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Kingdom Hearts: At The End of Existence OOC

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Tailon, Jan 8, 2011.

  1. Tailon

    Tailon Gryffindork

    Okay, so, after a bit of planning and stuff, I've decided to see if I can get other people in on this here KH RP.

    Edits of Doomy Doomy DOOM:

    So I've decided to return to the original premise, which is as follows:

    A being with the power to corrupt has begun making rounds through the worlds, breaking open the seals made by the Keyblade Masters of old, releasing more Heartless than naturally occur, even with Emblems, and even releasing new types of Heartless.

    If anyone would like to become a larger part of this, go ahead and use the stuff in this thread to join #Tailon, and talk with myself and Rex.

    Edits of dooooom:

    RP is closed now, we have our characters.
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  2. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    Re: Kingdom Hearts RP

    Right, I've got a few updates. I've got one of the Nobody spots, which means two, maybe three are available, depending on who asks. Heartless characters are not allowed. Nor are Unborn, but that should be a given, since Vanatas is dead. Our Keyblader has also been chosen, so don't ask for that either.

    Second, we have a new Nobody Type to go with my Nobody character:
    Fusilier: Small, clockwork soldier like Nobody that have a habit of appearing in small hordes. They are armed with a Blunderbuss, and line up like old style soldiers to take aim and fire at their opponents, they go down in a few hits, but because of their number, it can be hard to get away unscathed.

    I believe that is all for now.
  3. Tailon

    Tailon Gryffindork

    Re: Kingdom Hearts: At The End of Existence

    I'd like to know if there's interest here, so even if you've let me know in chat, please post here so I can do a basic headcount.

    EDIT: In other news, Character bio!

    Name: Nathaniel Hawthorne
    Gender: Male
    Age: 24
    Height: 6'0"
    Weight: 172 lbs.
    Hair Color: Light Brown
    Eye Color: Emerald Green
    Clothing: Brown vest over a green shirt, and brown pants

    Weapon(s): Crushers: Nathaniel's weapons of choice, they are a pair of green knuckle dusters, with a blue section that can punch forward with his strikes, and blades that follow his forearm, and can fold out to be parallel with the handles of the weapons. Both Crushers have green gems embedded into the structure on either side of the fist.

    Personality: Always confident to a fault, Nathaniel isn't one to back down, even knowing he's outmatched, and can often come of as arrogant, or even kind of stupid. He is also feircly loyal to those he allies with, and will fight tooth and nail to protect them.

    History: Nathaniel grew up working the land of the large plot he gained upon his father's untimely death to illness. His mother and two siblings live in the home on the land with him, working with him via the family's traditional Earth Magic. Nathaniel grew up working, and took to machines rather quickly, working on the family's various appliances and such before he found an enormous Gummi Ship crashed on the edge of his property at the age of 13. Nathaniel quickly took to repairing the Gummi Ship at any given chance, and has only recently gotten the machine to run, and is rather proud of the accomplishment, now seeking some way to put it to use.

    here's the empty form:

    Hair Color:
    Eye Color:



  4. Re: Kingdom Hearts: At The End of Existence

    I'm interested~

    I just need to design my character a bit more, but I'm still in~

    EDIT: Heeeeeereeeeeee~

    Name: Jacob Kama

    Nobody/Somebody: Somebody

    Gender: Male

    Age: 14

    Height: 148 lbs

    Weight: 5'1''

    Hair Color: Dirty Blonde

    Eye Color: Dark Blue

    Clothing: Black Shirt, Grey Jacket, Black Trousers, Grey Shoes. Has a Dark Grey Scarf when it gets cold. He has a pair of goggles strapped to his head, signifying he is a part of the group of vagabonds running around in Argent Castle.

    Weapon(s): Shields: Has a Thick, Dark Grey shield that he uses for blocking attacks/skidding around like he's on a skateboard, as well as a Thin, Golden shield with a razor-edge that he throws. The big one is called Thunderclap whilst the medium one is called Lightningstrike. Also has the use of the Thunder/Thundera/Thundaga spells (starting off with Thunder, of course) He also carries around bottle of the fountain water. These have lost the ability to give good dreams, but instead refresh and heal whoever drinks them. He uses these like Elixirs, restoring the magic and the health of who he gives it to.

    Personality: Happy and Energetic, Gets serious when in battle. Can be sarcastic to strangers and people he dislikes, won't take any crap from any body, hates it when people hurt his friends. Is slightly curious about the little creatures he's discovered have started running around the Markets and the castle. It takes quite a lot to earn his trust, but once he trusts you, he will follow you to the ends of the earth. The only person he trusts is Theresa. Keeps a journal, in case he ever loses his memory again.

    History: Jacob doesn't know much about his own history, for all he can remember is waking up in a bed, with the smells of a lively tavern wafting through the room. There was a cat sitting on his chest, happily meowing at him, and he smiled and petted it. Later, the keeper of the Tavern, called Theresa, told him he was found outside of her Inn, with the Tavern on the bottom floor, unconscious. He was brought in, and kept there until he woke. He asked if he could stay with her, and she accepted, telling him he'd have to work for it. He agreed, and became a well-known member of the town by being a waiter and helping with the drinks. He later learned that the town was called Argent Marketplace, which was built at the base of a long abandoned castle. He started to get to know the local kids, and suddenly became the head of a group of adventurers that explored the castle and all the dark Recesses. They all wear goggles, and they also defend the markets from any unwanted visitors, namely, Heartless. On one of the explorations he found two shields in a chest in the castle. He picked them up and decided to keep them, the shields becoming his signature weapon.

    And that's Jacob!

    (The Cat's called Ethan by the way :> )
  5. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    Re: Kingdom Hearts: At The End of Existence

    Name: Nicholas Williams
    Nobody/Somebody: Nobody
    Gender: Male
    Age: 17
    Height: 5'10"
    Weight: 137lbs.
    Hair Color: N/A
    - Fur: As a Black Footed Ferret, his fur is mainly white, with black lower arms, lower legs, hands, feet, muzzle, ears, tail tip, and a black “bandit’s mask” around his eyes.
    Eye Color: Green.
    Clothing: Black pants, which are obvious hand-me-downs. They are too large for him, and even with a belt hang comically low.
    Weapon(s): Cycles between an early war FG 42, a Heckler & Koch G3A3, and a Charlton Automatic Rifle.
    History: Born to a poor family, Nick has had to work hard to get anything in his life. Most of the things he got his hands on where hand-me-downs from his father, uncles, and their sons, while he himself was an only child. His parents did the best they could to keep him in school, and he excelled academically. However, their debts started to catch up to them, and he was forced to drop out his senior year to help support his parents. Against his mother's wishes, he took a job in the military, hoping that the good money that was offered would be enough to get his parents out of the poorhouse.

    Assigned to the S.S. Ironhide as a gunner, he quickly found himself thrown into a full scale war. It was during an attempted boarding on the Ironhide that the Heartless first made their appearance, attacking anyone they could. It was a small threat at the time, and the creatures were eventually forced from the ship. As time went on, Heartless attacks grew more frequent and larger in scale, and reports were received from the mainland that they were there too.

    Eventually, reports from the mainland stopped all together, leading the crew to fear the worst. Their fears were confirmed when, only days later, the ship was overwhelmed by the heartless, and enveloped in darkness. When Nick next woke up, he was in a small town, though he had no knowledge of how he got there. Unfortunately, his world was one where his sort of creature was never seen before, and he came under attack by the locals. It was here that he first learned of his odd powers, summoning one of the firearms from his world to defend himself from an attack.

    As time went on, and more people tried to kill him, he learned of more abilities that he possessed. He learned he could summon two other firearms to use at his disposal, and that he could create machines to do anything he wanted. He quickly dubbed these machines 'Magitek', and was very grateful for its existence. Even later on, he learned that he had control over a small clockwork soldier-like creature that he dubbed 'Fusiliers'. With the Fusiliers and his Magitek, Nick was a nearly unstoppable force.

    However, the constant attacks had worn at his psyche. Seen as a freak, and a monster by the entire world had made him a cold, bitter shell of a being, a classic Nobody. It wasn't too long afterward that he found he was able to open the Corridors of Darkness, and used them to hop from world to world, his army of Fusiliers following him where ever he went.
  6. Re: Kingdom Hearts: At The End of Existence

    Ah, right, I'm involved! ♥

    Nobody/Somebody: Somebody, or maybe not.
    Gender: Female
    Age: She looks about 16, but she could be older.
    Height: Five Feet, fair short.
    Weight: 110 lbs
    Hair Color: Brown, reaches the small of her back.
    Eye Color: Clear Blue
    Clothing: She wears a long sleeved pink shirt with buttons, that has a frilly collar of sorts which envelops her hands. Hanging from the collar point is a small, compact mirror. It is polished daily. She wears a skirt that reaches to her knees, in a light blue color, with pink frills. She also has a blue headband, and wears white stockings and black shoes.

    Weapon(s): Mirrors and other reflective surfaces. Viella channels her magic through other surfaces. She isn't the best at controlling magic, so she throws it at mirrors or clear water, so it'll refract into a more conceivable form. she carries a small book to keep track of spells she knows, as she...borrows them from the eyes of others.

    Personality: In a word, Viella is terribly subdued. She's quiet, and doesn't speak unless necessary. She's rather taciturn. When she encounters the party, she begins to open up, but only a little, and while she exhibits herself a bit more, she's still rather similar. One can tell she is trying, but it's hard after being alone for so long.

    History: Viella was born and raised on a vibrant world. However, she was shut in the mansion she was born in all her life, and her views were based on glimpses outside the window. Everyone avoided her, even the nursemaid wouldn't look her in the eys. From eavesdropping, Viella learned that people gossiped that her eyes stole the souls of those who looked in them. They said her mother dropped into an inescapable coma after looking into her eyes when she was born. Viella, disheartened by this, had no one to turn to. From that time forward, as the same was done to her, she shut her eyes, and her heart, away from the world. When the Heartless came, she watched. She watched them destroy everything she saw outside the window. It didn't matter. They were coming for her, she felt it. When she went to bed that night, she heard the screams of the attendants. It didn't matter. She curled up and fell asleep. While she did, a large, Heartless being wormed its way into her being and around her heart. Viella was actually the guardian to the Heart of the World, and when she closed her heart off, it closed off the Heart. The odd thing slowly whittled away at her being, slowly suppressing any emotions she may had. That was what it was like as Viella continued living in the mansion, eating, drinking, and sleeping. Until they stumbled across her, that is.

    World: Blank Canvas
    Important Points: Large, lonely mansion. Le Château de les Oublies. A large, lonely mansion, seeming to be devoid of life.
    Heartless: Miroir, an odd Heartless that seems sort of like a large mirror with bat's wings. Atop it, an odd creature is perched, staring at its target. Any projectiles sent at it will be immediately reflected. They often cover other Heartless in this way. They break easily though, and then they are useless. Other than that, just some general Shadows outside. Inside the Palais is where an odd variety is concentrated.
    Characteristics: Blank Canvas is the remains of the once living town that flourished. If there were any remains. It is now a flat, white globe, with the mansion at its most northern point. To others, it appears to be the world that they yearn for the most, which is what draws them in. The world desperately wants something to fill its emptiness. When the visitors learn the truth, however, its illusions all fall away. It's...lonely. Everything about it is constant, nothing changes. It's always the same temperature, that point where it's neither warm nor cold. No winds blow, and the same dim sunlight seem to shine on it. It reflects Viv's state.
    Keyhole: The Keyhole to the Blank Canvas was long sealed ago, inside Viv's heart, as she was born as an acting Guardian to the Heart.

    Right, so here's a form to fill out for one's world, if they wish! ♥

    Important Points:
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  7. Tailon

    Tailon Gryffindork

    Re: Kingdom Hearts: At The End of Existence

    My World btw:

    World: The Heartlands
    Important Points: None really, other than my character lives there.
    Heartless: Very few, and only ever seen in unpopulated areas, almost never Emblems
    Charecteristics: A hilly, green World, the land is very fertile, with various forests, and many farms dotting the landscape.

    Some info on the Big Bad:

    Unlike most KH villains, this guy's a human, but a stupidly powerful one, and rivals humanoid Nobodies in power. His ability to corrupt means he can control Heartless, and well as corrupt the weak minded to do his bidding. Still doesn't have an appearance.
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  8. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    Re: Kingdom Hearts: At The End of Existence

    I'll be joining too. I just need to work on my character's bio.
  9. Re: Kingdom Hearts: At The End of Existence

    Here's Argent Castle:

    World: Argent Castle

    Important Points: Argent Markets, Argent Castle, Fountain Cavern

    Keyhole: If you look deep inside the small fountain found in Fountain Cavern, you can see a small keyhole at the base.

    Heartless: Regular shadows and soldiers can be found in all the areas aside from Fountain Cavern. Inside the castle are shadows, soldiers, Gargoyle Knights, Gargoyle Warriors, Neoshadows, and a new Heartless, called a Rook. Rooks are shaped like the Rook in chess, with a small head on top. These charge at enemies, and can withstand large amounts of attacks. A way to bypass their huge defense is to attack the head atop the main part. These have much less defense, and fall easily.
    There are only two types of Heartless in Fountain Cavern, Sapphire Classicals and Crystal Orchestras. Sapphire Classicals are Water based enemies, who shoots bubbles at you or heal others with Blessed Drops. Crystal Orchestras are large, clear versions of the musical enemies, and their types/attacks depend on what music enemies they fight with. Their attacks are stronger versions of their smaller musics, Big Bubbles, Sacred Fountains, Infernos, etc.
    At the top of Argent Castle, where no-one has ever visited before, at least not without returning, there is a Gold Statue of a King, with a Golden sword Twice it's size behind it. There is a strange marking on the front, and it emanates evil...

    Characteristics: Most of the people in Argent Castle Markets are kind, though in some alley ways there are thieves that you fight like a heartless, and some wayward kids who don't take kindly to strangers, unless Jacob is with the strangers.
    The castle is deserted, but you can occasionally hear a silky smooth, almost golden voice coming from the top of the castle, whispering thoughts of power into your head. Anyone who goes up to the highest part of the castle never comes back, and after each one goes up there, a chuckle rings throughout the entire castle.
    In the Fountain Cavern, the sound of trickling water echoes throughout the entire area. It is said that whoever drinks from the fountain will have a pleasant dream. Jacob visits the Cavern frequently.

    Whew, that was long.
  10. Sir Red

    Sir Red Charms' Caped Crusader

    Re: Kingdom Hearts: At The End of Existence

    Name: Richard Quigley
    Nobody/Somebody: Somebody
    Gender: Male
    Age: 22
    Height: 5'10''
    Weight: 163
    Hair Color: Strawberry Blonde
    Eye Color: Gray-blue
    Clothing: He wears a three-piece suit that clearly was not made for him, as it is just a little bit too big for him (most noticeable when he wears the jacket, not as much so at other times). The pants, jacket, and vest are gray, with the pants he hemmed up slightly himself. The shirt he wears under is a clean white shirt and the tie is light blue.

    Weapon(s): Rapier. The hilt of the blade is fully encased in a steel orb that materializes around Richard's hand when he summons his Rapier. The hilt guard is ornamented with the etchings of a storm over an ocean. Richard is able to channel Wind through the sword, but not create the breezes himself, simply bend them. As such, he would need to be outside to use this ability (or create artificial breezes).

    Personality: Richard is a soft-spoken man and prefers to keep to himself. He horribly lacks self-confidence and is very unsure of himself pretty much all of the time. He has a strong sense of moral justice and tries to help people if he can. Richard is a pacifist, but doesn't look down upon others for being violent. He simply doesn't think he has it in him to hurt other living things (or humanoid things, at the very least). With his poor self esteem he always avoids getting to know people because he's afraid that they don't like him and he doesn't want to impose on them. He prefers to keep his problems to himself, not wanting to concern those close with him. He will, however, divulge things to people he doesn't know that well as a way to get it out in the open without them making a big deal of it.

    History: Richard was born the youngest of four boys to very successful parents who expected the very best of their sons. His three brothers all followed in their father's footsteps and became terrific doctors, but Richard never really shared the same passion for it that the others did. After he finished his schooling Richard was to attend his first interview, wearing an old suit of one of his brothers, but he never made it to the interview. As he walked, Heartless overcame the area and the next thing Richard knew he woke up in a strange and foreign town. He's been living in Traverse Town for nearly three months now, having only recently found out that he posses the ability to summon his Rapier.
  11. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    Re: Kingdom Hearts: At The End of Existence

    Here is our Keyblade wielder finally! :p

    Name: Tsurugi
    Nobody/Somebody: Somebody
    Gender: Male
    Age: 18
    Height: 6ft 3in
    Weight: 173 lbs.
    Hair Color: Medium length black
    Eye Color: Gold
    Clothing: The Black Coat for protection against the darkness

    Weapon(s): Keyblade: Requiem: The shaft is flat and wide with a point at the tip giving it the appearance of a long black sword. The “key” part is silver and curved downward resembling a scythe. Beneath it is a mirrored scythe giving the blade an overall crescent look. The hand guard is shaped like black angel wings with the top of the wings being at the base of the blade and the largest feather touching the base of the handle. The keychain is a white skull hanging from a black chain. Tsurugi wields Requiem left handed holding it out to the side for power strikes.

    Personality: Snarky, cynical, handles situations calmly and coolly, uses the powers of darkness but is tolerant towards light as well.

    When Tsurugi was a young boy, the Heartless invaded his homeworld throwing it into darkness. When he next awoke he was in a quiet suburban town that seemed to always be nestled in perfect harmony between day and night. As Tsurugi learned, this place was called Twilight Town, but that was later.
    Early on, the boy was scared and confused as one would be under such conditions. Everyone and everything he had ever known had been swallowed by darkness, possibly to never return. Even someone as carefree and innocent as Tsurugi once was would be traumatized and depressed. It would be weeks before the boy could recover enough to move on.
    When he was ready, Tsurugi began training his body so that he could fight while studying the darkness that stole his life. While he hated the Heartless and was training specifically to fight them to save other worlds from the fate that befell his, he could not bring himself to hate darkness. As his time in Twilight Town showed, light and darkness could exist side by side in harmony. He would destroy the Heartless using their own attributes against them.
    Eventually his training led to the use of corridors of darkness, abilities such as Dark Firaga and Dark Volley, and surprisingly enough a heart strong enough to be chosen by a Keyblade called Requiem.
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  12. Tailon

    Tailon Gryffindork

    Re: Kingdom Hearts: At The End of Existence

    Ahahahahah no. Sorry Black Amber, but not only is that a rule breaking character, but the RP is closed already.
  13. Re: Kingdom Hearts: At The End of Existence

    Oh I'm sorry I didn't know....Well sorry for wasting your time

    P.S I deleted my previous post
  14. Sir Red

    Sir Red Charms' Caped Crusader

    World: Nino Town

    Important Points: Crime Alley, which is a street where three supposed Mafia hideouts are located. Yep, all on the same street. The Meyer Street Cathedral with bell tower which is considered to be a "safe haven". The "Wilson P.I. Services" office.

    Keyhole: Currently Unknown. ;3

    Heartless: Quite a few of these, and of differing types and powers.

    Characteristics: The whole world is in black and white and always at night. It is Film Noir world and therefore there is often times smoke and other things to blur vision. There are shadows looming everywhere and everyone is very secretive and reclusive. Crime is rather high and there are an insane number of Private Investigator Offices in the town. The basis of the town is a metropolis, but set more in a New York 1950's motif. The fashion also reflects this too.
  15. Atma

    Atma Formerly Karu

    Name: Leo S. Langley
    Nobody/Somebody: Somebody
    Gender: Male
    Age: 17
    Height: 5`9
    Weight: Average
    Hair Color: Black, shoulder length.
    Eye Color: Ocean blue
    Clothing: Black cargo pants with silver zips, red laced black sneakers, a light blue t-shirt beneath a short sleeved hooded jacket, the hood and rims alongs the zip a dark blue. The jacket is worn open and all of these clothes are fitted reasonably well, except for the baggy cargo pants. Also has a white belt.

    He also wears a blue heart trinket on a silver necklace, lighter blue outlining a design of waves on the heart itself.

    Weapon(s): Steel Khopesh with black handle, base Blizzard magic.

    Personality: Leo will generally be unafraid to voice his opinion, but will keep some to him self in suspision of some and their motives. After the experience of his world being overrun by darkness he thinks twice about helping others in need, too afraid of having to witness the consequence of not being strong enough to help others, although if his friends he will endeavour to save them with his own life as shield.

    Due to them being held in such high regard even as legend back home, he holds a degree of disbelief in keybladers and desires to test their true skill himself to sample their resolve against the darkness.

    History: Leo has always remained on his world, hearing whispers of the keyblade legend as does everyone else. This legend as far as he was concerned was always some small measure of amusement, even though adults put such faith into it. This spurred him on as a child to spend his time practising swordplay, betting himself if by stray chance he ever did meet a real keyblader he would be easily on par with them.

    As he grew older his obsession died away, focusing more on exploration of his world and developing fine technique and skills. The end result of this was that he found a small aptitude for magic lay within his talent, being brought out by a fateful encounter with the heartless as they crushed his world sending only him through the Lanes Between, the strength of his heart preserving him from the darkness. This left him stuck at Argent Castle.
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