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Ask to Join Kanto Pokémon League; The Next Generation RP

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Von Pumpkin, Jul 9, 2019.

  1. The Pallet Town Pokémon Lab sent out invitations to a very select group of three young trainers, from differing walks of life. As each walked in, they were greeted not by Kanto's Pokémon Professor, but by a nondescript, entirely average-looking and immediately forgettable aide in a lab coat.

    "Sorry," he told each. "Professor Oak can't be here today. But, in her stead, I'll be giving you your first Pokémon. Please wait until everyone is here."

    He bowed to the trio, once all three gathered before him. "Thank you for coming," he greeted. "Professor Daisy Oak sends her apologies, but some pressing matters suddenly came up that she couldn't ignore. The first of which was the theft of our lab's Charmander last night. We were able to save the Bulbasaur and Squirtle, but if you were planning on choosing Charmander as your first partner, I'm sorry." He motioned to the third Pokéball on the table, and continued.

    "We were able to get our hands on a very special Eevee," he offered. "So, none of you will have to go without a first Pokémon. Please decide who will get which Pokémon among yourselves, and please keep it civil."
  2. Quiver

    Quiver Previously QuiveringRaptor

    Karl had a smirk on his face. "Luckily", he stated," I was planning on picking Bulbasaur." He walked over to the table where the PokeBalls were (I'm assuming that the lab is like the one in Lets Go). He carefully held the PokeBall in his hand, passionate about getting the Pokemon. He threw it up in the air, and a barrage of leaves came out of it before the Bulbasaur, and it landed in his arms. "Heh...", he shyly said under his breath," I think I chose best..." Not before long, the Grass-Poison type hopped onto Karl's head, and he needed to blow his uncombed hair to see. He looked over to the other trainers, wondering what Pokemon they would choose.
  3. Allie walked into the lab, bouncing excitedly. Her exuberance was barely kept in check, and she had to stop herself from squealing with excitement. Soon, her eyes lit up at the mention of an Eevee. She had been trying to decide which starter to pick for a long time now - and it looked like that decision might have been made for her.
    She turned to the trainer that had not selected a starter yet.. "Uh - hello there. Do you mind if I take Eevee?"
  4. Mango137

    Mango137 Previously Lewish37

    Archer yawned as he turned to look at the girl who had just spoken to him. “Yeah, that’s fine with me, I don’t really have a preference.” He walked up to the table and grabbed the pokeball in the middle. “I guess that means you’re mine.” He said to the shiny red and white sphere in his hands. He clicked the button in the middle and out came the tiny turtle Pokémon. Archer broke into a smile “Hi Squirtle, I’m your new trainer it’s nice to meet you.” The young Squirtle was ecstatic and jumped into Archer’s arms, nearly knocking him over. He laughed at the Pokémon’s energy, and mentally prepared himself for the start of his journey.
  5. "Thanks!" Allie replied happily, and walked up to the table. She picked the final Pokeball, and clicked the button.
    With a white glow, an Eevee popped out of the ball, staring at the new trainer inquisitively. "Veevee?"
    "Hi Eevee! My name's Allie, and I'm going to be your new trainer!"
    Eevee was visibly overjoyed at this. Without hesitation, the Eevee leaped onto the new Trainer. Though the other trainer hadn't fallen, Allie wasn't so lucky. She fell straight onto her back, a loud crash sounding through the lab.
    Eevee looked concerned, standing by her head. "Vee?"
    Allie looked a bit dizzy, but shook it off quickly. "I'm fine, don't worry!" As she got to her feet, she smiled and laughed, although she was a bit embarrassed.
  6. The aide grew a faint, glowing smile as he watched the children settle their decisions peacefully. He stepped back, to a table behind him that bore only three red devices, then gathered them up in his absolutely forgettable hands. "The Professor asked me to give you these," he informed the trio.

    He handed them out, one at a time, to Karl, then to Allie (once she found the ability to stand up), then to Archer. "What I just gave you is called a Pokédex. It's a high-tech encyclopedia that registers information about the Pokémon you see. After you have battled a Pokémon, your Pokédex will access a database that shows you that Pokémon's type weaknesses and resistances. Normally, we would have given you a Pokédex that can only show you information about one-hundred-fifty Pokémon or so... but in the last few years, we've seen an influx of foreign Pokémon. The cause of this is still under investigation... But don't worry about it too much. We're giving you the National Dex to start, so you won't be lost if you find a Pokémon that's native to a far-away land like Unova."

    He bowed again and stepped back to the bookshelves in front of the entrance, blending in with the other aides like camouflage. "Good luck on your gym challenges!"
  7. Sarah took her time to gather her personal pokemon for her journey to Hana. She needed to explain what her father just told her about the missing pokemon from the professor. She got ready and turned to her father. "Hey dad is it ok if I borrow your Charizard to help me get to Pewter? It will make my trip much faster." Mr. Blackwell noded and walked outside with Sarah. He released his Charizard from his pokeball. Sarah had her buneary on her shoulder as she climbed up on the back of the large lizard pokemon. She held on as he took off to the gym of Pewter. She landed right in front and entered to hopefully find the gym leader there.
  8. Quiver

    Quiver Previously QuiveringRaptor

    Karl nodded at the Professor's comment, turning to the other trainers who redeemed the PokeDex. "So... are we going to travel in a group? Maybe battle? Catch a Pokemon?", he asked the two trainers, one with Squirtle, and the other with Eevee. He shook his head, blurring them out of his mind. While he was, the Bulbasaur latched perilously on his head. "Oh...", he realized," Sorry, buddy... Anyway, we're on an adventure? Right? So let's battle!", he pointed at the one with the Sqiurtle, as he knew that he would have the type advantage.
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  9. Mango137

    Mango137 Previously Lewish37

    “Thank you sir!” Archer responded, trying to sound formal. He extended his hand to shake the assistants, remembering his moms lectures on courtesy. He was shocked to be challenged so suddenly by the boy with a Bulbasaur, he really didn’t feel like battling but figured he should gain some more experience besides what he had done against his siblings at home. “Sounds good!” Replied Archer, he knew his opponent had a type advantage but Archer felt pretty confident he could win. This trainer seemed over excited, over confident, and inexperienced. He knew he could use that to his advantage. “Let’s head outside first, I don’t wanna make a mess in here.”
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  10. Quiver

    Quiver Previously QuiveringRaptor

    Once they headed out to the nearest battlegrounds, Karl got his battle face on. "Bulbasaur, go!", he shouted. Accordingly, the Pokemon hopped off of his head, growling at the Squirtle. He held out his PokeDex. "Let's see...", he pointed it at Bulbasaur. "Bulbasaur, the Seed Pokemon, a strange seed was planted on its back at birth. The plant sprouts and grows with this Pokemon." Karl looked at it's moveset, pondering over what move to use. Karl's Bulbasaur knew Tackle, Growl, and Vine Whip. He was going to let Archer go first, as Karl was narcissistic and thought he would win.
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  11. Mango137

    Mango137 Previously Lewish37

    Archer prepared himself for battle, he had grown up practicing with his sister who is now in the elite four I should be able to win this he thought. Archer was weary of Bulbasaur’s vines, his sister had chosen Bulbasaur so he knew it could do some damage if he got too close. “Squirtle use bubble.” Archer commanded as the tiny turtle shot fast paced bubbles towards Bulbasaur.
  12. @Dubkip_Playz

    While the children off in Pallet Town had their very first battle of their grand adventure, Hanabi responded to the call of one 'Dubkip'. Weird name, but what was she gonna say about it? He was a Gym Leader, too, and he deserved some respect. Well, she less responded to his call and more... watched him enter her gym all of a sudden.

    "Do you have anything on the missing Charmander?" she asked the Fighting-type Leader, her dark eyes flat and serious. The long sleeves on her pink-flower-patterned furisode fell past her hands as she stepped forward. She heaved a broken sigh and answered her own question. "Who am I kidding? Nobody does. We've been on this all. Night. And nothing."

    Well, it was more that Hana was the one who hadn't slept over this. She'd questioned all she could question, uncovered every rock she could uncover. Drank all the coffee in her pitcher. "I'm worried the thief is going to come after those kids Daisy was on about. The ones that that Charmander was supposed to go to? The thief only didn't steal Bulbasaur and Squirtle, because I beat him. I think... Well, I don't know, what do you think about us each protecting one of them?"
  13. “I don’t know, what happens if another trainer challenges one of our gyms? I mean my father can stand by as the gym leader until I return.” Dubkip claimed. “But you...” Dubkip trailed off. “I got it!”
  14. Sarah walked into the Pewter city gym to find the rock type gym leader Hana and the fighting type gym leader Dubkip. She heard what they had last said and walked up to the two. "Hey so I am guessing you guys know about the missing charmander then. I was coming to see Hana about it."
  15. Hana massaged her temples. "If someone really needs to come and challenge my gym, I know Mira can handle using Lileep and Sudowoodo." She shook her head and opened up the door for the Water-type Leader.

    "Sarah!" she called out. "Thank you, so so much for coming. Please tell me you have--" Again, nobody had any information about the missing Charmander. Hana was there and she didn't. She slumped over where she stood, absolutely defeated. "No... The Void who took Charmander was wearing a mask."

    She straightened herself back up and wiped the dust off her furisode. "I know it was a Void. No team logo, all black. And I'll catch you up to speed on what I was saying to Dub, I think we need to protect the kids."
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  16. “I think so to...” Dubkip answered. What am I kidding!?! I couldn’t even protect a Dialga from a pokeball! “So they’re traveling in groups, right? Meaning it should be easy.” Dubkip said with fear shaking down his voice.
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  17. "Well why not the three of us kind of travel with one of the new trainers. My father can watch my gym. He has done it before. I would not mind helping them on their journey. If there are three new trainers then we could easily take one under our wing so to speak." Sarah wanted an excuse to get out of her gym for awhile. She wanted to explore and have a quiet way to draw and photograph pokemon out in the wild.
  18. Dubkip thought for a moment. If we all go with one trainer it might be too much pressure and we also be targeted... “What if instead we each went with a trainer?” Dubkip asked. He knows this would make it harder for Team Void to eliminate them.
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  19. "That is what I meant to say Dubkip. I did not mean to say we would all travel with one trainer. We could kind of protect them one on one. It could be like we get to start our own journey so to speak." Sarah loved the idea of going out and seeing the world. She hoped the others would agree to it.
  20. “That sounds good, how about this. Whenever they challenge this gym we could each go with a trainer.” Dubkip Claimed. He liked his idea and also wanted to go on a journey. He never got to as a kid so this would be a new experience for him.
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  21. Quiver

    Quiver Previously QuiveringRaptor

    "Dodge it and use Tackle!", he exclaimed. The Bulbasaur traversed around the incoming attack, then started to charge at the Squirtle. Karl smirked as, so far, the battle was in his favour. Before attempting to Tackle, the Bulbasaur lifted itself on it's vines and threw itself on the Squirtle, giving it more power, but less accuracy. "Wow!", Karl exclaimed, surprised at his Pokemon's move.
  22. Hana nodded, only once, but with all the enthusiasm of one thousand times. "Sarah, thank you-- I was saying that right before you came in." She sat down on a cute, yellow brick and played with the leaf of one of her hibiscus bushes. "It's good that we're all on the same page, and all, but..."

    She ran her fingers through her hair, tidied herself back up. "This is the worst," she complained. "I'm getting bags under my eyes. I'm not even eighteen and I'm going to look like a forty-year-old when I'm twenty..." Still... What would be more important than protecting children from a bunch of criminals? At least until they could all defend themselves...

    "Well, I'm definitely going to go with the most stylish one," she boasted, her chest proudly puffed out as she pressed her knuckles against her hips. "No doubt about that."
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  23. Sarah looked to the others. "Well I think it might be best if I go with the one who had gotten the eevee. They might need help in learning to fight with a normal type at first." She hoped to help the one who got an Eevee she wanted to reminisce abiut her own small eevees. It was bad enough that she had to leave one in the gym, but she will survive.
  24. Hana sputtered. "Wh--" She gathered herself together, but couldn't help that her expression twisted into a massive pout. "H-hey, my gym is the one that gives out a Normal-type move that can become any type. If anyone should be guiding the one who picked the Eevee..."

    Eevee was the absolute cutest Pokémon-- of the ones available to the kids, anyway. Rockruff was the real cutest. "Besides. Anyone who picks Eevee has to be crazy fashionable. So I already called dibs."
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  25. Sarah rolled her eyes at the excitable girl. "Fine I gues we can just let them decide on who they want to travel with. Though I think it would take too long for them to get here. We could go to Professor Oak's lab and see if we can catch the trainerd there." She hoped she did not have to deal with a stuck up trainer.
  26. Pollen-Puff

    Pollen-Puff Previously Ampharos' Dragon Blood

    Lizzie happily sent out her Kingdra and took the Surf HM out of her bag. The HM glowed and blue letters and numbers drifted from the disc to Kingdra's head. "Okay, Kingdra, let's surf to Pallet!" The Water/Dragon-type Pokemon happily cried "Kah-awah-uh!"(OOC: Pokemon cries for gen 2 and Kingdra: https://pokemoncries.com/train/generation-ii (Pokémon Cries)) She hopped into the water and Lizzie sat on her back as the Kingdra's eyes glowed blue. They then dashed forwards as the water under it glowed blue and a wave carried the duo to Pallet Town, only a hop, a skip, and a surf away from Cinnabar! The Ice-type gym leader heard that some new trainers would be starting today and went over to say hi. Walking to Professor Oak's lab, she returned Kingdra and saw a battle between a Bulbasaur and a Squirtle. It was kind of cute to watch the small Pokemon tackling and using vines and bubbles to hit each other. Sending out Porygon2, who let out a mechanical cry, she commanded the Virtual Pokemon to use Tri Attack. It then summoned three orbs, each filled with a different element, that circled around the two trainers. The Gym Leader waited for them to notice and then make her introduction.
  27. “I guess so but I could tech the eevee trainer how to battle other normal types. I mean Fighting is super effective against normal...” Dubkip smirked. “But I don’t really care as long as the team void idiots don’t steal another Pokémon, After all that is our number 1 duty right now.” He explained.
  28. Allie had been watching the battle and conversation. She stamped her foot on the ground, a bit miffed that anyone thought that she needed help because she had a Normal type.
    "Hey, I'm no newbie! Well, I am, but I know what I'm doing!" she shouted.
    Eevee couldn't help but chuckle at her trainer's plight.
    "Oh, and hey, does anyone want to battle me?" Her voice toned down a bit. She knew she wasn't making the best first impression, and was turning red ever so slightly.

    (NOTE: Disregard this post. I lost track of where everyone was.)
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  29. The young trainer watched the battle, an expression of wonder on her face.
    Eevee sat on her head, cheering both sides on. "Vee-ee! Vee-ee! Vee-ee!"
    Allie chuckled at her Eevee's excitement. She hoped to be able to battle someone after.
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  30. @Dubkip_Playz @EmoKitty21
    One did not simply roll their eyes at Hanabi Igarashi. Well, apparently they did, but they couldn't just up and get away with it. Still... Dubkip was right... This was all just one big headache. A nightmare they couldn't wake up from. Why couldn't this be like Team Rocket? Why couldn't they be a gang full of idiots who just blabbed their plans on the daily?

    "Yeah, I guess you're right. I'm sorry, I shouldn't be fighting about this." She heaved a great and dramatic sigh. "I think we should make sure that Route 1 and Viridian Forest are safe for them to walk through first. We see any Voids, we kick their butts."
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  31. “Sounds good to me, besides I’m sure those Team Void idiots want the other 2 starter Pokémon, heck they might even want the eevee.” He Claimed. Dubkip let Lucario out of his pokeball and ran towards the forest.
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  32. Sarah noded. "Yes and we better get going. It would be better for us to be with the trainers from the very beginning. That way we can help them along the way." Buneary was on her shoulder nuzzled into Sarah's purple hair. Her pink fluff seemed to blend into the pink in her hair. Buneary was extremely excited to be getting out to travel.
  33. Mango137

    Mango137 Previously Lewish37

    Archer knew he could have Squirtle easily dodge the attack, but had an idea that would turn the battle around. The Bulbasaur was airborne after launching from its vines so Archer was confident it couldn’t change direction to avoid what was coming. When Bulbasaur was just seconds away from Squirtle, not enough enough time for the opponent to react to his plan, Archer shouted “Squirtle turn around and brace your shell to block the attack!” He knew Squirtle would take minor damage, but that was nothing compared to the pain Bulbasaur would feel after ramming its head into the hard shell.
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  34. Quiver

    Quiver Previously QuiveringRaptor

    Karl was confused about Archer's strategy, but then quickly realized it. "Bulbasaur, watch out!", he cried. It was too late... The Bulbasaur rammed it's head into the opposing Pokemon's shell. The Grass-Poison Pokemon was knocked unconscious, ultimately making it faint. "Eh...", he was stunned," That clearly didn't happen! An illusion!" He tried to deny it and went over to his Bulbasaur. He held a potion in his hand, carefully trying to apply it to the Pokemon's forehead. When Archer looked at him, he got up. "That never happened! I won it! Clearly a mirage in the grand scheme of things!", Karl didn't want to lose, he just wanted his Pokemon to wake up! Suddenly, it recovered form the potion. "Bul- Bulba?", it spoke. "It's okay...", he said to him. "Now... I shall become the strongest trainer out there!", he announced, then marched out of Pallet Town with a face of disapproval. Once he stepped through, he found a NidoranM in front of him. It appeared his Pokemon was recovered, so he challenged it to a battle. "Bulbasaur!", he began," Quick, use Vine Whip!" Bulbasaur tried to whip it's vines at the Pokemon. The Nidoran charged at them with Poison Sting, getting a poison status. "No!", he shouted, tending to his Pokemon. It could still battle, so he just went to the flow. "Let's go! Use Tackle!", he commanded. It charged at the Nidoran, successfully getting a Critical Hit. Karl used a PokeBall his dad came from, and it attempted to catch it. One... Two... Three! Yes! Karl and his Bulbasaur ran over to the PokeBall. They both gleamed, before he put it on a strap on his duffel bag.
  35. Mango137

    Mango137 Previously Lewish37

    Archer was shocked his strategy was enough to finish the battle, he ran up to Squirtle and congratulated him on their first victory. He was planning on shaking his opponent’s hand but the guy kept rambling on about an illusion or something and went marching off. Archer and Squirtle simply shrugged it off and laughed as they too set out on their journey. He considered stopping by home, but was so amped up by his victory that he went straight into route 1. He battled his way through the route, defeating rattatas and pidgys, finally arriving in Viridian City. Once he was there he stopped by the pokemon center to heal Squirtle and bought pokeballs from the poke art while he waited. After picking his Pokémon up from Nurse Joy, he showed his thanks and decided to head west to route 22, he had heard there were strong Pokémon there and he couldn’t rely on Squirtle alone forever.
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  36. Allie walked up to the pair of trainers.
    "Hey - mind if I battle one of you?" she asked excitedly.
    Eevee appeared to agree, and began hopping up and down. "Veeeee!'
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  37. Quiver

    Quiver Previously QuiveringRaptor

    Karl walked back to Pallet Town, happy about his victory. He heard Allie's response. "As long as you don't mind battling two Pokemon!", he said, showcasing his NidoranM in it's PokeBall. He heard that Eevee could evolve into multiple forms, so he should be wary about her in the future.
  38. Allie looked a bit unnerved, but nodded anyway. "I'm not really trying to win, so it doesn't matter to me! I just wanna have fun." She grinned, moving to one side of the battlefield.
    She pulled out her Pokedex, and scanned Eevee.
    "Eevee, the Evolution Pokemon. The latent energy inside this Pokemon causes it to evolve when exposed to certain objects or environments. This Eevee is female, has the hidden ability Anticipation, and knows the moves Covet, Growl, Tackle, and Baby-Doll Eyes."
    The Pokedex was quiet enough so only Allie could hear it, and Allie smiled. She could work with that.
    "You make the first move," she called.
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  39. Argeus adjusted his cape grimly. He was standing in the Pokémon league meeting room, his foot tapping impatiently on the wooden floor. He was waiting for the others who had received the call from him to come. He had been restless due to the recent Team Void shenanigans that was bringing disturbance to everyday lives. That was the primary reason he even made the meeting. If anybody could stop the Void's plans, it was the Elite Four. They were the most skilled and respected Pokémon trainers in the region after all.

    After a few of them arrived, he took off his cape, then placed it on the back of his wooden chair. "Thanks for coming, I know you all must have been busy," Argueus offered a smile to all of them. His Marowak was standing beside him, leaning on his bone smugly. "I suppose we should get to it!"
  40. Bruce started intensely at the Champion, “What’d you bring us here for Champ? I have places to be you know?” Bruce asked in a concerned tone of voice. He put on a hard outer layer, but in the inside... He was scared

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