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Ask to Join Laboratory of Hybrids (Character Sign-Ups and Discussion)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Rowan Tree, Aug 16, 2019.

  1. He probably does, but y'know, the cooler the better 8)
  2. (Alright, cells 1-3 have food. Happy now, Stephan?

    What? There’s a cell 4 now? Ugh... back to the kitchen we go...)

    Question: What is the ‘experiment’ tommorow? You don’t have to tell, I’m just curious.
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  3. Sorry for the double post, but I have an idea for the cells. It's a bit complicated, but here goes:

    There is a little pad thing in the middle of the cell floor, the floor of an elevator-is thing. When the scientist want to take one of the hybrids out of a cell, they make the hybrid stand on the pad. A glass elevator-thing comes from the ceiling, and the elevator pushes them up to the floor above, where the scientists can take them to the bathroom so they can clean, or to an experiment room, or whatever. I will try and post a pic later to better explain all this, but it would be a bit. Just consider it for now.

    EDIT: Here’s the link.

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  4. Here's an antagonist. Is her role okay?

    Name: Harper Revine
    Gender: Female
    Age: 17
    Test Subject or Scientist: Scientist in Training
    Appearance: She has extremely dark blue hair - almost black - and steely blue eyes. She wears a long white labcoat over a black dress with tall black combat boots.
    Personality: Unlike many, Harper truly believes that what she's doing is right. She believes that this entire project is for the benefit of humanity, not simply to further the leader's goals. She has a lot of reluctance to hurt the victims, but acts cold and cruel when her superiors are around.
    How did you get into the lab?: Family relations.
    Other about the character?: N/A.
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  5. Willow Tree

    Willow Tree Previously Brightheart

    @tea leafos @EeviumZ

    ~Add~ is currently not online due to school, but they told me you two are both accepted but she couldn't respond since she can't log on during school days. (That doesn't mean she can't respond all the time, just not often.)
  6. I didn’t write her year of birth because this is the Pokémon universe and we don’t really know how that works... just so you know.
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  7. Rowan Tree

    Rowan Tree Previously ~Add~

    @tea leafos You're color will be black

    Also, there's only going to be one spot left for hybrids, after that, scientist form will be the only one available. After the scientist team filled, if at all, I'll set this rp to Private. ;w;

    And sadly, it's true that I can't go on as much but I'll be on once in a while to change important edits, sometimes posting if I could. And while I'm gone, I'll put my messages through Willow Tree, they'll notify you guys if I have anything to say when I can't say it myself and they'll notify me of any changes.
  8. Oh shame, seems like Cell 3 is going to be a pretty quiet place for now, then.
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  9. Rowan Tree

    Rowan Tree Previously ~Add~

  10. One day, lol >_<
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  11. [USER]@Willow Tree[/USER] ok, thanks for telling me! And sorry for late respone :p
    [USER]@~Add~[/USER] I may apply as a scientist maybe!
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  12. Name (recommend first, middle (if any), and last): Scarlett Kiroz
    Gender: Female
    Age (11-30): 20
    Test Subject or Scientist: Scientist
    Appearance (just the hair and eyes because in the lab you're wearing a certain colored ragged clothing and the same colored collar. But you can describe the clothing when you are released): Blonde hair, green eyes.
    Pokemon fused with (Only for the test subjects to reply to. Whatever the pokemon is, that's your partner): -
    Personality: She isis intelligent, but stupid. She can only apply her knowledge when she actually knows what she's doing, and that's pretty hard.
    How did you get into the lab?: Convinced when she was young to join due to her intellectual.
    Other about the character?: N/A
  13. Rowan Tree

    Rowan Tree Previously ~Add~

  14. Hi!

    Name: Winter Green
    Gender: Female
    Age: 14
    Test Subject or Scientist: Test Subject
    Appearance: White hair, blue eyes. Very pale. 5 feet and 5 inches. Hair is always in a bun.
    Pokemon fused with: Shiny Eevee
    Personality: Intelligent and curious. Usually puts others before herself.
    How did you get in the lab?: Volunteered “for science”.
    Other about the character: Former scientist in training.

    Is this good?
  15. Rowan Tree

    Rowan Tree Previously ~Add~

    Accepted @No u lol haha

    There is now no more acceptions of test subjects. If you want to join, please use only the scientist form
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  16. i’m just going to jump right into a roleplay.. as a darn scientist.
    Name (recommend first, middle (if any), and last): Annika Noemi Evanthe
    Gender: Female
    Age (11-30): 24
    Appearance (just the hair and eyes because in the lab you're wearing a lab coat): Annika has silky brown hair that falls just above her stomach, usually worn in a tight, low bun. She has light skin with tiny freckles dotted across her face. Annika has hazel eyes, which are brown eyes flaked with a yellow-green. Her lips are thin and pink, but she usually wears a small amount of red lipstick. Of course, she usually wears a lab coat, usually over a pair of jeggings and a dark blue shirt.
    Personality: Annika is all serious and stern, and is very cold. She does her job ruthlessly, and is more of an “evil” character, said by a lot of people. She takes work seriously and barely ever goes home.
    Why does she want to be a scientist for this laboratory?: Annika has always wanted to be a scientist, even as a child. Even if the work wasn’t a kind thing for the subjects, she took the job gratefully and does her job well.
    Other about the character?: Nothing really, but she’s ambidextrous. I usually don’t include what their dominate hand is, but this is a lab for goodness sakes. She’s probably going to write something.
  17. Rowan Tree

    Rowan Tree Previously ~Add~

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