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Ask to Join Kirby series: War for the galaxy

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Gamingfan, Apr 1, 2020.

  1. Gamingfan

    Gamingfan Previously Gamingfan2

    The time is after all the current kirby games. OG kirb is somewhere in a different galaxy, destroying some other planets for the sake of strawberry cake or something. Nightmare comes back and revives dark matter, which in turn recreates previous enemies who Kirby had defeated.
    He attacked other planets around Popstar, eventually sending an army of enemies to popstar, but these aren't regular enemies, no, they're dark matter infused, giving them exponentially more power, some even allowing having more than two abilities. Using these and controlled citizens of the other planets, courtesy of Void, Nightmare was able to get the jump on 'em and destroy any opposition, successfully taking over the planet and it's galaxy.
    Fortunately, some beings escaped. The majority fled to Planet shiver star, which was considered the best place to hide due to its large underground...thing. It is the duty of the escaped heros to retake ownership of their galaxy, by any means necessary. The beginning starts a couple minutes before Nightmares attack.
    Discussion thread:
    Ask to Join - Kirby series: WFTG discussion | Pokécharms

    Animed ran on all fours across Kirby park, racing another Gaw Gaw to the top of a tree. With his sharp claws they easily climbed it, but Animed reached it first.
    "Ha! I win!" he gloated at top of the tree.
    "Pfft, so what? I bet I would win a footrace" the Gaw Gaw snorted
    "Like the last one?" Animed retorted.
    "Shut it" growled the Gaw Gaw as it slid down the tree "Come down here and I'll show you ."
    Animed slid down as well, stopping at the lower branch to rest. "Naw, I'll stay here for a bit. You go train, see if that would help."
    The Gaw Gaw growled "I'll show you!" and started scratching at another tree, sharpening his claws.
    Animed sighed as he took a look at his surroundings Nice day today he thought. There was no crime recently, and susie had said that she might be able to make robobots for public use someday in the near future.As if now, she'll host an event, right on City square, where she'll show the first batch of prototype public use Robobots, and she'll choose some people from the crowd to try them!
    Hopefully I'll get to try the first one he thought lazily
    The event will start in about a half hour, but he heard people were already lining up to go in.
    Ah well, I'll see if I can climb over.
    Today was a good day. He doubted anything could ruin it.​
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  2. Dead account

    Dead account Previously Super Lazy Man

    Sly was first in the line-up, he was extremely excited for the robobots , he raised his.. hand? To signal he wanted to test the bots for the first time, this was a great day. What could go wrong?
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  3. =Nightshade=

    =Nightshade= Previously Night's Shadow

    Flurry was full of energy, as she was every day. The white puffball was excited for nothing in particular, but still rolled along like it was Christmas morning. She began to pick up boulders and throw them into the ground, unable to control her inexplicable excitement. “I like to pound—pound—pound— things into a pulp!” she sang to the tune of “Apples and Bananas” as she went. “I like to pound—pound—pound— things into a pulp!”

    She came to a halt at the edge of the forest and stopped in her song, but still full to bursting with bubbly energy. There was a long line piling up, for something about robobots. Flurry squealed in delight and began waving one *arm* erratically as she raced to get in line.

    (OOC: I have just discovered a strange love of writing psychotic characters XD)
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  4. Chee was somewhere in the middle of the line. He was getting tired of waiting. He tapped the puffball that was in front of him's back. As the puffball turned, Chee sneaked around. They shrugged and looked forwards, only to see Chee in front of them. They got angry, and tried to push Chee out of the line, but a different puffball stopped them from starting a fight. Chee taunted them and continued to wait.

    Webbsy hung upside down on a tree, staring at a butterfly flying past. B swung from the line of silk she was hanging on to and snatched the butterfly in her mouth, taking it down in one gulp. She climbed back up the tree and made a web between one of the branches and the tree's trunk. She returned to hanging upside down, slowly retracting her long orange legs and wrapping herself in her own web.
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  5. Genji was chilling in a tall tree next to an incredibly long line. He was watching all the puffballs in line practically bounce in excitement. He also noticed one quickly cut. Most likely a ninja, like him. Genji didn't care for lines. Besides, what were they even in line for? Genji didn't remember. Besides, if he realized it was for something important, he could just turn invisible and go to the front, and act like he was always there. He tossed kunai into the bark of the tree repeatedly, not for any reason except for the fact that he was bored. Today seemed like it was gonna be a good day.
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  6. "Where am I again?"
    These were the thoughts of Akubo as he found himself lodged between two branches on a tree. The pale red Kirbo exhaled, decreasing his puffiness and allowing him to slide out of the branch space. He blinked and looked at the line. "...this isn't Nutty Noon. Where the heck am I?" He mumbled, plopping to the end of the line, right behind Genji, adjusting his goggles. "What are we in line for? And where exactly... Are we?" He asked, tapping the puffball from behind with his arm nub.

    He heard some girl singing up ahead... Sounds like... Well, it sounded like they were singing to the tune of murdering someone but what did he know, this was a new place, he'd never been outside Nutty Noon. And it's not like everyone there didn't try to murder each other daily to take the throne of Grand Doomer...
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  7. What they were in line for, Charm really didn't know. Did that stop her from being here? Absolutely not!
    Like usual, Charm was relatively oblivious to the situation. She'd innocently cut in line several times, earning her the ire of.... the majority of the crowd, actually. Of course, she didn't really understand what she was doing wrong - she had to get an explanation before she stopped.
    Of course she was happy! She always was! And besides, today was a perfect day! What could possibly go wrong?

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  8. Gold The Dragonite

    Gold The Dragonite Previously Dratingonair

    Leafy was walking in the city, not sure what to do today. She aimlessy wandered for a while before seeing others walk to City Square. Leafy figured to go there as well. Apparently there was a line for public robobots to be seen and maybe tested. She figured to stand in the line as well, waving her arm (*cough round little stub *cough *cough) as others were doing. Luckily there quite a few inpatient puffballs that walked out the line. Leafy walked more and more into the line, before looking in front of her. Looks like she was a quarter away from the start of the line.
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  9. Gamingfan

    Gamingfan Previously Gamingfan2

    Susie rose on the stage. She communicated to security that they were ready to let the crowd in. The citizens flooded into the place, yelling cries of excitement. Behind her was a gigantic hologram of herself, so that people not inside the event could see. Susie cleared her throat and talked, her voice amplified by the microphone on her headgear.
    "Welcome citizens of Stella city" she greeted joyfully. The crowd gave cheers, although there was of course some hecklers who booed for the sake of being annoying. Ignoring them, susie continued "I am proud to say that due to the lack of crime recently, we've been able to make a batch of robobots, designed for you! And some of you lucky people will be able to try them out! Take a look." A part of the stage behind susie began opening, and through it came a multitude of robobots flying out with their rocket boosters. Inside they were controlled by a member of the police force, as they are the only ones with any experience with these. One by one, a robobot landed on the stage, and the pilot would jump out and leave the stage. The crowd went wild, even some of the hecklers.
    Alright, whoever wants to try these, raise your hand or whatever you call it and I'll see if I could pick one of-?" she paused
    Out of nowhere, the sky had become cloudy and dark, as if a thunderstorm was near.
    "What the-? I thought you said the weather was going to be sunny!" she complained to the staff.
    Her hologram started glitching, showing static and cutting off the audio.
    Lowering below the clouds, a figure could be seen floating. It looked caped, with a human face, but due to it's distance it was hard to distinguish. The hologram fizzled again before fixing itself, only now it was showing the caped figure from above. Many citizens gasped as they saw him. The evil lord of darkness.
    "Impossible" breathed susie "Kirby killed you a long time ago."
    Nightmare only grinned at the accusation, as if it fascinated him. He spoke in a surprisingly smooth and suave voice, sounding like something girls would drool over, but it was clearly laced with evil. "Now now susie. No need to get ahead of yourself." he chuckled. "Greetings citizens of popstar! I am the one known as Nightmare. Now as the charming lady had said, your oh-so-perfect savior had, quote-on-quote, 'killed me'. How foolish of you. He may have destroyed me, but hate goes beyond death. I'll spare you the details, but in short I'm alive again. And I want revenge." he floated lower, now barely above his own hologram. "I wanted to kill that lothesome pest, kirby. But simply death was not enough, and I had to be honest, it would certainly have been a challenge. So I stayed on the down low for a while, plotting. Then it hit me, death was too kind. What I needed to do was take everything he loves, and turn it against him. Now that the pink nuisance is light years away, I'm free to take what is rightfully mine. When he comes back, he'll see his friends and people he considered family, all under my control and thirsty for his blood."
    Susie put her hands on her hips "Yeah right! We've evolved since then. All of us could easily kick your ass!"
    Nightmare shook his head, now at ground level. "Of course you could, which is why I came prepared. Kirby has been gone for about a year now. Haven't you wondered why I haven't attacked earlier? I've been visiting other planets, getting new...friends" he spat out the word "Of course, we had no relation with each other before, but we share a common goal. Kirby's suffering." he turned around and floated upward. "Now is the time my friends! Take over this pathetic rock they call home!" yelled above the clouds.
    A rumble was heard, then, through the clouds, came a single meteor, followed by two, followed by four. The number grew, until it was impossible to count the projectiles falling to Popstar's surface. The meteors crashed on the ground, making craters and injuring the citizens. Soon, not just meteors where falling. Black shadowy hearts fell to the ground as well. "The time is nigh, miscreants! Bow down to you're new leader!" Nightmare cackled evilly

    "Are you sure we should do this?" asked the Gaw Gaw, following Animed while he climbed a tower near the event.
    "Of course I am, this is a good spot to watch the show, we won't use the robobot's, but there are so many people it's not like the chances of her picking us is likely."
    Yeah but... you really don't want to see it up close?"
    "Do you want to be stepped on?"

    "Good, we made it." Animed flipped over to the top of the tower, the Gaw Gaw close behind. Animend gestured towards the event below. "See? Nice view, decent audio, and no footprints on our faces." Suddenly, the place went dark. "What the-IS THAT NIGHTMARE!" Gaw Gaw exclaimed as he saw the caped creature. Nightmare raised his hand, and suddenly a meteor was on a crash course to their tower. The meteor landed on it's base, making it tip over.
    Animed acted instinctively "Grab on!" said to his companion, who dug hus claws into his body. Animed jumped off the tower before it crashed on the floor, using his rubbery body to avoid hurting his passenger. He landed on the floor on the event. People were screaming and trying to run away. He heard susie speak through the speakers. "Citizens! Please leave using you're warp star. Those who aren't well-adjusted to it, take a robobot and fly away!" he pulled out a remote control from her pocket, pressed a button, causing a giant robot to appear underneath her. It blasted fire at it's bottom, flying susie away.
    Most of the people were too frightened to pay attention to what she said, but Animed heard it loud and clear. They needed to leave. "Follow me!" he yelled to the Gaw Gaw, who nodded nervously. They ran towards the stage, dodging meteors along the way. Jumping on top Animed and the Gaw Gaw were nearly there. A black heart fell through the sky, and slammed into the Gaw Gaw. "Ack!"
    Animed turned, "Are you okay?" the Gaw Gaw seemed unconscious, a black aura surrounding him. He opened his eyes, which were a terrifying dark purple. "Uh, dude?" Animed asked nervously. The Gaw Gaw growled, and started growing.
    No wait. He wasn't just simply growing, he was mutating. He changed, becoming a giant, feral Gao Gao. His mouth opened, revealing a cave of needles that were his teeth. Snarling, the Gao Gao attacked Animed.
    Animed avoided it's charge, changing his focus into the robobots around. Quickly, he leaped into one. The newer robobots now carry a screen inside the bot. Animeds screen was showing a completely frozen over planet, with a marker and coordinates he did not understand. He looked over and saw that the rest of the robobots had the same image on their screens. The robobot spoke "Destination:Shiver Star Pilot: ???" Animed had no idea what to do, so he guessed. "Animed" he said.
    "Pilot:Animed. Going to destination...." the robobot's back boosters lit up, blasting fire, sending the bot upwards into the sky. The robobot covered it's top with a durable and transparent glass, to keep the oxygen in and space out. As he broke through the atmosphere, Animed looked behind him to see his beloved planet.
    It looked horrible. He could barely see as it covered in a blanket of dark clouds. Otherwise, it was riddled with craters and explosions. It looked like Streka City wasn't the only place attacked.
    The robobot spoke again "Estimated time of arrival: 1 hour 24 minutes"
    Animed sighed, he may as well get comfy, he thought.
    He realized something
    Irony is a bitch. Why did I open my big mouth?
  10. =Nightshade=

    =Nightshade= Previously Night's Shadow

    Flurry kept a wide, unsettling smile on her face as the big baddy of the galaxy came down. “Ooh! Nighty-Nightmare! I’m going to run away so I can kill you later!” She squealed again with full-on delight as she leaped into the air, using her Suplex ability to jump the falling rocks, and just dancing around the black hearts. “This is too eeaasy! I wanna kill something!” She fell from the sky, on a trajectory for one of the open robobots. “Wheeeeeee!”

    The blue-eyed puffball plopped into the robobot and shut it, then took off, letting autopilot do the work. “I’ll be back to kill you, Nightmare!” she giggled.
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  11. The Kirbo watched as this weird Susie character began to make a speech, watching in vague interest, but wasn't really one to do do that. He did indeed cheer when she appeared, but for some reason everyone around him was giving him dirty looks... The usual-


    Akubo woke up to hear ringing in his (ears?), squinting as he saw the figure of someone he instantly figured out was Nightmare. He didn't really know how, but he saw the chaos of the invading meteoric hearts, and began to book it to the nearest Robobot. "If there's a God out there that isn't Magalor, please don't let me die-!" He yelled out, pulling himself into the cockpit and blasting off. Coordinates already seemed to be locked in... Wherever he was going, he was sure to meet others. He felt the metal hunk slowly leaving the atmosphere, a glass roof pulling up over his head... And watched as the vast advance of space loomed over him and behind him... The ruins of his planet.
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  12. Dead account

    Dead account Previously Super Lazy Man

    Sly was. . Surprised to say the least, he didn't expect people to just flock in, walking inside and listening to the speech, he suddenly looked up and saw Nightmare "oh God! " hearing what Susie said, he'd jump on a bot pressing any button, going towards someplace safe.. hopefully.
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  13. Chee wasn't surprised by the attack, to say the least. "This is why we can't have good things." He said to a random puffball that was freaking out. He jumped on top of them. He held on, and waited until they got close to a Robobot, then leapt into the cockpit. If I remember correctly, it will adjust itself to my ability. If I say my name to this screen, maybe. He thought.
    "Wassup, Robobot? I'm Chee... Uh, I'll just call you ChibiBot." The Robobot simply replied,
    "Destination: ?" You'd assume that it would have a set destination but... Chee thought.
    "To uh... Shiver Star?" Chee didn't know what any other planets were called, so he reckoned this one would be all right. His mind was more bothered about which button ejected him. As ChibiBot launched, Chee started humming (or singing?) Ride of the Valkyries to make it seem epic.

    Webbsy panicked and dashed towards a Robobot, while unwrapping the silk from her body, while stabbing a dragonfly and putting it in her mouth. It wasn't hard because she had eight legs, though. She tried to get into a Robobot, but couldn't before puffballs took them up. Instead Webbsy clambered up the side of one and stared at the red Kirb with laser goggles inside to let her in. She was slipping a bit as the puffball took off, but once again, it wasn't hard to adjust herself due to her eight legs.
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  14. “Oh crap baskets!” He exclaimed as he felt himself leaving the atmosphere with a spider like Kirby latched to the side of his robobot. He quickly opened the hatch and yelled out into space- “Quickly! Get inside!”

    He looked at the destination... a place he’d never heard of, but hey he’d never been outside of Nutty Noon so space was even more alien. “I need to close the cockpit, you gotta get in now!”
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  15. Webbsy pulled herself into the Robobot. "Sorry about that... It's just I couldn't get my own so I got on your's. Well, the past is the past! This isn't a good time to introduce myself, but I might as well. I'm Webbsy." She was chewing on a dragonfly still, so her introduction was a tiny bit muffled. She didn't notice. She lifted her front leg up and smiled. All her life she had been stuck on Planet Popstar. What better time to explore than in an invasion by Nightmare?
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  16. Charm looked around in genuine confusion. If she was scared - which she was - it wasn't visible on her face. Until it was.
    The lavender puffball looked around. She was too scared to use her Warp Star yet, and she didn't know how to pilot a Robobot. She began to call for help, hoping someone would care enough to help her.
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  17. Genji looked up at the sky, and saw Nightmare, Meteors, and Black Hearts falling from the sky.
    "Well, I couldn't have been more wrong!"
    Genji leapt off a small tree, and ran across a pond to get to the robobots.
    While he was about to make it, he noticed a lavender puffball that was calling for help.
    Genji decided a detour was fine.
    He ran towards Charm. "Hey, you need help right?" Genji offered Charm his hand.
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  18. Charm gave a rather hasty nod, taking the stranger's hand. Despite being technically a teenager, Charm was often mistaken for a child by many due to her rather... childish demeanor. Even so, strangers still made her wary - but this was an exception. She'd rather go with a stranger than... well... die.
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  19. Genji nodded, then ran towards the robobots with surprising speed, taking Charm with him. (This isn’t autoing if Charm took Genji’s hand, right?)
    He then arrived at one of the last robobots, and opened the hatch into the cockpit. (I dunno much about Robobots, okay? XD)
    He then waited for Charm to get in first. (Chivalry is important.)
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  20. Gamingfan

    Gamingfan Previously Gamingfan2

    Animed woke up. He'd been flying for a while now, so he fell asleep for a bit. Shaking off the grogginess, he saw that he was surprisingly close to shiver star. The robobot entered it's atmosphere, it's glass cover preventing Animed from burning to a puffy crisp.
    Animed was glad to see he'll land soon.
    Wait....how do I land? he realized ...Oh shit
    The robobot wasn't programmed for automatic landing, plunging headfirst into Shiver Star's surface. Animed grabbed on to the handles and started pulling them backward, trying to prevent a crash that'll definitely hurt.
    Too late.
    The robobot slowly raised upward, but due to the momentum it could not land correctly. It crashed jarringly, bouncing across the snow and ice before slowing and sliding. Animed was launched out of the bot and landed on the freezing snow. He stood up and shook like a wet dog, which wasn't off since his fur melted some of snow that was on his person. He took in his surroundings, there was bits of metal all over the place, thanks to the ruined robobot. he looked up to see small figures. Squinting, he realized that they were the other robobots.
    So, I'm not the only one who escaped. Phew.
    He stood there, waiting for the bots to land(or probably crash) on the surface, wondering who's inside.
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  21. Dead account

    Dead account Previously Super Lazy Man

    "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" Sly voice cut off as his robot was crashing at full speed "RELAX.. RELAX.." he was close to the land "OKAY STOP RELAXING!" He screamed as he jumped out of the robot before it hit, "bad idea.." he groaned as he got up scratching his head/stomach thing.
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  22. Chee watched other puffballs crash into Shiver Star. "Com'on it ain't that hard." He laughed. He approached the planet at full speed, until something came across his mind. "Oh. Forgot about irony. Gotta stop on time" He pulled on the handles, but still fell out.
    "Ah, guess I deserved that." He sat up as the Robobot landed.
    "See ya, ChibiBot!" He rushed towards the nearest crash site, involving a blue puffball that had been piloting.
    "Yo! Nice to see your mildly confusing disability to land safely. I'm Uchee. I prefer just Chee, though. It sounds weird with a 'U' in front anyways. So... Nightmare. Know anything valuable about him?" At this point Chee was lying on the ground kicking his legs in a cheeky manner.
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  23. =Nightshade=

    =Nightshade= Previously Night's Shadow

    “Wheeee!” Flurry whooped as the robobot shot towards the surface of Shiver Star. She could make out the shapes of two other puffballs on the surface. “This is fun!” As she hurtled in for a crash, she leaped out of the cockpit and shot a laser straight down to break her fall. She tumbled, relatively unharmed, onto the snow, and instead of getting up, began to make a snow angel. She popped back to her feet and waddled over to where the other puffball escapees were gathering.

    “Hi!” she said brightly to no one in particular. “I’m Flurry! Does anyone have something I can blow up?!”
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  24. Gold The Dragonite

    Gold The Dragonite Previously Dratingonair

    Leafy panicked as Nightmare appeared suddenly. She jumped into a Robobot, which turned a bright yellow with cogs on the sides, to see a preset location on it, to a place called Shiver Star. Leafy heard a ruffle near her and looked around her Robobot, Cutter raised which was getting ready to fly. Smushed in the corner was her friend Bandana, which she threw at him. "Hi! And ow." A voice came out of the grinning Waddle Dee, as he rubbed his head. "How did y- Never mind, we just got to get out of here, and fast." Leafy looked around, looking for something to make the robobot fly. "Isn't there a screen?" She asked. "I sorta broke it. But maybe this'll do something!" Bandana said as he slammed a button on the Robobot and they suddenly flew off to space. Leafy started to scream, while Bandana shouted with excitement, as they set for Shiver Star, which would take a while to get to.

    Leafy fell asleep, or passed out, putting her out of her panic nonetheless. Bandana marveled at what the rest of the galaxy was away from Popstar. Leafy woke up as they were entering Shiver Star. A panic alarm seemed to be going off. "What's happening? Are we going to crash!?" Leafy woke up, breaking Bandana's trance in space. "Don't worry, I got this!" Bandana exclaimed, taking his Spear and lodged it into a small space in the glass cover, opening it manually. He took Leafy's hand and jumped out. The puffball screamed once more as the robobot crashed to the ground, and the two rolled harmlessly in the snow, slightly breaking their fall. Leafy stood up on the cold snow, as Bandana put his Spear back. He looked around, and it seemed there was others here too. The Waddle Dee figured they evacuated as well, seeing the various Robobots stuck in the ice and snow. "Heya! I'm Bandana, and the puffball's Leafy!" Bandana introduced them. Leafy gave a shy wave.
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  25. Akubo was now quite cramped with this new spider puffball in the cockpit with him, but he supposed it was all for the best. “I’m Akubo, resident laser puffball, at your-“ he looked out and saw a frozen planet approaching. He could see the distinct view of where the continents and oceans were, underneath all the ice.

    “do you know how to land this by the way?” He asked her as they began to quickly plummet toward the factory-ridden fields of one of Shiver Star’s continents. “Fuck fuck fuck-“ he swore out loud as he attempted to right the robobot armor, and began to control the thrusters. He finally got it into a good position and landed it near the rest of his companions, popping open the cockpit. “I see you folks had some kind of rough landings?” He asked, sort of flexing that his was perfectly intact.
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  26. Charm got in without a word, searching for a seatbelt only to find that A) there wasn't one and B) a seatbelt would be awfully hard to use on her spherical body. She watched out the window to see the chaos unfolding. She'd heard vaguely about this Nightmare person, but she didn't really think he'd come here.
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  27. You’re welcome. Genji thought.
    He hopped in quickly, and closed the cockpit.
    “Alrighty, let’s see.”
    “Destination: Shiver Star. Pilot: ???”
    The robobot spoke.
    “Genji.” He told the robobot.
    He could tell this was gonna take a while, so he might as well get to know the person he was currently stuck with.
    “Okay, considering we’ll be here a while, we might as well get to know each other. I’m Genji, you are?”
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  28. Gamingfan

    Gamingfan Previously Gamingfan2

    Animed stood, stunned by how aloof everyone was. He cleared his throat, "Um, Hello everyone, my name is Animed. I guess we're kinda in a predicament huh?" he said awkwardly. "To be honest, I have no idea what to do. Our planet has been taken over, and I don't know much about this one. I guess the best course of action would be to-"
    Suddenly a voice interrupted "Psst! All you puffballs over there! C'mere!"
    Animed jumped in surprise "What the?! Where?"
    "Follow my voice"
    "Why not show yourself?"
    "Because they'll see."
    The voice was quiet, before a sudden roar belted out of where it was. Animed fur stood up at the sound. "Is that a threat?" he asked defensively.
    The voice sounded irritated "No, a warning." Quieter roars were heard from a farther distance. Animed turned and gasped.
    Plump ice dragons were surrounding them from a quarter mile away, roaring in response to the original. Luckily, they didn't seem to notice them, if they had, they would probably attack out of territorial instincts or hunting habits. Animed turned to where the voice was "Okay, so you're an ice dragon. Why do you want us to come?"
    "I'm not an ice dragon, or you would've been a snowball in my belly in a second. Just come here, quietly." the voice ordered, putting emphasis on quietly.
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  29. It took the puffball a minute to speak, but she finally spoke after a few moments. "C-Charm. My name is Charm." She glanced at him. "Is your name Genji? That's what you said to the voice computer thingy..." She then seemed to remember something, stuttering over her words. "O-Oh.. and thank you for helping me... I don't really know how to use these things..."
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  30. "Yep, that's me. Genji. Charm huh? Not a bad name."
    Genji readjusted his bandana, and took it off his mouth, which is where it was up until now.
    "Eh, don't sweat it. I'm always happy to help."

    (My next post will have them land, but, I don't have the time at the moment, so I can't do it now.)
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  31. =Nightshade=

    =Nightshade= Previously Night's Shadow

    “Okay,” Flurry whispered in a high-pitched voice. “But if you’re a baddy, I’m gonna pound you!” She shuffled near-silently through the snowbanks towards the voice. It was against her hyper nature to be so quiet, but she wasn’t stupid; just psychotic. She stayed silent as she waddled through the sheets of ice.
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  32. The landed Akubo pulled himself out of the ship, and looked as everyone seemed to be quietly going toward a voice as Ice Dragons seemed to be hunting in close proximity.

    “So this is Shiver Star? What a weird place... why are there factories all over? A lot of questions, a lot of questions...” he muttered as he waited for his new Spidery friend. He eyed up the psycho-looking Puffball, and raised an eyebrow in concern. “You okay, lady?”
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  33. =Nightshade=

    =Nightshade= Previously Night's Shadow

    “Quietly,” Flurry emphasized to the newcomer in a forceful whisper. “My name is Flurry, not lady. I don’t want to be eaten. Quietly. There are still so many things I haven’t blown up yet. Move quietly.”

    (OOC: I never realized how fun crazy chars are to write XD)
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  34. Webbsy was still a bit starstruck from the events that had occurred, but regained her senses when they landed. "I've never seen this place before!" She saw the puffball that Akubo was talking to.
    "Flurry is a cool name." She started to whisper. "I'm Webbsy. Where are we going?" She let her legs shorten till they were pretty much nubs, like the rest of the puffballs. Webbsy shuffled, as quietly as she could, through the snow. She felt something wet.
    "If that's piss, I'm gonna kill the monster that did that." She looked down. It was red. "Oh. I think that's blood."
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  35. Gamingfan

    Gamingfan Previously Gamingfan2

    Animed sighed "You better be telling the truth, or the white puffball won't be the only one doing the pounding." he started sneaking as well.
    No having that much success, the snow was crunching under his feet, but at least Ice dragons focus on sight and smell rather than sound. Still, better not risk it. As sneaked over, a spider-thing mentioned blood. "Oh shit." Animed whispered.
    .He looked around to the Ice dragons, who were sniffing the air. The snow must have weakened the smell(Which is a thing...kind of), but now that it was on webby, she must smell like an injured animal.
    Animed flinched as he heard the Ice dragons roar again, this time without stimuli. They were all facing the small group, the blood smell on webby enticing them. The all roared again before running toward the group. This would be funny due to their plump bodies if they weren't, y'know, thirsty for blood.
    "Now you've done it! All of you get you're sorry butts over here, unless you wanna fight an Ice dragon." The voice sounded condescending. "Y'know, some of you could do that, just hold the off a bit, except you animal kid. You come here."
    Animed sighed, he was planning on fighting them, but whatever. "Hold them back, guys, but don't let them eat you. Obviously." he ran toward the voice, there was no point in being sneaky anymore.
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  36. =Nightshade=

    =Nightshade= Previously Night's Shadow

    “Whee!” Flurry cried ecstatically. “I can hit things!” She shot herself into the air with a laser from her headpiece, then proceeded to latch onto an ice dragon and completely waste them with her Suplex ability. She threw the one she’d grabbed into another one, then fired off a series of lasers. “Whee!” she repeated, completely wild with feral joy. She leaped back into the fray.
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  37. Webbsy watched as Flurry took out two ice dragons. She considered running away, but she figured it would be rude if she didn't try and help. She leapt up, and latched onto the back of an ice dragon. She crawled around the dragon, quickly wrapping the dragon in a ball of silk. She held a small string of silk and leapt, and flipping the dragon over its head and sending it to the floor. She was about to head for another one, but got distracted by a large white butterfly that she saw. Webbsy chased after it, but it was quite quick, staying a fair distance away from her. That didn't stop her from continuing to chase it.
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  38. (Sorry for the MASSIVELY LATE post.)
    Genji noticed that they were approaching Shiver Star.
    "Well, here's our stop."
    Genji's eyes widened when he realized he didn't really know how to land this thing. He wasn't going to reveal that out loud though.
    "Okey dokey... let's see here.."
    He grabbed the steering handle thing and pulled it up like he saw people on television do.
    It worked.
    Too well.
    The robobot completely flipped in the air.
    "Oh crud!"
    The robobot was back on track, but it was still heading in for a bad landing.
    Genji made a 'tck' sound with his tongue and sighed.
    The robot had a rough landing, which rocked the passengers around a bit, but it was still intact.
    Genji shook his head.
    "Are you-" He began, but he then heard a commotion outside.
    He opened the cockpit. "Oh bublenuggets."
    He saw some Ice Dragons and Puffballs fighting.
    "Hey Charm, you should see this." He said.
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  39. Charm peeked out, and her eyes visibly narrowed. She hated the stories about Ice Dragons! Now she finally got to take down one!
    Slightly overconfident, she jumped out, and lunged at one of the draconic creatures. She raised her small hands, and threw an alarmingly powerful overhead punch, causing the Dragon to roar in pain.
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  40. Genji sighed. "Well, aren't you confident." He said, then jumped out as well.
    He ran towards one of the Ice Dragons, and ran in circles around it, then dashed upwards, using his katana to slice at it's neck, causing it to roar in pain and fury. Genji then landed on the ground, facing away from the dragon, then slid his Katana back in it's holster. (He's too cool to look back.) The Ice Dragon roared out in pain and fury, then attempted to bite Genji. The Ice Dragon's mouth enclosed around Genji, brutally biting him. But, Genji was gone. He reappeared behind the Ice Dragon, and threw 3 kunai at it, and the Ice Dragon fell down, defeated. "Well, that wasn't too hard." He joked. He looked at everyone else. Eh, they'll call out for help if they need it. He thought. He sat down on top of the Ice Dragon. "So, how's the wife?" He asked it, obviously joking.
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