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Kera's Arts of Awesome

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Kerauno, Sep 25, 2010.

  1. Thank Luke. I've been considering doing requests for a while, but there is one sprite I want to finish before I start doing that. Once I finish it and put it here, I may start taking requests.

    Anymore critiques you have? Favorite sprite?
  2. Yes thank you Kerauno! My favourite by far is Fauna 2.0, whom I will now refer too as strawberry shortcake (I still watch that :'( ) because I love pink... and I love her boots and her little skirt I wish my girlfriend had that fashion sence I will be the first to request when you open! Now you have to comment on my art thread I like the fact that they aren't transparent because the background colours that you have chosen go with the sprite perfectly and add effect! And that's pretty much it, I don't have anything bad to say since your sprites are awesomely perfect! I can't wait to see your next spritey sprite~
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  3. Glad to see someone's ecstatic about this. And yes, sadly, I too refer Fauna 2.0 as Strawberry Shortcake sometimes... But she's better than the original. And now, I have my last spite before opening my sprite thread. Behold, and bask in the glory of...

    ...MINA! Mina is the starter girl of my region, Eldaro. She's best friends with Alex, and sister to Kendra, the first of the Elite Four. I used the D/P/Pt/ Couple sprite and edited out the boy. I took the arms of Corn and the arm from the Couple girl, but put it on the other side. I added a purse, and recolored it. Her legs came from a B/W sprite and I turned her shoes into heels, though you may not be able to see it. I recolored her dress and the flower in her hair, and gave her real blue eyes; the original sprite had little black dots. Her sleeves are longer too.

    As always, leave your critiques. I'll be off making my other thread. Bai!~
  4. Wow, you've improved a lot since I first saw your thread! I really like Fauna 2.0. And Mina is good too! Her pose is good, but her thighs look fat. Anyway, can't wait for more!
  5. I luz these so much ♥.

    Mina has got to be my favorite, but I agree that her thighs are rather...er, bulky. Fauna 2.0 is alot better than the first, and she looks a little like a cupcake ♥
  6. Hellooooo!! It's been a while, hasn't it? Well, I've been caught up with requests, writing, school, blah, blah, blah... BUT A NEW SPRITE APPEARS.


    This is Cirno, from the Touhou Project. I got addicted to this music video called "Cirno's perfect Math Class."
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nt5RuhhI ... re=related
    This song inspired me to make this sprite. I used a B/W sprite as the base, and I got the color from the B/W Ice leader. I edited the hair shorter, and colored it blue, and added the bow on her head. The dress hem was scratched, as was the neck now. the Ice; I scratched that too The arms came from the D/P/Pt Couple girl, and I colored her shoes blue and gave her socks. Her wings are from a Masquerain.

    So yeah. This is an AWESOME sprite. As always, leave your critiques. Bai, and happy holidays~
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  7. Oh Mai.

    I do like your sprites so far~ Especially Fauna, Avril, and Mina.
    And that Cirno is just.....squeeeee~ ♥ (But the shirt seems to be a small bit off, don't you think~?)
    Keep up the good work~!

    Note: I guess I just popped in to say hi, but you cannot deny my stalker nature :p

    Edit: Well, Fauna 1 was pretty good for beginners; but 2.0 was much better.
    #47 Korora, Dec 14, 2010
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  8. Oh mai, thank you for the comments.

    I like Avril and Mina too. But which Fauna are you speaking of? the first one, or the second one?
    Yes. Cirno is an amazing genius. (And yeah, it's a bit off; but hey, she looks good, right?)

    No, I cannot deny stalker natures. And thank you for stopping by~
  9. Nononono Sakuya is awesomer than Cirno!!! :p
    #49 Sanae Kochiya, Dec 14, 2010
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  10. I'll admit, that video is cute too, and I HAVE NOW ALIENATED YOU WITH TOUHOU~
    Also, anything you'd like to say about my sprites? Favorites?
    (P.S. I see you have that teamshot I made you in your sig. If you don't mind, I'd like some credit. Thank you, and happy holidays~)
  11. OK and I forgot you done it sorry. :-[
    #52 eward990, Dec 16, 2010
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  12. I. AM. BACK.

    'Tis true, I have more sprites... these were requests, but also Christmas presents for a friend. So. Since It's MY art, I'm posting it.

    This is Stark Hale, one of the characters in my friend's book. She was relatively fun to make. I used the bond girl from the B/W Cheerleader Sprite, and edited her arms and hair. And she's holding a lollipop in her hand. Character thing. She's wearing a strange assortment of clothes because she's crazy, and steals them from her friends. And if you look close, you can see pink streaks in her hair. Yeah.

    Behold, Ace carter, Stark's goth, blind, best friend. I used Cynthia ONLY because 1. The pose was PERFECT, and 2. It was requested. Anyway, I hacked off half her hair, and got rid of her cape-thingy, and then colored he hair black, added purple streaks, and moved her right arm around.

    So yeah, these are pretty cool, in my opinion, and my friends opinion... As always, leave your critiques, bai.~
  13. I have a question, are you using Adobe Fireworks for all your sprites?
  14. No, I use MS Paint for everything. And then upload to Deviant Art. Why do you ask?
  15. BAM.
    I'M BACK WITH A SPRITE. *waves wand and sprite appears*

    BEHOLD, LUNA CALSTRAN. She is a magician, if you haven't noticed from the wand and floating Pokeball. I used the B/W girl Psychic sprite as her base, and then took her head from another B/W sprite. her wand is actually Pryce's walking stick (lol, robbed), and her ponytail is Mira's. Her hair was colored blond, and all the blue in her outfit became pink. I assault your mind with pink. Deal with it.

    As always, leave your critiques. have a nice day, bai~
  16. Luna Calstran=EPICNUS
  17. BWEEP.


    It's a revamped Clefable! (And also transparent, hurr) Ta-Da! I used the Generation I sprite and recolored.... Yeah. I'm gonna add these to my shoppe. Please, people, request from me!

    As always, leave your critiques. Bai, and have a nice day~
  18. Hello, my children. I bring you a gift.

    I call her Alice. Alice of Malice. She is the result of an idea I had in a dream. Basically, this is the same Alice form the first two books, and she has returned to Wonderland once more, but things are different... Much more different than she can imagine.
    I used Caitlin as the base, and made her blond, and now she has blue eyes. I kept her white shawl thingy, because I imagined her dress with that. Her dress is now my own desired shade of blue, and I put a red stripe near the hem, and a red bow-like thing at her waist. I extended her arms so they don't fold in the back, but she clasps her fists together. The white bow-thingy in her hair is from the Bug Gym leader from Unova's belt. it's now a hair garment.

    As always, leave your critiques. Have a nice day, bai~
  19. Ooh ! That video is amazing ! When i first saw it , it kinda creeped me out but i got used to it . lol xD
    Love Cirno's Math Class ! :)
    #60 Animefan1, Jan 18, 2011
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  20. No reason, just asking cuz Fireworks is really easy to work with. I also have deviantart, what's your username>
  21. Hey Kerauno, I've been looking through your shop and I don't see my order form or my orders anywhee. I haven't even seen them yet, come one, why'd ya delete it!!!!

    Can you PM me it (if you haven't already deleted it fromy our hardrive...)???????
  22. Uhm Kera...?

    Your sprites are AMAZING! :,//D
    I can't believe I have never visited here before, even after you've so nicely visited my thread numerous times before!

    *gobsmacked by your talent*
    *ashamed she's never visited before*

    I can't even single one of your sprites out because I love them all!
    They're very unique and exciting and adorable ♥
    But I really do like Zaron and Kaitlin :,//3
    Of course! ♥

    They're simply fantastic! I shall return again to stalk this thread ://>
    Kasumi xxx
  23. Ked


    Woah, I haven't posted here in forever! I will now fix that~

    [me=Ked]goes and fixes that[/me]

    All of your sprites are just awesome! You are really improving, by alot~! If you didn't say so, I'd have thought that your Clefable revamp was an official sprite. ^^ So far, out of all your sprites, I would have to say tha the Ho-oh cosplay a few pages back is the best. It just looks so graceful and pretty and stuffs :3

    I will be looking forwards to seeing some of your awesome future works~


    I'm glad you guys like my works.
    @Kasumi: I make forgiveness of you for not gracing my thread with your appearance. AND YES, I AM AMAZING IN SPRITERY WAYS. But I'm not tht good... Am I?
    And stalk me, please.
    @Ked: Yes, it has been a while. What have you been doing all this time? And, yes, that's not an official sprite. Though I can submit it to be one. And you really think the cosplay is the best? I forgot a certain detail that I had wanted to add... But Yeah, i guess it's okay.
    And stalk me, like Kasumi. I need moar stalkers.

  25. * Tun stalks Kera-kun o:

    Okayso I haven't posted here before but I've been silently watching over your thread like the creeper I am a guardian angel (lolnonotreally) and I've been watching your progress and may I say that Kera-kunnnn you gave certainly gotten better :>

    I would comment on, like, everything but that'd take donkeys, 'specially on my iPod, so lemme just comment on some of your newer stuff (I'm so tired I typed 'newt' hnnnghhgfdfgbhjfffasdfg)

    I like Cirno. c: She's a cutiepie, specially in Kera-forme so yeah :> I like her hair and her ribbon and her wings and her dress and eeeeeeee ♥ The only thing I would say is maybe the projectiles look a tad funny. Seeing as their all in different positions and heading out in different directions maybe there should be more variety? I dunno. S'nice anyways :>

    I quite like, er ... Stark Hale is it? The blonde/brunette girl who's based off the cheerleader. c: I like hairrrr and the hands look good, thee's just one sideyways pixel on her leg that's a bit weird. Other than that she's loooovely~ ♥

    The revamp is nice~ I won't say any more cos it's for the contest and I'm judging so yeah |D

    Lots of your other stuff is loooovely too and I can't wait to watch you grow and mature and flourish in a lovely array of pixelated wonderfulness :>
  26. *Kera has a happy because Tun is stalking him :DD

    Gracias Tunnie, for Commenting on meee, this makes my daay~
    You comment of everything if yo want. I'd more than happy to read it all!

    (Also, speaking of the contest, is it over yet?)

    Yes, I'll be back with more spritery sprites for you and everyone to see~
    (Also, look at my sprite shop, I will make you things for free and you will be happy~)
  27. OH HURLLO.

    I made another cosplay. This one was made specially for a special friend. I used the Dragon Tamer sprite and colored his clothes green, and his hair white. Then I gave him a mask and made him holds a bouquet of roses (AKA a Roserade's arm)

    This is probably me best cosplay. As always, leave your critiques, and have a nice day~ Bai~
  28. Wow Kerauno!
    You're a very talented spriter!
    I love everyone of your sprites :DD!
    I like your recent work, especially that Roserade cosplay; it's spot on!
    I shall add this thread to my stalking list :>
    Keep up the tremendous work!

    Shaymin ~*
  29. Where? I don't see them, and like i said, I don't even see my order form. (where do you put your orders anyway?)
  30. They are not in this thread.

    They are in my shoppe.



    Here they are.
    Hope you like.
    (And in the future, please PM me about stuff like this, mkay?)
  31. ....OHH!!!!!! No wonder, I'm so sorry, I'm so stupid, XD. i just saw Kerauno and thought that was it. Again, sorry!!!! :p
    I LUV EM!!!!!!

    THANK U!!! (and I'll be at your SHOP (rite) more often ;P)
  32. Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh~

    Akita Neru, or just Neru, of the Vocloids!
    Basically, a Parasol Lady with recolred hair and scratched clothes,. i scratched it all. I took Cress's arm and put it on her and gave her a long ponytail and edited her legs and arms. the only problem is that i couldn't sprite in a phone... So sad.

    As always, leave your critiques, bai~

    (BTW, submitting this to the TCM.)
    And then Transparent Avril. Also going to the TCM.
  33. Happy Valentine's Day!
    I haz present. Kinda.

    My favorite couple, Zaron and Kaitlyn, dancing. HOW ROMANTICAL.
    Basically, the HG/SS couple sprite... Edited. I recolored the male's clothes to what he was wearing in the sprite, and I had to copy/paste the top of his head on. I also edited in his scarf, but left the sword out. I also edited the eyes because, seriously, he needed them. For Kaitlyn, I left her hair alone, and edited in her bow, and then I recolored her clothes to the sprite stuff. I like this version of Kaitlyn better than the first one, in opinion.

    As always, leave your critiques. Bai!~
    #75 Kerauno, Feb 15, 2011
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  34. I think you know why I'm here.
    A new sprite appears.

    This is Luke.
    Because I'm tire, I'll post how I made him later.

    As always, leave your critiques. bai~

    EDIT: I didn't want to double post.
    new sprite.

    Lenia, Luke's GF and partner in crime.
    Again, tired so process it alter. Bai.
  35. Sheesh, after such an amazing teamshot you made for me, I seriously forgot to stop by this thread... So I'm doing it now.
    I love all of your sprites! They're neat and stuff ♥ And because I'm actually speechless, I'm just going to leave now, but on the other hand, I'm starting to stalk this thread.
  36. OH MY GOD HOW LONG HAS IT BEEN :-\ :-\ :-\ :-\

    My rendition of Sailor Sun. Real name is Marissa.

    And a female Luxray cosplay!


    Leave your critiques, as always, baaaai!
    #78 Kerauno, Mar 19, 2011
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  37. Sailer Sun is actually a very good rendition, I like it... The Luxray cosplay is great, but perhaps you could've added and changed a bit more so it looks less like a recolor... Perhaps spriting some fur coming off her clothes, around the collar area. She'd look better than she already does.
    #79 The iFlare, Mar 27, 2011
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  38. Wow, can I just say that I love all of your sprites and how much you've improved since you first started posting here! I mean, it's amazing! I love how us viewers can see your progression throughout your time here.

    I have a little something to say about Sailor Sun though. Something bugs me about her skirt. I assume it's a skirt because of the traditional Sailor Scout uniform. I think it might be the folds of the skirt. Because of the fold that goes right down the middle, it looks like she's wearing shorts instead of a skirt. If you're interested in fixing it I might suggest moving the folds over a little so that it's not right between her legs.

    But other than her skirt I absolutely LOVE it! She LOOKS like a Sailor Scout! Great job! =D

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