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Open Kanto RP

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by TomThePokemonTrainer, Apr 16, 2019.

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  1. TomThePokemonTrainer

    TomThePokemonTrainer Previously BlueBlue

    In this roleplay it is based in Kanto but still has all the new pokemon and different multiple starters (NO Legendarys, NO High Leveled Pokemon this is at the start, Put S before the pokemon if it's shiny)

    In order to sign up, you must create a character of your own.
    Appearance: (must include hair color, eye color, skin tone, and an idea of clothing)
    Pokémon Team:
    # of Badges:
    Hometown: (place where your character was born, doesn’t have to be in Kanto)
    Starter: (your character doing something in roleplay)

    This is mine

    Name: Tom
    Age: 13
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Tom is a White boy with Brown hair, Blue Eyes, Black undershirt, Blue unzipped hoodie, Black leather jacket, Black jeans and Red/White Shoes
    Pokémon Team: Lavitar S
    # of Badges: 0
    Hometown: Pallet town
    Starter: As Tom woke up on his 13th birthday hoping it was going to be the day he finally got his starter after 3 years of being late and not getting any so as he jumped out of bed he threw on his clothes and ran as fast as he could towards Professor Ouk's Lab and busted through the door "PROFESSOR OUK, I'M NOT LATE YET, AM I?" He shouted "Quite the contrary actually, your early, we have a lot of pokemon this year" Prof Ouk told Tom, Tom was so excited he just grabbed a random one and ran "So, That's the one he chose" Prof Ouk said to himself, and just like that Tom's adventure started with a lot of excitement
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  2. Name: Howa Sumito
    Age: 11
    Gender: F
    Appearance: Howa usually wears A gray hoodie with black pants and shoes. Her hair is black. She has light blue eyes, but hides them with dark brown contacts. she had a white bead on her Hair-tie. Howa l
    Pokémon Team: Lucario (M, level 35), Raichu (M, Level 29 (alolan form))
    # of Badges: 0 (just moved to kanto)
    Hometown: The region Howa started in was Alola. She began with Riolu in Iki town.
    Starter: Howa Sumito watched as her tiny island became smaller as she flew away in the plane. Howa missed everything there- Her friends, Her father, and her pokemon friends at the daycare.
    "miss Alola already?"
    Howa looked around, then realized her mother was the one that spoke. Howa nodded.
    "Im sure kanto is great. Maybe greater."
    Howa nodded slowly. Then she put her earbuds on, Listening to music as the plane flew towards Kanto. Howa stepped off, Noticing a young boy with a larvitar.
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  3. Name: Max
    Age: 12
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: He has black hair and brown eyes. His skin tone is white and he normally wears hoodies with charizards on them.
    Pokémon Team: Tepig (M, level 8)
    # of Badges: 0 (just started his journey)
    Hometown: Pallet Town
    Starter: Because of his 12th birthday he was on holiday in Castelia City and he found an abandoned and injured tepig.
    He begged his mum to let him keep it and eventually she said yes. They travelled back together to Kanto and Max
    went to Professor Oak to get his starter pokemon but Oak found out that he had a tepig and now he is travelling on route 1 with tepig.
  4. Howa stared at Max, Unknowing that he also had pokemon from a different region. She began to walk foward. Howa offered her hand.
    "Hello, My name is Howa."
    (btw, howa's gonna crush on you both, that okay?)
  5. TomThePokemonTrainer

    TomThePokemonTrainer Previously BlueBlue

    Tom overheard Howa introducing herself to someone he turned around to see his best friend Max and turned around and put out his hand "Hey, I overheard you sorry, My name's Tom, from what I heard your Howa?" He said hoping he would not come off creepy

    (Yea that's fine with me, also Max can we be like best friends/rivals cause we knew each other since we were like young?)
  6. Howa looked at Tom, smiling. he was a handsome lad, with brown hair and dazzling eyes.
    "yes sir, i'm Howa from alola. Or madam. I dont assume genders." She shrugged. It was cool if Tom was a girl, She liked him anyways.
    "So, erm, have any plans?" Howa made a sad attempt to make a date.
  7. TomThePokemonTrainer

    TomThePokemonTrainer Previously BlueBlue

    "Well I was born here in kanto, and well I was thinking of getting some moomoo milk coffee, would you like to join me?" Tom said picking up on that attempt and thinking Howa looked pretty herself with her beautiful black hair and pretty eyes
  8. Name: Mia Anderson

    Age: 12

    Gender: Girl

    Appearance: Mia is a tan girl with dyed pastle pink hair (her natural color is blond). She has brown eyes and a lot of freckles. She wears her hair in two fluffy buns on top of her head, and her attire consists of a pale yellow tank top and baggy light blue shorts with pink sandals.

    Pokémon Team: Piplup (Male, Pippy)

    # of Badges: 0

    Hometown: Sinnoh

    Starter: Mia hopped off the plane, her luggage in one hand and her Piplup in the other. She stared around at the new region with bright, curious eyes and smiled.

    “Wow! This place is great Pippy!” Her Piplup squeaked in agreement. She had never gone on an adventure before, so the fact that her dad had let her come here by herself was crazy! But she wasnt complaining. He had been nice enough to let her come here, so she was going to make him proud!
  9. her face turned a light shade of cherry. Her lucario nodded, happy that his trainer was enjoying love.
    "Of course!" Howa smiled.
    Lucario and Raichu exchanged amused looks. They loved this. Howa Sumito- the emo queen, had a crush on a non-emo man. This was priceless!

    Howa reached for his hand. She grasped it.
    "shall we go?" she smiled, eyes glimmering in the sunlight.
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  10. Paeon Kanetsu

    Paeon Kanetsu Previously Markus Daymo

    Name: Atlas Yen
    Age: 14
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Black hair, blue eyes, cream skin, blue jacket, black t-shirt, navy blue jeans, red sneakers, red back pack, and a pair of red fingerless gloves.
    Pokémon Team: Cranidos (Indominus)
    # of Badges: 0
    Hometown: Nuvema Town, Unova

    Starter: ...

    Atlas sighed as he was tied to a tree trunk with vines as he floated down a river. On the opposite side of the tree trunk was his Crandios, Indominus. Atlas could only see behind them while Indominus could see in front of them. "...You just had to challenge those Beedrills, huh?" "...shut up..."

    Yes, Atlas was able to hear the voices of Pokemon... to which he shrugged and acted normal around. Now, for backstory, Atlas and Indominus were sent to Kanto to deliver a package while going on an adventure. Sounded easy, but then Indominus challenged a horde of Beedrills in Viridian Forest and the two were chased. It was when they swung away on a vine into a tree that brought them to the situation they were in.

    "As fun as fighting may be, I'm all funned out right now." Indominus stared ahead before he gulped. "...Uh oh."

    Atlas groaned as he heard this while Indominus prepared himself. "Don't tell me... we're heading towards a herd of angry Gyarados about to Hydro Pump us."


    "All of them are extremely high leveled?"

    "Most likely."

    "...Bring it on."


    It was quiet around the forest as no sounds were heard. Then suddenly... a large explosion of water occured as Atlas & Indominus! could be heard. "BOOYAH HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! WOOOOOOO!!!" These words faded away as the tree trunk was sent through the air with Atlas and Indominus.

    Where they were heading, no one knew... but thus begun an adventure of a life time.

    ...That is until the trunk lands near the outside of Pallet Town.
    ..."We're okay!"
  11. TomThePokemonTrainer

    TomThePokemonTrainer Previously BlueBlue

    Tom grasped Howa's hand harder and while holding his larvatar in his other arm "I know this one amazing place just up the road" Blue said rushing towards his dad's cafe with a smile on his face
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  12. Mia and Piplup had been walking around for a while and Mia was getting tired. Of course Piplup had it easy, she just carried it around all day.

    “Why dont YOU carry ME around for a change?” Mia said haughtily.

    “Pip pip-lup!” He replied snappily.

    “Dont use that tone of voice on me now!” Suddenly a loud explosion caught both of their attention’s. They jumped, Mia stepping back a little.

    “W-what was that?” She asked nervously. Before anything else could happen, Piplup hopped out of her arms (“Oh NOW you want to walk!”) and headed towards the sound as Mia chased after him.
  13. Howa's face turned a darker shade of red. She glanced around, her brown eyes glittering. Was this.. Love? No, this man was too cheerful for her...

    In the corner of her eye, she could spot an explosion.
    "Tom, whats that..?" she pointed towards the explosion.
  14. Paeon Kanetsu

    Paeon Kanetsu Previously Markus Daymo

    As Atlas and Indominus regained their bearings, they turned to each other and shrugged. "So... how much you want to bet someone noticed and is coming over." Indominus just grunted before he shook his head. "No way... that's a sucker bet. I ain't falling for that again."

    Atlas laughed as he grabbed his backpack and looked within it. "Well... all our items are good... and the package for that Oak guy is still in tact. So yeah... We got an a-okay!"

    Indominus laughed as he headbutted Atlas leg, which caused the boy to tumble to the ground. "Yeah, but it was still at risk idiot!" "...And who's fault is that?" "...Shutting up now." Atlas chuckled as he stood back up. "Thought so."
  15. Piplup made it to the scene first. Noticing a boy and his Cranidos, the small penguin stepped back a little. He liked to act tough, but he was just a big scaredy cat.

    “Pip! Piplup!” He called out in panic, turning around to try to find Mia, but she had lost him a while ago on their way to investigate. Meanwhile, a VERY worried Mia glanced around.

    “PIPLUP! Where are you??!!”
  16. Paeon Kanetsu

    Paeon Kanetsu Previously Markus Daymo

    Atlas turned and stared at the Piplup as it acted in panic. "Hey Piplup, what's wrong?" The Piplup stopped before he looked away with it's flippers crossed. "N-Nothings wrong! I'm all great!" Atlas stared before he bursted out laughing. "Yeah right... you obviously got lost."

    The Piplup looked down to it's feet as Atlas put on his backpack and walked over with Indominus. "You got a name Piplup?" "...Pippy."

    "Well, nice to meet you Pippy. I'm Atlas and this is Indominus."

    "Wait, you can hear me!?"

    Indominus jumped in. "Yeah, he can. Now... let's get you back to trainer."



    After a short distance, Atlas noticed a girl who cried out for a Piplup. The girl was shorter then him and Atlas guessed for her to be one or two years younger then him. "Hey, is that your trainer?" Atlas asked the Piplup. He carried Pippy in his hands as Indominus walked beside him. Pippy noticed and nodded. "Yeah! That's Mia! MIA!!"

    Pippy then hopped out of Atlas' arms and rushed over to her as Atlas and Indominus turned to each. They stared, shrugged, and then walked over to the girl. "Hey, nice to meet ya!" Atlas grinned as he walked over.
  17. If Pip hadnt been so worried about losing Mia, he wouldve talked to the strange trainer and his pokemon a little more. Sure, it was normal for him to be able to talk to other pokemon, but a human?! This was something new...

    However as the trio walked, they finally came upon a familiar pink haired girl..

    “MIA!!” Piplup called, forgetting she couldnt hear him like Atlas could. He jumped out of the stranger’s arms and ran to Mia. Mia turned, her eyes a bit puffy from obvious crying. But as soon as she spotted her beloved pokemon her mouth grew into a wide grin and she happily picked him up, squeezing him.

    “Dont you EVER run off like that again! Seriously, you- huh?” The girl was cut off by a sudden introduction of a trainer. She had been too worried about Piplup to notice them at first, but she put on a big smile and nodded.

    “Oh! Hello, I’m Mia. Who are you guys..?”’
  18. Paeon Kanetsu

    Paeon Kanetsu Previously Markus Daymo

    "Name's Atlas. And this is Indominus." Indominus grunted beside Atlas. "Hey." Atlas shook his head as he heard his partner. "Sorry about Pippy running off... we kinda... made a little bit of a entrance and we found that he rushed over to us."

    Atlas then turned to Indominus with a deadpan look. "If someone didn't battle those Beedrills, then we would have been fine." Indominus then turned away with a slight embaressed blush. "S-Shut up! I don't back down dammit!" Atlas laughed as he turned back to Mia with a smile.
  19. Mia looked at both of them in confusion.

    “So YOU two are the ones who caused that explosion by battling... battling some what? Also... how the heck did you know my pokemon’s name?!” She looked at Pip, then back at Atlas. She had a LOT of questions.
  20. Paeon Kanetsu

    Paeon Kanetsu Previously Markus Daymo

    "Well... to start, the whole scenario to how we caused the explosion is gonna take a bit so I'll answer the other question first. I know his name because Pippy told me it. I can understand and hear the voices of Pokemon." Atlas noticed that she wouldn't believe him so he decided to do a test.

    "To prove it, tell Pippy to say stuff that I couldn't possibly know and I'll be able to hear it."
  21. Mia stared at the stranger for quite a while before she turned to Piplup.

    “Alright Atlas, I’ll play your game,” she sighed and then proceeded to whisper to her pokemon, making sure Atlas couldnt see nor hear what she was saying, “tell him that he needs to show me where to catch some good pokemon around here.”

    Letting Pippy go, the penguin pokemon waddled over to Atlas.

    She said ya gotta show her some good places to catch pokemon are.”
  22. Paeon Kanetsu

    Paeon Kanetsu Previously Markus Daymo

    "I got to show her some good places to catch Pokemon? Well that may be a problem due to me coming to Kanto less then a few hours ago." Indominus groaned. "God... This is boring... I'd rather deal with that pack of Gyarados again."

    Atlas turned to Indominus annoyed. "Really? We were sent flying through the air due to Gyarados and now you want to go back?" "...Yeah, fair point." "Exactly... now we actually do need to hurry up and deliver this package to this Oak dude."
  23. Mia nodded, seemingly unimpressed.

    “Alright alright fine, so you can talk to pokemon. Whos professor oak?! Can i come with?!” Mia was usually one to ask impulsive questions like asking to go on a trip with a complete stranger. Of course Mia had had a fairly decent, safe life in her hometown so she was a little naive when it came to potential danger.
  24. Paeon Kanetsu

    Paeon Kanetsu Previously Markus Daymo

    "Uh... sure? You can come along. I'm heading to Professor Oak's place to drop off a deliver. Don't know what it is but Professor Juniper really wanted it delivered." As he finished, Atlas started walking towards Pallet Town.

    As he reached the entrance, he inhaled. Indominus noticed before he covered his ears.
  25. Mia walked along with Piplup in her arms, glancing at the package from time to time. She wondered what could be in there. Atlas’ sudden outburst dragged her from her thoughts as he shouted at pallet town.

    Mia smiled and giggled a bit, taking a step ahead of both of them, walking into the small town.

    “Well, where do you suppose this Oak guy lives then? HEY PROFESSOR OAK!! ARE YOU HERE?!” She yelled. She supposed it would be the quickest way to find the guy as this place was very small, only a few houses residing nearly side by side.
  26. Howa stared at Mia.
    "Hey, ya looking for the professor?" she asked her.
    Howa dragged Tom fowards, towards Mia.
  27. Name: Geo
    Age: 12
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: a 5'1" thin blonde guy with a light complexion, messed up hair, grey eyes, green jacket, chaps, tennis shoes, a green messenger bag, and a smile always on his face.
    Pokémon Team: Oshawott (Male)
    # of Badges: 0
    Hometown: Nimbasa City, Unova

    This was Geo's second day in Kanto. On his first day, he arrived at 10 in the evening and was worn out. It was the morning and now he is ready to go. He held his Oshawott tightly. He walked out the door and saw some people talking and shouting. His initial reaction was to get a closer look at them. He doesn't know if he should interrupt them at the moment.
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  28. Paeon Kanetsu

    Paeon Kanetsu Previously Markus Daymo

    Atlas sighed as he felt Indominus grab his pant leg. Indominus then pointed to a sign which stopped Atlas... before he facepalmed. "Hey Mia!"

    Trying to get the girl's attention to look at the sign that say "Professor Oak's Lab" Atlas wathed as Indominus laughed while rolling on the ground. Atlas grumbled. "Yeah yeah... laugh it up for now Gyarados bait..."
  29. The Oshawott's curiosity rose a bit when he saw Atlas' gestures to the sign. As he kept pointing, he wanted to simply rush over to the guy. He hasn't seen seen anyone besides the other family members he lives with. In the blink of an eye, the Oshawott jumped out of Geo's arms and ran to Atlas.

    "Hey, come back here!" Geo said, trying to retrieve the pokemon back to his arms.
  30. Paeon Kanetsu

    Paeon Kanetsu Previously Markus Daymo

    Atlas noticed an Oshawott that rushed towards him. Atlas smiled as he rubbed the Pokemon's head. "Talk about a reminder of home. How are you little guy? Got a name?"

    Indominus smiled as this reminded him of back in Nuvema town as Atlas assisted Professor Juniper. Good times...
  31. The Oshawott smiled widely once Atlas laid his hand on the pokemon's head.

    "Wott!" The Oshawott said, a bit cheerful that he got a pat on the head. Geo walked up to the Oshawott, Cranidos, and Atlas.

    "He has no name. I can't think of any good name for the Oshawott, yet." Geo chuckled a bit, "He's a bit wild. We just moved from Nimbasa City, in Unova, and I guess the little old Oshawott couldn't handle himself. He's an energetic pokemon, that's for sure!"
  32. Paeon Kanetsu

    Paeon Kanetsu Previously Markus Daymo

    Atlas chuckled as he nodded. "Yeah, I can understand that. Say, what's your trainers name?" The Oshawott looked at Atlas before he cheerfully responded "His name's Geo!"

    Atlas nodded as he look the trainer. "Well then, nice to meet you Geo! Glad to see another Unovian."
  33. "Pleasure to meet you as well, erm..."

    Geo scratched the back of his head. "What's your name?" The boy tilted his head, blushing a bit.
  34. Paeon Kanetsu

    Paeon Kanetsu Previously Markus Daymo

    "Ah, right! Name's Atlas Yen. Born and raised in Nuvema Town, Unova! And this is my partner Gyarados Bait." Indominus then jumps into Atlas' stomach as he's sent to the ground.

    "Joking, joking... this is Indominus."
  35. Mia glared at the two as they pointed at the sign.

    “Yea yea, i knew that. Whatever,” she said indignantly before two trainers came up to her and Atlas. One was with a cute little blue pokemon, Mia assuming it was a water type.

    “HOW CUTE!” Mia squealed happily. She kneeled down to the pokemon and smiled. “Hullo little guy. Im Mia, and this is Pippy!” Piplup jumped out of her arms and walked over to the Oshowatt, gazing at him curiously.

    (Sorry yall, ive been hella busy today :/)
  36. Name: Jason Donovan
    Appearance: Brown Hair, Green eyes, White, Blue Jeans White T and a Red Short sleeve button up shirt
    Pokémon Team: Turtwig , Totodile,
    # of Badges: 0
    Hometown: Sinnoh
    Starter: Walking down the road towards The Lab, Jason a Trainer from the Sinnoh region, with his Turtwig by his side has traveled from a far to meet Professor oak. But a Bunch of Trainers and their pokemon are in between him and his destination.

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  37. "Well, it's nice to meet you!" Geo said, laughing from the headbutt Atlas just received

    Geo turned around to notice the girl and the Piplup talking to the Oshawott. The Oshawott jumped on top of the girls knees cheerfully and smiled.

    "Wott!" The Oshawott said happily.

    "I see you've met my Oshawott. He's a cute little pokemon that was given to me by some girl with blonde hair back in Unova. I'm happy that you like him." Geo said to Mia. Then he turned to face Atlas, then Amelia. "Are we going to the lab or something?" Geo questioned.

    (Hey! Here's Geo's trainer card! https://pokecharms.com/data/attachment-files/2019/04/716863_trainercard-Geo.png)
  38. “Haha! I love him!” She picked Oshowatt up and hugged him gently, then quickly set him back down as she remembered it wasnt polite to pick up another person’s pokemon without permission. She decided to answer the boy even though he wasnt talking to her.

    “Yep! Atlas here has somethin’ to drop off to the professor i guess!” She shrugged and eyed the weird package again.
  39. Jason and his turtwig now standing outside The Lab but the entranced is blocked by a bunch of trainers chatting.
    " HEY!! IS THERE A BATTLE GOING ON OR SOMETHING? If Not then Move it! Jason's got places to be!"
    Jason angrily shouts at the other trainers.
  40. Howa frowned, She wasn't trying to be rude. But the little water otter was so cute, she had to watch from afar. Grasping Tom's hand tightly, she finally dragged him to get some imported Moo-moo milk from Jhoto. She grinned.
    "I guess we forgot!" she smirked.
    (tom if u dont reply in 10 minutes im gonna go danger fish on u)
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