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Kirby RP - Is anyone interested?

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Mechanist Gamma, Jan 19, 2016.

  1. So I want to start up a Kirby RP, but I don't have enough people. So far, only me and @Leafeon is a leaf are interested. If you're a fan, tell me here. We only need one more person to start, and we can work out story and characters before we start. Thanks!
  2. Well I don't really know much about the Kirby characters, but I might be able to join!
  3. Okay! Let's now figure out what characters we'll be. (No playing Kirby, Meta Knight or Dedede for story purposes!) I'm gonna take the role of Waddle Dee (Blue Bandana).
  4. Sorry, I don't know any others.
  5. Well, that's why we have the Kirby wiki. Knuckle Joe? Blade Knight? Sword Knight? Sir Kibble? Bonkers? Freezy?
  6. Never heard of any of them.
  7. What's the point if I've never even HEARD of them before?
    And what if I don't WANT to know about them?
  8. Then you won't have any character to play as in the RP.
  9. I would quote you and say "Don't be a dictator", but I'm not that mean.

    BTW I'll probably join.
  10. K. And I just want to make sure Nave can understand what's going on and who the characters are.
  11. I would, but the only thing I know about the Kirby series is what moves Kirby, King Dedede, and Meta Knight have in SM4SH.
  12. I'll join, could I be a Waddle Doo?
  13. That could work, yeah! I'm really thinking of doing this now that people are interested. So who's in?
  14. Me for sure! :)
  15. Sorry for the late reply, but I really don't know who to be as.
  16. @soopermawio Hm... maybe Meta Knight or Kirby? Or maybe Knuckle Joe?

    Well, overall... I'm playing as Waddle Dee (and maybe Sword Knight, Blade Knight, and/or Knuckle Joe) and @nicko14525 is playing as Waddle Doo.
  17. I'll be Kirby, but I might suck at rping as Kirby. (that was not a pun.)
  18. I don't think I'll join in, but just out of curiosity I shall ask;
    Is this set in the anime's verse? Or in the games'?
  19. Kind of a fusion...? There are a lot of game elements, but a few Anime elements.
  20. @Pokéfan35 For example, Tiff is going to be an available character to RP as with the copy abilities of Fighter and Doctor. And Escargoon will appear as the king's servant. However, most elements are taken from the games. For example, the planet is Popstar, not Dreamland. And the main antagonist will be Nightmare from the Super Star games.
  21. I would also like to join as a Chilly but I would also like to ask if kirby Oc's were available but I will probably just be A Chilly
  22. Kirby OCs are not available, sorry. But I'll add you into the convo so that you can get set up!
  23. I'm a fan of the Kirby franchise. Mind if I take Shadow Kirby and act like Nightmare's servant and some sort of betrayer to Kirby, trying to get information and doing reports for Nightmare? I know, Amazing Mirror and stuff.. But, how come Shadow Kirby then tries to attack Kirby in Triple Deluxe...?
  24. Sadly, I'm not sure this thing actually has any meaning any more... It's kinda dead... A reboot could be cool, but I dunno if anyone would be up for it.

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