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Ask to Join KoF 2020!

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Hecotoro, Nov 5, 2019.

  1. The fireworks explode in the air, along with the crowd roaring and cheering below in the King of Fighters Stadium. This year the tournament was different. The top eight teams in the world would fight in different locations spread throughout the city. The semi finals and finals would take place in the stadium. Of course, the stadium had top quality cameras, all over the city, ready to record any fight that would break out. In the stadium, there was a ring in the middle, held up high and the only access were two platforms that elevated to transport the teams participating. A man with blonde hair, that had sunglasses and a mustache stood in the middle with a microphone.

    "Ladies and gentlemen!" His voice was heard loud and clear. "Welcome to the King of Fighters 2020!" He waited for the crowd to cheer. "There are 8 teams, each with an invitation, that indicates where their first match will be! Will it be at a park? Supermarket? School? Anything is possible! Now, to go over the rules. The fights are 3 vs 3. Of course, not all fighters fight at the same time. The captains must choose who will start the fight. Once their opponent I knocked out, the next team memeber joins the fight. This continues until all have been defeated. There is no killing allowed, no weapons that aren't part of your body of course and no interference or help! Now, the camaras are set, the fighters have their locations, let the King of Fighters begin!"

    Loon watched the TV while sitting with his team outside a Cafe. When the announcement was done, he looked at their invitation. "Looks like we have to go to Central Park, just a few blocks from here, we are facing team All Muscle. What a funny name." He laughed as he made sure his mask was on right. He looked at Jade and Coco and smiled. He felt pretty confident about his team. "Are you two ready to go?"

    As Loon stood up, fan girls rushed to him, asking for pictures and autographs, of course fan boys ran over to Jade and Coco as well. Loon laughed and raised his hands."We can talk after the fight okay? We gotta get moving!" He signaled his team to follow him as he began walking, the fan girls looking disappointed.

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  2. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    Wally sat with his team out in the park, as he was enjoying the nature of beauty. He himself had paid close attention to the announcement of the King of Fighters tournament, accessing it through the automated computer that was his head, through an internet access server connected through an antennae on his head, sticking out in the middle of his head, between the ears built onto him for improved hearing and added natural look. He looked to his teammates, just as the antennae on his head retracted back into his head. " Looks like we are fighting a team called 'Proud Masters', friends! Oh boy, this is gonna be so much fun! I'll get to meet so many new people, I hope you two will have also as much fun as I will! ..but oh, we will fight in a museum. ..well, all I can ask of you two to atleast look out for your surroundings. I'd hate to break valuable artifacts during the fight! " He exclaimed in child-like excitement, standing up to get moving

    Rook sighed, sitting underneath an oak tree in the shade, eating a whole pizza consisting of multiple different vegetables and some meat, rolled up into a burrito. Naturally, as a giant gorilla like him, he'd have to eat double, if not triple, to keep himself fed. And well, a little meat here and there couldn't hurt every now and again, especially when it was enveloped in so many vegetable-based foods. He looked to Wally and swallowed a bit of the roll, before saying. " I will never get how you're this excited for something like that. Heh, I guess it must be part of your personality script or something. Well, a little bit of optimism never hurts to have. But just let me tell you to not go easy on your opponent regardless how they look or act. You never can tell what they're up to or what they're capable of, and you need to be always prepared for the worst. Trust me, I can say that from experience. I've already experienced the worst, so I have nothing to fear in this situation. "
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  3. JadeStar

    JadeStar Previously The Pikachan

    Jade signed a few autographs and took some pictures with her fans. She loved being an idol and most of her fans, as far as she knew, were respectful to her and treated her very kindly. She posed, holding up a peace sign next to her eye while she winked. Typical idol pose, but her fans loved it. She smiled and thanked them before looking over at Coco.

    "Hey Coco, we should get going! I never thought you would have fans yourself." She smiled as she posed again for another picture. "I'm sorry everyone! I have to get to my fight, please cheer me on!" Her fans cheered as she jogged after Loon. She secretly looked up to him, he was a superhero, something she always wanted to be was too afraid to. Coco was also amazing, she looked so strong and independent. She felt they should be the popular idols, not her.

    Linda sat next to Wally, looking at some flowers near her. "Is it wrong to freeze this flower to keep it's beauty?" She had completely ignored what the other two had said, she always followed them around so she never worried about those kind of details. "I mean, it would die, but it would live forever. Kind of like me, I'm an android, so, am I dead but alive? I do not age, but I feel." She froze the flower and plucked it. She then placed it on her hair. "Look Wally, my new hair pin!" She smiled proudly. "So, where are we going? I can't wait to have my first fight!" She raised her fist in victory.

    Cusco Stone adjusted his collar, as he read the invitation. He walked down the street with Aiko and Andrew. "Meow, looks like we are to go to the aquarium. We shall have our first fight there. I hope we get courtesy sushi." He smiled as his licked his lips and his tail moved from side to side. "Come one everyone, let's go show the world our skills. Team Senshi will be the champion of this year." He looked over at Andrew. "I'm anxious to see how strong you are by the way." He adjusted his clothes again and continued to walk towards the aquarium.
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  4. Coco glanced nervously at the crowd, staying near Jade and Loon. Unlike the superstar and the superhero, Coco was very, very not accustomed to these sorts of crowds. Sure, she had accumulated fans in her underground fights. But they usually weren't this... young. Or peppy. Or interested in stuff like pictures or autographs. The fans she was used to were more eager to watch Coco punch a guy's teeth in than that sort of stuff. So she merely offered the people asking her for photos and autographs a shy smile and wave. If this was being famous, Coco wasn't sure she was such a big fan of it.

    Coco merely nodded and offered Jade a nervous smile when the idol spoke to her. Coco had no idea she had fans either. Trying to block out everything else and focus on the fight ahead, Coco quickly jogged after Jade and Loon. Her bare feet slapped on the pavement as she followed the pair to the park.


    Draco merely nodded as he followed along next to Cusco. This was... a rather unusual group of people he was going to be fighting with. Did all Nekos say Meow? A little strange. Then again, Draco was a strange one as well. As of now, he looked rather skimpy next to the Neko and the strange girl. But the strangeness of his teammates wasn't going to get to him. Bouncing excitedly, he grinned in Cusco's direction.
    "I hope I don't disappoint you! Don't worry, I'm stronger than I look!" Draco said.


    Not too far away in a secure location, the woman known as Lt. Johann Sebastian was making the final adjustments to her robotic arm. With careful precision, she gently used the small screwdriver to tighten the springs. The arm and leg were valuable and powerful pieces of equipment, making her stronger, faster, and tougher than before. But it was still a pain in the ass to constantly have to adjust it every hour, and every time it got knocked around. The digital watch on her wrist went off, and Johann turned it off before putting away her screwdriver and turning to her two companions. The first was a man, named Aron Wayne. He was well-built and tough looking, but had an air of arrogance around him that Johann didn't much care for. The second was a bit more unusual of a customer. Johann had never met an Avian before. She had seen some, but had never really talked to one or got close to one. But it looked like that's what she was going to be doing this tournament. The second member of her team was an Avian, a red-feathered one named Zra. To make him more odd was the third eye on his forehead.

    But now was not the time to worry about such things. The Lieutenant threw her jacket back on, quickly buttoning it up as she put on her backpack.
    "It's time to move out. Our fight is at the Subway Station, against a group called the West Side Thugs. Their name may make them sound like a group of no-good, unskilled punks. But it's important not to underestimate our opponents. Let's go." Johann said calmly to Aron and Zra, before quickly making her way out of the abandoned warehouse.
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  5. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    Rook groaned, annoyed that Linda asked where the group was headed despite the fact that Wally just explained it. He was about to say why, but Wally put a hand to his mouth, shushing him. Then, Wally spoke up, as Rook just simply shrugged. " Ahh, your hairpin looks beautiful! A pretty choice for a flower, good choice! And well, we are heading to a museum, it seems. I do not know why of all the places, that a museum would be a good choice, but it is what it is, now let's not keep our opponents waiting! That would be rude of us to do! "

    Zra just simply stared into nothingness with his third eye, keeping his other two closed. He thought about all his life choices so far and how much he would have to fight to get the idea of peace into people's... well, anyone's head, really. He opened them up again and closed his third eye when looking back at Johann, the leader of the fighting group he was in, who was currently talking. He wasn't sure why he was set in a group of all things. He judged himself as a better fighter when he was on his own team. But, rules are rules, and Zra certainly isn't one to defy them. Quietly he followed Johann, coldly looking around at the environment, thinking how the battle will play out.
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  6. Loon smiled as they entered the park. Up ahead there were cameras flying over a group of people who were gathered around a street basketball court. There were two big muscular men flexing in front of one of the cameras. One had a blue tank top and the other a red one. There was a reporter interviewing a woman, who had a big smile and short blonde hair.
    "It doesn't matter who we face! All Muscle will come on top!" She said to the microphone.

    "It's the Justice Fighters!" Someone from the crowd called out. They all cheered as they approached the court. The reporter ran quickly to Loon. "Loon! The superhero, Jade the idol and Coco the mysterious woman. What an interesting team! Any comments?"

    Loon shrugged with a confident smirk. "I can't think of a better team."

    Team All Muscle smiled with their arms crossed, admiring the confidence Loon had. Both teams stood across the court from one another. From team All Muscle, looked like the one in red was going up first. His name was Triger, he was a professional wrestler. He was about 6'4 and weight about 190 lbs. He had no hair, just a black beard. "Okay! Who's up first?" He said as he stepped up.

    Loon looked at his teammates. "Any volunteers? Otherwise I'll step up. Remember these people are the best in the world, don't get confident."

    Aiko followed her leader. She thought it was funny how none of them seemed to be human. She was also a little disappointed she wasn't to face Loon yet. She walked behind her other two teammates, looking around she could see people taking pictures, but none approached them. "Problaby kof regulations." She said. "Hey Cusco, how much longer? I wanna finish this soon."

    Aron just followed his leader. He didn't feel the need to express anything, he just had to focus on his mission, win. The prize money was enough for him to retire and not worry about anything the rest of his life.
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  7. JadeStar

    JadeStar Previously The Pikachan

    Jade raised her hand. "Me!" She walked up to the court. She raised her right fist towards her opponent, her left fist kept at her waist. Her legs imitated her arms. Jade set her eyes on her opponent. He was a lot bigger then she was and problaby physically stronger, so she would need to be careful. Everything around her disseapered as she focused mainly on her enemy.

    Cusco looked at Aiko with a smile. "Well aren't you impatient? We are just about there." He pointed at the aquarium entrance.
    It was a really nice building and just like the park, fans and reporters were already there. Cusco waved at the people as they entered the aquarium, he was really liking the attention. They walked down into a big underwater tunnel that was made of glass, so all the fishes could be seen swimming around them. "Herrre we are! Meow."

    Linda smiled at the compliment about her flower. She then began marching, her arms and legs kept straight. Since there were so many people watching them, she felt like she was in a parade. She looked over at Rook with a big grin on her face. "Come on Rook! You have to smile for the nice people. Or are you upset you don't have a flower?" She removed her flower from her head and offered it to him. "Here you can have mine, I can make more when we go to the park again."
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  8. Coco looked over their opponents as they entered the park. The grass felt good on her feet, but it appeared that they were going to be fighting on the basketball court. Pity. Their opponents, true to their name, looked like a group of quite muscular fighters. Yeah, they were quite strong looking. Coco looked quite small standing next to them, but the mute wasn't concerned. She had faced quite a few people like them before, and had come out on top. Hopefully this would be the same. Not really wanting to go first, Coco was semi-relieved when Jade stepped up. Coco made sure to pay attention to the upcoming fight. It was quite surprising to Coco that Jade Star, of all people, was a skilled fighter. She looked so small next to Tiger. Coco glanced over to Loon as well. This whole experience was a little surreal for the underground fighter. Fighting alongside a superstar and a superhero? It was like some strange dream...


    Draco's grin never left as he looked up and watched some fish swim by in the aquarium. In truth, the current fighting area made him a little nervous. He'd have to make sure he kept an intense control on the dragon. The last thing he wanted to do was to accidentally punch through the aquarium glass and shock every fish and person that touched the water. That would not go down so well...
    Draco began to stretch as he looked around, waving at the people before turning his attention back to the fight area.
    "So, who are we going to have fighting first?" Draco asked Cusco.


    It didn't take long for Johann to make it to the Subway. As the woman made her way down the stairs, there was a screech of metal as a train passed through the station. People had already appeared, waiting for the fight to start. Across the way, Johann saw a group of three older teenagers, all dressed in school uniforms and black jackets. Their looks definitely fit their name, The West Side Thugs. Noticing Johann and her group approaching, the one leaning against a pole took another drag from his cigarette before flicking it away into the train tracks.
    "About time you got here." The thug grumbled, adjusting his pompadour. "You're up, Jessie."
    The second member of the thugs, a young woman, sneered at the three fighters as she wiped a thumb across her nose and stepped forward. She looked ready to fight. Johann glanced at Aron and Zra before nodding at the girl.
    "Either of you up to fight first?" Johann asked.
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  9. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    Wally and his Team had arrived at the museum, and Wally could already see cameras everywhere, aswell as people just gathered in the museum. He felt happy that the museum had gotten so much attention, because who knows how many people are actually interested in this place when there isnt a fight held in it? Wally looked to the opposing Team, which seemed to be consistent of a tall muscular man wearing a white gi with a black belt and a black headband, a skinny, slightly small elderly man with a long white beard, and a sporty young boxer. ' Ahhh, now it makes sense! They're proud masters of their own sport! ' Wally thought, as he looked back to his Team. " So, who wants to go first? "

    " No thank you. " Rook said, quick to respond. " I do not like flowers. They are too colourful for my tastes. Now, if you get started about Fungi, ooh boy, those are a different kind of good. You can take a risk of either getting sick and dying or enjoying the greatest taste in your life! Now that sounds like a good plant species to me. " Rook said, going on about his fungi interest without even noticing it. He looked over to the Proud Masters team, who gave Wally and him confused looks. One of them decided to be 'funny' and taunt him by pounding his fists against his chest. Rook had gotten annoyed by this, and pushed Wally aside, then cracked his knuckles loudly. " They look too overconfident in themselves.. heh. " He grinned, now cracking his neck muscles. " Sounds like someone needs some humbling.. "

    Zra looked to the trio of teens. Seriously? He was gonna have to fight THOSE hipsters? Zra scoffed and walked forward. " No need to worry about these prepubescent creatures. They all believe they can win. But their confidence and pride is what will be their downfall.. I will end this swiftly. " He said, approaching the girl and getting in a fighting stance.
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  10. Loon smiled as Jade stepped up. She looked so concentrated, it made him feel guilty for being so guilt free. The reporter was already with the crowd, letting the cameras do all the filming. Loon noticed a group of school girls taking pictures if him. He waved at them and smiled and so they giggled and blushed in return.

    The wrestler prepared to fight. "I'm going to give it my all, I expect the same from you!" He said with a big smile.

    The kof host could be heard from the cameras floating. "Round 1, begin!"

    Triger rushed at Jade, ready to grapple her.

    Aiko watched Andrew get ready for the fight. "You plan on going first?" She asked, a little annoyed. "You know I could easily finish this this. But, I'm willing to stand back if that's what you want." Her only interest was to face Loon, the other fights were of little importance to her.

    Aron shrugged. "Fine with me. I want a real fight. These kids don't seem to be much to be honest."
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  11. JadeStar

    JadeStar Previously The Pikachan

    Jade saw the incoming attack. She stepped to the side and aimed her palm to the wrestler's side. This reminded her of her training at the dojo. Her master would always put her up against stronger opponents, telling her it was for her own good. But to be honest, she never felt she was behind them, instead she knew she could over come them if she could truly focused. It was the same feeling in this fight.

    Cusco's tail moved aggressively as he smiled and watched his opponents approach. It was three men wearing matching black tuxedos with red ties and neat haircuts. The tallest one was in the center and the only one wearing a hat. One of the men stepped up and help his fist up ready to fight.

    Cusco looked over at his teammates. "Anyone want to go first?"

    Linda thought deeply about what Rook said. Where could she possibly get him a mushroom? Maybe he would be less grumpy if she got him a big one. Yes, that is exactly what she wanted to do. She smiled and begin humming joyfully as she imagined Rook's happy face.
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  12. A vein could be seen in the leader of the West Thug's forehead as Aron and Zra quickly dismissed them. The girl ready to fight gave a low growl as she glared at Zra.
    "Yo, Jessie! Mess these fools up. Make them eat their words!" The leader called out to the girl. The girl sneered at Zra, rubbing a thumb under her nose as she glared at the Avian. The third member of the West Side Thugs, a young man with a mohawk and sunglasses, simply leered at the opponents before spitting in the direction of the Strike Force.
    "If you were human, I'd say I'd punch your teeth in. Guess a beak is pretty much the same." Jessie said. The adolescent rolled up the sleeves of her jacket before striking up a basic, boxer-esque fighting form.

    "Ready?" The ref looked from one fighter to the other before waving his arms down in front of him. "Round one, begin!"
    "You're toast, birdbrain!" Jessie yelled, lunging at Zra. Instantaneously, a small staff made of pure, ki-like energy appeared in her hand. Wasting no time the punk girl swung the ki staff at Zra, aiming to crack him in the side with it. Johann raised an eye at the girl's sudden ki ability. This could be interesting...


    Coco watched as Jade expertly sidestepped Tiger's attack. Unable to vocally cheer on her teammate, Coco could only applaud with the rest of the crowd as she watched Jade attempt a counterattack. It was only the first move of the match, but the idol seemed to know what she was doing in the ring. That was a good sign.


    Draco grinned, looking over the opposing team as he stretched his shoulders.
    "Sorry. I'm just excited. If we win this one, you can go first for the next fight. 'Kay?" Draco said, smiling to Aiko as he stepped forward. Draco looked his first opponent up and down, trying to get a measure of his opponent before the fight.
    "That's a really nice suit you're wearing. Sorry if it gets ruined in the fight." Draco said. Finally ready, he pulled a scroll from his satchel and in one swift, crisp motion, broke the seal and flipped it open. The parchment cracked in the air as Draco called out, "Rise! Blue Lighting Dragon!"

    The was a roar, and a flash of blue light appeared from the open scroll. A blue dragon, about the size of a dog, quickly emerged from the scroll. It flew up into the air, flying over Draco and circling back. Draco cast aside the scroll, raising a hand to the ceiling as the dragon collided with him. But instead of simply bouncing off the young man, there was a blinding flash of blue light. The smell of ozone filled the air, and the light slowly faded to reveal a changed Draco. The young man had grown to an astonishing 7 foot tall, and blue scales appeared in patches on his skin. Two blue, leathery wings had sprouted from his back. His hair was longer, and blue. His eyes had a lizardlike quality to them, and Draco looked much, much more muscular. The half-dragon slammed his clawed hands together stomping his feet before he moved forward.
    "I'm going to rip you to shreds!" Draco's voice was now much lower, and had a growly tone to it. He glared at the tuxedoed man, staring at him with wild eyes and waiting for the ref to give the command to start the match.
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  13. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    " Is everyone ready? " The ref questioned, looking to Rook and the man who stepped up from the other team. " Shouldn't be a problem you can't handle, Mike. That Gorilla may have brawn, but you have brains! " One of the Proud Masters' members said to the person who had approached Rook. " Alright, Round One.. starting NOW! " The ref said, moving back a bit from the fighters. Mike, the member of the Proud Masters had attempted to strike a karate chop, but Rook grabbed onto the man with a hand, it entirely fitting around the man's chest and waist. Rook performed a grab and headbutted the man, then tossed him into the wall. Then, he approached the man, ready to continue beating down on him.

    Zra widened his eyes, quickly countering the swing at him by using a light jab, a simple peck with his beak into the girl's face to stun her. Then, he skid back to get some distance and thought briefly for a battle strategy. He dashed closer again, swinging his hand talons at her, attempting to scratch them. Such a staff he had never seen before. And such energy was strange to him. But, he cast it away from thinking overcomplicated about it. After all, he could fabricate such energy too, if only by the means of his third eye.

    Wally cheered Rook on, clapping anytime the Gorilla got a hit in. Then, he turned to Linda and asked " After Rook, who do you prefer to go second? I'd be fine if you wanted to, but I could take your place if you want me to. " He said, then quickly looked back to the fight, going back to watching his teammate beat down on the opposing member of the Proud Masters.
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  14. The punk girl was totally unprepared for the Avian's pecking attack, stumbling back and clutching her face with her free hand. She let out a growl and shook off the hit as Zra jumped back. But now, when Zra lunged in to attack, Jessie was ready. Zra swung his hand talons at her, and Jessie leaned back to dodge them. The girl leaned back much farther than she should have, but instead of falling on her back, Jessie leaned on her ki staff to keep up. As soon as the talon swipe had passed over her, Jessie propelled herself back up with her staff and used the energy from that to aim a headbutt at Zra's head.
    "Yeah, that's the way Jessie!" The leader of the West Side Thugs called out.
    "Give him a taste of his own medicine! Tear him apart!" The larger thug yelled into the fight. Johann merely stayed were she was without making a sound, watching the fight. This would be a good time to see how strong this mysterious Avian really was. Zra was a bit of an enigma to Johann. The bird was just plain hard to read. Let's see what he could do...
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  15. Aron yawned as he watched the fight. He didn't really cared for watching. He preferd to know as little about his opponent as possible, that way, it would be a fair match.

    Aiko looked a little annoyed as Andrew stepped up. But there was really no reason to worry. He looked like he could handle himself and she only cared about defeating Loon. She stood next to Cusco and watched the match, in case she had to step in.

    Loon watched with a smile as Jade began her fight. Triger cried out as he was hit by Jade, but he quickly turned around and went for another grab. If it succeed, he would deliver a power bomb.

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