. He thought for a while after Scarlett answered... Sort of.. To Myra and then he sat on his bed "Nice theory, I must say... What to do after this place and will we ever get put of here... I don't care much about that sort of crap. Either I will be here or outside, won't change that I will probably do absolutely nothing as I am important here as much as I was earlier (he wasn't at all important)" he then sighed." Do you guys miss anything from tge past that you won't get here?"
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