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Knights of Evil (Discussion)

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by DragonianKing87, Sep 2, 2011.

  1. Hey, I'm starting my own Digimon RP and of course i need others to join me. I'm thinking that 8-10 people would be great. So there are about 7-9 spots open. I think for this we're going to go with a Pick your own Digivice type (D-tectors don't count) so armor, biomerge, and DNA digivolutions are fair game, as long as your digimon has no major physical changes like a Koromon thats 20 feet tall, then thats fine so diffrent colored partners are ok just make sure its not like rainbow or polka-dots or anything weird like that, putting a bandanna on your partner is fine and so are scars.

    As far as Characters go let me know your idea through this format:

    Description: (includes height and weight)
    Digimon Partner and Line: (Please use a real Digimon with an approved line, I used Digimon Wiki to help with my line)
    Any Changes to Digimon:
    Digivice: (and color)
    Any History We Should Know: (pretty much anything else we should know about your character)

    Plot: The plot here is actualy quite interesting. My idea is that the Royal Knights, under control of an evil Omnimon, have started absorbing the data of the Digital World. The Digidestined on Earth have to travel to the Digital World to stop them Fighting against Digimon under mind control and many Royal Knights to reach Omnimon only to find that he was under mind control of an evil Mega level Digimon (probably Apocalymon) and now have to fight their way to that Digimon's lair to destroy it and return all the data it had absorbed thanks to the Royal Knights.

    My cahracter is as follows.

    Name: Leo Clark
    Description: Leo is 6ft. 3in., somewhat athletic, and semi-tanned. His hair is straight and black with one red streak in his bangs. He wears a red T-shirt and a black hoodie, bluejeans and sneakers, he also wears a necklace that looks like angel wings
    Digimon Partner and Line: Poyomon >> Tokomon >> Patamon >> Angemon/Armor form >> MagnaAngemon >>Seraphimon
    Any Changes to Digimon: none
    Digivice: yellow and black D-3 Digivice
    Any History We Should Know: He and his brother both Recived Poyomon at the same time only once they reached rookie stage Leo's borther had a Black Patamon while Leo's was normal.

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