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Ask to Join Kioran Adventures!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by squidiot, Jun 12, 2019 at 10:08 AM.

  1. Join here!

    The sun beat overhead as Jaiden stepped outside of her gym to run a couple of errands and then battle some trainers. Because her gym is usually dark, she took a moment for her eyes to fix to the light. Jaiden looked at her watch. It said it was about 30 degrees (86 for Americans) on her watch. She shrugged and walked onto the sidewalk, trainers rushing by with their Pokemon, always trying to get somewhere. Alas, Jaiden stopped at a little cafe and entered. Sitting down and looking out the window, she waited to order her breakfast.
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  2. Sarah walked into a small café in Bellbury City. This is her first time in Kioran. She had been traveling in Kanto with her team for awile now. She had been accomplished trainer and coordinator. Though she had always prefered being a coordinator to being a trainer. She and her Umbreon were looking around for a table.

    "This place is a lot bigger then any place back home." She thought to herself. She hoped to find a place to relax and enjoy being with her pokemon. She looked around for a table noticing that the place was pretty full. She sat down near a girl wih platinum blond hair in a ponytail. Her Umbreon sat down in the chair beside her. She placed her order and waited for her food. She had been on the plane for a long time and she was very hungry.
  3. A waiter came to Jaiden’s table after a couple of minutes. “Hello, welcome to the Bellbury City Cafe! Do you have any Pokemon with you?”
    Jaiden nodded. “Yeah, six of them,” She said, while setting free her Absol, Umbreon, Houndoom, Shiny Marowak, Scizor, and Talonflame. The waiter nodded. “What would you like?”
    “I’ll just take pancakes and scrambled eggs for myself. All my Pokemon will have the nutritional Cheri and Chesto Berry breakfast,” Jaiden ordered. The waiter nodded and went to order another person. This girl had dyed hair and also had an Umbreon. She made a small mental note about the girl and turned her head. “Apollo, Artemis, and Poseidon. We’ll have a couple people battling us in my gym today, so i’ll make sure to train you guys after we eat. After I train you guys, I’ll train everybody else. Is that alright?” As she said that, her Pokemon nodded, looking more excited and energized now.
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  4. Sarah saw that the other trainer let her pokemon out so she thought it would be ok to do the same. She let her pokemon out of their pokeballs. Her shiny lopunny, milotic, beautifly, and Litten all sat in their spots at the table.
    The waiter came by "What may I get for you today Miss?" He asked. "Yes I would like the french toast and my pokemon would like the healthy asorted berry meal. Also can I get a few bowls for their main meal? I have some homemade food for them." The waiter agreed and walked back to the kitchen to place her order.
  5. After about ten minutes, the waiter came back with her and her Pokemons’ food, and it all looked delicious. “Alright guys, dig in. It’ll give you lots of energy for today,” Jaiden
    took a bite out of her pancakes. Delicious. Her Pokemon quickly chowed down their breakfast

    After everybody ate and she paid the bill, Jaiden decided she was going to practice with another trainer. ‘Maybe that girl at the cafe would train with me?’ she thought. Walking over to a battlefield, she got a little lost in thought for how she would train her Pokemon today.
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  6. Sarah waited with her pokemon. A few minutes after she ordered their food arived. She placed all of the homemade food in the bowls and left the asorted berry out for them to snack on. She dug into her food and waited for her pokemon to finish before she paid the bill. She decided ti take a walk around to get a feel of the place. She found herslef at a battle field. There was that girl from the café is she going to be training her pokemon here? Sarah decided to watch for a little bit and stood on the sidelines.
  7. After snapping out of the daze she was in, Jaiden got up and decided to train with someone else. Looking around, she saw the girl she was thinking about and waved. “Would you like to train with me? I’d really like a battle right now,” Jaiden grinned at her.
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  8. "Sure it has been a long time since I have had a good battle. My pokemon are more geared towards contest but we have been known to take on a few gyms." Sarah walked to the other side of the battleground and sent out Beautifly. Umbreon wqited by her trainer's side.
  9. Going to her side, she looked at the Beautifly. Being a bug and flying type, she decided to send out Hermes instead of Zeus. “Alright Hermes, lets do this thing!” Jaiden threw out the Talonflame’s Pokeball. ‘Hermes is fast, I can use this speed to my advantage.’
    She nodded to herself. “Right off the bat, use Flame Charge!” Jaiden proclaimed to Hermes. ‘Hopefully a speedy fire attack can do us good with Beautifly.’ Jaiden thought.
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  10. "Beautifly Use tailwind to knock Talonflame off course. Then use quiver dance." Beautifly waited for the perfect time when Talonflame was close enough to knock off course and was about to hit Beautifly and then started a beautiful dance that caused the flame charge to barely miss.
  11. Jaiden grunted. “Now that you’re faster, Flame Charge again, attack Beautifly while she is still dancing!” The Talonflame, faster than before, swooped in the air and plummeted like a rocket in fire, and went right towards the Beautifly. Jaiden was waiting to see if Hermes would hit or not.
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  12. What the other trainer did not know was that quiver dance also raised Beautiflys speed as well. "Use gust to get higher and then use quiver dance again." Beautifly use gust to speed up in the air above Talonflame and then started to dance beautifully away.

    (Ooc: quiver dance does deal some damage as well. I just don't know how to put it into words.)
  13. “Alright Hermes! I guess we don’t have a choice. Use Fire Blast on Beautifly!” Jaiden knew that as fast as the Beautifly was, she would now most likely not be able to avoid the attack, because Talonflame is only multiple feet away from the other Pokemon and Fire Blast was a fast move that locked someone in a ball of fire. Talonflame opened his beak and fire exploded out, coming directly at Beautifly fast.
  14. "Beautifly use return." Beautifly was almost hit by the blast she did get scorched by the blast hitting her wing before she returned to her pokeball. Sarah desided it was time for a different strategy. She decided to send out her Milotic. "Milotic use whirlpool to trap Talonflame in one spot. Then use auqa tail on Talonflame."
  15. Hermes narrowly missed the Whirlpool the first time he swooped by it, but after he got a little to close he was sucked in. “Hermes! Try to use Flame Charge to get out of the Whirlpool!” Jaiden yelled. Talonflame pushed himself and almost got out. “You can do it!” Jaiden clenched her fist. ‘Hermes almost got out the first time, but because he used a fire-type move he didn’t get out. The good thing is, he’s not as far in the whirlpool. The bad thing is that he’s getting tired.’
    Jaiden looked at Hermes. “Use Brave Bird when the Milotic comes near and tries to use Aqua Tail on you! Since she’ll be close, you can hit her and get out of the whirlpool at the same time!”
  16. Milotic was hit with the brave bird. She took a bit of damage. She was thrown a little ways away from Talonflame. "Milotic when he gets close use ice beam to slow him down then use water pulse to try and confuse him."
  17. “Hermes! Use Brave Bird again!” Jaiden yelled. Hermes swooped up in the sky again and plummeted down to Milotic. ‘If I use speed to my advantage, Milotic won’t be able to track where Hermes is flying, so if I use moves like Brave Bird and Flame Charge, Hermes will gain speed and be able to attack at the same time, but the only downside i can think of that strategy is Hermes becoming to fast he doesn’t know where he is going.’
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  18. "Milotic use ice beam on the ground. You know what to do we have been practicing this for a long time now." Milotic created a field of ice. She started to skate around gaining speed as she went. "Now I want you to use water pulse to surround yourself." Milotic created a pulse of water that spun around her in a giant ring that would hopefully do talonflame some damage if he trys to attack with a move that passes through the water.
  19. “Halt!” Jaiden yelled as Hermes hit the Milotic. He shook himself off. After giving him a moment to recollect himself, she gave another command. “Up in the air! Use Razor Wind while the Milotic is still surrounded by Water Pulse! After that, Fire Blast the field to melt the ice!” Hermes obeyed, using Fire Blast on the field to melt most of the ice. Using Razor Wind, he whipped up a storm of wind and crossed his wings to make the Razor Wind.
    (Razor Wind is a 100% accuracy move, do you want to have that in the roleplay or no? it’s up to you.)
  20. (I don't mind either way. Also a two of my friends wanted to join the rp. They have a character pending in the discussion.)

    "Milotic pulse the water outwards then use protect." Milotic pulse the water out from around her. She sent it in a 360 all the way around her. She then threw up a protective barrier it did not do damage but it did swnd her back quite a bit.
  21. Preston and his cousin, Tyler, were strolling through the city. There was a small battlefield nearby, and two trainers were battling.

    "C'mon, Preston! Let's go check it out!"

    Tyler ran in the direction of the battlefield. Preston followed at a slower pace. Sucy was sitting on his shoulder, as usual. She had been in a dilemma for the past week... she absolutely LOVED pranks, and this child was full of them. However, she was very loyal to her trainer and therefore had to disapprove of many of them.

    Preston stood on the sidelines of the battlefield. As he watched, he began to think one of the battling trainers looked familiar...
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  22. “One more time Hermes! Razor Wind!” The bird did a flip mid-air before whipping up wind and slashing it at the Milotic. Jaiden looked at the battle. Now, she thought, things were turning out better? ‘Hermes is close to fainting though, i can see it in his expression.’ She winced. After Milotic fainted, if she did, she would switch Hermes with somebody else, she decided.
  23. "Use protect one more time then use dragon pulse at the incoming attacker." Milotic threw up one more protect and then when Talonflame was close to her she used dragon pulse. This purple energy almost exploded out of the every diriction of Milotic. She hoped it would hit. If not she knew that she would have to switch pokemon next round.
  24. Hermes was hit by one of the purple beams, and he fell. He hasn’t fainted yet, but he sure was close. “Alright buddy, you got this. Just pull through for a little longer, alright?” Hermes got up and went back into flight. “Brave bird!” Though Jaiden was aware of the recoil damage, she knew it wasn’t enough to hurt her. “Make sure it hits, Hermes!”
  25. "You don't have time to put up a protect. Use safe guard and then use ice beam when he is up close." Milotic used safeguard to protect from some of the damage and then shot at a very close range ice beam at Talonflame.
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    PlayfulFox47 Previously PlayfulShinx47

    Susan thought she heard the sounds of battle, so she went to check it out. Her suspicions were correct, and she saw someone familiar. She smiled as she scratched Blaze's head. "Go, Sarah! Deffet this person that isn't me!" she shouted to her friend. Blaze howled in agreement.
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  27. Hermes narrowly dodge the ice beam, still going in for the Brave Bird, plummeting towards the Pokemon, he didn’t stop for any reason. Being tired and near fainting makes him determined and gives him a big boost of energy. He was going so fast that his move began to turn into a Brave Bird-Flame Charge combination. “Talonflame!” The bird shrieked, coming closer and closer to Milotic.
  28. "Milotic use water pulse." She was hit by the brave bird flame charge. It did some damge but it was not hugely effective on her seeing he used a fire move and she was water.

    Right as soon as she was hit she let out a large pulse of water that shot out at Talonflame.
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    PlayfulFox47 Previously PlayfulShinx47

    (OOC: How far away from Bellbury is Oxshire?)
    Susan sat down on a bench. She wished she got there first so then she could of had a battle, but oh well. She'll just battle later. Right now her friend needed some cheering on. "Good move," she whispered to herself.
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  30. Hermes was critically hit by the Water Pulse. “Hermes, you battled well. Return.” Jaiden fiddled with her Pokeballs, before picking out a particular Pokemon. “Go, Apollo!” Jaiden sent out an Absol, and he stared at the Milotic with piercing red optics. “Alright Apollo. It’s your turn.” Apollo nodded, bracing himself and staying on high alert for any attack.
  31. Milotic was still ready for battle she was a little hurt but still might be able to win. She was on alert for any attack that would come her way.
  32. Jaiden looked at Apollo, and nodded. The Absol stared at the Milotic, and glared. “Let’s start this battle! Apollo, use Night Slash!” Apollo took off after the Milotic, and used the blade on his head to perform the attack, and the blade sharpened and he was hoping to critically land the attack due to close range.
  33. "Milotic wait until he is close and then use coil to entrap him within your tail then use dragon's breath when he can't escape it." Milotic waited for the right time to encase Absol in her tail and then charged up a powerful dragon's breath to unleash onto the pokemon if he was caught. If not she would try and hit with the drangons breath anyway.
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    PlayfulFox47 Previously PlayfulShinx47

    Susan smiled, for she knew how Absols worked. At least how Nightfall worked. She let out her Dark-type to brush. She hasn't seen her beauty in a few days. She let the Disaster-Pokemon out and started to pet her.

    Lyra went to the lab in Oxshire. Today she was going to get her first Pokemon. She already expressed her interest in sound Pokemon, so she hoped the Professor would remember that. She always wanted a Jigglypuff.
  35. Absol jumped away, and attacked from behind Milotic. It most likely hit, but Absol didn’t have enough time to find out before he was hit by Dragon’s Breath. It didn’t hurt him bad at all, he was fine. ‘Now I know how to hit the Milotic easier. Attack from behind, get her by surprise. Easy peasy, nothing I haven’t seen before.’
  36. Milotic was hit by the attack she was getting closer to fainting Sarah knew this. Still she knew her pokemon were train for this. She trained with one of her friends against an absol for a long time on their journey. Maybe a few of those strategies would work here.

    "Milotic use the strategy that we used against Nightfall a long time ago. You know the one with ice beam." Milotic noded her head and user ice beam to start to make a huge spiral around the Absol and starter to skate up the path it made. From the top she used scald to rain very hot boiling water down on absol to hopefully burn him.
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  37. “Apollo! Let’s use the TM I gave you to good use! Will O Wisp yourself out of that situation before the Scald Burns you!” Apollo set the ice on fire and raced out of the scald’s area. “Use Dark Pulse while she is still using Scald! Try and hit her while she is distracted!”
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  38. Sarah smirked as they fell for the bait. Milotic slide down on the scald as she sprayed the water. The attack went right over her head. While the ice was melting it left the water still around. "Milotic you know what to do." Before she reached the ground Milotic charged up a powerful hydro cannon and shot it straight at Absol. Hopeing to catch the other pokemon off guard.
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    Lyra went to the professor. "Hello, I want to get my first pokemon," she said.

    Susan watched the battle intently. She really wanted to battle as well, but she would wait. Nightfall growled at the combo. It had gotten her many times in the past.
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  40. While Preston and Tyler were absorbed in watching the battle, Sucy flapped off Preston’s shoulder and over to Susan. She skwawked loudly to attract her attention.

    Meanwhile, Tyler released Sherlock so thet the artificial Pokémon could observe the battle and gather Data.
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