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Ask to Join ㊎ Kurohama - The Lunar Festival ㊎ Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Zenhu, Jul 10, 2019.

  1. Heya, I've had this idea of a fantasy-type East-Asian RP for awhile, and I'm excited to finally make this. I know it might be a lot to take in, but if you have any questions about the Guidelines or Lore please do ask!


    The land of East-Asia is buzzing with excitement, the grand Lunar Festival is finally going to take place! Hailed as the largest festival to ever occur, people from all around the fascinating globe come to celebrate the Deity of good fortune & luck, Háoyùn. It's held in the huge city of Hao, named after the Deity himself. Every ten years for countless generations the adorable golden pig Artifact known as Kurohama is placed on a small golden throne in the heart of the massive city, where all who seek good fortune and luck light red lanterns and set them off into the stars.

    This Artifact holds incredible power inside of it, which of course means there are many who seek claim it for foul purposes. Though one group in specific is the biggest threat, the group known as Yundo. They follow the Deity of vengeance and misfortune, Yùnhao.

    For all the past Lunar Festival's the Artifact was kept safe and protected, until now! Something terrible has happened, Kurohama has been taken, and all of Hao is in panic! The elite organization that follows the Deity of fortune has sent out an official request for daring and skilled beings who seek a grand reward in gold, to retrieve this mysterious Artifact, and restore balance to the lands. Who would have though a small golden pig would bring such an adventure?
    Long ago, two powerful Deities were close friends, though overtime Yùnhao grew tired of the order and prosperity Háoyùn brought to the lands. In an act of spite, he declared war against him, and the two fought for three days straight. Once the dust settled, Háoyùn was victorious, and he sealed his friend into a small ball of golden energy. Though the battle took a tole on Háoyùn, and he knew he was about to die. In a last effort, he sealed himself into the energy as well, and due to his Pig form, the ball of energy turned into a small golden pig Artifact containing both of their immense powers. The two fight constantly for control in the Artifact, and only through the Lunar Festival, Háoyùn can gain enough power to keep Yùnhao at bay, and continue spreading fortune around. This pig was named Kurohama in honor of the peace Haoyun brought.

    There are many races that walk the globe, most of which have special perks and abilities that come with them.

    While some are still plain humans, other races are different animals. Most races are still unknown, they are just being discovered and more and more of them are starting to populate East-Asia.

    Guidelines & Rules-

    • For the race you can choose any animal, but human is an option too!
    • Proper grammar and decently written posts is required in order to join this RP.
    • Swearing is allowed, minimal romance is fine, but any scandalous (sensual) actions are strictly prohibited.
    • All Pokecharms rules should be read before RPing in this thread.
    • The city of Hao is MASSIVE. It's extremely large and complex, keep that in mind when travleing throughout it. The theme of the city is red, and there are often monuments of pigs and red fireworks go off every night.
    • Custom names for custom races are allowed.
    • Have fun!
    • Also, to ensure you read this, please add Apples and Oranges to your Bio.

    [​IMG]Credits : Thanh Thanh, Pintrest

    Bio Format-

    Age (
    Max age for custom races is 200 years old):
    Race (
    Human, or custom animal race):
    Weapons (
    If applicable):

    Name- Shi Latus Artösa
    Age- 30
    Gender- Male
    Race- Crendo - Crane/Human
    Personality- Shi is very optimistic, always looking at the positives of things. He can sometimes lose focus due to his easy-going attitude, though he always seems to push past an obstacle one way or another.
    Appearance- Shi has white feathers, and obviously an extremely long neck. His face is the shape of a cranes, and he has a long yellow beak to complement it. On top of his head is a fluff of white and yellow feathers that often stick out. Shi has dark red eyes, and black feathers under them in the shape of a half-oval. He weighs around 202 pounds, and with his neck fully extended his height is around 6 foot. Although he doesn't have arms, he has massive white wings that are often folded to his side. In the middle of the wings are black circles, resembling the moon. His body is in the shape of a cranes, but it's elongated to look more like a humans. His legs are that of a cranes, and his feet are too.
    Apparel- He wears a straw hat upon his head, along with a piercing of a red feather on his beak. Shi has a black cape with red on the inside that hands over his shoulders, it has a red moon in the center of it. The crafty crane also attached long metal plates onto his wings, they act as a shield of sorts. He doesn't wear a shirt, as his feathers are more than enough to act as one. But he does wear black pants that are tied half way down his legs, which is held up by a rope that hands to the side of him. He cannot wear shoes, so his bird feet are left alone.
    Weapons- Shi cannot carry the conventional weapon, due to his lack of arms. He adapted to using his wings. He has small steel edges at the end of his wings, he uses these extremely sharp wings to slash and cut at any unlucky opponents. Shi also has smoke bombs along the edge of his belt, he uses them to either blind the enemy, or use it as an escape opportunity.
    Skills- Shi was taught martial arts of sorts from his master, Latus. He can also use his wings to fly for a short amount of time, as his body weighs quite a lot to carry for long periods of time. He uses his powerful bladed wings, and his adept martial arts to best his opponents.
    Faults- Though he has mobility down, vitality is no Shi's strong suit. If his guarded wings cannot protect an attack in time, he is pretty much done for. Also, he can lose focus from time to time in fights.
    Other- N/A
    Apples and Oranges.

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  2. Hello! I would just like to say that I am interested and will have a bio up soon! Just a question, are flintlock weapons okay?
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  3. @Captain Cardboard Heya! To answer your question, yes, flintlock weapons are completely allowed. Since fireworks are already around, it would only make sense for long ranged or medium ranged flintlock weapons to exist as well! Hope I answered your question. :D
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  4. Oh, this is interesting.

    Name: Zamu Drakkna
    Age: 36
    Gender: Male
    Race: Lizardman / Crocodile
    Personality: Zamu is a man of little words, although when in battle Zamu's blood lust speaks great volumes on it's own. Many have dubbed their race as "ruthless" or "merciless." Which is mostly true, however it mainly applies to their enemies.
    Appearance: Zamu has a majority of dark grey scales with exceptions to a few olive green or dark brown scales here and there. In contrast to that, Zamu also has a pair of spikes that act as horns which protrude out of the back of his head and many, much smaller spikes that continue down his back, it is noted that these retain the same vanilla-like color with no variation all throughout, even his underbelly sports the vanilla shade. His eyes glisten a magnificent emerald green, and below this are his many teeth that share the same vanilla color as his spikes.
    Lastly, he stands at 5'11" and weighs 233 Ibs, he would probably be in the "swole" category due to his muscles.
    Apparel: His clothes is as simple as he is, with a rough, but durable long leather loincloth wrapped around his waist. Accompanied by a set of metal vambraces on his forearms and two big metal shoulder pads attached by straps that wrap around his chest and back. When the two straps overlap each other they, they make an 'X' shape. Finally, he wears a quiver made of leather on his back, which is attached to the shoulder pad straps, in order to store his javelins. His crude appearance is a result of living on the outskirts of the city, where he was taught to live by his own strength, only occasionally visiting the city to buy or sell a few items.
    Weapons (If applicable): Claws, Teeth and hand-made Javelins
    Skills: Zamu uses his brute strength to overwhelm his adversaries, usually swiping away enemies with his sharp claws or biting them with his strong sets of teeth. His ruthless nature in battle forbids any attempts of future backstabbing from his enemies, the more an opponent proves themselves the more Zamu wishes to give them a proper death.
    Faults: His overbearing muscular stature puts an undeniable strain on his speed and agility, making most of his moves easily avoidable to an able-bodied foe. Which makes him have to use his less powerful javelins which are equipped on his back. His ruthlessness is also a flaw to many.
    Other: Lizardmen do not eat Apples and Oranges.

    Let me know if something needs to be changed.
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  5. @Hallowed Great bio! Thanks for joining, Accepted.

    @Hungry Badass Hate to be so picky, but maybe just go a little more into detail on your Bio, if you want to be accepted. Maybe use Hallowed as reference or something.

    I'll start up the RP thread.
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  6. Sweet! Perfect. Here's my pirate wolf lady. Well, she's not actually a pirate but her weapons and fighting style are very swashbuckler, soooo... Lmk if I need to change anything.

    Maria "Scara" Scarheart
    Age: 26
    Gender: Female
    Race: Lycan- Wolf/Human
    Personality: Maria can come off as a slightly cold person at first. She has trouble trusting people, but once she gets to know people... She still has trouble trusting people not to stab her in the back. She speaks in a cool and quiet voice, and tries to stay calm in all situations.
    Appearance: Maria is pretty humanoid, with wolflike legs and a wolf head. Her body is covered in grey fur, and she has piercing blue eyes. Her left ear has a small hole in it, from being shot with a pistol. She also has a few scars on her side, as well as a long on her right leg and one across her right muzzle. Her legs arm more wolflike.
    Apparel: Maria has two main sets of clothes, depending on what she is doing. Usually, she will wear the normal clothes of a (slightly) cheap blue and white kimono. Usually going barefoot. While wearing this, Maria usually keeps in her flintlock pistols hidden in a sleeve. The other clothes Maria wears indicate that she is not really from anywhere close to Hau. When Maria needs to fight, she'll gear up in her old officer uniform. It's a red, leather Trench coat with a few medals and pins on the breast pockets. Maria also wears boots and gloves, both red. To complete the outfit, Maria wears a bandolier of three Flintlock pistols across her chest and a saber at her side.
    Weapons (If applicable): Strength, teeth, Flintlock pistols, saber.
    Skills: Being a Lycan, Maria has enhanced senses of smell and hearing, and also has the ability of slight night vision. Being a trained solider, she can keep her head cool in intense combat. She's a crack shot with her pistols, and due to her study of fencing is quite skilled with her saber. She's also a natural born tracker.
    Faults: The fact that she has trouble trusting new people and comes off as cold at times can turn people off. Maria also dislikes most humans.
    Other: Apples and Oranges!
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  8. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    Name: Λέων Κομνηνός (Leo Komnenos)
    Age: 23
    Gender: Male
    Race: Rudderdog - otter/human hybrid
    Personality: An adventurer, an entrepreneur, a tradesman, and all around seeker of treasure. Leo is bold, adventurous, quick witted, all those nice things you want in the kind of person who would up and leave their homes at a young age to follow in their father's footsteps. Though he possesses a keen business acumen, he is somewhat lacking in common sense: book smart, but not street smart. He is a daydreamer, subject to frequent bouts of wanderlust. With a love of exploring and seeing new places, Leo seeks his fortune on the trade roads connecting east and west, but a little treasure hunting on the side would be fun, too.
    Appearance: Compared to a normal human, Leo's torso is longer, and his limbs shorter. Not to an extreme extent, but it would be noticeable were they to be stood side by side. He possesses the typical features one would expect of an otter anthropomorphic: A broad muzzle, smaller ears, a long rudder tail that starts thick and tapers to a point, and webbing between his digits, though only up to the second knuckles - that is, the set on his midfingers nearest the base - on his hands. His fur is the usual brown dorsal, cream ventral, configuration. He has blue eyes.
    Apparel: As a traveler, Leo prefers light clothing for his day to day business. A pair of gray pants tied around his waist by a belt, the legs rolled up to his calves. This dagger's sheath is often clipped to said belt for ease of access in a pinch. His feet are often wrapped, exposing only his toes and his heel. The top end of the wraps are hidden by the bottom of his pant legs. He may go shirtless, or wear a sleeveless gray tunic, usually pairing the latter with a thin indigo scarf. He has a thicker traveling cloak and sturdy, though uncomfortable, boots for when the weather demands he wear them. When he carries his rifle, he also wears a satchel, in which he carries spare musket balls and a powder flask. He also has a set of formal wear: A proper shirt and breeches, a jerkin, boots, and a wide brimmed hat, all brightly colored in blues and reds. These are worn when he expects to do business.
    Weapons: A highly experimental flintlock repeating musket, breech loaded. Ordered by the trade company Leo is a part of and handed out for testing to a handful of merchants - those who had the money to pay for them naturally. It features a superimposed load with a detachable magazine and a sliding flintlock mechanism, controlled by a second trigger. It is capable of firing seven times before each reload, but needs to be handled carefully or it may explode. Leo also carries a dagger, for more traditional self defense.
    Skills: Leo is resourceful and intelligent, he has a knack for identifying the worth of an item and is an expert barterer and haggler. He's very flexible, and decently athletic. He is an excellent swimmer and has high stamina. He's a decent enough shot, having hunted back home.
    Faults: Leo always has something to prove. He's earnest, eager, and completely out of his depth. He's about as tough as rice paper. He is not from these parts, and though he knows the local language, he speaks with an obvious accent and occasionally struggles to find the right words. Though he's theoretically well versed in the operation of his musket, its temperamental nature intimidates him, and he tries not to rely on it.
    Other: Apples and Oranges.
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  9. @Rex Wowo this is a really good bio! An otter was a great choice.

    Accepted, welcome to the RP!
  10. Characters are looking great and diverse so far! I'm anticipating how they'll all work together in the future. By the way @Zenhu before I reply, do you want me to just auto that panther somewhat in the fight?
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  11. @Hallowed Yeah for the casual thugs and most Yundo members, it would be great if you auto.

    @Hungry Badass Sorry man, but I just think you don't have the proper grammar and sentence structure for this RP.
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  12. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    Great to hear! I'm following along with this present scene for now, I'll have Leo join in as soon as I find a good opening for him.
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  13. Name: Maximilian Reggius
    Age: 25
    Gender: Male
    Race: Humonkey (human/Monkey crossbreed)
    Personality: Max is excitable and overbearing, his high energy and lack of self control can make him quite the nuisance at times- however his combat skills make him a worthy ally. Max loves nothing more than a good fight, but when not fighting he simply doesn't know what to do with himself. Max's opinions are never kept in the dark, he simply loves to talk- and one may wonder if he's yet to ever experienced any sort of pain in his life with the way he goes about things.
    Appearance: Max appears mostly human. He holds a small but muscular structure, being both slim and compact. Max stands at about 5'11, though the hair at the top of his head reaches just past that. He appears thin, but his muscles are raw and defined. Richly tanned skin is caramel in color. Max's hands and feet are slightly larger than normal, it's hardly noticeable but quite unseeable once it has been spotted. The young humonkey has a suit of fur that covers his back and spreads down his legs, stopping at his bare ankles, as well as down his arms, where it stops at his wrists. The fur cascades over part of his chest and ribs, but leaves his stomach revealed- showing off his muscular abdomen and chest. Max's fur leaves his neck open, but travels up his chin slightly and surrounds his jaw and the top of his head- leaving only a circle of bare skin where his face is. This fur is a burgundy color, it's scarlet hues glisten in the sun. Max's fur forms his hair as it grows from the top of his head, forming short spikes of hair that stick up about and inch. A prehensile tail sprouts from Max's tail bone, it is long and covered in fur- often curled at the tip. Max's facial features are large and round, he has a button-like nose and over-the-top expressions focused around his large brown eyes. Monkey ears stick out from the top of Max's head, but are mostly hidden by his hair.
    Apparel: Max wears a set of traditional Asian harem pants, made of a thin material. The pants are a shade of eggshell whit, baggy around his waist and tight around his ankles. Though he takes it off much more often than he should, Max also sports a silk robe looses ties around his waist, it is silky to the touch and light blue in color. When wearing shoes, he opts for a simple pair of beige sandals that easily slip off his feet. As for accessories, both of Max's ears are pierced with large gold beads, he also sports a beige, loose bandanna around his neck that travels down his back.
    Weapons: Bamboo staff: a thick rod of bamboo that is made up of three extendable parts that ranges from 2 feet long to 10 feet long, Bamboo nun-chucks: a pair of nun-chucks consisting of two bamboo pipes tied together by a loose rope.
    Skills: Max was taught traditional martial arts when he was young, at mastered it at a prolific rate- but has, rather, adopted a more personal and modern type of ninjistu using his tail.
    Faults: Max is restive and immature, His biggest downfall is his restlessness. His impatient causes him to act brashly and often out of place- running a plan by Max is as useless as running a plan by a wall. He also tends to have a problem with taking fighting seriously- he simply loves them. Max would jump at the slightest chance to engage in a fight, and he doesn't quite understand that there are consequences beside getting injured in battle.
    Other: oranges and apples
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  14. @Barefoot_Kittens Amazing bio, what an interesting character!

    Accepted, welcome to the RP~
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  15. I know that this is sort of a silly thing to ask, but I'm having trouble trying to find a way to introduce my character to the RP. Does anyone have any ideas that could help me get started? I was thinking at first that he can be introduced to one of the pairs of characters as an opponent, but that feels sloppy- I need help T.T
  16. @Barefoot_Kittens No no I get what you mean. There are a ton of different routes to take, I could see how it can be confusing lol.
    I think an introduction as an opponent would be really cool! Perhaps Max attempts to pickpocket or steal something, then that confrontation could lead to him tagging along to talk to the employer with the others. Or maybe he has a history with the Yendo Alliance, and he overhears one of the characters talking about it. I hope I helped a little ^.^
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  17. Sorry everybody! I'm back, and we're getting things rolling!
  18. I'll post soon! Just little busy, ill try to get one up tomorrow.
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  19. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    Very sorry, I got extremely busy with work for a while and thought Leo was at a good place to leave him for a little. I hope you guys haven't been waiting for me?
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  20. It looks like Zenhu hasn't been on for a week or two... I don't really know what state this RP is in but I would be down to continue.
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  21. I would also like to continue. Though, we might have to make some changes it looks like?
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  22. I don't know the rules about this type of situation- can we just like keep making decisions without Zenhu? If so, I, too, would enjoy continuing.
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  23. I'm so sorry!
    I've been away from my PC for a while. I'm back!
    So I'll post now, and I assure you this wont happen again.

    And now we are really rolling! The "Grand-Master" is an old Armadillo, which I thought was rather fitting. He is the head of the operations in the Hao organization, and his alias he goes by is Malu. He'll be informing the adventurous crew on all the information involving the stolen artifact.
    Just thought I'd inform you all~
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  24. Whoa! The second we started talking about you, you came XD. That's some witchcraft, but I'll overlook it just this once. I'm glad you're back :D!
  25. Well for some reason I don't get alerts for any threads that I didn't make. So I got a ton of alerts for this one out of nowhere.

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