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Karu and Toru: The Showdown.

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Toru, Dec 6, 2009.

  1. OoC: HALT! Before even trying to join this RP, note it is PRIVATE. Only me and Karu are permitted to post in this RP, as you probably guessed by the title, so if you want to fight me RP style, better look next time.

    BiC:The Twilight forest was covered with a light fog. The trees, silent in the wind looked as if they were the night sky themself. Suddenly, almost instantaneously, a large metal sword shot out of the ground, making a hole, causing crows and other animals to scarper from the area. The sword was thrown up out of the hole as the blade went metal first into the mossy earth next to the hole. The sword was stuck in the ground on a perfect straight diagonal angle. Just then, a curly haired boy leapt out of the hole and decended at the apex of his mighty leap, crashing down on the handle of his blade, as it flew out of the ground and violently span in the air. Turning around, the boy stood silently as the sword came back down, slipping into it's holder on his shoulder belt. His grin finished the montage of skill, as Wantanabe Toru shook his hair free of dirt and dusted himself down he looked around for his good friend, Karu.

    "Well, Karu should be around here somewhere... It's sort of odd, him challenging me all of a sudden. Ah well..."

    Toru leaned on the nearest shadowy tree and waited calmly for his adversary for he knew he would come.
  2. Atma

    Atma Formerly Karu

    Not a single thing disturbed the mist. Not a whispering noise nor faintest shadow. This absense of abnormality within the forest lasted for a few moments before the sound of a blade leaving the sheath fell from a distance to the back of Toru. A sound of leaves being rapidly crushed underfoot neared the foolish swordsman who for no reason what-so-ever had chosen to make a noisy entrance.

    Let's see how the boy faces up to me with his unreasonable need for such a large sword...

    The water elemental had a small smirk tugging upon his features, eyes unblinkingly piercing the fog with intent to defeat his opponent. As the shadow of his opponent came into view, Karu felt excitement ignite within him. With a swift crouch and launch into the air the elemental rebound off of a branch with an audible creak. Holding his blade with one hand and the shealth in the other.

    Karu pointed the tip of the katana for Toru's collarbone. He didn't want to be finishing him just too quickly now...
  3. Toru jumped in shock, as Karu's sword sliced into his collarbone upon the realisation that the presense of a water elemental, before sniggering. The 'Toru' Karu had pointed his sword at was merely a bluff. The blood that oozed from the light cut hardened and metamorphised into hard rock, in fact, the whole body had turned into a strong form of rock, before crumbling away, broken on the floor. The water elemental had been double crossed.

    Out of Karu's sight, Toru stood with his arms folded, balancing on a large dark azure Neo Crystal Hex matter. It was a perfect manouver. Distract Karu with an Earth clone, before attacking him from above, which was exactly what he was preparing. Raising his arms above his head silently, he raised about 5 long spear-shaped rocks from the very ground below him, and started to spin his hands, causing the spears of earth to turn too. He finished by thrusting his left hand forward, sending the matter homing straight at Karu from above. The spears were not meant to stab him, however. As Karu was made completely out of water. they were made to absorb him; the earth Toru was using for the spears was an extremely absorbant soll, that would suck his body slowly into them, before Toru would fling the spears with Karu in them miles away from his location, thus winning the battle. It was a near perfect plan, but Toru knew Karu had some very good reactions...
  4. Atma

    Atma Formerly Karu

    Karu turned as he was alerted to the sounds of objects whistling through the air towards him. With a squint Karu was able to identify the stone spears, but something seemed odd about the fact Toru would so readily attack him in such a way...

    Karu hastily sheathed his katana, the ribbon shimmering as magic flowed across it. A magic of - naturally - aquatic origin. A fine layer of high density water materialised around the sheath as the elemental tied the ribbon about the guard and handle to ensure it wasn't about to slip away. Unlucky for him, of course, he was too late. A spear grazed his face causing him to hit the ground, making it horribly clear what the spears were intended to do to his body.

    Karu morphed his body back into a standing position and shattered the spears with one two-handed arc motion of the covered blade. With a smile the elemental sped forward, bounding between trees.

    [Sorry, tired & ill ...]
  5. Toru grinned. At least one of his spears made contact. Now was not the time to celebrate, however. Karu began to dash straight to Toru's arial postition.

    'Would it be a good time to strike..?' The curly haired boy though, as Karu leapt from tree to tree coming ever closer, wielding his sword like a true master. 'No, looks like I best take a defensive manouver...'

    Pulling his sword out from his hold, he swung his sword a couple of times around his head, and thrusted it up into the air, as light congregated around it, before the sword suddenly decreased in size and turned into a above medium sized Katana.

    ''Level 5! Titanium Katana active!''

    The handle had blue thread wrapped around it, whilst the blade had been colored a light maroon. Toru slowly decended on his Neo Crystal Hex platform, and landed on the branch just below him. He brought the platform in front of him, twisting it to a vertical position, and formed two small Neo Crystal Hex rectangles and attatched them together, making a v shape, before attaching the v the to behind of the Hex matter.

    A shield.

    Putting his right arm through the strap on the shield, he held his blade in his left, preparing a stance for whatever the deceitful elemental would bring at him, as if Toru made a mistake, his death bed could await him.
  6. Atma

    Atma Formerly Karu

    With hand held out in front of him, Karu focused masses of more high density water into existance. Each aerial puddle formed into as best a sphere as possible before the four decimating objects spiralled around trees in an attempt to crush Toru's precious neo crystal.

    The elemental himself was in the process of channeling aquatic energy, threading it through the sheath and soaking it over the blade within. To ensure his own safety as he rested crouched upon a gnarled branch he proceeded to have the spheres circle Toru after hitting his shield and platform. As they orbited he had them dive in for attacks at random intervals.
  7. Readying his makeshift shield, Toru prepared himself for the orbs of water that were preparing to sweep in on him. The first orb crashed down with high velocity, breaking Toru's neo crystal sheild. It was liable to break, as it was made in a rush when he first appeared behind Karu. Toru's blade in its current form was not meant for defence, but fast blinding attacks. How would he possibly avoid the next clear blue sphere was his next move. He had no other choice but to resort to his next sword level. Bringing the sword behind him, it glowed with immense power, as light grouped around the blade again, as it increased in size back to its normal form, but at least a little larger than normal. He started to roar as energy gathered in his blade, as he twisted round, and leapt into the air unleashing a powerful 720 degree spin, slicing the three orbs in two, as he descended and shifted his sword onto his shoulder, facing Karu, who was perched on a higher branch.

    "So, how did ya like that?"
    #7 Toru, Dec 15, 2009
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  8. Atma

    Atma Formerly Karu

    "Good. Yet not good enough, child." Were the harsh words of response thrown from Karu. The severed orbs merely formed into arrows and dived, resuming the assault in smaller size and larger number. The aquatic warrior eased into a standing position, assuming a ready stance with hand slowly yet firmly reaching to grasp the hilt of his blade. Unblinking eyes fixed on the opponent, waiting for the next move that was sure to follow.
  9. Toru's sword changed shape yet again - returning back into it's level one form, before being put back into it's holder. He stood there with a smile on his face before he let the arrows crash into his position with haste and maximum velocity. The arrows connected, and splashes of water all around Toru hindered Karu's sight of him, but suddenly, the water slowly absorbed into Toru as he stood there, still silent on the tree branch, with his arms folded. He chuckled a little as he shook his head, before connecting his eyes to Karu's stare.

    "Huhuhuh...Don't you understand, Karu? I can form myself into earth whenever I want,"

    He gave proof to his statement by turning his left hand into the absorbant soll he used before, showing Karu clearly how his stunt was carried out.

    "Apparently, this would mean I had the advantage but, I know you will avoid that disadvantage."

    Toru's eyebrows raised as wittyness formed in his head.

    "Hey, speaking of avoiding, try and avoid THIS!!"

    Speeding off the Branch he was on like a sleek panther, Toru leapt straight at Karu, pulling out his blade as more energy grouped around him, as he prepared a blade attack to slice into him.

  10. Atma

    Atma Formerly Karu

    Karu held calmly. Forsaking any sense of fear and suppressing excitement. Azure eyes were concealed beneath eyelids and breath frozen to keep perfectly still. As his opponent sailed through the air with masses of energy forming and condensing, the elemental sprung his trap. The water absorbed into Toru's body burst violently outward while the crystal blade was pulled from the sheath, the drawing of the katana being turned into a slice, aiming to cut Toru from hip to opposite shoulder while an eruption of magic exploded from the blade.
  11. Toru yelled, his cry peicing the trees and sending the birds flying out of their nests as the burst of magic sent the warrior flying backwards, as he spun out of control, his blade flying out of his hands as his spine hit a tree hard, as he slowly fell to the ground as he landed face first into the leaf covered area, groaning under his breath. His earth covering fused into his flesh had taken most of the heavy blows like hitting the tree and floor, but the slice from Karu's blade had wounded him; a large crescent shape from the left side of his hip to his right shoulder. If Karu had lowered his swing, his main artery in his armpit would of been burst. He could of died.

    Toru concentrated and let some earth seal up his wound, as he slowly got up and checked himself. He looked around for his blade, and realised it had flew out of his hand, into the foilage south of him. There was no point retrieving it; Karu would hunt him and have him dead if he was off guard. He had to rely on his other forms of offence. He looked into his mind, harvesting the pain, fustration and sorrow from the blows into masses of energy, as he let off an extremly loud bellow of anger, shaking the leaves and branches of the trees. He stood as a long pillar of earth took him up to Karu's height, as he formed thin, 2D dark lavander colored neo crystal matter, around 20 to float around him. He didn't know Karu's current location, as he had been flown quite a few miles back. But he needn't worry, neo crystal spears homed in on the opponent. He threw his hand into the air, spreading his finders as the lavander polygons as sharp as daggers flew into the dark sky, illuminating it with a purple glow. The 20 odd projectiles spread out, higher and higher into the sky, before descending, coming closer together, zooming in straight towards Karu, Aiming for his weak spots.
  12. Atma

    Atma Formerly Karu

    The elemental had sheather his blade, expecting the arduous battle to have passed by now. ...And yet he sensed further shifting in the earth as something moved in the distance. With a heaved sigh the dark haired water-form unsheathed his blade once more yet in a different stance, blade facing down. Standing tall the blunt edge rested against his arm as Karu eyed the direction his opponent was sent for any sign of attack.

    Then it was clear as a dull glow filled the pure blue sky with glints of light whistling through the air toward him. A 'hmph' of dismissal signalled disappointment as the objects shot clean through his form with barely the slightest actual movement. Karu glanced down as holes in his body filled with clear water before materialising into 'flesh'. As eyes slowly aligned with where he estimated Toru was, body soon leapt forward, severing trees in his wake with careful cuts.
  13. He had Karu's location, and now, he was coming in fast, preparing a slash. He spread his arms and waited for the finishing blow.

    He had lost. To some extent.

    The clone of Toru crumbled away into earth, and turned into dust. The real Toru? A grip on his large sword. His location? Unknown. His next attack?

    Pretty damn obvious.


    Lifting his sword up above his head, he violently slammed it into the ground with two hands, triggering a massive, straight, ground splitting earthquake towards Karu, the earth technique homing in on him, falling trees and consuming all that were unfortunate to fall in to the gap. He stood and waited for the hydrokinetic's response.
  14. Atma

    Atma Formerly Karu

    Karu frowned at the rumbling forest as it was torn asunder. "Childish. Foolish. Damn near harming..." With a pause in his sentance he rebound from the tree with his sword held normally now, a mass of azure power culminating in the blade. "...Everything in your way!"

    The continuation was near drowned out by the sound of his katana singing through the air, a blue line of shimmering energy holding its place. Gathering energy at his feet, Karu leapt from it to a point barely above the ruined forest. "Burn in a watery hell." At the sound of these words, sinisterly calm blue eyes were filled with the same energy that was radiating from the hanging slice in the air, which itself was about to perform...

    Particles of aquatic magic exploded from the cut as a geyser of searingly hot water rushed through the air toward the starting point of the splitting ground. Naturally, it barely lasted seconds before white steam was drifting into the air where the geyser once was.

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