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Kingdom Hearts: Kindred Souls

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Tailon, Jul 29, 2012.

  1. Tailon

    Tailon Gryffindork

    OoC: This RP is closed except to those already involved.

    A shimmering tear in reality punched through the late morning gloom, opening a portal in its wake. From it stepped a man in a full set of strange, midnight blue armor, which disappeared in a flash of light as he walked, revealing dark hair, somewhat tousled from the helmet, grey eyes and a grin, as well as a black jacket with silver trim over simple, dark blue pants and a similarly colored shirt.

    As he walked, he took the piece of paper he had been given, which had a photograph of the red haired boy he had come to find, by the name of Kasai. The man made a halfhearted attempt to fix his hair as he put the piece of paper away.

    “So a Keyblade’s gone and I get to go looking for some kid,” he said to himself as he crossed the town square, not really noticing the people that had been watching him since he appeared, “which is assuming he’s even on-world and in this town.”

    The man stopped suddenly, turning as an odd sound, like air rushing out of space in an instant, came from behind him. What he found where creatures unlike any he had heard of or seen before, small, pure white, with large arms and claws as dark as the night sky. Stepping back, the man seemed to reach for something close at hand, but his fist closed on air. The creatures began to advance, but a bright light filling the man’s hand brought them to a halt. In an instant the man’s weapon appeared, a blade in the shape of an enormous key, the handguard surrounding its handle flaring out into spikes, while thin lines stretched from its bottom down the blade, curving into a double helix that met at the tip, where a massive star made up the teeth of the key. As the Keyblade finished appearing, the man seemed to drop it, but the blade hovered in midair, following the movements of his hand.

    One of the creatures lashed out, but a single blow from the man’s Keyblade destroyed it utterly, only to be quickly replaced by another. The creatures’ numbers slowly grew as the man struck them down, his blade flying in massive arcs and loops to keep the creatures at bay. Annoyed, the man set his Keyblade spinning in a circle around him, creating a large magical vortex, drawing them in before blasting them away in a burst of magic, destroying the last few.

    The man grabbed his Keyblade out of the air as he became idle again, the area seeming mostly secure. Although these beings were new to him, battling hostile creatures was quite routine, and he simply walked off in search of the boy he had been sent for.
  2. Kasai yawned from behind the bar, scratching his head through his bright red hair. Today had been slow so far, with no-one checking either in or out of the Inn, aside from a rather questionable looking person with bright pink hair checking out. He still had no idea if it was a male or a female. If it was a woman, she had rather broad shoulders. If it was a man, he wore that skirt well.

    Kasai looked over at the bar portion of the inn, and glared enviously at Theresa, who was chatting with one of the customers. The bar/pub always had someone there to talk to, whilst Kasai was normally given to boring check-in, check-out, how-may-I-help-you job. Theresa's son normally shared the post, but he was out getting groceries or something.

    The bell over the door jingled, and Kasai sighed, before stating in a monotone voice, "Welcome to the Silver Moon, would you like to book a roo-" Kasai cut himself off as he noticed Abigail, one of his friends, panting in front of the desk. "Abi? What are you doing here?"

    Abigail sent a glare at Kasai, before saying, "A man appeared out of literally nowhere in the marketplace, and then proceeded to beat the crap out of those creatures that have been appearing with a giant key." she gasped, and then said, "So... Are we going to welcome him?"

    Kasai grinned, and said, "Let me check with Theresa, but most likely, yeah. She doesn't mess with the Argent Lions stuff." Kasai then looked over at where Theresa was chatting animatedly with the same customer, and shouted, "Hey! Do you mind if I go out with Abi? It's kinda urgent!" Theresa looked away from her conversation and smiled, and that was all Kasai needed. Vaulting over the counter, he grabbed a pair of silver goggles, and said, "Well? What are we waiting for?"


    "You sure that's him?" Kasai asked, goggles over his eyes. He was peering down from a rooftop, at a man wearing dark blue clothes.

    "Pretty sure." replied a girl on his left, who was also wearing goggles. She had dark brown hair, and wore a grin on her face.

    "Alrighty then. Let's welcome him to Argent Castle." Kasai held one arm out to the side, and a thin ribbon of fire curled around his arm, before wrapping itself around his hand, and manifesting a strange weapon. It was a large black circle, with four spike around the sides. Running parallel to Kasai's arm was a large, elongated, orange-red hexagon, which had it two tips protruding over the edge, making the weapon have six spikes altogether. A strap on the underside had appeared around Kasai's hand, making like a small shield. It appeared to be made out of metal, but Kasai carried it like it was nothing.

    "Always so theatric..." muttered Abigail, rolling her eyes.

    Kasai looked at her and grinned, before turning back to the man, spinning, and sending his buckler at the ground directly in front of the man. As it buried itself in the ground, Kasai jumped, and landed in front of the man. Holding his arm out to the side, he summoned his other buckler. Once it appeared, he dropped that arm, and pointed at the man. "Welcome to Argent Castle. Who the hell are you, and what are you doing here?" Kasai said, getting straight to the point. Abigail jumped down after him, and another person wearing goggles did the same, but Kasai payed no attention to them. "Oh yeah, and what exactly were those monsters that attacked you earlier?"

    OoC: It feels like such a bad post... Oh well. I describe stuff in more detail in the next post. Kasai, the argent lions, the inn, etc. If anything's wrong, pm me~
  3. Tailon

    Tailon Gryffindork

    As he stepped forward, the man saw a red-orange streak moving toward him, and instinctively stepped back from where an oddly shaped shield wedged itself into the ground, followed immediately by a boy of about 16, whom he instantly recognized as the boy on his mission sheet.

    The boy summoned another of the odd shield, then addressed the man "Welcome to Argent Castle. Who the hell are you, and what are you doing here?" the boy called Kasai said, apparently acting as some form of ‘welcoming committee’, "Oh yeah, and what exactly were those monsters that attacked you earlier?"

    “My name is Caesar Sidera, and I’m here looking for you, Kasai, in order to determine what happened to the Keyblade formerly in your possession. The creatures, I have no idea, never seen them before in my life,” Caesar told the boy, “ If that answers your questions, you and I need to talk.”
  4. Kasai lowered his arm, and the buckler in the ground reappeared on the back of that hand. He frowned, and said, "Seizure? That's an odd name. And this is the first time I've seen a 'keyblade'." Kasai left out the fact that the weapon looked incredibly familiar, but, being the amnesiac he was, he couldn't remember where he had seen it. He shook his head, before stating, "How could I have known about them, let alone owned one?"

    "I'm not exactly sure I can trust you. But tell you what: show me that I can. Do something to make me trust you, and then we'll talk." Kasai grinned, vanishing his weapons, and crossing his arms, "And by the way, how the hell do you know my name?"
  5. Tailon

    Tailon Gryffindork

    Caesar simply smiled, raising his Keyblade above his head, pointing toward the sky. He said, "Light." and a burst of sparkling magic shot out of the Keyblade's tip, flying high into the sky before exploding into sparks of light.

    OoC: Shortpost of plot advancement
  6. "...I just don't get it..." She put the old book down and sighed to herself, staring at its pages with a forlorn look.

    "Gracia!" A voice reverberated throughout the library of Argent Castle, causing the lone person inside to jump. Gracia quickly dropped her book and ran over to a bookshelf. She started fiddling with the books, trying to look as if she was sorting them. Much to her surprise, however, it was not the head maid Hilda come to haggle her as always, but Emily. Emily was normally a quiet girl who generally didn't want any trouble, so Gracia found it rather surprising that Emily was approaching the known troublemaker of the maids.

    "Oh, Emily. What's up?" She said nonchalantly, stopping her imaginary task. She walked back over to the table she was reading the book at while letting Emily stutter for a time. The maid stared at the book once more before tuning in to Emily.

    "W-well, there was this huge flash of light coming from town outside and...well..." Emily trailed off, pushing her fingers together.

    "Yeah, I'll go see Anya with you." Gracia finished Emily's train of thought, and the other maid nodded happily before beginning to walk out. While Emily wasn't looking, Gracia turned back to the open book and ripped out a couple pages. She pursed her lips and stuffed them down her top before following Emily out the door.

    The library was on the second floor, while Anya was apparently gathering the maids in the first floor foyer. Gracia could tell immediately from the flock of girls surrounding the loudmouth, who immediately seemed to further spark into life upon sighting Gracia. "Oh! There you are! Did you see it? I bet something big is going on!" She said. Anya was known to be the castle gossip, and even the town gossip too, whenever she could slip out. She'd always tell whatever she could to anyone who would listen, which didn't net her many friends outside the maids as she simply wouldn't stop.

    "See what? Something going on?" Gracia asked. Anya simply pouted.

    "You mean...you were in the library again, I bet! Weirdo. But no really, just this flash coming from town square! Something's going on and it's super big!" She exclaimed.

    "And since I'm the one person with free time except not at all, you want me to go find out, right?" Gracia easily guessed Anya's intentions. The other maids had certain duties to do this time of day. Although, all the same, Gracia could bet some, like Alice, were just sleeping away.

    "Hilda's coming!" One of the nearby maids shouted out. Cassie was usually put on lookout duty when the maids were meeting, and after shouting it out, the rest of the maids scattered. "You guys better get going! I'll hold her off!" Cassie exclaimed before running around the corner to distract the head maid.

    "Well! Let's get going! Come on, come on! Not all day, you know!" Anya quickly ran her mouth before running in the direction of the kitchen. Gracia followed, rather surprised at her friend's attitude.

    "What? You're coming?" She asked.

    "Heck yeah! This could actually be something big! Bigger than the incident with the cooks and his pies! Something that could shake up the whole town and the king, too!" Anya gestured as they maneuvered around the kitchen staff.

    "Yeah, sure." Gracia replied sarcastically. With that, she began to tune out their friend as they made their way out the back door.

    The descent into town wasn't too slow, but one had to be careful. Eventually the two girls stopped short of the town where they could view the proceedings from a safe distance whilst at a higher vantage point. The square was in clear view from where they sat. Gracia squinted. "Anya, I don't think we can catch anything from here..."

    "Oh my gosh! It's the Lions! At least, I think so! And that might be their leader and ohmigosh he is just so dreamy! If I could just touch him I might faint!" Anya practically gushed, making Gracia sigh and put her hand over her face.

    "Let's just see if this is really as interesting as you make it out to be..."
  7. A light spell... Something's telling me I can trust this guy. Kasai thought to himself, looking at 'Seizure's' spell. Kasai grinned, and shrugged. "Hell, I don't know why, but I think I can trust you." He said.

    He spun around and said to the two people behind him, "You two go off and kiss each other in a back alley or something, I'll talk to Seizure." Abigail, and Peter, the boy who had joined them, blushed, and looked at each other, before nodding at Kasai and walking off. Kasai turned to face Seizure and smiled, "Let's talk somewhere else." He then walked past the man, motioning for him to follow.

    A while later, Kasai walked into the Inn, with Seizure in tow. He moved his goggles off his eyes and onto his hair, before walking over to where Theresa was playing with a deck of cards behind the front counter. "Hey Theresa. Is Alan back yet?"

    Theresa looked up from where she had placed a card with a crown on it, and shook her head. "No, not yet. He should be soon, though." she said, looking back to her cards and frowning.

    "Okay. Tell him I'll be in our room. I need to talk to this guy here."

    "Be safe, and try not to catch anything." Theresa replied, grinning. Kasai rolled his eyes and stuck his tongue out at her, before walking up the nearby stairs, motioning for Seizure to follow yet again.

    As Kasai walked into his and Alan's shared room, he jumped and landed on his own bed, as he had practiced many times. He had passed the man/woman in the skirt on the way up the stairs, and he thought they had winked at Seizure. Looking at Seizure, who had followed him into the room, he said, "My name's Kasai Hotaru, but you somehow already knew that. How exactly? And why were you looking for me?"
  8. “Ugh, I hate this job!” Alan groaned under the weight of his full to bursting shoulder bag. He had finally finished the grocery shopping for the inn, his bag full of vegetables and other things for the kitchen and pub. Normally, he’d be working the check-in desk with his friend Kasai. But it was a slow day, so of course his mother, Theresa, sent him to restock the inn’s larder. It was just so boring! The normally bustling and exciting marketplace was very empty this late, save for a few stragglers and Alan. It was a miracle he was even able to buy what he needed. Lucky for him a couple shops stayed open this late, for people who had to shop this late. Kasai often complained how Theresa took it easy on Alan because he was her son, but Alan never saw Kasai get stuck with grocery runs.

    Alan wished something exciting would happen, his boredom was about to kill him. Unfortunately, he got his wish. As a stranger appeared out of a portal in the middle of the marketplace, Alan ducked into a side alley and tried to keep an eye on the stranger as he slipped on a pair of silver goggles from his pocket. He was one of the Argent Lions after all, might as well stay in uniform. From his vantage point in the alley, Alan watched the series of events transpire. The stranger wiping out the white creatures, kasai and the other lions confronting him, the stranger revealing he was targeting Kasai, and finally Kasai letting down his guard because Caesar cast a huge light spell into the air. This was enough for Kasai to trust the stranger, named Caesar apparently, as he decided to bring Caesar somewhere private to talk.

    As Kasai and Caesar headed in the direction of the inn, Alan nearly broke his nose with how hard his hand hit his face. That didn't prove Caesar trustworthy, that proved he couldn't be trusted. Alan took off after them at a breakneck pace, the groceries weighing him down.

    Once Alan reached the inn, he placed the groceries on the bar counter next to his mother. Theresa looked up from her cards and happily greted her son ," Welcome back, Alan! Kasai was asking about you."

    In between gasps of air, Alan asked, " Kasai... weird guy... Where?" His mother pointed towards his and kasai's room and he took off. As he neared the dor to the room, he readied his weapon, a weighted chain. He felt the chain slip into his palm and attached a large weight from his belt to the end of the chain. Alan reached the door with the weight concealed in his hand, and slowly opened the door.
    " Hey Kasai! What's up?" Alan smiled kindly and said, turning to Caesar," It's a pleaure to meet you as well Caesar!" Alan's smile turned into a deadly glare for a split second as he looked at the stranger. Kasai might trust him, but Alan didn't. That light spell lokked more like a signal than a symbol of trust. But there wasn't much Alan could do. Kasai was his best friend and his superior, he had to trust his judgement. The most he could do was back kasai up if things went bad. He sat down next to Kasai,the weight and chain still concealed in his hand and sleeve. Just in case.

    ((OoC: Blazi invited me in to the RP and thanks to a little last second providence I managed to post. Sorry if it's a little late.))

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