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Kera's Arts of Awesome

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Kerauno, Sep 25, 2010.

  1. Heya, hiya! It's Kera, with my new and improved sprites! I'm still a novice spriter, so they might not be all that good, but... I think they're very good. Tell me what you think! Without further adieu... My sprites! And one more thing: I do not take requests. I know I shouldn't expect any this soon, but ya never know.

    First thing I ever sprited. Yes, it's just a little orb, but... Yeah, it's simple.
    And we have here, a Lucario with a ball of aura. Simple, yet not easy. I had to go pixel by pixel to make it.
    This is Alex. He's the male player character for my new region, Eldaro. He's the first person I ever sprited. His bag took forever to sprite in.
    Here we have Julie, the Steel type Gym Leader. I think she turned out well, considering that purse was HELL to add in. And she's surrounded by sparkles. That's what those are.
    Here's Fauna. She was probably the most fun to make, considering the fire around her, and being the Fire type Leader.
    Rhonda was the easiest. All I had to do was her clothes, hair, and bag, as well as eyes. She's the Rock type Elite Four.
    Domi is possibly my favorite sprite so far. She's the Ice Leader, and I re-colored her completely... And added snowflakes!
    Avril was possibly the hardest to sprite. As the leader of Team Sharp, my evil team, she needed more attention. I stole the hair coloring from Julie, and personally sprited that knife. She's probably the best.
    This is Kaitlyn. She is technically the eighth Gym Leader, but she is in a double with someone else. She has Psychic types. I edited her clothes, and hair, as well as added a purse. This is how I've always imagined seeing her.
    This is Zaron, Kaitlyn's double battle partner. He uses Dark types. I scratched his sword, and re-colored him. This is how I see him in my mind.

    Alas, this is all I have for now. I'd very much like some feedback, and if possible, tips on improving. I'll have more over the course of time, so keep coming back for more! Thanks for coming!~
  2. These are pretty decent for first sprites. There are some that seem a bit too under done (like Domi) and some that need more work on the shading (like Domi's cap). The shading which you have done, doesn't blend too well. For example, the difference betweem two shades on a pallet is either too close like Julie's dress or too far apart like Rhonda's dress.

    Also, don't be afraid to experiment with poses. Mix it up sometimes by grabbing one arm from one sprite and another arm from a different sprite.

    There are some really nice things you've made, like Fauna's fire and Zaron's sword that really stick out to me. I hope that you keep trying hard~
  3. Also Adding to what French Toasta Said
    Remember to save as .PNG

    As for pose work look at these threads if you have time.

    http://www.pokecharms.com/forums/http://www.pokecharms.com/phpbb/viewtopic.php?t=4 -French Toasta's Thread
    http://www.pokecharms.com/forums/http://www.pokecharms.com/phpbb/viewtopic.php?t=4 -Con/Tun's Thread
    http://www.pokecharms.com/forums/http://www.pokecharms.com/phpbb/viewtopic.php?t=1 -My/Windsaver's Thread

    You Might Need to scroll through some pages to fins some pose work.

    Also Your shading pallets hurt my eyes especially Julie's and Avril's. They are too bright. Try to tone them down by using colour pallets from other sprites.
  4. Thanks for the critique, guys. I edited several sprites, so take a look!

    I edited Rhonda, re-coloring her with closer shades, and took advantage of Cynthia's arm. I also used Esuine's bow for her head, and stole his shading for her dress.
    Avril was easier, because all I really wanted to do with her was edit her color. I think these colors are easier on the eyes, and closer in shade.
    I re-did Domi's hat, and took Cynthia's arm again. I also got rid of the bag. No use for a Gym Leader.
    I stole the shading of Whitney's hair for Julie's dress. The shading is closer, and it's easier on the eyes.

    Tell me what you think of the edits. I think I'll keep editing these for a while, and then get to some more. That's all for now, so I bid you farewell. Bai!
  5. Julie is great, but you should have stuck with original eyes for the others.
  6. Why is that? All my characters have different eyes, so I thought, why not color them?

    While I'm here, I'll show my new and improved Domi.
    Her cap was slightly edited, and her clothes are the same shading as Clair's hair.

    I have a new sprite. Check it.
    This here is Xandra, the Ghost type Gym Leader. Her hair looks mainly black, but if you look real close, there a some lighter shades. And, yes, that is a purple streak in her hair. Her left arm was taken from that weird bug guy's sprite, and there is ghostly fire on her ball. And, yes, that is an MP3 player in her other hand. Character item.

    As always, leave your critiques. Bai!
  7. I have here a re-done Kaitlyn sprite. Check it.
    I basically re-colored the dress, and got rid of the head pin things, replacing them with a bow.

    NEEEEW SPRITE. Fresh outta the oven!
    Melody, this is. She is assistant to Avril, and third-in-command at Team Sharp. Coloration came from the Gen. V Ice leader, and her Pokeball arm came from Belle.

    Eloise, the Ground type Gym Leader. Her sprite id from Gen. V, and coloration cam from a variety of sprites. They way she's clutching her books is a result of taking other other arm, flipping it, and placing it. The ribbon in her hair is from another Gen. V spite.

    That's all for now. Bai!
  8. These are pretty ok. Some of the faces (ex. Kaitlyn) are a bit awkward....I mean the smile. Domi's arm also looks a little too fake. Sorry about the criticism but when you sprite that's what you need. Overall these are pretty good for a first time. If you practice more you can probably do even better.
  9. If it's okay With you I would Like To Just Analyse And Redo Some of your trainers to see the varied results.

    I'll PM To You with a comparison
  10. What I;m saying is mostly for Avril. Her eyes look rather strange because they are blue
  11. Ked


    These are pretty nice for a beginning spriter ^^

    I personally think Melody came out the best.

    Some of the sprites need some outlining, but other than that these are awesome!

    Your sprites have great potential and I believe you will become a great spriter one day.

    Just keep practicing and your sprites will be noticably better (Don't let that make you think I don't like them. I couldn't think of how to rephrase that)
  12. Hey Kera, sorry for my criticism, maybe it was a little too harsh. I really think you are a great spriter but I know you can do better than this.
  13. I thank you all for the comments. Here is what I say:
    @Blue: You have to see Kaitlyn from a different point of view. Imagine you're facing her, and she has a strategy. She's smiling out of wit and cunning. And Domi's arm looks fake because it is fake. I will edit it. And don't apologize for criticism. I take it very well.
    @windsaver: Alright, I'll take a look at the re-done ones.
    @Stamgalaki: It's just the way I see Avril. Green dress, blue eyes... Just the way she is.
    @ked: Thanks, I think Melody's pretty good too. And outlining is my weak spot... But I'm sure I'll get better as time goes by.

    Again, thanks for the critique. I'll work on improving what you guys said, and be back with more. Bai!
  14. cool....Kaitlyn's dress kinda sticks out a bit but you can change that
  15. *sigh* Well, here's my latest sprite. It took FOREVER.
    This is Marcus Fledge, Avril's right-hand man, and boyfriend. In this picture, he just did something he wasn't supposed to do... His arms are raised in an effort to pull his hair out, or rub his temples. YES, THAT IS A SWEAT-DROP. It is very big, and took forever. This just means he did something REALLY bad. Something that will make Avril give him the hose...

    That's all for now. Planning on re-re-doing Raymond; Maybe just re-coloring a sprite. Look forward to it. Bai.
  16. Ked


    You've really improved since you opened this!

    It's okay, we all have a weak spot in something
    You'll get good at it over time :D

    The re-done Kaitlyn sprite has sort of a flat-head, which is fine if she's going for the 'army' look.

    For your trainers that are holding things, try to make them look a little more natural. Like Raymond, he's holding a radio with his open palm.
    Don't be afraid do some scratching if something looks a little odd.

    Marcus turned out really nice! It looks like you've mastered arm-positioning!

    Maybe you should try other forms of spriting, it'll help you get better at these. I'll be here, waiting for your next batch.
    If you need any help or something, feel free to ask me ;)
    #16 Ked, Sep 26, 2010
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    It's a Kaitlyn mugshot. And it's saved in .PNG. Yay. But she looks like she's wearing a hat... It's supposed to be a bow. Suffice to say, I suck at scratching bows. >:L

    Zaron's mugshot. he turned out surprisingly well, considering his shading was pretty hard... Also saved in .PNG. Yay.

    As always, leave your critiques. I may be back with a Marcus mugshot. Bai.
  18. Remeber that just as you can take bits from other sprites with trainers
    You can take bits from other mugshots too.
    I'm certain that if you edit the bow in Cailtin (Battle Frontier Gen 4) You should be able to make a bow.

    The Saturation OnZarons is Painful. Darken th colour to a more realistic red.
    Also Good Job on .PNG Saving :p
  19. Kaitlyn's mug is so cute! for the bow you can show half by making a curvy triangle-ish shape
  20. Heya, hiya! Kera's back, with two announcements.
    1. A schedule. I have a lot of things on my hands, so take a look at this:
    On Monday thru Thursday, I'll be making new sprites, and uploading edited ones.
    Friday is editing day, and upload day.
    Saturday is another editing day.
    Sunday... I don't know. Possibly another edit/upload day. Maybe nothing. Ya never know.

    2. Overworld sprites. I have made some. It's Zaron and Kaitlyn in their gym. Just edited Morty and Jasmine sprites. Kaitlyn's bow: I will edit it. I must. For now, here's the pic.
    OH MY GOD, I KNOW, IT'S SO SMALL... There was nothing I could do to make it larger. Sorry. But you can mainly see it.

    This is Marie, the grass type Gym Leader. She is made form Mira, and only her. I had to turn her hair A MILLION DIFFERENT WAYS to get it that way. And the jump rope is scratched, and her coloring is from Cheryl. I think she turned out very nice for a sprite that had minor pose editing.

    As always, leave your critiques. Bai for now!
    #20 Kerauno, Sep 28, 2010
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  21. Ked


    Your newest sprite is fairly nice^^

    The eyes just freak me out o.O

    The shading on the ponytails is a bit off too, a normal thing for starting spriters ;)

    Never-the-less these are pretty good sprites, with just a little more tweaking they'll be pretty nice. I would suggest checking out Tun's tut, as it was very helpful to me.
    #21 Ked, Sep 28, 2010
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  22. A Key Tip To Keep in mind isthat eye colour should be dark and a maximum of two pixles high and one pixel wide.

    Of Course I will naturally be doing some more redos to demonstrate some good tips to keep in mind ;)
    First: Kaitlyn stuff.
    Mugshot: Re-done. I edited the bow. it looks weird, but it's on that side of her head. So yeah. It's s'posed to looks like that.
    And here is a re-done battle sprite. I like the pose, so i did nothing to it. I extended her hair down her forehead, and got rid of the bow on her chest. I made it one of those dress-shawl combos. It's better for her.
    Second: Zaron stuff.
    I edited the shading of his scarf and headband with closer shades.
    I re-shaded the scarf and headband here too. And all these images are in PNG, so they should be clearer.

    Things to say: I'll have a re-done Marie within the week. I plan on editing her eye color, and add some other accessories, for her personality.
    If possible I MAY add mini-bios for these guys, cuz the poses and such comes from how I see them in my mind, along with their persona.
    I'll be working on quite a hard sprite over the week. Don't expect large updates. And, as always, leave your critiques. Bai.
  24. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Hey rival I love the sprites especially kaitlyn I also think if you have another try at the bow, you could nail it and also I love the lucario one at the start, the colours (or colors if you prefer im british) go together perfectly well done and I hope to see more!
  25. I have an important announcement. For the time being, I have not been able to make sprites. I've been very busy with school and what-not, so sprites will be scarce for about... A week or two. Sorry for the inconvenience. For your enjoyment, I have provided for you a picture of Marcus with his team. Enjoy~~


    We have Rosalie, the mischievous and helpful Happiny, and Carmen, the bubbly and strange Castform. Enjoy~~
  26. Your sprites are really good! Personally, I did prefer Domi's first costume. Anyway, keep spriting!
  27. Hey guys, thanks for the recent critique. I have here today, a special sprite. In celebration of the Deathly Hallows coming out next month, I have brought you...


    I basically took Marcus, erased his arms, re-colored his coat, tie, and hair, and changed his mouth and pose, and added a wand. The scar is there, but you may not be able to see it. But it's there. He is performing the Killing Curse (Avada Kedavra).

    As always, leave your critiques. And be sure to read the HP books, and appreciate Rowling's character. Bai.~~
  28. *coughdoublepostcough*
    Hullo. New sprite be here.

    Behold, Maurecia Simmons, PMS vampire princess. She's featured in my newest story, and you can find that on Fiction Press. Maurecia is very sexy, and dangerous. The last time she bit a person, she was in the hospital for a month.
    I used the HG/SS Beauty sprite, and edited her hair and changed everything pink to green. Because that's her style. I re-did her arms into a seemingly sexy pose, and switched her purse around. Hope ya like it.

    As always, leave your critiques. Bai!~~

    ~~THE NEXT DAY!!~~
    I finally did it. After hours of slaving over a hot keyboard-and-mouse set, I have an important person. BEHOLD...
    ...AMY. One of the Champions of Eldaro, and, in my story, spy/slave to Maurecia. In the game, she specializes in Dark types. In the book, she's a vampire.

    I used Sabrina's sprite, re-colored her hair and shirt, re-did her arms, and changed her sleeves and eyes. I hope you like it.

    As always, leave your critiques. Bai!!~~
  29. Another post of wonderfulness!~~

    OH MY GOD, THIS SPRITE TOOK FOREVER. I couldn't find the right arm, so yeah. Here ya go.

    Jason, the other Champion of Eldaro. It's a double battle, y'see? He doubles with Amy with Dark mono-types. He also stars in my new book, as a werewolf. yes, a werewolf. Don't make fun.

    He's made from a B/W sprite, and his arms are from the B/W male hero, and Giovanni. Coloring courtesy of my color palette.

    Morris, the main mortal in my story. he's a swordsman, with no fashion sense, and a love for his best friend. Quite a life, yes?
    I used Bugsy only, for I liked his pose. Minor hair and clothing editing, and added his sword.

    As always, leave your critiques. Bai!~~
  30. Hulloooo, those of you who are still with me!! It's been a while, hasn't it? Anyway, three new sprites, hope ya like!
    Behold, Melissa. She is one of those girls who wears fancy gowns and dresses to everything, and gets in trouble for her attitude. And, upon uploading this sprite, I realized some potential irony. I used Fantina as the base, and her Japanese name is Melissa. So much irony. Anyway, I edited the hair and dress, to make it unique, and used Fuuro's coloring for her. I also stole Misty's leg.

    This is Maddie, who is based off of one of my best friends. She's absolutely adorable, but very mischievous. I did nothing to the sprite, I liked it. I re-colored it, though, because that's all I could do. I know, it's not much, but it was a lot of effort on the hair shading, so I might as well showcase my effort, yes? I used a B/W sprite, and re-colored the hair and outfit to fit my likings.

    Before I forget, this is Billy, puppet to the Jigsaw Killer. I made him for the sprite contest, but hey. I need to put all my sprite work here. Anyway, he's standing, and no tricycle, because I can't scratch that. I used a B/W sprite, and re-colored his face and lengthened his hair, and added a bow tie.

    As always, leave your critiques. I'll be seeing you all, and Happy (Early) Halloween!! Bai!!~~
  31. ~~THE NEXT DAY!!~~
    I have an edited Billy, with a tricycle. Look at him!

    I took the tricycle/bike/whatever from the icon in the items bag... And blew it up! It looks better like this... Right?

    AND OH MY GOD, LOOK AT THIS. It's so awesome!!!!
    This is Drew, or, me. Yeah, this is me in sprite form. I'm so cool! Anyway, I used Cheren's sprite and used the arms from Corn and Riley. Then I re-colored everything else.

    As always, leave your critiques. I'll be seeing you, with more sprites, Bai!!~~
    #31 Kerauno, Oct 25, 2010
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  32. Oh mah gawd, look. I edited Avril, and she is so much better!

    Look at her! New sword, better hair and outfit; she's perfect! I used a B/W sprite , and Cheryl's hair color for the green. Hair color courtesy of Palmer, and I made it longer. The sword is actually Pryce's walking stick, and the arm is from the D/P/Pt female Snow Ace Trainer.

    As always, leave your critiques. Bai!!~~
  33. Wow, I see some amazing improvement from when you started! The one piece of critic I have for Avril is that it is hard to tell the hair apart from the face . You might want to make the hair darker or put a line to seperate the hair from the face.
  34. Okay, windsaver, I took that into consideration, and edited the hairline.

    Does she look any better? Just say if she does or not. Bai.
  35. Hullo. You all may be wondering why my sprites have been scarce. Here's why:
    1) I entered PoChaNoWriMo. It's a laborous process, so yeah...
    2) This sprite is was very hard. Take a look.

    Ta-Da. My first cosplay. It's Ho-oh, if you haven't already noticed. I've always imagined Ho-Oh as a girl in human form. I recolred the dress and ahir from a B/W sprite, and took that crest from Ho-Oh to put on her head. And the I scratched some wings on her arms, and added a little bag of Sacred Ash. Genius, yes?

    As always, leave your critiques. Bai!~
  36. Heyo, I have a new type of sprite here. It's a Lineless. Look here:

    Lineless Froslass! It was mildly hard, there was a considerable amount of black. I think I may do some more.

    As always, leave your critiques. Bai~~
  37. Hi. New sprite, of course. This one was very hard to make, and I like it. Look.

    Axel Stone, Bounty Hunter, and Army Lieutenant. Although, he was recently kicked out for a crime he did not commit. And the government is after him. So yeah. Peaceful life, huh?
    ANYWAY... I used the legs of Lt. Surge and recolored to night camo, and I took Palmer's upper body. I also used Cyrus's left arm, and Byron's right arm. I colored his hair black, and re did most of the torso... It was hard, because his arms were crossed across his chest, and I had to edit that out. He has a veeery sharp spear/sword-like weapon, that he uses constantly. If you looks closely, you can see his eye color is steely gray, and he has facial hair.

    And just for the hell of it, I have a version of him without the weapon. Wa-La.

    As always, leave your critiques. Bai~
  38. Moshi moshi! I've returned with a team shot. Lookie~

    The team of Axel Stone. Bask in it's glory.
    From left to right: Luna, Luke, Allison, Dakota, Amber, Justin. Pretty nice, eh?

    As always, leave your critiques. Bai!~
  39. Moshi moshi. I have good news. It's a new sprite!

    I call this one Fauna 2.0. See the differences? I'm sure you can. I used a Marley base and the hair coloration of Mars for the hair. I stole the pink from a Parasol Lady, and left the white, cuz it was pretty. I was originally going to change the legs, but I couldn't find the right ones... So I made the tights into skin, and recolored the boots. I took the arms of a Lass, and put them on Marley, and added flames. I also gave her a cute little smirk. Why the pink? She's a ballerina! Duh.

    As always, leave your critiques. Bai!~
    #39 Kerauno, Dec 4, 2010
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  40. Oh my goshness Kera! You should totally take requests~
    I love the lineless! It is my favourite one by far~!
    Your Ho-oh sprite is so gorgeous! It looks really like a Ho-oh!
    The team shot! It's just perfect!
    The clothes on the trainer sprites are really neat! There is not one single pixel out of place!
    Keep on spriting~

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