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Ask to Join Kizmo Lake University

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Seal Pup, Jun 29, 2017.

  1. Please sign up here: https://pokecharms.com/threads/kizmo-lake-university-of-the-jiniea-region.17023/#post-474275
    @Crims0n, @Charlespark and @Lexiepedia have the ability to post. (So do the mods if something is wrong, but we will hopefully follow the rules here.)
    Kate woke up to a ring at her family's doorbell. "Is that someone? Let me check." she said to herself. A Fletchling, not hers, pecked at the doorbell and left a letter enclosed in a green envelope. It had the official stamp logo of the college she was planning to go to, Kizmo Lake. She opened the door and the Fletchling flew away. It read:

    Dear Ms. Kate Pine Heai,
    We are proud to announce to you today that your request and scholarship payment was approved! Congrats and welcome to Kizmo Lake University of the Jiniea Region! We have a private plane to the island, please go to the Pokemon International Airport and go to Airport Area 213 today. We cannot wait for your arrival! The thing attached is your boarding passes.
    See you later-
    The KLU Staff

    "Alright, awesome! I cannot wait! I need to pack up and get ready and tell my parents!" She exclaimed, happily. She told her parents about the letter, and they were happy too. However, they of course would miss her.

    Kate started packing up her luggage and got ready. Also, she got ready and changed clothes, brushed her teeth and made breakfast. Then soon, she would have to go. Since the airport was 1 block away, she could walk there.

    She said goodbye to her parents, and then 20 minutes later she arrived at AA213 and sat down in the area lobby before boarding. The flight would probably take around 1hr 37mins. She played on her PokePhone and waited.
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  2. Mindy was awoken from the swift, but rather tiny rapid pokes of a rather small, purplish figure that sat rather close to her, as she got up and said, "Eek! What is it now little one?"

    The babyish Pokémon pointed down to the door from the window and replied, "K- ka... kang..."

    Mindy's eyes widened while her jaw dropped at the sight of the Fletchling at the front door from her bedroom window, as she loudly replied, "Ahhhhh! It's really that letter coming!" She rushed out of her bed and bolted past the smooth stairs to the front door, as she quickly opened it and snatched the letter after the Fletchling promptly and happily flew away while making coos that resembled a giggle.

    She swiftly closed the door after receiving the letter, as she took a nice glimpse at it while walking back on the stairs to her room. When she got to her room, she was astounded from the fact that she was accepted into her dream university. She walked up to the baby Kangaskhan, picked her up, and hugged her with an intense affection. The little Kangaskhan held in her breath from the rather tight grip, as she was safely placed in Mindy's neatly sewn on pouch on her velvet dress after she was dressed and done with her hygienic tasks; along with her makeup and other things. She looked down at two Poké Balls that happily rested on their respective holsters, as she glanced upwards at the drone that was staring off into space.

    After Mindy was finished packing her purse and luggage, she went downstairs with her Pokémon and had breakfast with them. Once they were all done with breakfast, Mindy waved her farewell to her parents and went out of her house after checking to make sure she did not forget a single thing.

    The baby Kangaskhan happily sat in her pocket pouch while the other Pokémon were in their respective places, as she made her way to the airport, which was roughly two blocks from her house.

    After some intense walking, she got over to the airport about half an hour later, as she arrived at the airport area of 213 and sat in the area lobby with another girl that was waiting and playing on what appeared to be a phone at a careful glance from the young Kangaskhan. She waited along with the girl while the baby Kangaskhan and the small drone both surveyed the area and did their own things in the period of patient waiting.
  3. Lexie was sound asleep in her bed. Her pokemon all spread around her, in peaceful slumber. Her growlithe, was resting on Lexie's face, effectively suffocating her. She awoke to the sound of pecking on her door, and an overwhelming burning sensation on her face. She moved her hands to her face to touch the dog-like pokémon, and slowly lifted him off of her. Her face was red from the fire pokémon, but she didn't mind, was just excited to see what was at her door. She raced down the stairs, still wearing her pajamas that were covered with various cute baby pokémon. She opened the door to find a green envelope. Her heart raced as she saw her dream school's seal on it. This was either going to be the best day of her young life, or the worst.

    Lexie snatched the letter off the ground and ran back upstairs. She sat in the chair at her desk and carefully opened the letter. She stopped for a minute to calm herself and then continued to open the envelope and contained whether or not she was going to KLU. She pulled the neatly folded paper out of the envelope and began reading.

    Dear Ms. Lexie Larkin,
    We are proud to announce to you today that your request and scholarship payment was approved! Congrats and welcome to Kizmo Lake University of the Jiniea Region! We have a private plane to the island, please go to the Pokemon International Airport and go to Airport Area 213 today. We cannot wait for your arrival! The thing attached is your boarding passes.
    See you later
    The KLU Staff

    Lexie squeaked and clutched the letter to her chest. She was accepted into her dream university and she was ecstatic. She jumped out of the chair and began twirling around. She stopped and squealed one more time. "Okay, now I need to pack!" She excitedly grabbed her suitcase and navy backpack and began shoving everything she needed into them. Her pokémon were barely starting to wake up, somehow unphased by all the noise she made. She laid out her clothes she was going to wear over the chair. She finished packing her belongings, making sure she didn't forget anything. She got dressed, fixed her chocolate locks, and brushed her teeth. She gently woke up her pokémon to tell them the good news and fed them their breakfast before finally putting them back into the pokeballs and packing them safely in the front pocket of the backpack. She yelled to her mom that she loved her and she was going to KLU. She grabbed a granola bar, and shuffled out the door. She then proceeded to run to the airport, her suitcase trailing behind her and her backpack securely on her shoulders.

    Lexie arrived to the airport, completely out of breath. She panted and looked around to see two other girls with their luggage. She slowly made her way to them. She sat in a chair near both of them.
  4. An announcement rang: "Thanks for choosing PokeLineFlights for your private airline! Boarding will start in 35 minutes! Please get ready and welcome to the airport! The flight will take about 1hr 37mins,"

    "Well, minus well send out my pokemon. They don't need a pokeball now, so why not let them out for now." Kate said to herself. They all went out and sat beside her. Her two bird pokemon, Pikipek and Fletchling, went on her head while the others snuggles each other. It was heavy, so she put the four non-flying pokemon in their pokeballs and then her two flying pokemon went beside her.

    Then she noticed two other girls near her. She got startled by the fact, but then she just said, "Hi.."
  5. Lexie heard the announcement and became very excited again. She couldn't believe this was happening, it felt like a dream. She noticed that one of the girls let out her pokémon, so she decided to as well, since they've been in their pokeballs since this morning. She opened her backpack and grabbed the pokeballs, and let her pokémon out of them. They all stretched and huddled near her. She heard the girl who let her pokémon out say hi. She extended her arm and said, "Hi, I'm Lexie! It's great to meet you."
  6. The baby Kangaskhan eyed over at the other girl that spoke to first girl that said hi, as she quietly replied, "K- K- ka... ng?"

    Mindy looked over at the girl that the little Kangaskhan was attempting to communicate with, as she said, "Well, hello... so how are y- you? I'm Mindy, and this is my little Kangaskhan. She's a bit shy here and yeah..." The Kangaskhan's infantile body shook from the sight of the other girls that were within close proximity, as her breathing became quicker the moment when she realized that her size was outmatched by even the Pikipek.

    The drone on Mindy's right shoulder rotated its lens to get a perfect view on the other girls, as it intensely stared at the Pikipek and the Fletchling that were beside one of the girls. It felt a gentle pat from Mindy, as it turned its spherical body in a slight, vertical motion to signal it's swift approval. It continued to rest on Mindy's shoulder while booting itself up, as the baby Kangaskhan waited in her pocket pouch while slightly moving her body every now and then to adapt to her temperature gradient.
  7. Lexie heard the sounds from the baby Kangaskhan, she smiled and began talking again, "I'm great, I got accepted into my dream school, KLU. These are my pokémon," She began motioning to each of them, "Growlithe, Eevee, Sandile, Totodile, and Venipede." She felt her stomach flip, soon she would be at KLU, meeting new people and pokémon. It was all very exciting. She looked at the drone curiously. "If you don't mind me asking, why do you have a drone?" She was very interested in it, and how it studied all of its surroundings.
  8. "Hi...great to meet you both.. I just got accepted too!... and plus, I am a little shy as well..but of course I'll get over it.." Kate said. Her bird pokemon started playing with berries. "And-oh-yeah, they are very clumsy and playful, sorry if they mess around with you, mainly targeting your hair," she added. "It sucks to be pecked by them on your hair."

    Then she back to playing on her PokePhone, playing PokeJam 2017 Sports Stars. PokeJam is the most famous sport on the KLU university.
  9. "That's great! I'm happy for you. Your bird pokémon are very cute." She said as she watched them play with berries. She noticed Kate playing on her PokePhone." Are you planning on joining the PokéJam team?" She asked, "I don't think i'm going to, last time I played a sport, I broke my hand." She sheepishly looked down. "I'm sorry I talk so much, I'm just very excited right now."
  10. "Yeah. I play PokeJam, watch it, and I play it on my phone. Crazy, right?"

    In around 34 minutes later, a message went up and said, "Boarding starts now. Departing from Pokemon International Airport of Jiniea to arrive to Kizmo Lake National Airport. This'll be a 1hr 37min flight. Please head to the desk for a security check before entering the enterance to the plane."

    "See you later, unless you're sitting near me.." Kate said to Lexi. She saw her seat was row 1 seat 6 (there are 6 seats per row.).

    She did the security check, and then headed to her airplane seat, which was a window seat.
  11. The drone eyed over at Lexie and quietly emitted a quiet, buzzing tone at her. Mindy gave off a slight giggle and replied to Lexie, "Well, I have a drone for two reasons; the first being that one of my Pokémon seems to love being in it... and the other being that it's kinda that new device is kinda that thing that tells you some information about what that Pokémon is when it sees it."

    The baby Kangaskhan saw one of the girls heading over to the plane after undergoing her security check, as she had a rather puzzled look towards a mysterious Pokémon that silently burrowed underneath the floor to avoid detection by the security. She noticed the Pokémon popping back out of the ground after it was clear that the security check would not notice it, as she thought, "H- huh? W- who's that strange creature I just s- saw? That thing doesn't look like any one that I've seen before... those wings tell me that they can definitely hurt someone for sure."

    Mindy got up from her seat and followed along with Kate after getting her security check out of the way, as she headed into the plane with the little Kangaskhan eying around the area. She peered down at her boarding pass and saw that her seat was row 1, seat 5, as she headed over to the seat that was next to the girl on the window seat.

    The unknown Pokémon made its way through the small cargo hold underneath the plane after some intense tunneling to conceal itself, as it quietly popped its small head out to see two girls sitting by each other on the plane. The baby Kangaskhan gasped at the sight of the Pokémon, as she tucked on Mindy's dress and cried, "K- Kang!"

    The Pokémon quickly burrowed itself into the lower section of the plane when the baby Kangaskhan noticed it. Its body structure swiftly changed to enable it to move itself past most ordinary materials such as steel with some effort involved. It stayed rather silent after hearing the Kangaskhan trying to get her trainer's attention, as it neatly folded its wings and quietly cooed to the outside gentle breeze after arriving at the lower section. It lied on some wooden boxes that were hard enough to support even a Tyranitar at the right angle, as it kept its gaze up at the upper area where it formerly went and waited for the next opportunity to do its peculiar task.
  12. "Wow that's so cool!" Lexie exclaimed, looking at the drone once more. "Okay, i'll see you on the plane!" She returned her pokémon, except for Totodile, and starting running towards security check. Once she passed, she boarded the plane and took her seat next to Mindy and sat down. She placed Totodile down on her lap and held him tightly in her arms. She looked around before noticing the frantic look on Kangaskhan. She tilted her head, trying to understand what the baby pokémon was trying to say.
  13. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    Kelvin pulled along his luggage on his way to the Kizmo Lake University within the Jiniea Region. Giving the attendant his boarding pass and going through security check, Kelvin was ready to go onto the airplane. "Seat 7 Row 1...." Kelvin mumbled to himself. Seeing that he was placed near a couple of girls, he gave them a slight nod in greeting and put his carry on luggage in the overhang above him. Soon, the flight has begun. As seeing that there was going to be no one sitting in the seat beside him, Kelvin released two of his Pokemon within the plane: Litten and Skorupi. Both of the Pokemon took up the seat beside him while he planned to nap throughout the whole ride.
  14. The mysterious Pokémon unfolded her wings and flew up towards the ceiling in the lower section she briefly rested in, as she made her way through the floors of the seating section of the plane by using her body and wings to propel herself in the desired direction. After a few seconds, the Pokémon peeked her head out only to notice a Litten and a Skorupi sitting beside who appeared to be their trainer after a careful glance. She winked at the trainer after taking note that he was most likely going to doze off for the entire airplane ride, as she looked over at the Skorupi and quietly cleared her throat.

    "Hey, where's this plane headed off to? If it's headed to that Kizmo University, then let's keep this between us alright?" The Pokémon whispered.

    She eyed over at the baby Kangaskhan that was a row above her and the trainer with his Litten and Skorupi. She sighed in relief when she caught a brief glimpse of the baby Kangaskhan shifting her rather silent attention towards Lexie. She kept her wings readied in case if the worst was to happen, as she patiently waited for the Skorupi to synthesize its response.
  15. The plane moved only slowly and was barely in the sky, and an sudden announcement rang: "Welcome to a PokeLineFlights Private Airplane. We will be moving in about 10-15 minutes, due to a rain delay at Kizmo Lake National Airport. It has currently been closed for 1hr and 53mins, so if we go now the airport will be closed. Sorry about this, and we will start shortly and give out snacks and drinks in a bit," the co-pilot said.

    "Aww, shoot, there is a delay!" Kate said. She was a little disappointed, but the only event at the university was a 6:00 pm orientation and it was 8:00 am, which was fine. This airplane was the first out of the ten planes going to the college. Everyone was going to the college.

    Soon, the plane finally really started and her Pikipek and Fletchling started to snooze, sleep, and snore on her hair.
  16. Lexie noticed the boy who gave them a slight nod and she gave him a small wave back. She then watched as she let his Litten and Skorupi out of their pokeballs. She took Growlithe's pokeball out of her backpack and let him out. She placed him on her lap with Totodile. She figured he might want to meet the other fire type pokémon who boarded the plane. She felt the plane slowly start to move before an announcement came on. She slightly frowned as she heard the news of the delay but was excited for the snacks and drinks. Soon after, the plane started moving and Totodile and Growlithe fell asleep in her arms. She yawned a few times, finding it very hard to stay awake. She closed her eyes and decided to fall asleep.
  17. (Sorry for late reply, was in vacation..Plus, we are skipping 25 minutes in the flight..)
    At a quick surprise to startle and scare Pikipek and Fletchling very well, a sudden unexpected announcement was heard, "Refreshments and small bites will be coming around. Look at the menu on the seat pocket in front of you to see what is there," the co-pilot said.

    Kate peeked at the menu. Since it was only a short flight, she only wanted some sparkling water and chips. A flight attendant went over and had a tray of certain snacks and drinks on the menu. He said, "Do you want anything?" Fletchling and Pikipek went into their separate poke balls and then Kate quickly said, "May I have a grape flavor sparkling water and also some potato chips?"

    "Of course you may!" the flight attendant said, giving Kate what she wanted to get.

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