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Open Kirby: Legends of the Stars

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by SquashLeApple, May 19, 2018.

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    Ah, Dreamland. One of the more peaceful lands of Popstar, and a great tourist attraction. The sweet smelling flowers and vast, lush rolling hills made for a nice, relaxing atmosphere. But alas, peace can’t last forever. A commotion was rising among the Dreamlanders, as they chatted about how the king had lost his metal hammer, the one he used in combat as his masked persona. Outside the king’s castle, a waddle dee in a red bow tie and microphone in hand had finally gotten into position after scurrying around for a few minutes.
    “Greetings, Dreamlanders. This is Reporter Waddle Dee, coming right back at ya live on Channel DDD! We are here, along with out friend, Bandana Waddle Dee, to inform them of what he saw.
    Bandana Dee looked at the camera, a little nervous and fidgety.
    “Could you please explain what you saw?” The reporter asked. Bandana nodded, and began detailing as much as he could remember about the theft. A few days have passed now, and the talk about the hammer has settled down, though it has yet to be recovered.
  2. Jam was having a nap in the fields like he always did when a small newspaper flew into his face, it read, Kings hammer missing, 200 DeDe bucks to whoever finds it. Waking up and reading it, a look of unusual determination spread cross his face " With that amount of money I could really fix up my house" he said to himself. Before he set out on this adventure of his he decided to go into town to ask for any info on where the hammer might be. While he was walking through town he spotted a maroon clocked figure standing a little off from the bustle of the town, he decided to ask the possibly dangerous person where the hammer might have gone to, approaching the person he asked " Hello, do you know any thing about the kings missing hammer?" he asked as nicely as he could.
  3. Merci was returning to town from a field assignment. With the recent news being announced of the King's Hammer being stolen, her job offers have slightly increased. Ranging from escorts, to defending, and so on. It seemed really weird that her hire rate has increased along with many others in the mercenary field work, but, hey, she wasn't complaining.

    She walked into town, crowds everywhere, often they ignored the masked-caped Star Warrior that happened to walk by. Merci turned her head hearing a red puffball asking about the King's Hammer.

    Hm? What's this about a hammer? The news of the hammer had not reached her yet. Being in the field for the last few days, escorting some others out of Popstar, news travels fast in some cases... Not in this one particularly. She walked towards another building with a billboard next to it. Several papers were pinned onto the wooden surface, tacked on top of one another. One paper, coming from another Dreamlander, requesting to find the Hammer and split the reward. 200 DeDe bucks, huh? 100 for both myself and the client...
    Merci chuckled at the thought under her mask. Just for the efforts of returning a hammer, she'd make some quick cash compared to doing an "elimination" task. In my case, this little task would be a cake walk.

    Her silver hand-nub reached for the paper, tearing it from its temporary home on the board. The client should live in town most likely, I could ask around. The mercenary held the paper as she began scouting out her new-found customer.
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  4. A purple waddle doo by the name of Winfield was hiding in an alley, twirling his top hat. He was reading the newspaper, as the money for the hammer caught his eye. Waddle Dee’s writing looked kind of hard to make out, as he wrote while panicked. It was odd that his hammer had suddenly disappeared, but that wasn’t the catcher. 200 DeDe bucks was astounding. No kind of citizen had that amount of money...well, a few did, but definitely not many. He headed out the alley, before spotting the cape of the silver star warrior.
    My asuptions haven’t been wrong, he thought, and tracked the puffball down.

    A few TVs around town had Reporter Waddle Dee, and his assistant, Beanie Waddle Dee, interviewing the king, who looked utterly dededepressed and defeated. The poor guy couldn’t even show eyes, and the waddle dee guards tried their best to cheer him up. The penguin king had even slid off his throne, moping. Bandana sat beside, further trying to improve his attitude after the guards had stopped. The king never acted like this, and for so long, at that.
  5. Jam then ran off looking for someone to help him look for the hammer but no luck had come to him. He persisted to many people but they were either to scared, to busy or something in-between "Well" he said "When you want something done you have to do it yourself" He finished. While he was looking for someone, Jam accidentally bumped into a purple waddle doo, knocking off his hat in the process "Oh I am so sorry, I didn't see you there" he apologized. Meanwhile some ominous clouds were gathering far off in the distance.
  6. Merci walked further down town, looking at the paper. The client should live somewhere in this vicinity, she folded the paper before knocking on a door. ...Nothing. A second attempt. ...Silence. A thi-
    The door opened before Merci could knock on it once more.

    "What is it?" A voice was heard, but they attempted to stay hidden. They didn't seem the type to want to step out anyway.
    The sound of paper was heard as Merci presented the request to the client. "Oh, you're a mercenary? Come in, come in. We can discuss this further inside."

    Kindfully, Merci nodded as she entered the building and the door was shut behind her. The client didn't have much light, but the shape was easy to make out. A spherical creature, almost like her, but it lacked the circular circumference her kind had. It was quiet before the client spoke up, "I'm assuming you want to split the reward for the King's return. You just want some good cash?"

    Silence. "...Not one of much words, huh?"
    She laughed, "In a way."
    "So you aren't mute?" The figure spoke, but was responded by a calm tranquility. "Hm, just not a talker then. Any who, back on topic, I'm not able to return the King's hammer since I have to work and protect him. If you can return it. It'll be a win-win: You get some cash. I could probably get promoted an-" Merci groaned, apparently unamused by the client's idea of a promotion. "Fine, but just return to me once you have it."

    The Star Warrior left after the conversation. Not much of the King's royal knight if you know zip about his hammer, Merci thought, although this seems oddly suspicious. I should be wary of him when I return... Merci began to walk to the center of town in preparation to travel.
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  7. Winfield was in pursuit of the silver cream puff before being knocked over by Jam. The purple doo grunted, cursed a bit, and grabbed his top hat. Win then turned around to Jam, slightly irritated. The newspaper had also fallen on the ground, showing the picture of the hammer and the dee’s disappointing handwriting.
    “Sir, please,” the doo began. “I have a mission to accomplish, for the king’s hammer. If you excuse me, I must be going. Immedieatly.” Winfield turned around, now losing sight of Merci. He cursed to himself again.
    “Ugh. Now I’ve lost that suspicious looking one,” the waddle doo glared, looking back at Jam.”
  8. JPSomeone

    JPSomeone Previously Kyle From Hoenn

    Kyle had got wind of the King Dedede issue. Of course he cared for King but he needed the money so he could live. So he took up the task and started to go every possible scenario that could of happen TSuddenly he was lost in thought.
  9. Away in the distance, a few dark clouds were gathering behind the king’s castle. Obviously, a storm was gathering. The Dreamlanders began hurtling to their houses, huts, and apartments.
    “Darn it. This will delay my search for a bit. Come with me.” Win grestured Jam to come to his house, if he wanted too, of course. His home was a pretty average Dreamland house, the inside was pretty nice, nicer than most of the other houses.
    The storm continued to rage for a while, and Winfield began thinking about what he should do to find the hammer. The clouds didn’t settle down, but for a split second, they seemed to move faster than usual. Not a common occurrence on Dreamland.
  10. Merci stood, confused, as many creatures started running for shelter. She looked around, immediately finding the town center to be completely empty. Something told her that this phenomenon wasn't a joke. The mercenary began sprinting, trying not to trip over her cape. Crap, this is new, too, she was unfamiliar with the storm battering Dreamland. This was a new instance for her as Merci ran to the nearest building for shelter. As soon as she walked into a store, everyone that was presently there ignored her presence. Usual.

    This may delay my client's request, the puff ball sighed in irritation. She then noted the crowd of Dreamland citizens hiding in the building as well. While the crowd was taking up too much movement space, it was a perfect start to get information about recent events in Dreamland. Merci started pushing her way through, doing her best to get intel.
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  11. JPSomeone

    JPSomeone Previously Kyle From Hoenn

    Kyle was faced by this darkness as day turned to night by these dark clouds. Soon he was running toward a sturdy tree hoping not to get blown away. He did so because he had no home or shelter to go to.
    "Well, well, well things can't get any worse than this ." Or so he thought.
  12. Jam apologized once again then followed the Waddle Doo into his house to escape the storm. When they got into the house, Jam sat down on a nearby chair and said "I'm sorry, I wasn't looking where I was going". Looking out the window he saw the dark clouds getting ever closer "My dad told me about storms like these" he said to no one in particular. While this happened, deep within the storm, a large and angry eye was opening.
  13. One after another, Merci came up to differing characters just trying to hold out through the mysterious storm. It was quite loud with everyone shouting over the other, although there was no conversation referring to the storm really. It almost seemed like the folk had become use to it over time. Many questions formed in Merci's mind as she started reaching out to others and learn of the storm.

    As she interacted with several of the locals, the Star Warrior immediately learned something from her first few conversations. To be more accurate, in her terms, they weren't conversations to begin with.
    When talking to others, most would expect a "hello" or "how are you?" Instead, when a stranger wearing a mask and a cape that is from out of town, taps someone on the shoulder...
    "AHHHHHHHH!" A scream, that's what happens. Merci had attempted to talk to a spider-like creature, more commonly known as a "Como," it was the last attempt before the mercenary had given up. All she could get from it was the prior scream and the following statement, "GAH! What the heck was that for?" The mercenary raised her hand before speaking to which the Como snarled, "I'm not... In the mood for this." Immediately, the arachnid pointed at their head. It started crying a bit before explaining why she pointed at nothing. "I LOST MY HAT BECAUSE OF THAT STORM. Do you know how difficult it is to make accessories from your own silk!?"
    To shorten this whole scenario, the Como had started to rant from that point onward. Merci, unfortunately, was the only one that could hear it over the crowded area. In the end, all the "conversations," ended with them being suspicious of the Star Warrior or question her allegiance to the Meta-knights in some weird way.

    Merci was fatigued with the failed conversations, choosing to just wait out the storm with the rest of the crowd, I can't be here for too long... I'll just wait out the storm and wish for the best, that seems all I'm capable of, as of now.
  14. (Sorry ‘bout me not posting. It’s been a while, so I’ll see if I can bring this back up.)

    The storm, which lasted for a good few two hours or so finally died off, to the waddle doo’s relief. Huts were soggy and wet, with water leaking inside them. Other buildings, like Kawasaki’s restaurant, had signs ripped from the walls, and the fliers for the missing hammer were scattered across the town, and some beyond the town.

    Reporter Waddle Dee rushed to town square, itching to make his next news report.
    “Greetings, Dreamlanders! Reporter Waddle Dee here, coming right back at ya from Channel DDD, bringing you the latest report on the after-effects of this storm!” The reporter continued talking on, getting some Dreamlanders to voice their thoughts and concerns on the matter.

    Win looked out the window, scratching the three hairs on his head.
    “Interesting. Storms aren’t is bad in Dreamland. First strong one that I’ve seen here in my life. Almost as bad as the ones over in Iceberg, if not that same. And the weather was clear for a long time. Plus, it lasted for such a short time. Are you hearing me?” Winfield was talking to himself, but kinda to Jam at the same time.
  15. "Hmm, oh yeah I heard you" Jam said while listening to the news report that was currently playing on TV. Turning to face the Doo, Jam asked "So are you looking for the hammer as well, I was about to go to the store and get some things when I bumped into you" he said rubbing the back of his round head. While he waited for an answer, he continued to watch the news cast to see what the damage was. During an interview with a very shaken waddle Dee, it had said something about a large metallic object being carried off by the storm.
  16. sSoul

    sSoul Previously Swirled

    Chiral had scoffed at the recent news, he believed finding the King's hammer was beneath him.
    "The king is a big boy, he can get it himself, I'm not wasting my time for that fat excuse of a king," Chiral grumbled as sparks of electricity coursed around his "arm". He decided to walk around to see if there was any request worth his effort.
  17. Geode saw the commotion in the distance while she read about an area of Popstar called Nutty Noon under a tree.
    “The king’s hammer, they say? Interesting. I’d say I should look as well.” She said, not interested in the king or the reward, just in the adventure.
    “You guys looking for the hammer?” She asked, walking up to The group with a grin on her face. “I’d be more than happy to help you with the search if you are.” She asked.
  18. Blotch'd

    Blotch'd Previously Ghostly Jazz Hand's

    He wrote his names in alot of books and magazines, as the fans begged him to continue. "Relax, Relax! There is enough of me for everyone." he said, grinning. The crowd went wild at this. A few minutes later, he signed the last book. "Bye, kid." he said, waving. The tiny waddle Dee waved, exiting. "Thats it. Now...I heard a storm happened..." he said, putting a umbrella above him. He had arrived in the small town shortly after, looking around. "Wow...The storm did a number on this old crib." he said to himself. Not like a normal place he would go to, but this time he had his interest.

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