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Katsuo's Art Thread

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Katsuo, Jul 18, 2009.

  1. [​IMG]

    Meet my trainerself, Katsuo! And this is my best friend Sniper, the lvl 80 Weavile! I love him to bits! Please share your artwork and feel free to discuss the art or the subject.

    *Done in OpenCanvas

    **I do requests! Free of charge, be ready in an hour since request (maybe) Unless I'm offline.

    Administrational edit: This thread's title has been edited and the poll has been removed. Read the rules, please.
  2. I loff how you and the Weavile match :3

    Actually, I love your outfit in general. And your pose kicks arse. It looks like you're plotting some crazy shenanigans with Sniper. It's colored so nicely too! :3

    I can't really critique, but I can love it. And that, I do :D
  3. OMG ITS SinCosTan!! X3 Thank you! I appreciate it very much. I just adore my lil' Sniper (who wants headshotz) And I could draw you and you're PKMNbiffle.
  4. Oho, you want a critque, or a series observations? :3

    First off, your character makes me think of Team Rocket. Not in a bad way mind you, she certainly looks like an actually interesting character. The left hand in particular seems a little... flat, long-fingered and claw like, but that's probably because of what you used to draw it, and that hands suck to draw in general. The left leg also seems a bit off, but maybe I'm just being a pedant.

    Your Weavile scares me. Whereas Katsuo looks vaguely realistic (in the anime/manga sense, of course), Sniper looks out-of-place next to her. He's a well drawn and shaded critter, he just scares me. I think it's the claws. (And he's huge.)
  5. Thank you very much for you're critiques and observations! You are correct, about the hands and legs, I have a very difficult time planning out the whole scheme of the body, so I eventually just gave up and kept drawing. I've always had a difficult time drawing pokemon. I used a lot of refferences for Weavile, but even then i'm even a little dissapointed with him. *sad face* Oh well, it's critiques like yours that encourages me to get metter!
  6. Magpie

    Magpie Feathered Overseer
    Staff Member Moderator

    First off, nice artwork there, Katsuo. The style is very nice and I love the shading ^^

    Just something to remember though - while double-posting in art threads is ok if you're updating with new art or an important update, one word posts are frowned upon here, as is double posting. Please use the edit button for small updates like that in future.

    Keep up the good work though ^^
  7. I'm sorry, I realized I misspelled something and felt compelted to correct it. My sincere apologies.

    And thank you for the complement! I'm flattered!
  8. Doctor Oak

    Staff Member Overlord

    That's what the edit function is for.
  9. [​IMG]
    Gijinka Sniper.

    I'm sorry again for the one word post.
  10. [​IMG]
    As per Ragna's request, Gijinka Infernape!
    Lots of love to Ragna! X3

    It's a shame. This could've been so much better. But I was rushing and bleeding. I'll redo it someday. Dang, I'm really dissapointed with this.

    Not my best work. *sad face*
  11. You Gijinka Sniper looks like Nightcrawler, though that may just be me.

    The face on the Infernape looks a little off, but he's none-too bad actually.

    P.S. You update quick.
  12. I imagine Sniper as being generally thin and a pest, but I love him. Infernape was very difficult! I had a very hard time with him. His face was the last thing I worked on and unfortunatly I neglected it. The whole body was hard and I was rushing it. ^^; I regret it now.

    Yes I'm in chat mode and practicing with OpenCanvas and my tablet, so I'm doing requests and such. ^^
  13. [​IMG]
    Here's Gijinka Munchlax. I had fun with him, but I'm afraid I didn't get his legs right. But he was so adoarble I really wanted to finish. I guess he's kind of Chibi, but I think he's more of a child.
  14. AWWW. I love your Gijinka Munchlax! He looks so cute :3

    Also, your Infernape looks like it's gonna kick some total tail.

    GASP. At some point, I wanna see a Gijinka Rotom~
  15. I will most certainly draw Gijinka Rotom. After Lopunny and Luxray ^^
  16. [​IMG]
    My Lopunny, Poni, and my Luxray, Raia. Levels 73 and 78 respectively if I remember correctly.

    I love them sooo much! I'm quite happy with the way it came out.

    Next Gijinka to be drawn:

    1. Spinda
    2. Rotom
    3. Smeargle
    4. Shiny Jumpuff
    5. Houndoom
    6. Swampert
    7. Ampharos
    8. Pikachu
    9. Articuno
  17. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    I should clarify something - double posts in art threads are valid when you have to bump the thread because of inactivity, and should have at least SOME time space before a double post is made - because then it makes sense. Otherwise edit your posts rather than double post. Exercise common sense. It's not too much to ask.

    THIS, for instance, a post made several minutes later, could have easily been edited into your last post rather than having a new post made. THAT is unacceptable.

    You are hereby officially warned. Read the rules.
  18. [​IMG]
    Gijinka Rotom as per SineCosineTangent's request. You were right, SCT, Rotom is awesome! I had a lot of fun drawing his lil' space suit and goggles.
    Gijinka Smeargle.
    Gijinka Spinda. I wish she had turned out better. I accidentally drew the lineart on the Skeleton layer and ruined everything. But I think she's cute anyway.
    Gijinkachu. Does anyone else miss the chubbychu? I love curvy Gijinkachu, I think she's my second favorite in this batch, after Rotom.
  19. Well, here's the request I mentioned in chat.

    It's Kari, my PRP and story-character. Bio here: http://www.pokecharms.com/forums/index.php?topic=903.msg90467#msg90467 - by 'dusky tone' I'm thinking a sort of off brown, not unlike in my avatar, actually >.>

    I'm very specific about the hair, though. Dina Situ's style of hair is wonderful (it is here: (Bloody thing.), I'd suggest not going past that page if you're squimish) and I would love it if you could get Kari's hair looking like that.

    Well, considering most of Kari's looks are in the Bio aforementioned, I think I'll just be specific about the clothes: somewhat baggy jeans, in dark grey; chocolate long-sleeve t-shirt and white socks (which sould just poke out from under the jeans because that is cute!). He's also somewhat melancholic; I know your drawings tend to be all happy and skippy, but Kari isn't like that.

    Thanks in advance should you decide to do this, I know it's probably a bit much to ask ^.^;
  20. Awww Rotom~~!!

    I love your Pikachu too, and your Spinda makes me smile :3
  21. Thank you very much SCT for the compliments! Those make me smile too.

    And Tatile, I'd love to draw you're character! I will do my best to draw him exactly as you imagine him. As for my style, I can do dark, though I never thought about what my style was like, but you're right, it does seem happy and skippy. ^^ I just don't see pokemon as being that dark. I will get it done as soon as possible!
  22. I gotta say, I'm really loving your style here, the sketchiness is adorable and I love how it seems to suit all of the characters you've made :V
    I pretty much adore everything here, but my favorites would have to be ickle munchlax, the Smeargle (sassy brush flick ftw) and the face and pose of the Infernape ginjinka, which I really love
  23. Thank you so much! It makes me so insanely happy that you like it! I've been drawing all day while on Pokechat. The next batch will come soon! I estimate about 30 minutes give or take from this post. I work very hard on giving each character a personality, because I feel they deserve it. And everyone here deserves excellent artwork!
  24. [​IMG]
    Gijinka Absol. With this one I tried to do a 'bird's eye' prospective but it looked good in the skeleton stage, but infortanatly not in lineart. So I scrapped it and redid it. I'm happy with this, but I wish Absol's weren't so plain. Oh well, I love her hair though.
    Gijinka Ampharos. Isn't he adorable? I couldn't figure out how a masculine Ampharos would look like, so I simply made him feminine and adorable. He looks a little off though.
    Gijinka Houndoom. She looks too stiff, and that's dissapointing. I wanted to make her outfit more provacative biker chick, but I didn't think that was appropriate.
    Gijinka Shiny Jumpluff. As per Carmen's request, Shiny Jumpluff! Isn't she cute? I had fun with her hair and pom-poms. I love you Carmen!
    Gijinka Swampert. Originally I was going to do a male swampert, but I had no idea how to work the outift, so I did female instead. I'm actually very happy with her. I think she's one of my favorites.
    Last but not least, Gijinka Articuno. I'm very happy with this one. He took me the longest but it was worth it. I wanted to make him look like royalty. I hope I succeeded.
  25. Loving all of these, especially the Houndoom I requested :3 They have a very unique style about them as well as characteristics.

    Looking forward to more of your artwork :)
  26. Ohai :O I have seemed to come across the BEST ART IN TEH WHOLE WERLDZ. Seriously, these are so beautiful. ^w^ I would like to make a request. A gijinka of Froslass, Latias or Milotic would be wonderful. :3
  27. I will add those to my list and get to them as quickly as possible! I'll do them all, I just need to know what genders you would like. ^^
  28. [​IMG]
    Gijinka Froslass and Kingdra. When I was drawing this the thought "He from the Sea and she from Despair." which is the reason for the crappy border or whatever it is. I didn't like it just white
    Gijinka Milotic. Isn't she purdy?? I spent all day thinking about this one, and finally settled on this.
    In my head the Gijinka legendaries would be Royalty. I guess latias is like a princess or a duchess. I think she's cute! I love her.
  29. Oh lawdy, that absol has amazing hair. Like, awesome. Like, I wish I could pull that off D:
    Love the interpretation by the way, that is just beyond cool, and I really do adore absol so that's like +151253647456 million in my books

    These are so cute! 8D Milotic and Latias are a bit to raunchy for my liking, but the Froslass and Kingdra is so pwetty~ :3 The expression on Latias I love though.
  31. Wow Belle, I don't know what to say and Thanks doesn't seem like enough >
  32. Rose, i'ma gonna nomnom on you for being soo fuckin cool okay? okay. -noms-

    All of your drawings are soo smexy, I love the art work. its so beautiful, I wanna look like some of these drawings sometimes ;_; especially the Infernape one i requested ;)

    Keep it up Rose,
  33. Zacky you're so sweet! -is nom'd-

    I have more requests to do so I will be posting more! -huggles Zackylove-
  34. I'm sorry it took so long to update. I got wrapped up in summer, and the PRP that it completely slipped my mind.

    Tatile's adorable RPC, Kari. I loved drawing his hair, by the way.

    Jirachan requested this most unusual and adorable couple. Gijinka Breloom and Noctowl. I love Breloom, she's so adorable!! I thoroughly enjoyed her hair and face,
  35. I need to say again thank you for Kari! He's so cute >_< I have to hug you and him, many times. Except he will be the only one who gets my loving abuse
  36. You succeeded with making Gijinka Articuno look like royalty! All these are great!
    I have a request.
    If it's not to much to ask, could you have a Gijinka Togekiss and Gijinka Jirachi playing in a field together? Thanks.

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