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Ask to Join Kingdom!

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Kawaii Unicorn, Apr 11, 2016.

  1. Ask to join and learn about stuff here:http://pokecharms.com/threads/kingdom.13137/#post-262763 (Kingdom????)

    So here we are in a kingdom, this is our peaceful and not peacful kingdom.

    Bella looked around her castle bedroom, being the princess was actually hard work, she stroked her baby unicorn Dove and flopped on her bead.
    Dear Diary,
    I will be putting on my cloak soon and going to the village, hopefully Cassandra and Diane never realize who I am. - Bella.
    The 13 year old girl strapped her cloak on and went outside.
  2. Miles woke up extra cranky this morning he went down in a tunnel he had dug where he had kept all of his treasure that he had stole from everyone. But today he was planning on stealing the king's Treasure making hi the richest boy in the kingdom.
  3. Rory was outside on top of the tool shed. Looking up at the sky, he enjoyed this quiet time alone under the stars. Still looking up, he heard a faint noise come from his sister's room not too far away. Curious, he watched from a distance as she tried to leave unnoticed. Rory sighed with annoyance and walked over. Attempting to scare her, he stealthily snuck behind her, and shook her a little while he whispered, "boo."
  4. "I heard you!" Bella shouted at her older brother, then she got out of her room, still sleepy and said, "What are you doing?" she asked.
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  5. Buttercup stood quite the walk away, in front of the door that led to the king and queen's room. Her hands were clasped together in front of her torso as she stood, motionless apart from the occasional blink, waiting for her daily orders. Since the rest of the house was so quiet, she could hear the conversation between the prince and princess down the hall.
  6. "Answer me or I'll tell mom!" Bella shouted, though being the princess she had quite the temper when it came to her older brother...
  7. He crossed his arms with a look of dissatisfaction, "I could ask you the same thing, you're dressed as if you're leaving for somewhere," Rory said making observations. He leaned in closer and in a quieter tone, "you're heading to town aren't you?" It's not like Rory would be surprised, being fairly observant, it's easy for him to gather information and make it into accurate solutions.
  8. Serene walked by, sweeping the floor. She noticed the young master's conversation. Not meaning to eavesdrop, she crept a bit closer, acting as if she was cleaning.
  9. Miles began to approach the castle. He wore his mask so no one can find out his identity. He Snuck Inside The Castle and started to approach the treasure room. When He Entered His mouth Dropped and it was drooling when he saw all of the King's Treasure. He Took All He Gold He Could Carry And Left Immediately
  10. "Well what's wrong with it? I enjoy the village, but if you tell Mom you'll be sorry, I can promise you that." Bella said as she crossed her arms, tightened her cloak and went to the village to see a masked man carrying her father's treasure. "Stop theif!" she cried and chased after him.
  11. Miles saw the princess chasing after him he then ran as fast as he could and said "You'll Never Take Me Alive!" Miles shouted as he tried to reach to his hiding place before she could catch up to him. He Finally Caught Out Of Breath From Carrying The weight of the heavy Bag Full Of Gold. He Then Decided to surrender.
  12. "Why are you taking my fathe- I mean the king's gold?" Bella asked the theif, she had almost given away her title! She waited patiently for an answer.
  13. Miles decided to tell her the truth "I Stole The King's Gold for my father he's very poor and I wanted to give him some food that can make him survive a bit longer he is starving right now and I don't have any money to buy any food," He Said To The Girl
  14. "Well then here, I don't need this anyways." Bella said as she removed a fairly large gold coin from her pocket, "This should be enough to get your father some treatment." she said as she walked away into the park, the breeze sending her wavy blonde hair flying.
  15. Miles smiled and bought twelve dozen loaves of bread and approached his father he then said "Father I Bought These Loaves Of Bread It's Fresh," Said Miles to his father giving him the loaves of bread. "Thank you son you are a very good boy," He Said Witha smile
  16. Bella walked through the park, the weather was so nice she had to enjoy this situation, she decided to go into town and see what was going on. She saw many shops so she went to a little Coffee Shop and bought a cup of coffee.
  17. Erin was washing one the windows in the castle. Sunlight streamed through the glass, making Erin sweat a bit. Erin finished off the window and put the rag she had used into a bucket of water and picked it up. Erin walked to the next window, and started to wash it. "Hm... I wonder where the Princess is..." Erin said to herself out loud and continued to scrub the window.
  18. Serene looked over at Erin, sighing. She really liked Erin, but was terrified to talk to people. She looked down and began to sweep again.
  19. Erin stopped washing the window to brush her bangs out of her eyes. Erin looked behind her, and saw Serene, a maid. Erin had seen her around the castle, and had always wanted to talk to her someday. Erin decided today was that day. She put her rag back into the bucket and walked over. "Excuse me, are you Serene?" Erin asked, her hands folded politely behind her back.
  20. Bella decided to go back to the castle so she walked to the castle, threw her cloak off, and headed for her room.
  21. Serene blushed. "Y-yeah. A-and you must be E-Erin." She extended her hand to shake. Her heart was beating extremley quickly.
  22. Rory was in combat training, learning how to defend himself against corrupted guards, assassins, and thieves. He wielded a bamboo sword against two of his instructors going all out also wielding bamboo swords. Constantly dodging and occasionally blocking attacks, Rory had control against the duo. When they were getting warn out, Rory went to the offensive, aiming low, high and giving everything he had. He then realized, he was on the ground, with his instructor's fake weapons pointed at him. Rory smiled, as the training of the day ended. A little soar, he decided to stop by his sis's room, possibly see how her trip to town went.
  23. Erin smiled.
    "Yep! Been working here for awhile, what about you?" Erin asked, attempting to make small talk. She was quite bored around the castle. Erin wasn't very good at friendship, so she hoped that she could at least become acquainted with Serene.
  24. "J-just serving t-the masters." She responded. Her hands trembled, still sore from all the cleaning. Multiple scars lined her palms, having been hit by the queen and king for making mistakes. Bein only 12, she had been sold into slavery for the Royal family at around 7. She was torn from her family. A constant state of fear was plastered on her face, and her hands trembled.
  25. Erin's brow furrowed. "Huh, they've never treated me like that before." Erin rubbed the back of her head awkwardly. "Strange... Well how 'bout this, we'll be friends, and you don't have to worry about them hurting you, Kay?" Erin asked with a smile.
  26. Buttercup smiled slightly as she, not even meaning to, listened in to the conversation. It's good to know there's still good in the world.
  27. Rory arrived at bella's room, and started banging on her door. Bang Bang Bang, "Yo bell!" he said through the door.
  28. "What's up bro?" Bella called as her brother banged on her door.

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