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Private/Closed Lab Rats

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by AceyPie, Apr 5, 2017.

  1. A quickie RP I came up with to recover from my "Inactiveness"

    ° The General Idea of this RP is that you have been forced to go through a Labyrinth filled with various things, obstacles and Creatures.

    ° Terms:
    -By Joining this RP please be informed that I will be controlling the events that happen inside the Labyrinth and other things
    -Yes Humans are allowed but not Gijinkas
    -Please Obey The Global and RP Pokecharms Rules

    Bio: (You can have 2 Max Characters)
    (If Human[Max 3]) Pokemon:
    Anything Unique?:

    I can explain more onece people join
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  2. Dude, mazes are my life, and since labyrinths are basically giant mazes, you know I have to join this! >:3

    Name: Marvin Naes
    Gender: male
    Species: Herdier
    Age: 17
    Appearance: Marvin has the same color scheme of a Herdier, but he looks fairly different. Instead of fluffy fur, the black on his back is silky smooth, and the tip of his tail curls inward. He has no mustache, but the stripe of fur inbetween is eyes is the same dark blue as the highlight in his hair, which almost eerily resembles a human's style. His eyes are a dark grey, and black fingerless gloves cover his forepaws.
    Personality: Marvin is usually fairly quiet, even when around close friends or family. Even though many people consider him emo, he really isn't. Writing about his feelings and experiences in a sort-of diary he keeps to himself, he is quite talented with penmanship. Easily unnerved, he used to be very curious and asked questions about anything he deemed confusing or unknown, but nowadays he keeps everything to himself, even though he is still very curious. He's a bit of a mystery to everyone who doesn't know him, but that's understandable and perfectly fine, in his eyes. Marvin can be sarcastic at times and is fairly intelligent.
    Anything Unique?: I, uh, don't think so. :p

    Question: How did everyone wind up in the labyrinth in the first place?
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  3. Kidnapped...

    Accepted BTW
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  4. Name: ruby
    Gender: male
    Species: umbreon
    Appearance: albino with red rings
    Personality: kind helpful and always looking at the bright side of life, he will break down if things get to hard though
    Anything Unique?: nothing much

    Marvin hey kits senpai
  5. Accepted... If you have questions just leave em here or my profile page. Well start once 2 more Peeps join after that only certain points in the plot will allow others to join
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  6. Ok uh we probably shouldn't know but why are we in the labyrinth?
  7. Well, I have decided to add a bit more information to my Pokémon character since there's quite a bit behind him. I might introduce my other character a little later when the roleplay gets going.

    *All unknown information will be revealed in the roleplay with the correct conversation or action triggering it.

    Name: His name is currently unknown.
    Gender: Male
    Species: He is a Gible.
    Age: Although his age is still unknown, he is estimated to be from the range of two months to one year based from his previous medical examinations.
    Appearance: He is your normal, everyday Gible.
    Personality: He can be rather aggressive towards others, since he tends to use force to solve problems. He tends to get into a lot of trouble since his unruly nature can land him in a deep lecture with the authorities. Although he may seem like a malevolent infant to some, he can be somewhat manageable if tamed.
    Backstory: Most of his past is unknown, as he erased most of his past, electronic records before fleeing from the Pokémon Center staff and police.
    Anything Unique?: He wears a silver bracelet around his left wrist that has something etched on it.
    Special Notes:
    • Often uses physical attacks.
    • Employs Dragon and Ground-based attacks.
    • Attacks quickly and relentlessly at the first target it spots.
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  8. And I retaliate with "No Mary Sue's" this is too strong for a gible
  9. I can always change the stuff needed or specify some things if they're too vague, though you might need to specify exactly what matters trouble you.
  10. The only thing I ask of you to change is the prefix "Devastating" it might be a tad too much for a Gible...
  11. Oh, I apoligize if that scares you, I might have probably sent the unintended message across as that might have been my fault for not correctly wording it. I'll change it right now to get rid of the confusion then.
  12. I'm still thinking whether I should Allow the "Hidden Power" thing
  13. I think I should probably remove that since it might be a bit too much for him, and I was not going to let him have it at first though...

    I apologize if I am causing a bit of a problem with the bit of stuff that I am fixing right now.

    I've been a bit burned out today after taking that huge test so I might have gone a bit nuts with my character balancing since that is still one of my flaws I gotta polish on.
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  14. Accepted! Oh and By the way! It's Apologize not "Apoligize" k?
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  15. Ack, well I might need to get myself together then since that's how I've been spelling that since I was a kid... I guess my brain's exhausted out after having to answer hundreds of questions and having to write an essay in thirty minutes... :'|

    (I really never knew that's HOW you spell it... I guess I have more flaws than I actually think...)
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  16. It's OK no one's perfect... I'll Introduce My Character now

    Name: Ava
    Gender: Female
    Species: Kirlia
    Appearance: A Black Kirlia with a Grey Head Spikes
    Personality: Very Timid at Times but will Step up and protect her friends at desperate times
    Anything Unique?: Time seems to stop when she cowers in fear
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  17. Even if he is worn out, you know an RP's gonna be good when Charlespark joins it! :D

    Is there any specific pattern to the maze? I'm not sure how that would help, I was just wondering if you used any maze as a sort of base. I'm sure I'll think of some more decent questions in the future, too.


    What does this even mean? xD
  18. Ok, I am joining if I still can. I'll go, at this moment, with one character, but I may still add another one in the future:

    Name: Eitri
    Gender: Female
    Species: Salandit
    Age: 19
    Appearance: a normal Salandit, but she has a golden necklace with a shiny purple stone in it (just as decoration). His dorsal line is red, but when it glows it shows a purple-pink tone too.
    Personality: She can be quite manipulative and inquisitive, only caring for herself. She normally shows a very dominant nature, yet she is always open and collaborative with others if she is in danger. She is lazy, always trying to let the others act instead of herself, just joining when she thinks it's necessary.
    Anything Unique?: Her pheromones are quite powerful for a Salandit. This means that she can use them against males, stunning them temporarily. Despite this, pheromones are hard to produce, so this special attack (if it can be called this way) has a lot of delay and leave her exhausted if she abuses of it
  19. Why is everyone going for LC and NFE Pokemon Fully Evolved Are allowed...
  20. Ok, thanks

    And if you ask me about why I choose a Salandit instead of a Salazzle, I based my character that I had in another role. Her specialty was her pheromones, but her ability was controlling other Pokemon with them. I just felt that it was too much for a role like this, so I chose Salandit and nerfed that ability for stunning enemies with them.
  21. Oh ok! I'll create the thread once another one joins
  22. *gulp* Umm... I suppose I'll have to spill the beans with my secret... you see, I kinda have an unhealthy obsession with using baby Pokémon in roleplays. (I.e. Younger or smaller Pokémon/First evolutionary.)
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  23. Question: Are we all in the same room when we start out?
    And another: Can we evolve mid roleplay? Or can we evolve at all?

    Name: Omoho
    Gender: Male
    Species: Omanyte
    Age: ??
    Appearance: Omoho has no special features on him, but however, instead of a creamy colored shell he has a gray shell. As Omanytes are supposed to be the nautiluses of the creature world, he has blue patterns on the gray shell.
    Personality: Omoho is extremely timid and a scaredy cat, but there is times he'll feel a bit brave knowing his shell is protecting him. If you get to meet him he'll be super kind!
    Anything Unique?: He has a gene that allows him to change eye color, it's odd, but pretty cool.
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  24. Answers: 1. Your choice. Although you should consider the fact we already started so you'll have to start out in the main room
    2. Yes your allowed to Evolve but that will be coming very late in the RP

    Accepted I'll drop you a note on your profile once there's an opening for you to "drop" into the RP

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