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Kris and Talon: A Clash of Magic and Alchemy

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Tailon, Feb 15, 2010.

  1. Tailon

    Tailon Gryffindork

    Talon awoke in the miniature house he had made himself of earth, forcing his mind to focus for a moment before remembering the intruder he had knocked unconscious the night prior. Standing, Talon proceeded to smack his head into the low ceiling and fall back on the floor. "Urgh…crap, I have to stop building these at night…" he said to himself as he crouched, before placing his will over the stones and compacted dirt and sending them at high speeds back whence they came. The young man never carried much, as he could call up what he might need with a quick summoning.

    Talon surveyed his camp, searching until he spotted the creature that had entered his camp. A slow acting sleep poison kept the otter-like thing…well, asleep. Talon collected some firewood from the surrounding forest, a lush green beauty of a forest he had decided to stop his travels in, as opposed to finding a new town.

    As soon as he had built a small fire, Talon shot a large spark into it, causing it to light rather violently. Talon sat, and began speaking to the unconscious creature, "I might as well stick around until you wake up, you'll probably be a bit disoriented, eh bud?"
    OoC: so yeah, private RP between myself and Tonyotter777
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  2. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    Kris stared at the dagger Rex had left him. The thing was almost as large as a short sword. The Meerkat-halfer didn't know why though, he was an alchemist. It was morning, and the Otter-halfer hadn't returned the night before. He had resolved to look for him, but unfortunately, didn't have Rex's skills when it came to things like tracking.

    "Why couldn't I have at least rescued Maxie?" Kris sighed, "he would be the best at finding Rex right now."

    He frowned, before continuing on, following what he hoped was Rex's trail through the forest. The Meerkat-halfer missed the urban-jungle already, even though he'd only left Las Vegas a few days prior. Rex had promised that they were going to New York City, but Kris didn't have any idea where they were, or if it was anywhere close to the city.

    Finally, he came to a small clearing. It looked like someone was using the area as a camping site. A person was leaning over a fire, and there was something black nearby. Looking closer, Kris could tell that it was definitely Rex. He stepped into the clearing, and leaned against a nearby tree, trying to look casual.

    "Mind telling me what you are doing with my friend?" he called to the man.
  3. Tailon

    Tailon Gryffindork

    A new creature appeared on the scene, this one looked like a meerkat. "Mind telling me what you are doing with my friend?" the creature inquired upon seeing the unconscious creature from the night before.

    Talon stood, saying, "This your friend big guy? Well, I don't know what you would do if someone waltzed into your camp with a riot shotgun, but I knocked him out." Talon now stood at his full height, about a head taller than the creature who had just appeared before him. "You know, this one tried to attack me with darkenss," Talon said, indicating the unconscious creature, "What can you do?" upon finishing the question, Talon called Stinger to his hand, ready to fight if he had to.
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  4. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    Kris frowned, the other man's insults meant nothing to him. The fact that he had attacked Rex meant a lot more. He claimed that Rex had gone at him with his powers, maybe with the SPAS-12 as well. Then a blade appeared in his hand, and he inquired what Kris could do.

    "You want to fetch a guess?" Kris asked.

    The Meerkat-halfer stomped at the ground. Seconds later, a pit opened up under the man. It was deep enough to break some bones, but the fall wouldn't kill him.
  5. Tailon

    Tailon Gryffindork

    Talon fell. Not because he was surprised, he just fell. As he fell, he called to the earth at the bottom of the pit, causing it to loosen into sand, making his fall inconsequential. Talon then re hardened the earth into a solid stone, standing on it and using it as a hovercraft type thing to float himself back to the surface. "How cute, you can make holes in the ground. Now show me what you're really capapble of!" with that, Talon launched a bolt of freezing energy at the creature, chilling the entire general area, along with a mighty bolt of pure electricity, surrounding the now frozen air moisture to form a deadly spear.
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  6. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    The man easily recovered from his pit. Apparently he had powers of his own. That would make Kris's job a lot harder. The man demanded he show him his full potential, before shooting a spear of Ice and Lightning energy at him.

    "Don't feel like it," Kris sighed.

    He stomped at the ground again. This time, a wall erupted from the ground, taking the hit for him. Another stomp, and a cannon formed out of the wall, and fired at the man.
  7. Tailon

    Tailon Gryffindork

    Talon easily made the cannonball inert, placing his will over it and stopping it in his hand. "Now, now, if you aren't gonna fight, this'll be no fun! C'mon, am I gonna beat you without even swinging my sword?" Talon taunted, hoping to get something out of the creature.

    Talon then realized the creature was on the edge of the clearing, near the trees. Talon quickly sent several sparks, lighting the trees in his vicinity into an immense blaze.
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  8. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    The man easily stopped his cannonball. Then set fire to the nearby forest. Kris moved a little away from the tree-line, and called up a wall to lean on instead. He made sure that it encompassed the entire clearing, so that none of the fire could get close to the three of them.

    "This is why I prefer the city," he sighed.

    He stomped on the ground again. The roots of the nearby trees burst out of the ground around the man, attempting to bind him in his place.

    "I don't think the trees are very happy with you right now," he added.
  9. Tailon

    Tailon Gryffindork

    The creature called upon the trees to bind him, which Talon froze in a short display of his favorite technique, a burst of pure freezing energy from every part of him, freezing the general area. The thing was now leaning against a wall, stopping the flames he had created. "How nice, but you shouldn't trust the earth so much, it can be unpredictable." Talon said to the creature.

    Upon saying this, Talon split the section of the wall the creature was leaning on in two, and brought the sections together with crushing force.
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  10. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    The man froze the roots in their places, before splitting the section of wall he was leaning on. Kris stomped again, and a giant hand made entirely of earth shot out of the ground and caught him. The wall was closed again behind him. The man had attempted to kill him! The hand was crushed, but he was alright.

    Kris stomped again, and put his hand against his wall. Four walls shot out of the ground, and started moving towards the man, attempting to crush him. At the same time, four cannons formed on the wall, and fired at him.
  11. Tailon

    Tailon Gryffindork

    The creature had now created four walls in an attempt to crush him and shoot him at the same time. Talon launched a pulse of pure energy in all directions, sending the cannonballs back and smashing the walls, even making sure one flew toward his opponent. "It's not gonna be that easy…" Talon said as he charged the ball of steel with electricity. "I hope you have a weapon."

    With that, Talon launched a few fireballs to follow the cannonball, eventually passing it and creating drill like trails of fire around the ball.
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  12. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    Earth and Steel weren't doing it anymore. It was time for Kris to move on to a harder defensive material. The Meerkat-halfer kicked at the ground again, this time, the roots of the trees sprang up into a wall, before hardening into the hardest substance that existed on the planet in bulk, diamond. It also had the best thermal conductivity of any bulk material. It was able to take the flames and the electrically charged cannonball with relative ease.

    "A weapon?" he laughed, "anything can be my weapon! If you haven't realized, I'm an Alchemist!"

    Kris stomped again, and another diamond root spear out of the ground, rushing at the chest of his opponent.
  13. Tailon

    Tailon Gryffindork

    "An alchemist, eh?" Talon said as he caused a chunk of earth below him to solidify into rock and launch him in the air, shattering as it was struck by the diamond spear in his stead. "I prefer the arcane arts myself." Talon stated, now dashing straight at, then through the diamond wall, molding the hardest element (well) known to man into a massive spiked fist, ready to literally punch through the unfortunate creature.

    "I hope you're quicker in close combat!" Talon shouted as the diamond came crashing toward the half…meerkat, yeah, meerkat seemed right.
    #13 Tailon, Feb 18, 2010
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  14. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    The man attacked, molding the diamond into a fist and having it attack him. It looked like he would need something stronger then diamond to continue. Stronger then diamond, most people would say such a thing didn't exist, but Kris could create several such substances.

    The Meerkat-halfer stomped again, and another wall formed out if the ground. It wasn't his best material, something he had named Adamant, but it was still stronger then diamond. He called it Dragonstone. It easily took the diamond fist. The force of the attack shattered the fist, but the Dragonstone wall wasn't even cracked.

    Kris walked up to the wall, grinning to himself. A simple touch, and a blade erupted from the wall, attempting to do the same job the diamond root had. While the man was distracted, Kris turned toward the Dagger Rex had left him with. It was a fine Steel weapon, almost as long as a common short sword, and at least twice as deadly. Surely he wouldn't mind if Kris increased it's strength, he could always change it back after the fight was over.

    He pressed his fingers against the flat of the blade, and in an instant, the steel took on a greenish tinge. It looked a little like copper that had been left out too long, but in reality, it was Adamant, Kris's best named material. It was the perfect weapon for him if the man got close to him.
  15. Tailon

    Tailon Gryffindork

    A new wall appeared, this one was clearly much harder than diamond, and the alchemist launched a blade at his chest, finally giving Talon occasion to swing his sword in a short whiplike motion, breaking the thin extension of gemstone. Talon then dashed toward one end of the wall, sending magnetic pulses through the blade of his sword to create a high speed vibration. Placing his sword against the wall, he saw it begin sawing through with relative ease. Talon then took a few steps and slashed mightily, slicing the wall roughly in two.

    Talon then quickly slashed three times at the meerkat creature, saying, "Guess I'll have to use this sword after all, eh? You're better than I thought!" With this last phrase, he brought the sword crashing down in a mighty downswing.
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  16. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    The Arcanist, as Kris decided to call him, easily sawed through the Dragonstone. He then slashed at Kris with the blade. Dragonstone poles shot out of the ground with each switch, they were cut down by the man, but still gave Kris an opportunity to step back.

    After three poles laid destroyed on the ground, the man attempted to bring his blade down on Kris' head. The Meerkat-halfer brought up his dagger to parry the blade. The Adamant easily succeeded where the Dragonstone had failed, stopping the blade from becoming acquainted with Kris' skull. The Alchemist kicked at the Arcanist, trying to get him and his powerful blade away.
  17. Tailon

    Tailon Gryffindork

    The half-meerkat brought up poles of the wall material, blocking each of his weaker strikes, before parrying his strongest with a stronger material, molded around his dagger. Even the sawing motion of Stinger was stopped by the strange substance. "What is your name alchemist?" Talon queried, before being kicked in the gut…hard. Talon was infuriated quickly, though at the same time, took it as an invitation. Talon would usually assume a fight was blades only, and a physical attack opened up the opportunity for Talon to go all out.

    Talon charged at high speed, raining punches at inhuman speed, with sword strikes not far behind, all backed by magically enhanced muscles. His final strike came from a blade encased in diamond he had drawn up from the broken fist on the floor, which shattered into extremely sharp shrapnel on his nonverbal command, falling at his opponent as his strike ended.
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  18. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    Well, his kick landed. But it sent his opponent into a fury of attacks. He kicked at the ground again as the first of the attacks came at in, and the ground below him dropped, taking him safely below the swipes. For fun, he created a Dragonstone look alike of him, and that was set upon instead. From what he was hearing below, it sounded like the copy was getting ripped to shreds.

    Kris touched one of the walls of the pit he had dug himself into, and in an instant it was gone, replaced by a staircase. The Meerkat-halfer took his time coming back to the surface, and once he was there, the closed up the hole and the staircase. He kicked at the ground again, and blade of something stronger then Dragonstone, but weaker then Adamant flew out of the ground, and rushed at his opponent's back.

    "My name is Kris," he answered, "what's yours Arcanist?"
  19. Tailon

    Tailon Gryffindork

    Talon stood stunned as he saw the dust of the same gem the wall had been made of, completely obliterated by his angry attacks. From behind him, Talon heard the creature, Kris introduce himself with "My name is Kris, what's yours Arcanist?" Before he could answer, Talon heard the earth behind him crack, and spun mightily, breaking the newly sprouted blade with more effort than the previous material.

    "My name is Talon…the Arcanist? Yeah, I like that… Arcanist!" with that, Talon took control of the diamond that had formerly made a wall of defense, forming it around his arm in a massive auger like drill, spinning it mentally for a deadly boring action. At the same time, he focused a massive amount of energy into the diamond, hardening it to the point that it was nearly as sturdy as Stinger's blade, and went into a charge, drill spinning, preparing to once again attempt to punch through his adversary with extreme prejudice.
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  20. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    The Arcanist introduced himself as Talon, then attacked again. He had taken a bit of Diamond from the wall he had created, and turned it into a drill, before rushing at him. No doubt the Diamond was stronger then it had previously been, but Kris didn't mind. He could create anything he wanted with Alchemy, and the materials that he created weren't natural to the world, meaning that they couldn't be controlled by anyone but a fellow alchemist.

    Kris stomped again, and the earth underneath him rose three yards into the air. It was the same material that made up the blade that Kris had sent at the mans back, the one that Talon's sword had a little trouble cutting through. It was large enough to take the diamond's attack, and could even be drilled through, and it wouldn't collapse. It was simply two large for that.

    "Up here Talon!" Kris called.

    He crouched down, and put his hands on the material. More blades shot out of the block, attempting to piece the Arcanist through the skull, chest, and legs.
  21. Tailon

    Tailon Gryffindork

    OoC: short post is kinda short...

    Kris created an immense block of the same material as the previous blade, and began sending blades to attack him. Talon's Drill began to spin, the action allowing it to break materials somewhat harder than it, and the added reinforcement assuring it would not break. Talon then charged, smashing blade after blade as he attached himself to, and ran up the wall.

    As he reached the top, Talon took several powerful swings with Stinger, then brought his Drill down at full power, still spinning, aimed at Kris' chest.
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  22. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    Kris was still crouched down when Talon scaled his wall. Another quick touch, and the area he was crouched on sprouted another twenty feet into the air, and hardened into Adamant. Another effigy pulled itself out of the pillar, also made of Adamant. Kris was rather enjoying himself here, creating fakes for the Arcanist to waste his energy on. He stood up, and kicked at the pillar, which quickly sprouted a ramp for him to travel down.

    Kris hurried off down the ramp, almost falling on his muzzle on the way down. Once he was a good distance away he killed the ground again. The composition of the platform changed, and exploded. Explosions were one of his favorite things to create, it was very easy too. All he had to do was make a substance that combusted when it combines with Oxygen.

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