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Ask to Join Lab Rats (Actual RP)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by AceyPie, Apr 7, 2017.

  1. Wanna join? Drop a message on my Profile to see if there's a plot opening! If not Make sure to tell me to remind you you if there is!
    Discussion: https://pokecharms.com/threads/lab-rats.16122/

    As Ava's eyes started to open her head was fuzzy she couldn't recall anything all she saw was the metal walls and 12 paths of wherever place she was in and and as she looked around she saw other pokemon lying on the ground unconscious a Herdier, Gible and an Albino Umbreon "Hello? She shouted as her voice echoed around the Chrome walls shortly after, speakers started to Boom "Welcome to the Thunderdome... Lol" A female voiced stated "BUTTONS" Another female one shouted "CRUELLA NO" The first one spoke " But..." "butts are for pooping... Anyways your in one of my Experiment Labyrinths your here to simply experiment my creations and other thingamajigs... I'll leave each one of you a surprise once you get through... Alive that is" Once she finished static was all that was to be heard, Ava then curled up into a ball cowering in fear
  2. Eitri woke up in another room. "Oh... My head... It hurts a lot..." She said. Eitri had still her eyes closed, feeling dizzy. "I... I just need fresh air" She said, going to her left. It was a strange commentary for being a Poison Type She didn't advance too much when he crushed against a wall with her head, only making her headache worse. "What...?" She said, almost shouting, opening her eyes. This was not her cave. She was in a small, claustrophobic room, made of metal. Then, she heard a female voice, that only made her headache even worse. "Make her stop! It's very irritant!"

    When she finished, she stopped covering her ears and started to talk again. "Buttons?! Ha... Whatever". She pressed the first button that she saw and waited for something to happen.
  3. As soon as Eitri pressed the button a Trapdoor appeared below her and she was sent back to the main room with the others with a little bit of a fall "AH MONSTER" The Kirlia immediately got up and ran away to the nearest path she could find but tripping before she could even get to the entrance "Please don't eat me!" She squealed

    "The Kirlia is amusing..." Speakers boomed once again the one who wanted to press Buttons spoke "Yeah we forgot to tell you there should be supplies around the maze to help you out..." The first one spoke "Hey I was gonna tell em that!" The other said "Speak faster..."
  4. (OOC: Sorry if I haven't been on lately today, I've had a pretty rough day and huge fight with my mom...)


    A Gible woke up to the thud from the slight fall that came from the trapdoor, as vexation quickly surged throughout his body like an overdrived machine. His eyes opened to the sight of a Kirlia that tripped, as he roared out, "WHERE IN THE HELL AM I YOU LITTLE SON OF A? YOU'RE PROBABLY THE ONE ALL BEHIND THIS SINCE YOU LOOK LIKE YOU DID IT TO ME!" He quickly got up on his feet and charged towards the Kirlia like a raging Tauros, as he emitted a thunderous roar at her! His hands were clenched into fists, as his sharp teeth faintly glimmered from the fluorescent lighting. His rage skyrocketed when he heard the speakers go off, as he turned his attention towards one of them.

    His eyes were now in a deep shade of scarlet red, as he bumped his fists and sprinted towards the speaker! He continued to thrash about, as he gathered in some energy in his mouth for a few, intense seconds. After those hastened seconds passed by, a ball of energy gleamed from his mouth, as the ball emitted a harsh radiance of infuriating, draconic energy towards the speaker.
  5. (OOC: Mom fights.. Their normal)
    "Woah..." Another speaker popped up as soon as the other one was destroyed by Dragon Rage "Little guy has Anger Issues..." The first voice spoke as the ground shook "AH REAL MONSTER" The Kirlia ran off another path making sure not to trip she ran off a Purple lighted path
  6. Yells of terror and anger rang through the head of the Pokémon that was just waking up. Slightly, he picked his head up, only to drop his forehead on his paws and yawn. "Wha...?" he asked nobody in particular, slowly opening his eyes. He picked his head up yet again, this time looking around the space he had... apparently... fallen asleep in. "Where...?"

    Onto his paws, the Normal-type stood, brow furrowed in confusion. He stretched out his limbs, then dropped into a seated position, where he used a forepaw to brush his semi-curly black hair out of his eyes. Turning his head back, the Herdier noticed a Gible, Kirlia, and Salandit in the room with him, two of which seemed to be in some sort of fight. "What the hell's even happening right now...?" Marvin asked nobody in particular, back on his four paws and trudging sleepily over to the others. When he realized nobody was able to hear him, he raised his voice's volume. "Hey! Where are we!?" the Herdier yelled to the others, trying to get somebody's attention.
  7. Eitri fell from the trapdoor, shouting. She didn't expect that. When she reached the floor again, the first thing she did was to put both of her paws on her head, closing her eyes again. "Oh, dear Arceus... This is going to be a very long day..." She said very slowly and low, though in her words can be noticed anger too. Eitri stayed some seconds, trying to get calm again.

    When she opened her eyes again, everything was blurred, but she could see a figure, that she couldn't recognize in the first moment, going through a hallway with a purple light, and three figures of Pokemon. Some seconds later, she could see clearly again. She was in a bigger room, more illuminated, with a Gible, an Albino Umbreon and a Herdier, that were still sleeping. When she saw the pieces of a broken speaker, she quickly deduced what happened. She thought that the Gible was going to be very... Useful for her. In a couple of seconds, she regained composure and approached the Gible, in a friendly way. "Hello... Dear. I think that nobody has introduced to each other yet. My name is Eitri, what about you?"
  8. "And the Herdier regained Consciousness" speakers spoke again "Got it" soon enough the Herdier was gone nowhere to be seen meanwhile with Ava a Herdier seemed to have fallen on her back "AH DONT EAT ME I BEG YOU" She squealed as she struggled to get out of being crushed by the Herdier

    "So what do you we do about the Gible?" The first voice spoke "Dunno it's your maze your problem" The second one answered "It's. Called. A. LABYRINTH"
  9. Marvin had seemingly fallen backwards onto someone. With a gruff "wah," he scrambled back into his paws, turning around to look back at the Kirlia he had fallen onto, perking an eyebrow up at her words. "Eat you? Uh, no, thank you. Why would I do that, exactly...?" The Herdier took a few steps beside the taller Pokemon, looking over to her, then turning his head in many directions to look around the new room. "My question was never answered, and I already have a few others..." Walking over to a wall, he examined a large red button, pawing at it, but not pressing it. He turned back to the Kirlia, paw on top of the button, with a tilted head.

    Then, he pressed the button.
  10. (OOC: Btw I'm using an Random Number Generator for the outcomes of these buttons got a list of events on a pad paper :> )

    "Oh..." Ava got up "Sorry I'm not much of a Morales person... Im Ava!" She Apologized, scratched the back of her head and made a peace sign " Do you know the way back to the others... I feel uncomfortable..." She said looking around "And afraid"
    After Marvin pressed the button it did nothing "Ummm" she pointed above the button to a sign that said "Warning! POINTLESS BUTTON"
  11. Only noticing the sign once it was pointed out to him, Marvin slapped a paw onto his face, sighing deeply. "Sweet Arceus, I'm going blind," he groaned to himself, before turning back to look at the Kirlia and pacing around her form. "Ava, huh? Nice to meet ya. Name's Marvin. As for your question, I guess we have two options. A's walking around until we find them. B's pressing random buttons and hoping one will bring us back. Take your pick." With an almost ominous chuckle, the Herdier drew his bangs from his face with an almost graceful flip of his hair, using his dull grey eyes to scan the room and look Ava over as he waited for a response.
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  12. "Ummm A? I don't like pushing random buttons just to see what they do..." Ava said quietly peeking around by the looks of it, Scared she wandered around for a bit only to find 2 Buttons and 3 Paths blocked off by Metal Doors "why... Buttons..." The Kirlia peeped around the corner and "MARVIN" She Screamed to get his attention "Did someone say BUTTONS" Speakers boomed once again "Cruella not this again..."
  13. Eitri was starting to get tired of waiting. "Uh..." She said disgustedly. Then, she turned again and saw that there was a hallway. "Oh... Yeah... Well, the best thing that can happen is that I find an exit. It would be better than staying here anyways..." She said as he started to advance through that hallway. Some minutes later, she was able to find the Herdier she saw before and now recognize the Pokemon that couldn't see clearly before. He inspired and approached them. "Hello. My name's Eitri, but I think this is not the matter right now. You know where can we found the exit?" She said, trying to look as nice as possible.
  14. "AH MONSTER" Ava ran around the around only to be smacked in the face by the metal door that was blocking one of the three paths "Oof...." She scratched her head once again and banged on the door "GET ME OUT OF HERE I DON'T WANNA DIE"
  15. Eitri put her hand on his face. "Is this really happening?" She said for herself in a very low tone. "I'm not a monster. I'm just a Salandit, and believe me..." Her tone changed completely, looking more serious, even threatening, yet still, proud. "If I would have wanted to kill you, you'd probably be dead now. I have my own... Resources." She then turned again and saw the Herdier and, in the wall, some buttons. With no hesitation, he jumped to the Herdier. "Sorry." She said, and then, pressed another button, staying on the Herdier. If it's like the one I had in that other room, some of them should open... Something. She thought.
  16. Eitri has pressed the "Warning! POINTLESS BUTTON" Again but this time the button seemed to do something a loud thump echoed throughout the walls of the Maze "Oh God... Shouldn't have pressed that" Speakers boomed again "Why... GET ME OUT OF HERE" Ava's voice echoed again and soon an AT-Walker replica made it's way into the hallway and began shooting BULLETS at Everyone Ava screamed at the sound of Gunshots. Luckily her talent seemed to have activated the Bullets and the AT-Walker replica stopped floating suspended in the air, Ava peeked around the corner "HIDE" She screamed
  17. "What the...?" She said, amazed, but confused. Eitri took a quick look to the room and decided to go and stay close to Ava, jumping and running as fast as she could, approaching the Kirlia. "I didn't know that this would happen. Last time I pressed a button, something opened!" She said, in panic. Then, Eitri took a quick look at that machine. "Is that...? I don't know, but that machine..." Eitri stopped for a moment. "Wait... Is a machine, right? It's made of metal! Iron! Whatever... Do you think you can distract it?" Eitri said. Despite being much bigger than them, maybe she could reach the top of it and improve something.
  18. "I-I can try...umm umm quick! Ummm Scare me of something..." Ava looked around for something to be scared of but Ava being the Timid type she's scared of everything she hasn't seen yet "Oh God... I can't find anything" She said as she looked to the metal door backs turned
  19. "Well, sorry for this, but if you can't find something to be scared of..." She closed her mouth and started preparing an attack. Her dorsal line started to turn into a purple tone, and smoke started to appear from there and his mouth. In a couple of seconds, she attacked Ava using Ember, deliberately missing the attack, but still pretty close to her in order to make her scared. "... Call me your worst nightmare then." Eitri said, showing an evil smile. Then, he started to ready the same attack.
  20. "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH IM ON FIRE" Ava started running around in circles her bottom on fire suddenly the the replica stopped again the Bullets suspended in the air like earlier "IM ON FIRE IM ON FIRE IM ON FIRE IM ON FIRE IM ON FIRE" She Repeatedly screamed it for 10 minutes until the fire settled down
  21. Eitri stopped charging her attack. For a moment, she smiled and giggled. She had the result she wanted. Eitri approached to the AT-Walker and, nimbly, she climbed until she reached the top of it. She stood for a moment, trying to recover his breath. She was not used to situations as stressful as that one. He quickly charged Ember again and attacked the machine. The damages were insignificant but were enough to melt a little the metal, exactly was she was looking for.

    "You are lucky that I am a Salandit. Either way... I couldn't do this!" She shouted. Her ability, corrosion, was going to be very helpful. She approached the opening and used Toxic. In a couple of seconds, a potent poison started to go into the machine, as a toxic mist started to appear over Eitri, hiding her completely. If someone is in here, then, it's having a very bad time; and if not, that metal should be corroded by now, making this big pile of metal useless. She thought.
  22. As Eitri went inside the Walker Ava had Calmed down so the Walker started to move again Knowing something was inside it, It's AI automatically activated and started to move away running into a completely new area before the Toxic melted into its Core
  23. "Yeah... This is working!" Eitri said as he watched the pieces of that strange machine corroding. When she went out again, she was not in the same room. "Eh! You! Piece of Metal! Where are the others?" She asked, kinda angry. But the machine kept on his way. Eitri went completely out of that machine and started to creept down that thing. "Hello!? Where are you?"
  24. As Eitri climbed down The Walker it collasped leaving her crushed under a chunkn of metal, suddenly "HANG ON..." A voice could be heard huffing and puffing probably due to exhaustion "EITRI ARE YOU IN THERE? IM HELPING" The Walker started to Levitate and crashed into another wall "Are you okay?" Ava walked closer to the salandit
  25. Eitri was not feeling right. "Well... I could be better" She said, panting. It was not hard to notice that she had some injuries and cuts, but the worst part came when she tried to walk, forcing her to stop immediately. She shouted. "It's my back paw. The right one. It hurts... A lot. It must be broken." Then, she remembered that when that machine collapsed, she felt a lot of pain there.

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