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Kini's Art Shiznits

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by SoIHerdYaLiekAnime, Jun 15, 2009.

  1. Yus, I recently started photographing and drawing Pokemon. I accidentally messed up with Beautifly and got rid of all the black, so I had to improvise... Anyways, here are some of my works.

    [​IMG] These are my first Pokemon drawings.

    [​IMG] These are all from today. Teehee, the Beautifly looks like a ribbon. :p

    [​IMG] This is what happens when I'm about to draw someone with huge eyes and I mess up.

    [​IMG] Just made this about ten minutes ago. It's a fakemon which I call "Millibot".

    Don't you dare say I copied Virgil. >.> I do like his works, but I did not steal or copy.
  2. nice drawings kini!
  3. Thanks! :D It makes me happy to know I'm not entirely ruled out by better artists. :p
  4. wow nice drawings u did really good
  5. A couple more fakemon, Turtox and Florius.

  6. keep up the good work! ;D
  7. I remade Ditto and it looks a lot better now.
  8. Magpie

    Magpie Feathered Overseer
    Staff Member Moderator

    First off, Jirachan, you have some good artwork here. I think the Seedot one is my favourite and Shaymin. He's all little and cute up in that corner ^^

    I like your colouring and shading, especially on Sentret's tail. Ditto looks great too. Aside from the occasional wobble, your line art is pretty good too. Nice work!

    Kagome55: replies like 'yw' are considered SPAM here. For a start it's not even a one word post and secondly chat speak is very frowned upon. Also, it would be nice for the artist if you could say why you like the artwork. That goes for you too Ulises87g. No warning this time, but please just remember the rules, yes?
  9. Yeah, I remade Ditto so it's much less wobbly. And thank you, that means a lot. ;D When I made Seedot I wrote "I'm too sexy for proportions~" because the top is much bigger than the bottom. :p
  10. Here's the new Ditto, in case you wanna see it. [​IMG]
  11. The seedot was on a diet (because all those rotten leaves they eat are SO fattening!) and just one question.......... why is shroomish sparkling? And the new ditto looks much better than the old one.
  12. Shroomish is using Poisonpowder, silly. :p And thanks. I made both in like, two minutes. xD
  13. Well, what I really liked about the drawings were the shading and the thick lines. They give the pokemon a really friendly and fun look!
  14. Thanks. :D The HUGE lines were getting a bit annoying for me, so I started using the lines that are a bit smaller, but still big nonetheless.
  15. Wow. A lot better than what I can draw. I suck at drawing Pokemon. :(
  16. Aww. :( With a little practice everyone gets better! Just the other day, I was drawing so horribly, and now I'm twice as good with a couple hours of training? I just need to learn to draw people well...
  17. [​IMG]

    I made some more. I'll be uploading some hand-drawn stuff in a week or so.
  18. I've been trying to draw them since second grade. The only Pokemon I've mastered are Diglett and the Voltorb line.
  19. Really love the artwork. The shading and the detail is really awsome. good job.
  20. I've been trying to draw them since second grade. The only Pokemon I've mastered are Diglett and the Voltorb line.
    [/quote]Aww, well that's okay. I've loved art since kindergarten, of course I have at least some skill. Just keep trying, and you're bound to get the hang of it.
  21. Thanks. :D I try my best.
  22. I hate to sound like a broken record here, but your coloring and shading is really good!

    Do you draw these with a mouse or a pen tablet?
  23. I draw with a mouse. It means so much to hear that from you.
  24. Six more fakemon right here.


    Poibird: That took me two minutes to draw. I personally hate it, but I like the idea.
    Seaboom: Water-type starter for my new region. I can only think of the first three starters for the region, so any help would be nice.
    Flabot: Fire-type starter for my new region. It's a Fire-steel type, and probably the only Fire-steel type to exist.
    Treetle: Grass-type starter of my new region. Just a spin-off of Turtwig. Nothing special. It looked more menacing when I drew it on paper.
    Tresfox: Pre-evolution of Vulpix. I'm somewhat proud of this, aside from the tails.
    Driflate: Pre-evolution of Drifloon. It's a deflated balloon. :D
  25. These all look really good, but Flabot isn't the only Fire-Steel type..........Heatran :p
  26. Oh yeah... :p But other than that, it's the only one! :D
  27. Ooh, you have some nice art here :)

    I think my favorite is the Drifloon, possibly because I like Drifloons, but also because it's really well done. The best one has to be Shroomish, the shading looks good, the shape is nice and the spores add a nice touch to it. Treetle's my favorite of the fakemon, I like his little tail and his name is cute :3
  28. Thank you very much. I might redo Drifloon just because of the cloud on its head. :p
  29. Added five more. Gawd, these turned out awful compared to my hand-drawn ones...

    [​IMG] I am proud of my new and improved Drifloon though.
  30. Do you have a scanner? If you do, then why don't you scan your hand drawn ones, then trace over them on a new layer in Photoshop? (assuming that you use Photoshop, that is)
  31. You draw these with a mouse :o I really congradulate you. Exelent job. i am really impressed with this amount of talent. I can't wait to see what you post next.
  32. These are all really good. You really drew all ofthem WITH A MOUSE?! And Torchic looks like its got one leg and a bushy tail, LOL!
  33. Do you have a scanner? If you do, then why don't you scan your hand drawn ones, then trace over them on a new layer in Photoshop? (assuming that you use Photoshop, that is)
    [/quote]Wow, too many compliments. xD I have a scanner but I prefer to just take pictures. No, I don't use Photoshop, I use MS Paint.
  34. Thank you very much. ;D I can upload some hand-drawn stuff pretty soon.
  35. Yus, I use mouse. And yus, it does. ;D
  36. Gar, it won't let me attach anything, and even if I could attach hand-drawn images, they would be about 3000x3000 pixels. -.-
  37. Since I won't be uploading photographs or hand-drawn stuff, here's something to make up for it.

    [​IMG] Flabot vs. Seaboom, who wins?
  38. Boombot looks like it would win. LOL

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