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Lady Gaga's 3rd Album! POSSIBLE LEAK?! Gaga fans only.

Discussion in 'Small Talk' started by Jessie Mulay, Jul 20, 2010.

  1. So yeah, this guy called Burim (@burim1) is threatening her. For what? What do you think he'll do. If he leaks the whole album, wow thats an epic news story. Your opinions?

    I think that would suck. It's scheduled to be released on her Gaga's birthday next year. If he leaks it, thats just really sad. She'll have to write a whole new album.
  2. Hahaha, sounds like "viral" marketing, if you ask me. This will only increase her popularity.
  3. Ugh, what a jerk. I think that happened to Stephanie Meyer with her 5th book. But that's not the point. The point is, that if that guy leaks her album, a lawsuit is going to happen. I mean, what does he have against her? I personally thnk she has good music and I'd like to see her in concert. But it isn't fair to steal someone's work and leak it to the public. Wjoever this guy is, he must really hate her.
  4. Rumors say that he's been hacking her emails, or that he has her official email. Either way, Gaga knows this person. Gaga would know on twitter, she gets millions of tweets. If he's hacking her email, isn't that illegal? This guy is going to prison. He's also selling her leaked tracks, such as Out of Control, Shut Up, etc. They go for like 200 Euro dollars.
  5. This is probably GaGa's... 500th stalker now. But seriously, as long as the 3rd album is like The Fame Monster, I'll be happy.
  6. Not really. She's not talking about fame anymore. I've heard Greatest, Earthquake (Then You'd Love me), and other snips are to be on it. That must be worth alot.
  7. This happened with one of U2 as well. He had a semi-detached in France, and the person living next door heard the music he was creating and wrote it down. A leak followed as you'd expect. Are her email providers doing anything? Thing is, if he's working from America, they'll probably get him. If he's out of America, due to stricter data protection acts and whatnot, they legally can't track him via his own data. Also,

  8. Reading about that on Gaga Daily. They say, if it's in Germany, they CAN'T track you down. I think that it's fake now. It's been a few days ago. I'm thinking that he won't leak it anymore, but he could. I mean, all that work, and leaking it out. He could sell it.. I've also heard about watermarks, those things in the songs, you can't hear it, but it's there.
  9. Why can't they track him down if he's in Germany? Is it, like, illgal there? And 200 Euros? Wow, that'll be about... at least 2,000 Euro's depending on how many tracks she has. if he's in another country, he can be tracked down, right?
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  10. Not if he's in Germany, I think. I doubt he's in Germany though. I think that person was just saying the law in Germany.
    #10 Jessie Mulay, Jul 20, 2010
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  11. And quite a few other countries. Data protection acts prevent from tracking and whatnot.

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