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Ask to Join ㊎ Kurohama - The Lunar Festival ㊎

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Zenhu, Jul 11, 2019 at 5:13 AM.

  1. Heya, this is the RP thread. The dicsussion thread is here: https://pokecharms.com/threads/kurohama-the-lunar-festival-discussion-thread.21224/#post-779039


    The land of East-Asia is buzzing with excitement, the grand Lunar Festival is finally going to take place! Hailed as the largest festival to ever occur, people from all around the fascinating globe come to celebrate the Deity of good fortune & luck, Háoyùn. It's held in the huge city of Hao, named after the Deity himself. Every ten years for countless generations the adorable golden pig Artifact known as Kurohama is placed on a small golden throne in the heart of the massive city, where all who seek good fortune and luck light red lanterns and set them off into the stars.

    This Artifact holds incredible power inside of it, which of course means there are many who seek claim it for foul purposes. Though one group in specific is the biggest threat, the group known as Yundo. They follow the Deity of vengeance and misfortune, Yùnhao.

    For all the past Lunar Festival's the Artifact was kept safe and protected, until now! Something terrible has happened, Kurohama has been taken, and all of Hao is in panic! The elite organization that follows the Deity of fortune has sent out an official request for daring and skilled beings who seek a grand reward in gold, to retrieve this mysterious Artifact, and restore balance to the lands. Who would have though a small golden pig would bring such an adventure?

    Guidelines & Rules-

    • For the race you can choose any animal, but human is an option too!
    • Proper grammar and decently written posts is required in order to join this RP.
    • Swearing is allowed, minimal romance is fine, but any scandalous actions are strictly prohibited.
    • All Pokecharms rules should be read before RPing in this thread.
    • The city of Hao is MASSIVE. It's extremely large and complex, keep that in mind when travleing throughout it. The theme of the city is red, and there are often monuments of pigs and red fireworks go off every night.
    • Have fun!


    Shi hopped off the roof he was perched on and landed firmly on the populated street. The sound of chatter and fireworks clouded his thoughts. He adjusted his straw hat, keeping it over his eyes, to prevent too much light coming into view. The crane started towards his destination; the large red building that stretched high up, it was the Hao official base of operations, due to the envelop he received from them. It told him there was a need for skilled individuals, and he happened to be one of them. He was going to fly there, but with all the fireworks going off it probably would be risky.
    Shi turned into an alley way, his hat bouncing with every step. He pushed past some figures with black clothing on, they resembled panthers but he wasn't sure. One of the three panthers smirked, then called out, "Hey bird-brains," Shi turned around and tilted his head, his long neck slanted from the tilt. "You must have a death wish, bumping into us."

    Shi chuckled, "You're the one who has a death wish."
    The two stared each other down intensely. the panther had seemingly human legs, and arms that were covered in fur. The two other panthers stepped forward, coming to the main ones side. "Pityful. The Yendo will rid of fools like you." Shi would tilt his head once more, "Yendo? I've never heard of it, what exactly is Yendo?"
    Though his question was cut short to the three of them drawing small weapons. The two in the back had small sharp knives, and the one in the front had a short-sword he drew from his belt. It was relatively dark out, so not many paid much attention to the kerfuffle in the alley. "All of this from a measly bump," Shi spread out his wings slightly, the blades on the end of his wings glistened in the lantern light.

    The three started to approach him, weapons raised.
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  2. How and why were two questions that replayed within his head, yet every time he thought about either one, there was no reasoning, no resolution for them. Maybe it was his quick visits to the city in order to get some coin, or maybe it was his battle prowess that he undoubtedly possessed. There were too many doors and any of them seemed just as right as the other, Zamu shook his head, hoping to shake off some of the unnecessary thoughts. Though one thing could be concluded from all of this- they needed someone who could kill or rough somebody up, that was all he was good at anyway so it would make sense. Yet the designated place was a ways away from his home, which surprised him somewhat. It meant whoever was hiring him had some endurance, some spark in them.

    Finally Zamu arrived in the city, he huffed as this was only the beginning, he had no idea where this place actually was. Or even how to get there for that matter, he spent what seemed like an eternity crawling around on his stomach throughout his duration here so far. It was a futile effort, and he now realized that but he hated asking others for help. But really, he had no alternative this time. However one thing he made sure of was that if he was going to ask someone for help, he'd make it count. He scanned any citizen that had passed by, anybody who seemed to know a decent layout of this enormous city was good enough for him. After a while, he spotted a bird who had just landed on the street, that was particularly strange. Although it was a bird, which meant he literally had a birds eye view of the entire city. It couldn't get any better than that really. Though the bird was on the move! He was walking very fast, well at least in Zamu's eyes he was, he struggled to keep up, essentially sliding through the street toward the bird.

    He'd arrive in the same alleyway that the bird went into, albeit a few moments late. He figured it'll most likely be a good idea to stand up straight now. Standing on his hind legs, Zamu inspected the area, it was dark but as if something was trying to guide him, a sparkle gleamed from within. Zamu followed this strange light, only to stumble into a situation. That bird was surrounded by three cats, three pests that stood before him and his goal. "Hey," he growled as he slowly moved closer to them. "I need him, you can go ahead and kill him after I'm done." He said in a low but demanding tone.
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  3. Shi darted his eyes between the aggressive panthers, standing motionless, his feathers flowing in the wind that breezed past them. The one with the knife stepped closer, while the other two stood ready. Just as the enemy was going to attempt to strike, a voice was heard. Shi turned to see a rather odd looking Lizard of sorts, though from the way he spoke, it seems he was on his side. "It may be dangerous to be here," Shi had taken another glance at the newcomer. "But you seem to be a capable fellow."
    The head panther snorted, "Kill the lizard too, he's in the way." He demanded.

    It seems they were past conversation, but Shi was prepared for any incoming attacks. The panther lunged forward, his blade moving quickly, then with a thrust, the point of his blade darted for Shi's body. His eyes moved to the blade, and instinctively, his wing positioned itself in front of Shi, the metal on it was just thick enough to block a decently sharp object, even though it slowed him down a fair bit. The blade skidded along the wing, sparks flying all around it. The panther stumbled, due to the momentum he had with the swing, giving Shi an opportunity of attack.
    He pivoted, his feet moving quickly, so he had been facing the panther. He quickly opened his wing, then in one swift movement slashed it at the panthers back. He folded his wing once more as the panther crumbled to the ground. Though the hit wasn't going to keep him down forever, it certainly did significant damage. The other two had angered looks on their faces. "You'll pay for that!" One raised his knife, then darted towards the closest target to stab, which happened to be Zamu.
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  4. In an Inn not too far away, Maria was washing down the bar. She had managed to get a job there as a bar hand, bringing patrons drinks and helping clean up the place. The inn, named The Jade Dragon Nest, was owned by an older human that had taken Maria in to help her make ends meet. Since then, Maria had felt indebted to the man. It was funny, not too long ago she would have recoiled at the thought of being indebted to a human. The thought still wasn't too appealing, to be honest, but not as unthinkable as before.

    Maria brushed away those thoughts aa she continued cleaning. Best not to think of those thoughts. Of her old life. She needed to focus on helping at the Jade Dragon Nest. It was almost the Lunar Festival! This was going to be Maria's first Lunar Festival, and from what she heard travelers from all over this region would be attending. Good business for the Jade Dragon Nest. Travelers looking for a place to stay and partiers looking for a place to drink. They would be making quite a lot of money.

    "Maria?" The wolf lady turned to find the owner of the Inn, Han Shiro, enter into the bar area. He was an older gentleman, a human with grey hair and dressed in green robes. "You're here early."
    "Just finishing setting up for tonight." Maria said, going back to cleaning. The man smiled and let out a small breath, walking behind the bar.
    "You're going to work yourself to death, you know." Shiro said, shaking his head. Maria finished up cleaning off the bar and put the rag away, then began stacking the glasses. "I do not need you tonight."
    "What?" The Lycan looked up, confused. "But I thought you said that the Lunar Festival was the biggest festival of the year? Aren't you going to need help?"
    "Maria!" Shiro said. "It's your first Lunar Festival. I'm not going to make you work through it. You should go out, have fun, make some friends! You've been in Hao for a month, and haven't met anyone. And anyway..."
    Shiro gave Maria a knowing smile.
    "I've got Jin and Raaki working tonight. Punishment for spilling those casks of Clear Mountain Sake." Shiro said. Maria glanced away, before giving Shiro a small smile.
    "Thank you, Shiro." Maria said. Picking up her small satchel she always carried, Maria bowed respectfully to the old man before making her way out of the Inn.
  5. Zamu decided not to respond to the bird's statement, in all honesty he was more surprised that someone as skinny as he was could actually hold his own in a fight. Just then, one of the panthers charged the bulky reptile. The cat's actions were followed with great haste, so much haste that Zamu could almost taste the guy's desperation. This petty excuse of a fighter wielded a knife, that was troublesome. Even a fool could be dangerous with a weapon. Zamu extended his arm toward the cat, which caused his vambrace to parry with the knife, which in turn left the panther open to his attack. He quickly snatched the panther by the neck and tightened his grip, he had no concern for the health of this suicidal cat. After a while, he'd slam the thug against the wall before chucking him onto the other panther that was already on the ground. Must've been the swan's doing, guess he was capable of doing some dirty work.

    Having taken care of that other panther, Zamu's eyes focused on the leader. It was a mixture of waiting for his next move and disbelief, he loved to fight and all but he didn't expect his first day back in the city to be so- action packed. What could he do about it now though, his bared jaws were practically yearning for the panther's blood. The leader couldn't possibly be as foolish as it's lackeys, could he? One way or another he would find out soon, and he'd be ready for whatever his next action would be.
  6. Shi adjusted his hat once more, then glanced over at the feline charging towards Zamu. He was about to warn the hefty Lizard, but he stopped himself once Zamu clutched his neck. Shi winced as his new acquaintance slammed the panther into the wall, and once more when he was thrown onto the other wounded Yundo member. They seemed to be out of it, or atleast unable to stand. "How ruthless!" He'd admire, "Only one left, this one seems stronger though."

    The last panther was a head taller than the other two, standing at seven foot. Though it was quite dark, it was possible to make out a scar over his left eye, along with another near his neck. This one was notably more experienced than the other two goons. He wielded a sword, that was currently sheathed, though his hand was eagerly placed on it's handle. He also eight throwing knives were attached loosely to his rugged belt. Shi was dazed out of the conflict, looking up in awe. He was fixated on the night sky that loomed above, illuminated by the countless stars and the red lanterns that were scattered all around the city. "Since you're both about to die, allow me ta' introduce myself." His voice was raspy and deep. Shi shook his focus from the calming sky, and back to the panther. "I am Rehten Grimsworth, an Associate of the Yendo Alliance." Rehten seemed to be hesitant, a growl would rumble in his throat. Shi scoffed, "It's pointless to tell us your name, since you might as well be dead."
    Something was off with Rehten, he seemed to be more on the defensive, rather than earlier when he had two goons by his side. Perhaps he knows he's no match for us...? Shi was prepared to lunge, his wing starting to extend. Rehten reacted, quickly grabbing four throwing knives in a haste, then threw them at the feet of Shi and Zuma. The shocked crane inched back, to avoid the knives hitting his feet, then perked his head up to see Rehten leaping onto the side of the wall, then kicking off it to grasp a window-sill. From there, he heaved his catlike body up the roof, dashing off from Shi's view. Shi was tempted to chase after him, but it would be pointless, it wouldn't be hard to blend in with the crowed in the dark wearing all black clothing. "Hmph, it seems he's gotten away for now." Shi sighed.

    "Nevertheless, I am Shi, thank you for the assistance." His eyes moved to the two panthers on the ground. "What should we do with these two?"
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  7. Zamu wasn't a fan of words during combat, causing him to snarl in annoyance. Why talk so much when you can just let your skills clash instead? Zamu surely would never understand, but this tall foe spoke of his death, which meant he could be somewhat of a challenge. A word did catch his attention however, this Yendo, were they some kind of terrorist group, he'd have to keep that name in the back of his mind. The reptile's eyes narrowed when he saw something sharp headed straight for him, making him jump back in reflex, good thing he realized it quickly, otherwise he would've been hit no doubt. His glare focused on the weapon that had just tried to strike him, however once he heard rustling from above, his head quickly perked up. To his surprise though, the enemy chose to flee instead of striking him while he was distracted, Zamu huffed at the sight of it. That was exactly the reason he hated talking during combat, because as far as he could see, he was not dead or gasping for his last breath on the cold, hard ground that was below him.
    The scene had finally passed and it grew rather quiet, until the bird-like citizen thanked him for his contribution in the battle. Zamu grunted in response, most likely due to the fact that he would've left him to fend for himself, if he didn't need anything from him. Although he did learn something, his name was Shi or at least he believed it to be. Zamu had enough manners to introduce himself, however the problem lied in his mediocre social skills, though he tried it anyway. "Zamu." That was the only word that managed to escape his jaws, his strange, quiet composure didn't change as he told Shi his name. Instead he walked over to the two panthers that lied on the ground. "Make sure they understand consequences." It was unclear what he meant by that until he stomped on the back of the panthers and held their arms that they used in battle towards himself. Shortly after there'd be a snapping noise from both of their arms respectively, he'd drop them after he heard the sound, as if it was a signal for something. Finally he threw one of the panthers on top of the other again and chucked them further down the alleyway without the slightest bit of mercy in his eyes.

    That was taken care of, now he could finally do what he wanted to do from the beginning of this whole mess. He walked over to Shi and took the envelope out of his loincloth and showed it to him. "Directions." He simply state, his words didn't carry a coldness to them this time, though.
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  8. The strange Lizard-crocodile being introduced himself as Zamu. "It's a pleasure, Zamu!" Shi exclaimed. He watched as Zamu harshly snapped the two panthers arms. "I think they understand it plenty now."
    Shi looked back at his new acquaintance; intrigued by the familiar envelope he grabbed from his loincloth. "Ah! I knew there was something about you. Somebody as skilled as you are, of course they'd send one out to you as well," Shi pointed towards the extremely tall building that was just visible in the dark alleyway. "It seems we're both headed to the same place, so I don't mind showing you the way there." Shi looked around the dank and dim alley. "Perhaps we should start heading there, this isn't the safest place to be—obviously," He gestured towards the two panthers with his wing, they had been unconscious from the pain they endured. Shi didn't exactly trust the newcomer very well either, though he probably wouldn't risk losing his way in the city, so Shi had felt a little at ease. Though on the bright side, Zamu had seemingly lightened up a little, his words not sounding so blistering as they did before. Shi started walking back onto the populated street, his bird feet clanking against the rough ground with every step. He had realized that the stature of Zamu was quite a lot more grand than his own, so moving as fast as he did, the poor reptile would most likely drag behind, and wind up getting lost without a proper guide. Shi slowed his pace down, then turned. "I won't move as fast, sorry about that." He continued down the alley, towards the street full of people and lights.
  9. Zamu was shocked to hear that the Swan was a part of whatever he was a part of. Though he dealt with many surprises in his lifetime, so this didn't physically startle him. What he could take from all of this so far, was that whoever their "employer" was, they were looking for very diverse creatures. Zamu gaze shifted toward the street ahead upon hearing Shi's suggestion, he was right about this place being dangerous. Maybe he was just being paranoid, but Shi was a little too friendly for him, it was possible that he was being led right into a trap. His emerald glare unconsciously fixated itself on Shi, as he followed him. Looked like his speed was clearly no fluke either, Zamu was being left behind and his guide probably didn't even realize it. Though that misconception was cleared just as fast as it arrived, when Shi offered to move slower for him. "M-hm" His mumble was followed by a slight nod. Zamu could go a little faster if he walked on all four of his limbs, though that was somewhat embarrassing with company around. He'd just have to deal with walking like a bipedal creature for now. He may have been even slower than usual, given the fact that something the panther had said caught his attention. Although Shi looked like he was well-versed with the city, maybe he could tell him something. "Yendo Alliance?" He spoke up a bit louder than last time, as he wouldn't want to repeat the same question twice.
  10. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    Every time the cart passed over an errant stone, its contents were jostled. Every time the sound of tinkling glass rang out from underneath the tarp he'd tied over the cart's top, Leo had to bite his lip to prevent himself from stopping, undoing all the knots, and checking to make sure nothing had broken. This journey had taken him the better part of a year, and now that he'd finally reached Hao, he was starting to get anxious. This city was large and full of people, not unlike the capital back home, though the over reliance on the color red and the abundance of pig effigies was markedly different from anything he'd seen before.

    The city was also an absolute maze, it lacked anything approaching the ordered layout of the cities back home. Granted, the roads back home had also drifted over the years due to construction, destruction, and reconstruction, and he mostly knew those roads thanks to years of living there, but still! His thoughts were broken when they went over another loose cobblestone, more rustling glass, Leo swore under his breath. A large cart like this lacked in maneuverability, pulled along by two feral oxen as the otter did his best to lead them from one's side. It didn't help that this road was crowded as could be. He'd apparently arrived in time for some kind of festival, which would be good for business once he'd finally gotten set up, but was extremely inconvenient while he was still trying to get set up.

    The otter sighed, lead the cart off to the side, and halted it. He wasn't getting anywhere like this. The front of his cart had a seat for the driver, he'd often slept on it. Now instead he climbed up onto it, which gave him a good view of the road ahead over the tops of the heads of passersby. He looked this way and that, tugging at his scarf in absentminded stress. He'd never find the market at this rate.
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  11. Maria looked over the small, red envelope in her hands. She had decided to stop at 'home' before she headed out to explore the celebration, and it was good that she did. Maria had spent the last few days working late and sleeping at the GreeoneDragon Nest, so she had totally missed the arrival of this mysterious red letter. It had been asking for people with certain skills... Maria was suspicious enough to change from her normal blue kimono to her old officer's uniform. She had been sure to remove any insignia of her rank or homeland from it, so on first glance it seemed nothing more then a long red leather jacket. The last thing she needed was a member of the state to get suspicious why an member of a foreign military was wandering around Hao. She doubted they would believe that she was no longer a soldier... It was unusual clothing for people around here, but the city was full of foreigners right now. Hopefully People wouldn't notice.

    Speaking of foreigners, Maria could see one right now. A young rudderdog was standing on a cart, looking distressed and more then a little lost. Usually, Maria just passed by people like that and left them to deal with their own problems. But... This guy was a foreigner, like Maria. It reminded Maria of her first time in Hao. With a sigh, Maria approached the cart.
    "Hello." Maria called up to the Rudderdog on the cart. "Are you in need of assistance?"
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  12. Shi ambled onward down the long road, occasionally getting bumped around by the many uncommon animals that were dispersed around him. It wasn't hard to get lost in Hao due to its size and its population, but because Shi has flown over the grand city many times, he has a pretty good picture of what most of it looks like. Shi turned his head slightly when Zamu mentioned the Yendo Alliance ponderously. "Unfortunately, I've heard nothing of this Yendo organization," Shi thought to himself for a moment. "Though I'm sure the employer who admitted these envelopes to us might have a clue towards who they are." He offered, hoping he cleared up the question. The two walked for a little while longer, then Shi stopped at the wooden bridge that was built over the Kuro pond. He looked stammeringly at the fish that swam almost in sync with each other, their scales shimmering like silver from the red paper lanterns that were floating on water above them.
    "This is the Kuru bridge, to my knowledge past here is the city market, then up the long stone stairs," Shi pointed with the tip of his feathers towards the columns of steps that led up to the tall building known as the Hao official tower of operations. "Is our destination." He smiled, lowering his wing back under his cape. On the sides of the bridge were small stone pig monuments of sorts, a common occurrence around the city of Hao. He looked past the small bridge, and at the extremely densly packed city market, although there were more markets in Hao, this one was surely the biggest. Every item imaginable most likely had a price tag in this market. In the middle of the market was a massive fountain that spouted opulent bursts of water. The fountain was another primary reason the Hao city market was so packed. "If you need anything to purchase, this is the place!" He exclaimed, stepping off the bridge.
  13. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    How fortuitous! In his moment of need, a person had appeared to guide him. A Lycan woman in red, clothing style more in line with what he'd expect back home then around here. He could hear it in her voice, too, an accent that stood out from the local banter he'd overheard since arriving in Hao. She was like him, a foreigner to these parts. She looked only a bit older than him, though her body carried the marks of experiences he could not hope to match. Still, she spoke to him pleasantly, inquiring as to if he was in need of help.

    "Why yes, in fact!" Leo replied, hopping down from his cart. In his experience, people did not like to be talked down to. When making a first impression, it was always better to meet someone at their level. He gestured to his cart, and with a smile, went on, "I've come with wares from the west, and am hoping to rent a stall at market. Unfortunately, I'm new to this town, and do not know exactly where that market is. You seem a capable sort, could you guide me?"

    Hopefully she had more knowledge of this town than he did. He wasn't sure how many people in town now actually lived here, and how many were just visiting for the upcoming event. And with someone who was clearly not originally from anywhere near here - like him - his chances were even more slim. Still, there was no harm in taking a chance with this Lycan. He'd be rude to turn her away when she came to him!
  14. Maria glanced at the cart. Wares from the west? Maria wondered if he had anything she would like. It had been half a year since she had some good coffee... Maybe he had some. If he managed to set up his stall, Maria would have to check it out later. Perhaps after the letter meeting.
    "You're in luck." Maria said, shifting to turn her attention back to Leo. "I was heading in that direction anyway. I can take you there."
    Maria turned and began to escort the Rudderdog in the direction of the market.
    "I'm assuming you're here for the Lunar Festival as well? What wares do you intend on selling?" Maria asked Leo. She also was curious as to where he was from, but decided it was best to not bombard the young Rudderdog with questions.
  15. Hopeless, that's what his question proved to be. Still, Zamu managed to get something out of nothing in the end, which was two things: it meant that the group was newly formed, or it meant that they managed to stay hidden until just then. Either of those were the most realistic conclusions the reptile could come up with before his Swan acquaintance began to educate him on the city. Mainly the bridge, the market and their destination, the Hao headquarters. The bridge was a sight to behold, it was accompanied by the pond below, it looked like it could make for a nice resting spot in the future. Zamu enjoyed the smell of fish that resonated throughout this section of the city, it may have already been his favorite spot, if it wasn't for the foul smell that had just violated his nostrils.
    His head hastily shifted in the direction of the stench. How could a grand market dwell in a place such as this? The whole area reeked of fruits, tons and tons of fruit and the culprit of it all was the very market he was just informed of. The only way he'd eat fruit was if he absolutely had no other alternative, which meant that he was going to steer clear of the market for now. The Crocodile had to stay focused anyway, though he wouldn't pester the Swan if he wanted to stop by the market himself, as he was sure he could find his own way by now. "I'll go on ahead, if you need to buy something." Zamu told Shi, as he followed him off the bridge.
  16. The market was busy with people and animals, all seeming equally rushed and preoccupied. Among the mass, Max blended it quite nicely. The silky fabric of his robe reflected the lights all around him and he kept his chin down, if not to mind his own business then at least to hide the mischievous smirk that danced across his lips. Perhaps he'd pick the biggest, meanest looking commoner and challenge them to a fight- or maybe he'd take a stealthy approach and steal a snack for the road. Oh, there was just too much fun to be had in the city! Max's honey brown gaze swept the rows of fruits and vegetables, fresh food for the picking. Max's tail curled in excitement, twisting behind his back as he lifted his gaze to meet the eyes of many other shoppers. The male continued walking towards the bridge when an interesting conversation caught his attention. The pair, who seemed to be on a mission, said a few choice words that caused a wide grin to spread across the young ape's cheeks. Max changed his direction entirely, turning his casual stride towards the two males. He approached them with a young sort of confidence, making sure to lock eyes with either of the pair as to warn them that he was coming. Max slid in between the two, purposefully invading their personal space. This place was too public for them to attack him, though part of him wished they would challenge him.
    Max turned first to Shi, the smaller of the two, and turned his head at the glistening metal at the tips of Shi's wings. "What are those? They're for battle, huh?" Max smirked- only making himself more amused as he spoke. The monkey leaned back as his tail reached behind him and took the hat off of Shi's head, holding it above the bird in a teasing nature. "Sorry fellas, I overheard your conversation- which, might I add, you're talking a bit too loudly considering the severity of the situation. You said Yendo, no?" Max asked, almost speaking too fast to comprehend.
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  17. Shi was thrilled to hear Zamu didn't want to purchase anything in the buzzing market, simply because he was eager to learn about the assignment the envelope mentioned. It didn't give much detail at all to be honest, as it only listed that there was an extremely important artifact to be retrieved, and the address of the building they were located in.
    The two hadn't gotten far into the market when a monkey of sorts wiggled his way between the two. Shi had a puzzled look as he was taking a small step back. The newly met monkey shifted his look towards his bladed wings. "Indeed, they serve their purpose in battle- er who are you?" Shi was cut short when he felt his straw hat lift off his head. Feathers that were tamed from the hat pounced up, bobbing in the wind. Shi had a blank face, he wasn't even going to attempt to get his hat back. "Erhm- I suppose we were talking quite loud, but I suppose we assumed people would have the decency to not listen." The monkey mentioned Yendo at the end of his quickly spoken sentence, which made the crane perk his head up. "Oh! Do you know of the Yendo Alliance?"
    More bright red fireworks rocketed into the night sky, leaving gasps of awe and amazement that echoed around the three. Though most carried on doing what they were occupied with, as this was nothing compared to the festivals fireworks.
  18. Maximillian grinned when Shi threw in a subtle insult towards his obnoxious eavesdropping, his fur bristled slightly and his ears twitched as he listened to the crane. "I'm Max." the monkey offered his hand to the bird-like creature before quickly ripping it away in a teasing motion. "Eh, who cares about names?" the monkey smirked. He did know a thing of the Yendo Alliance, he wondered if these two would wold follow if he played hard to get. Max shrugged as he decided to give up some of the information he knew- it was all just rumors he had heard on the streets anyways. Some of the bigger members of the fight clubs he attended would speak of the organization, or he would hear a whisper form a conversation between two people. He doubted that this pair had access to such information, neither seemed to be the type who would engage in such gossip. Maximilian had sort of his own reputation on the streets since moving to Hao, and when threats of highly skilled combative people entered the city- he was most usually the first to know. Perhaps he cold use his knowledge against the couple of strangers, that would be fun. Or maybe, if this pair were somehow involved in the alliance- he could use them. Honestly, he could care less about what some random group did or who they were. But he just hated having to know that there was competition out there who he had yet to meet.
    "Uh huh, I have actually taken particular interest in investigating the group. I heard they've got some pretty skilled fighters in their higher ranks." Max smiled, clearly excited just from speaking about the alliance. "It's a big organization though, no matter how hard I try all I can find is their stupid lackeys." Max stated with a sigh. Max had heard something about them stealing some statue or something- that most people wouldn't get in their way if they were smart enough. The idea made Max chuckle. Maximilian decided he had said enough, and he crossed his arms over his chest, gaze shifting between the pair, "What do you guys want with the Yendo Alliance?" Max asked with sudden curiosity.
  19. Zamu was greatly annoyed by how many obstacles were popping up, every second wasted on these pointless endeavors could possibly ruin his chance at finding out the letter's purpose. Regardless, Zamu still had a some decency within him, even though countless rumors proved otherwise. Thus, the crocodile unwillingly turned his head towards the monkey, allowing one of his eyes to keep watch on him. Though thankfully he wasn't that bothersome- at least to him, since he seemed to fancy messing with Shi. Still his eyes narrowed at the sight of it, Zamu had a hunch that the monkey knew a lot more than he was giving off. Plus, it was clear as day that he could most likely hold his own in a fight if it came down to it. It was foolish to continue this conversation, assuming that the guy was actually a spy wouldn't be too absurd, maybe that was the reason he couldn't find the Alliance's big shots. His questions raised even more suspicion, every one of them questioned their involvement with the Yendo. "Possibly nothing," the words left the lizard's mouth almost as if it was intended to be a growl.
    Zamu had decided it was time to depart from all of the pointless chatter they were doing, since he could just find his answers by following the orders he was tasked with. He was never one to sit around and talk with friends anyway, given the fact that he spent most of his days in solitude after he was old enough to fend for himself. Now focused on the path ahead, the ground below him shook with every step. He just had to make it to the stairs that lied past the market, then he'd get the real answers he wanted.
  20. The monkey offered a handshake, which shocked Shi. The puzzled crane looked at his wings, then back to the human-like hand. Though to his relief he pulled away jokingly from the handshake. Shi chuckled with amusement as he eyed down the quirky monkey.
    Shi was about to mention the envelope, but then Zamu had started to take off in a haste. "Er- we don't know yet, that's why we're going to the Hao tower to discuss it further." He pecked at the hat that was dangling above him with his beak, then with a flick of his beak, the hat landed onto his head, taming the feathers that were perched atop it. Shi suddenly got an idea. "Although we don't know much about them, if you wish to learn more feel free to come along. Perhaps you could even serve useful in the retrieval assignment.
    Shi trotted briskly towards the stairs, he had soon caught up with Zamu, as he was much quicker than the large lizard. More fireworks set off, this time it caught his attention. They were red, with gold sparks afterward. When they were set off, the image afterward seemed to resemble a pig. Of course it was a pig.
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  21. Max watched the reptile walk away and he left out a huff of disappointment- he was no fun at all. Max watched the crane gracefully take his hat back and the monkey, "Discuss it?" Max thought out loud. What would need to be discussed. There were all sorts of gangs throughout the city, what did these guys do that made them special? Max tipped his head at the bird's words, it was quite the invitation after all. Max grinned from ear to ear as he thought of how much fun it would be to follow the strange pair, and a sense of adventure pulsed through his body. "Yeah, alright. Not like I have anything better to do." Max smiled trying to sound cooler than his expression gave away. The monkey kept up with the crane fairly well, grinning when the crocodile male came into view again. The fireworks set off behind the group seemed to catch the crane's attention. It proved Max's suspicion of the pair not being form Hao, he smiled at the bird's interest before he decided to break the silence. "Are you cold blooded?" Max asked Zamu randomly. Honestly, even he was unimpressed with the question- but it was the first thing to come to mind. Without even giving the reptilian a chance to respond, Max hopped two stairs ahead of the others so that he could turn around and face them while walking backwards- "Are you guys trying to retrieve that statue?" Max asked unaware that the pair had yet to gain any knowledge of their assignment. "Because no offense, but BORING" Max stuck out his tongue in dramatic distaste before the ground beneath his feet began to level. Without warning, the stairs had ended- and the lack of step caused Max to stumble backwards. The monkey let out a chuckle as he easily caught himself with his tail and stood back up straight, he turned around slowly to face the building and lost interest in his conversation with the others.
  22. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    Even more luck! She was headed in the direction of the market as well, and would take him there. Urging his oxen to move again, Leo fell into step behind the wolf. As they went, she pried him with questions, namely, if he was here for the festival, and what he intended to sell. So the festival in question was a 'lunar' festival, then? That was good to know, it might help with his sales pitch.

    "No, it is actually a stroke of luck that I arrived in time," he admitted, "I did not know there was a festival upcoming!"

    He then gestured to his cart, though with the tarp still secured over it the effect was perhaps not as impressive as he'd hoped, "I have the finest wines and honeys the west has to offer, not to mention some of the most beautiful examples of glassware you may ever lay your eyes on, straight from the expert glassblowers of Fulin."

    That was what they called his home here, right? He probably didn't even need to specify, she was from his side of the world, after all. Not to mention, going into sales pitch mode on the person who was helping him was probably something of a faux pas. He cleared his throat, before adding sheepishly: "I uh, hear there is a demand for such objects in the east."
  23. "Mmmh." Was all Maria had to say to Leo's sales pitch. Perhaps she might buy some wine from him later, it's true there wasn't much of that in this region. It wasn't coffee, but it was still something that reminded her a little of home. So he was from Fulin? Maria... wasn't exactly sure where that was. It sounded like the Chinese name for some country, and even though her knowledge of the local language was quite passable she hadn't gotten around to learning what they called other countries. Still, this Rudderdog didn't need to know that. Upon Leo's comment on there being a demand for such objects here, Maria simply shrugged.
    "I do not know. To be honest, even though I've been here a few months I have little knowledge of such thing. I do know that wine is hard to come by here, so you should have some interest." Maria commented.

    Maria guided the Rudderdog and his cart down the winding streets of Hao, and after a few minutes they opened up to an even more crowded marketplace, filled with peoples of all races and nationalities selling all sorts of goods. Not too far away, the Hao official tower of operations stood loomed over the square. Maria turned to the Rudderdog.
    "Well, this is the place." Maria said. "The city market of Hao. I hope your sales go well, friend. But I must be off. Good luck."
    Maria nodded to Leo, then turned and began to make her way through the market towards the tower. Even though it was crowded and there were people pressing on all sides, Maria carefully made her way through the crowd with a careful eye, keeping a hand on her coin pouch and another on her saber.
  24. Zamu's tail swayed in an attempt to distract his ever-growing impatience with the monkey. Somehow he felt that if he were to get angry, then the monkey would've won whatever this was. It was a tough situation to overcome though, as Max's attention span moved just as fast as he did, how irritating. That's when the beacon of hope he'd been waiting for stood tall right before them- the Hao Tower. A part of the crocodile wanted the newcomer to get bored and leave then and there, however he knew that wouldn't be the case. Since for some reason he also acquired an interest in this Yendo, albeit probably not for the same reason as them but his curiosity was just as big as their's if not more. Making his way up the final flight of stairs, Zamu patted his loincloth which served as a final check for his letter. Even if he wouldn't accept the offer presented to him today, he still wanted to find out what the case was with all of this. He was now standing a few feet away from the entrance, so the bulky lizard crossed his arms, allowing for his new acquaintances to get themselves situated.
    "I'm ready whenever." He spoke quietly, he wouldn't dare display his eagerness in front of a bunch of strangers. For they could use that against him in the future, if it was their unforeseen fate to work together.
  25. Shi walked along with the other two, his new monkey friend pacing around them, asking questions left and right. Shi was about to address it, but hadn't watched his footing on the last step, so he stumbled forward before he could muster a word. He looked up at the grand door to the Hao tower, almost double the height of Zamu. Shi stood up and looked around to see if anybody had seen his embarrassing fall, then adjusted his hat grimly. "Well, we should head in then, I'm sure you're all eager." Shi responded to them.
    Shi stepped closer to the door, then pushed on it. It didn't budge an inch. Shi gave a puzzled towards the door. "Erh- mind giving me some help here?"
    Just as the last word came from his beak, the door surged open, it seemed to be mechanical. It revealed three figures with red robes on. They all had bloated bodies and puffy faces, along with pink skin. Shi cleared his throat. "Hello, we're here because of the envelops sent to us." Shi stared into the massive tower main floor behind the three figures, it had a red carpet and some expensive artifacts on shelves. There was a comfortable couch on the side that was in front of a painting. One of the figures stepped forward, his arm extended. "Welcome to the Hao tower, thank you for coming," he spoke nonchalantly. "Please come in." Another said in the same manor, queuing the trio to move to the sides of the door, their robes flowing in their movements. They had their arms extended inward, presuming that they would enter. Shi stepped carefully into the building, his feet dragging on the clean carpet. He looked up, then widened his eyes in awe. Stairs ran along the inner wall of the tower, leading all the way up to the top. It seems there was a room at the very top, and small little paintings and desks occasionally on the sides of the stairs. He adjusted his hat once more, turning his attention to the robed three. "You shall ascend the stairs to speak with the grand master, he will tell you what to do." The one who spoke first advised.

    Shi nodded, then looked up at the many stairs. "Hmph, I suppose I could just fly to the top. Though, I wouldn't want to bump into anything," the crane chuckled at his own remark. He started to make his way up the stairs slowly.

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