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Lake of Rage! A Story of new beginnings.

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Combination_of_Many, Mar 4, 2008.

  1. Prologue: ​

    The Lake of Rage: A serene, vast cerulean sea, home to beautiful creatures? Or maybe it is just a pawn, in a game of chess. A mere cover-up. Could this be true?

    In the Johto region, a rumor is stirring. Many are concerned of the absence of Ice-Gym Leader, Pryce. This Gym Leader has been absent for months, and many trainers are getting angry, as well as the Elite Four. With Pryce gone, trainers cannot get their seventh badges, which leads to a lag in successors in the Championships. If this continues, then no trainers,-old, and new,- will be able to continue on.

    But where exactly has Pryce gone? This is the question that many trainers are trying to answer. But with this simple question, comes a million questions. Such as, where is he, and what exactly is he doing?

    Many are thinking of the Lake of Rage, a natural landmark of the Johto. Could this land of the Red Gyarados, -An unusual type of Gyarados- be some sort of barrier for Pryce?

    This is the chance to answer, and many are swarming around the Lake of Rage, hoping for a conclusion to this question, which everyone is pondering.

    Ready for an adventure, Seth, along with his Bellossom and Crobat, seek out from Mahogany Town to the Lake of Rage. Seth, along with many, are trying to seek out the answer to this question.

    Lucky for Seth, his Crobat stumbled upon a camp as they were training, and eavesdropped upon a story about this predicament. Not understanding Crobat, Seth decided to take on the Gym Leader, and discovered the Gym Leader was gone. This, is when Seth decided to investigate.

    "Ok Crobat, Bellossom, let's roll!" Seth told his sleepy pokemon. It was early in the morning, and Seth was ready to go to the Lake of Rage, to learn about Pryce's leave.

    OoC: Sorry if it is short, I am new. ^^`... So anyway, I hope you get the plot, trying to find out about Pryce's absence. (I love the Johto region, best three years of my life)

    RULES: ​
    -Please, I cannot tolerate godmoding enough. GOD! JUST LET IT END. It is very obnoxious, and frustating. (I have a thing for that.)
    -A maximum to six people joining, and I hope I can keep this alive. :]
    -Just basically follow the pokecharms rules. I want to have fun with this, so...yea!
  2. OoC: Thank you for contributing!!! ^^


    "That's better!"

    Seth gave both Crobat, Bellossom, and himself some food, and continued to seek out, his pokemon in their pokeballs, and his belly full.

    I wonder...is it possible that someone might acutally challenge me? May I acutally put my life on the line?

    He thought. This could be a very dangerous sidequest, but he was confident that if anything came his way, he and his pokemon could handle it. In fact, some could say he was being a little over-confident. However, before he got to the Lake, he took a turn back, and ran to the PokeMart, in search of a Potion or two.

    With his potions ready, his pokemon healed, he continued on his quest.
  3. Katrina sat by the lake, a short breeze briefly playing with her black ponytail. She idly scratched her leg through the jeans she wore, then adjusted her white sweatshirt as she lay back. The Mightyena lying beside her glanced at her before turning his attention back to the lake.

    "So I hear Pryce is on the other side of that lake," Katrina commented. "Then again, there's also a rumor that he fell through a time rift or something. Personally, I think it's more likely that he's beyond the lake."

    "Yena mightyena," the Mightyena noted.

    "Yeah, I heard that one, too," Katrina replied, sitting back up. "Frankly, I don't believe a word of it. Still, there's got to be a reason he disappeared, right? That's got me as curious as anything else."

    "Mightyena might," the Mightyena added.

    "Of course I want the gym badge," Katrina agreed, staring out over the lake. "But that alone isn't enough to make me want to find the guy. I can wait for a gym badge, but the rumors are making me curious. Mystery leads to adventure, you know, and I'm not solving anything waiting for him to return. Plus, there's the red Gyarados. If it's still here, I want to catch it."

    The Mightyena looked at her for a moment before standing up and trotting off. Katrina got up and followed soon after.

    "Yeah, I'm tired of sitting around, too, Wolf," Katrina stated. "Let's go get a boat."
  4. Seth continued on, and then realized when he got to the Lake. He took his pokemon out.

    "Um... Can either of you guys swim...?"

    They couldn't answer this question, because, well, Bellossom and Crobot COULDN'T swim. So, after a bit of thinking, he decided to get a boat. On his way to the Boat House, he noticed a girl on his way, but just passed her by. However, before they were there, he put his pokemon in his pokeballs, and walked right on in. He turned to counter, and asked,

    "Do you have any boats I can buy?"

    She nodded, and pointed to an old boat, but it still ran well. He bought it, and headed out the the Lake of Rage, once again.
  5. A light breeze filled the pleasent afternoon atmosphere. The smell of fresh air clung to it like a magnet. With the flick of a wrist a young girl threw a black pokeball with a yellow stripe. It hesitated as it hung high in the air. A moment later it quickly opened and released a bright light. A large green dragon scattered sparkles into the air as it stretched its glorious wings.
    "Hey Flia, there have been some rumors going on that Pryce is over there on the other side of the lake. Lightning is itching to battle him," A small yellow mouse pokemon on the girl's shoulder gave a brief, confident nod,"Pichu." The girl, Chihiro, flicked her thick, blond ponytail off her other shoulder and patted the pichu on the head. She turned her attention back to the flygon.
    "Ready to fly to the other side of the lake?" The flygon gently lowered herself so her trainer could climb on.
    "Hey, you there!" Chihiro spotted a boy in a boat on the lake. She nudged Flia to stop by the boy's boat,"Are you going looking for Pryce too?"
  6. Before answering the question the kid next to him gave him, he looked at the Flygon flieing the girl...Such grace, the way the Flygon flied...

    But then, Seth came to reality, and looked at the kid. "Wa-Huh? Oh. Yeah. I wanna find out about Pryce. I WANT THAT BADGE..." He said, before turning to the kid. "Are you going as well?" He pondered.


    "Hey...You wouldn't mind, maybe, battling?" He said. His Bellossom needed some work. He didn't really care for the answer, he just hung the idea in the air, waiting for the time when it would be answered.
  7. "Oh, that better not be the last boat," Katrina said as she approached the dock just behind the kid that rushed past her. She walked up to the lady the kid just bought a boat from in a bit of a huff. "Hey, you got any boats left to rent?"

    "No, sorry," the lady said. She was a mantronly woman in her late forties, with gray streaks in her hair and a warm expression on her face. She also smelt fainly of the sea, which was strange considering she was working at a landlocked lake. "That boy just took out the last one."

    "Aw, I knew it," Katrina said, stomping her foot and crossing her arms over her chest.

    "But we have plent of jetskis left," the lady said, gesturing to a peir lined with Sea-Doos.

    Katrina's expression immediately perked up. "Sweet! I'll take five!"

    Wolf rolled his eyes.

    A few minutes later, with Wolf safely stowed away in his PokeBall, Katrina was skimming across the water on her one jetski. She swooped around the lake, shouting with glee as she cut through the water at top speed. Soon she spotted that kid again, talking to a girl flying on a Flygon. She zoomed right by them, spraying the kid with water.

    "Eat my shorts, gentlemen!" she shouted back at him as she flew to the other side of the lake.
  8. "..."
    Doused with water, Seth was officialy, going to make her rue that move. He whispered to his Crobat,

    "Hey Crobat, do you think you could go and Supersonic her?"

    Crobat smiled inside at this. He quickly flew to the girl, and flew around her. Once he stopped, he used Supersonic.

    Seth smiled, waiting. He turned to the kid again. "So anyway, do you have an answer?"
  9. Chihiro brushed some sprinkles of water off her face. They had flown from the girl with the jet skis. Chihiro realized they were not meant for her but for the boy. But she simply shrugged as Lightning shook his fur like a soaked dog.
    "Sure, I'd love to battle. But let's get to shore. I don't know about you, but not all my pokemon are exactly great swimmers." Before waiting for a response she commanded Flia onward and they zoomed after the girl on the jet skis. Soon Chihiro, Lightning and Flia were gliding right next to the girl.
    "Hi. Are you looking for Pryce as well? Or are you just curious about what's going on? Oh, and my name's Chihiro." She quickly remembered that she hadn't told the boy her name but she was going to battle him later anyway. The water from the flying jet skis made Flia gently shiver. She inched up a little so the amount of water that she would be hit with would be reduced.
  10. He turned to the kid again. "Oh! Your'e right. lets get to ground." He said, as he docked on shore. He threw his Pokeball, as it shined in the sun. "Alright Bellossom, this is your time to shine!" He said. He knew he would have the advantadge: The sun would make it easier for Bellossom's Solarbeam, (I think it can learn that...Yup!) and he think that this Chihiro would use that Flygon, and he knew Solarbeam would work...

    "Ok, let's begin! Your move."
  11. Katrina watched the Crobat warily as it flew around her. She couldn't do much about it, since she might lose control of the speeding jetski if she let go of the handles. Then the Crobat stopped, hovering in mid-air, and Katrina zoomed right by it. Crobat didn't even get a chance to let off the Supersonic before Katrina was out of effective range.

    "Yeah! I'm the fastest thing alive!" Katrina cheered. Then she saw Chihiro flying next to her. "Or not..."

    "Katrina," Katrina called out over the jetski's motor. It wasn't exactly what she'd call whisper-quiet. "And you could say it's a little of both. Hey, mind if we pick up this conversation on shore? Riding this thing is actually a lot harder than it..."

    Which is about when Katrina reached the shore. Or, rather, a log sticking out of the water at an angle that acted as a ramp that shot her and the jetski into the air. She flew over Seth's head and found herself upside-down in a bush. There was a flash of white light, and Wolf appeared. The Mightyena took stock of the situation and began pulling Katrina out of the bush by her pant leg.
  12. Seth looked at Katrina being pulled out. "Well, that was pretty pathetic..." He said, as his Bellossom agreed. "Bell, bell." It said. Seth turned to Katrina. "Fastest thing alive? Please. Crobat could've gotten to you, he just stopped, that's all. But it's not Crobat's fault, now is it?" He said, hugging his Crobat. "No." He said, and Crobat flew to Katrina, -moving where she moved,- and fired another Supersonic.
  13. OoC: I hope it's ok if I jump in here! ^^b


    The lake sparkled like jewels on a crown as the sun reflected off the water, a young girl was strolling along the bank, looking at the scenery. Maybe 17 or 18, she brushed a hand through her dark red hair, the wind messing it back up again almost instantly, as a pleasant breeze blew by. "Perfect" she breathed, sitting on the side, setting down her bag. Then she looked in her bag, and pulled out a few Pokeballs. 4 in total. Leaving 2 in the bag. "Come on out you guys and relax! We have all the time in the world. (Curse that gym leader for going missing! I wonder what could have happened)." she thought, looking around at the lake again. "Starmie, Wobbuffet, Weezing and Staryu! Enjoy the sunshine!" the four pokeballs burst open, revealing the four Pokemon. Weezing relaxed on the ground next to her, Staryu and Starmie took to the water, and Wobbuffet stood perfectly still. However, Wobbuffet's focus was soon broken when her Pokegear began to ring.

    "Hello?" said the girl. "Hello, Monica?" said a voice from the phone. "Oh, Hi mom! How are you doing?" "I'm doing fine dear, I read about that Pryce going missing. It must be awful for you and the other trainers who can't advance to the next gym! But I do hope he is ok! They say that Pryce is a very tough gym leader. If he's in any trouble, I'm sure it's nothing he can't handle!".

    "Yeah, mom. However I'll be something he can't handle!" Monica spoke into the handset. Behind her, Wobbuffet jumped up, raising it's arm to it's head, took a deep breath and shouted "WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAABBUFFET!!!!". Monica, startled, dropped her Pokegear, which bounced off the ground, and fell into the water.

    "Mom! Damn it Wobbuffet! You need to grow out of that habit" cursed Monica, turning towards Wobbuffet and shaking her head. "Staryu, Starmie? Can you go and try to get that back for me? Hopefully it's not too damaged!"

    The core of the star shaped Pokemon shone brilliantly in the sun, "Hy~a!" it suddenly dived into the water, followed closely by it's evolved form Starmie. Monica glared at Wobbuffet again, who hadn't moved an inch, still in it's salute pose, with it's mouth wide open.

    Several minutes passed, until Monica's Staryu and Starmie surfaced, Staryu holding the wet Pokegear on the flat part of it's back. Monica picked it up, and attempted to dry it on her clothes. "Man, it looks like it's not going to work. Full of water! I'll have to take it to be repaired...again." She returned the Pokegear to her bag, and lay back on the grass. Suddenly, she sat up, hearing an ear piercing sound, she covered her ears, Weezing closed it's eyes in pain, Staryu and Starmie seemed unphased, as did Wobbuffet. Who had closed it's mouth (eventually) but was still in mid-salute. "What in the name of heck was that?!" she mused, as the noise subsided. She recalled 3 of her Pokemon to their pokeballs, leaving out her Weezing, who floated along side her as she ran along the shoreline, to find the source of the noise.
  14. Chihiro sighed as Seth and Katrina began to quarrel.
    "Flygon, fly." Flia glanced towards the shore as a girl with dark red hair ran along the bank with her weezing levitating behind. The girl's hair was shining in the gentle sunlight. Hmmm...maybe I'll battle her while the children (okay not really children) fight... Chihiro nodded to Flia as she tilted to the left and neared the girl.
    "Hey!" Chihiro called out to the girl,"do you want to battle? Oh..and my name's Chihiro, just so you know. And are you here to look for Pryce?" Lightning let his cheeks give off a spark as he began to get ready for a battle, he hoped that he would win.
  15. OoC: Hiiiii Cadence. Yea, you can join

    Seth quickly left his quarrel, as it was getting tedious. He turned, and looked at the girl, and her Wheezing. He looked at Chihiro. "HEY! WHAT ABOUT OUR BATTLE!" He said, and turned to the girl. "Soo....who is battling who again?" He said, as his Bellossom began getting mad, and it began to pick flowers.

    Seth just looked at the two, and Crobat came back to Seth.
  16. Monica stopped in her tracks after hearing the voice shouting to her. "Oh! I'd love a battle!" she replied, admiring Chihiro's beautiful Flygon, however, her admiration was soon cut short when she spotted Crobat. "Is that the Crobat that used that supersonic attack?" she didn't wait for a response, for she knew. "That was the most awful sound I've ever heard!" Weezing stared at the Crobat, almost glaring at it. "Hmph, but first, our battle!" she turned her attention back to Chihiro. "How many Pokemon? Does two each work for you?".
    Before Chihiro could reply, Monica had a Pokeball in hand, and it was hurtling towards the water. "Staryu let's go!" she yelled, as the Pokeball opened, and Staryu popped out, landing in the water. The sun gleamed from it's core once again "Hya!".

    OoC: Since I'm not 100% sure how rp battles work, why don't you start off and I'll follow. If you don't want to do 2 on 2 then I'll edit my post :)
  17. OoC: My Crobat is so going to kill you for that, and who is battling?
  18. "You're so eager to battle little boy?" Monica turned her attention to the boy, angry at her for insulting his Crobat's Supersonic. "Very well, let's go!". Monica recalled her Weezing, and pulled another Pokeball from her bag. "2 v 2 work for you? Let's go Gyrados!" she hurled the Pokemon towards the lake, it sunk to the bottom, and opened up.
    Towering up from the light that emerged from it appeared Gyrados, howling loudly, Monica closed her eyes, almost as if absorbing the horrific scream from her Pokemon.
    "Still as eager to battle kid?" Monica grinned, turning back towards Seth, the wind intensified, blowing her red hair around her face. "I'll even let you take the first move!" she said. As the words left her lips, Wobbuffet jumped out of it's Pokeball, standing behind Monica "Waaaabaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa" it groaned, saluting it's trainer, who jumped in shock. "Wobbuffet! Don't do that!" she growled. "Waaaaabbuffet!" it droned again, as it was recalled to it's Pokeball and placed back in the bag.
  19. OoC: Wait 2v2 as two pokemon fighting, or two teams fighting?

    "WHO you calling little boy???"(My Guys 16) He said, and called his Crobat together. He huddled him up: "Ok, Crobat use a world-wide Supersonic!" He said, then break'd. "CROBAT! SUPERSONIC!" He said, and Crobat made the worst sound known to man, a screeching, utterly disgusting sound.

    Once her pokemon were thrashing, he quickly said: "Crobat! Wing Attack!" And Crobat gracefully charged up his wings, and chased after Gyrados.
  20. (OoC: 2 Pokemon each)

    Gyrados writhed in pain from the high pitched attack, but soon snapped back to it's senses, glaring at the flying Crobat. "Gyrados, use Dragon Breath!" called Monica. Gyrados' eyes began to glow a luminous green, and spat out a green breath directly for the Crobat, hitting it dead on. Gyrados' eyes returned to normal, took a deep breath, and dived into the lake.

    It swam around under the water, picking it's spot, waiting to strike the flying Pokemon again. "Excellent work Gyrados", whispered Monica "Keep watching...".
  21. Crobat, luckily, held on, flying to a near berry tree, eating a berry, and instantly gaining a slim of health. "Good Crobat! Use Leech Life!" And even though this was a weak move, he would gain some so, it was cool. Crobat shot the dart out, made a hit, and gained a bit of life. It went back to the tree. "Crobat, dive under water and use Supersonic, to Wing Attack!

    Crobat shot underwater, and dashed at the Gyrados, using Supersonic as well.
  22. (OoC: Since when can Crobat go under water? >.>)

    "Look out Gyrados! Counter with Twister!" yelled Monica, hoping Gyrados could hear her under water. It soon became apparant that it did, as the once peaceful waters of the lake began to spin, a whirlpool forming, from which emerged a large cyclone, with the Crobat in the middle. Gyrados emerged next to the cyclone, trying to not get absorbed into it. "Now use Ice Fang!" grinned Monica, as Gyrados made a bee-line for the cyclone, and Crobat in the middle. Gyrados' body cut through the cyclone like a hot knife in butter, gliding towards the trapped flying Pokemon.
  23. OoC: Brock's Crobat did. Once...

    BiC: "Crobat, Wing Attack!" Seth was hoping he could stop the Twister, but it only hit the dragon-fish pokemon. Crobat shot up in the air, very much effected by the Twister. His Crobat was still up though, so it went to it's tree. "Crobat, Leech life." Crobat tried to hit him, but he missed terribly, obviously his aim being affected by how much he hurt.

    Crobat's seems hurt...I could switch him out now, but...then he would just fight Weezing...But that's better than nothing...

    "Crobat, com back!" He recalled his pokemon to his pokeball, then threw his Bellossom's pokeball in the air. "Bellossom! You're up!" He said, and his Bellossom came out, ready to go.
  24. "Ok, Gyrados return!" ordered Monica, recalling the leviathan-esque Pokemon. A grin suddenly shifted across her face, as she pulled out another Pokeball. Letting Gyrados take a breather. "Here we go!" she hurled the Pokeball towards the, now calmed, water, it sunk again, revealed the brown star-shaped Pokemon, Staryu. It's core began to glow an intense red, matching Monica's hair. Monica grinned at the opposing Bellossom.

    "Staryu, start off with Swift!". Staryu began to spin quickly, firing out the yellow star shaped rays towards Bellossom.
  25. "AH COME ON!" Seth said, kinda mad.

    His Bellossom his hit on the arm, but only by one, so it wasn't to bad. "Bellossom! Petal Dance!" Bellossom glided in the air, and let out a rain of pink petal's, gliding to the Staryu with fierce intensity, following it's every move.

    OoC: Sorry for short post, in a hurry.
  26. Staryu took a harsh hit from Petal Dance, and began sinking into the lake. "Staryu, Dive under and come up with a Double Edge attack!" shouted Monica. Staryu didn't emerge for a few seconds, then soared out of the lake, using the momentum from it's Double Edge to glide through the air towards Bellossom.
  27. His Bellossom dodged the attack. His Bellossom needed some time to recover, so his Bellossom dodged as best as it could.

    Once it had recovered, he called to Bellossom: "Mega Drain!" His Bellossom sent out the Spores of Mega Drain, aimed at the Staryu, to make sure a hit. Bellossom needed some life, so he knew this would help.

    OoC: The following short posts are due to being in a hurry.
  28. "Grrr, good move" mouthed Monica, she turned her attention back to Staryu, who had the spores stuck to it. "Staryu, use Rapid Spin to remove the spores, then dive under and use Recover!" urged Monica, hoping Staryu could get back into the battle before it was unable to continue.
  29. Chihiro watched Monica and Seth engage in battle. They both countered each other very well and Chihiro could tell that it would be a long battle. She sighed again, hopped off Flia and gracefully landed on the shore.
    "Fly?" Flia looked at her trainer hopefully.
    "Sorry Flia. I need to give some of the other Pokemon experience. I know you won't be battling Pryce but you'll do great when we battle Clair and her dragon pokemon." Flia gave a pained sigh and let herself be recalled by Chihiro. Chihiro placed the pokeball in her pocket and took a seat on the ground. She was planning to watch the battle to the end. She was pretty sure that Monica was going to win. It wasn't that Seth was a bad battler or anything, but she figured that Monica's gyrados was going to kill one, or both of Seth's pokemon with an ice beam (if the gyrados knew it).
    Chihiro was itching for a battle but she was just going to have to wait. Lightning sighed and jumped off of her shoulder and ran up a tree. He wanted a better view of the battle.
  30. The Bellossom repeated it's Mega Drain process, Staryu eventually ran out of energy, and began to unbalance. "Staryu, use Water Gun!" commanded Monica. Staryu took aim at Bellossom and released a large stream of water directed right at the grass Pokemon. Monica was aware that water moves can hardly affect grass Pokemon, but she was desperate. Staryu stopped it's attack, it's core flickering, as it fell to the floor. Exhausted from the battle. "Staryu, return now". Monica recalled her Staryu, and sent out Gyrados again, who entered the water, and glared down at the tiny Bellossom.

    "Mhmmmmmahahaha, this is it" laughed Monica.
  31. (OoC: Do hope it's not inconvenient I join in here.)

    A young girl, probably around 15 years of age, stared out to the lake. The gentle movement of the waves had a soothing effect on her. "How lovely. Why they call this the Lake of Rage I'll never know." She said, her tone calm and pleasant. But, something ended the peaceful quiet, an absolutely horrible noise that was incredibly high pitched. At first, the young girl passed it off, but soon after the noises of several more attacks pierced the land, along with a few shoutings. Finally, the young girl decided to find out the cause of the disturbance. She found herself at another shore of the lake, where a battle was taking place. There was also another person present, another girl who seemed battle-ready as well. Finally, there was yet another girl, being dragged by a Mightyena. "Dear lord... Seriously, what's happening here?" She asked herself, obviously rhetorically. She walked into the fray, and in this light of the sun, her blonde hair gleamed brightly, but not to the extent that it'd hurt someone's eyes. "So..." She began quietly. With a louder voice she continued, "So, it's safe to assume you're all trainers? Probably involved with finding him, too?" She asked, as a general question to anybody who'd answer.

    (OoC: Oh crap, looks like I've got myself stuck... Sorry it's short because of that.)
  32. "Hmm?" Chihiro noticed a girl with radiant blond hair enter the scene. She had posed a question. Chihiro reasoned that she would probably be the only one to answer.
    "Yeah, pretty much. I'm pretty sure we are all looking for Pryce." She gave the girl a welcoming grin. Lightning hopped off the tree and joined it's trainer. His eyes were filled with enthusiasm. Chihiro patted the small, yellow mouse pokemon gently on the head. But she quickly directed her attention towards the new girl.
    "Are you a trainer? If you are then do you want to have a battle? Sorry if I'm being rude but me and my pokemon have been itching for a battle. Oh, and my name's Chihiro." Lightning neared the girl with sparks flying from his cheeks.
    "Oh no you don't!" Chihiro grabbed the pichu and prevented him from shocking the girl.
    "Sorry. Sometimes he stores so much electricity that he wants to shock someone he hasn't met before. As...kind of a prank I guess." The little pokemon struggled to escape his trainer's grasp.
  33. "Hmmm... Well, I wouldn't call myself a 'trainer', but I certainly would battle you." The blonde responded. She pulled a Pok
  34. Katrina was still lying on the ground, head reeling from the crash, when the ear-splitting shreik of Crobat shocked her to her senses. She sat up, hands clamped over her ears and grimacing in pain. Eventually, the Crobat was called back by its trainer, who proceeded to battle some other girl.

    "Kick me while I'm down, why don't'cha!?" Katrina exclaimed. She grabbed a nearby pine cone and hucked it at Seth's head. "Jerk!"

    "Yena mightyena yena," Wolf growled at Katrina.

    "Don't you lecture me," Katrina snapped. "He's the one that started it!" She glared at the battle around her, then turned away from it in a huff. "Whatever. I'm going to find Pryce and take my frustrations out on him in a productive manner!"

    She then stomped into the forest with Wolf close behind.
  35. Seth ducked at the Pine cone, which Bellossom caught, huggled, and planted. "Um...Bellossom..." He said, before making a somewhat rude comment about the girl.

    His Bellossom wasn't to weak, with only a small amount of life lost. It looked up at Gyrados, and wasn't to frightened. "Ok Bellossom, I am confident you can do this!" He said, and his Bellossom made a sound of approval. Bellossom jumped back a little. "Bellossom, Petal Dance!" Bellossom sprung out the petals from it's base, and the petals glided around in the air, before attacking towards Gyrados.

    Seth was pretty confident, with a plan. Hopefully he wouldn't have to use 'Camera Sam', but he knew that it would have somewhat healed.
  36. "Gyrados! Use Ice Beam!" yelled Monica, as she glared at the tiny Bellossom. Gyrados' mouth and eyes began to glow a cold-blue, as a thick sheet of ice suddenly shot out, freezing the Bellossom's Petal Dance attack, the shards of ice fell into the water and onto the bank of the lake, as Gyrados turned it's attention back to Bellossom, charging up it's Ice Beam again.
  37. Gyrados shot the Ice Beam out, and Seth was now frustrated. "Bellossom, RUN!" He said, and his Bellossom ran, quickly being followed by an Ice Beam. Bellossom, luckily, wasn't hit by the Ice Beam, but was a little tired. "Bellossom, Mega Drain." He said, and Bellossom shot out the spores, quickly attaching to Gyrados, sapping his life, one by one. Finally, Bellossom got some life. "Bellossom, Solarbeam!"

    Bellossom didn't need to charge up the Solarbeam for long, as it was already a very sunny day. Bellossom looked straight the Gyrados's head, ran right up it, and shot out the beam of yellow light straight at him.
  38. Chihiro stared at the beatiful leafeon.
    "I've never seen one before. They look so cool!" Chihiro pondered upon what pokemon to use. Lightning glared at her.
    "Pichu pichu!"
    "Huh?" Chihiro looked downat her feet. Lightning was harshly poking her.
    "PICHU!!" Lightning was filled with energy. He realy wanted to battle.
    "Alright. But are you sure?" The pichu happily nodded and hopped in front of Chihiro.
    Chihiro faced Melody,"I'll let you start since you sent out your pokemon first. Oh, and is two on two okay with you?"
  39. "Two on two is perfectly fine with me." Melody said. Her Leafeon took a stance ready for battle, as did the Pichu. "And, if I get first attack... Tania, Magical Leaf!" Melody commanded, with a soft but determined tone. "And right after, use Dig!" She finished. Tania whipped her tail several times, producing sharp, colorful leaves which flew quickly for Lightning. After that, she began burrowing, and found a nice little spot underground, waiting for Lightning to step above her.

    (OoC: Sorry it's short, I can't control your Pok
  40. Hmm... Chihiro looked at the ground and pondered. That leafeon might come up at any moment...it was pretty smart of Melody to use that move...what should I do... Chihiro closed her eyes and concentrated. She felt gentle vibrations coming from the ground. Got it!
    "Lightning close your eyes and wait till you feel the vibrations! While you are doing that go ahead and use charge!"
    The yellow electric mouse closed his eyes and perked up his ears. Lightning had fairly good hearing and was surely going to be able to avoid the attack. Soon he also focused his energy on his cheeks. Some sparks flew out but that little amount of energy loss didn't bother the fact that his next attack was definetely going to be pretty powerful.
    ((OCC: Brawl is really addictive :) ))

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