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Open Kanto Journeys

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Ry_Burst, Jan 4, 2017.

  1. A group of trainers, who travel the Kanto region. Rivals and friends wanted for the journey. Any region pokemon. No fakemon. Megas are allowed but only if approved by the Admin. No cussing, and be respectful of others. Submit you Charachter to our discussion at https://pokecharms.com/threads/kanto-journeys-disscussion.15182/ Please, thank you, and enjoy.

    Set up for character
    Pokemon on hand

    My Charachter
    Name: Ry Burst
    Age: 16
    Gender: male
    Born in: Veilstone City, Sinnoh
    Appearance: Tall with thick, medium cut, brownish red hair. Black shirt, with open red jacket, with hood. Grey jeans. Red and white sneakers. Clipped to his jeans is a white baseball cap
    Pokemon on hand: Fuego the Infernape, (His Partner) Jet the Sceptile, Grace the Togekiss
    Ambitions: To become a great trainer for his pokemon and to be one of the best
    Personality: Wild, Loves to battle, trusts in his Pokémon, Can be gullible, and easy to anger.

    Ry stepped off the boat along with Fuego, onto the fresh Pallet town grass. Ry stretched his arms. "That was a long ride, huh buddy?" Fuego nodded. Well come on out everyone!" Said Ry tossing out Jet and Grace's poke balls. The Togekiss and Sceptile bursted out and immediately started a stretching after the long boat ride.
    "Okay guys, listen up. I know You're all upset about the Sinnoh league" Everyone in the party looked upset. 'But i heard the Kanto, has tons of cool pokemon and strong trainers. We'll get stronger, and this time we'll win!" Ry shouted trying to boost everyone's morale. "Okay guys, return, we gotta get moving" said Ry with an excited look on his face. A whole new journey was just beginning.
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  2. Name: Rose

    Age: 17

    Gender: Female

    Born in: Hearthome City, Sinnoh

    Appearance: Rose is a short girl, with shaggy, chin-length blonde hair, and bright blue eyes. She wears a white tank top and black cargo trousers, as well as combat boots, and a feather necklace.

    Pokemon on hand: Mimi (Lopunny) Mari (Drifloon) Dee (Minun) Oktavia (Glaceon) Kagura (Skuntank) Sayaka (Lapras)

    Ambitions: None, she just really likes to travel

    Personality: Crude, blunt, and sarcastic, with a strong dislike towards overly cheery people. Loves sweet things, and cute pokemon, and hates being helped out unless she is in dire need of it.

    "You gotta battle me, lady! I promise, my charmander's really, really tough! He can take it!"

    "The answer is no, kid," Rose said bluntly, "Like I said before, I have six pokemon on hand, all of whom are tough enough to seriously injure, possibly even kill your charmander. I'm not gonna battle you."



    The boy nodded, and walked away with his charmander, immediately going to challenge someone with a blastoise.

    Rose sighed deeply. What was it with Pallet Town? Every newbie trainer who had just walked up out the laboratory, with their very first pokemon in hand thought that somehow, they were tough enough to tackle an experienced battler, who'd been training for years. Aka, her. She had only just gotten to Pallet Town, and already, she wanted to leave.

    "Let's blow this joint, Mimi," she huffed to her lopunny partner.
  3. The man with the blastoise immediately brushed off the boy and his charmander. seeing this Ry walked over to the boy and said, "Do you want to have a battle?"
    The boy smiled and nodded his head.
    "Go charmander!"
    "Grace, come on out!"
    The two pokemon burst out of their poke balls and took there stances.
    "You know the drill Grace," said Ry nodding at her.
    "Charmander use scratch!" Shouted the boy. His charmander rushed forward at the much stronger Togekiss. Charmander jumped and the hit landed.
    "Grace, aura sphere!" A small blue orb, smaller than the average aura sphere, launched towards Charmander.
    "Dodge!" Shouted the boy. Charmander dove towards the ground, while the Aura sphere crashed into a sign near Rose, almost hitting her.
  4. "Geez!" Rose cried out, "Control your damn pokemon! What are you, some kind of amateur?!"

    "Lop, lopunny!" Mimi cried, brushing herself off, "LOPUNNY!"

    Rose spun around on her heels, where she was immediately greeted by the sight of a boy with a togekiss, battling the child whom she had just rejected the offer of a battle with. What a pathetic trainer. What was he doing battling with a child, whom he was clearly overpowered against? Unless it was against a gym leader, Rose never squared off with people who weren't of her calibre...
  5. "Sorry about that," said Ry rushing over. "Me and Grace were just helping the kid battle. He's only a beginner so I was going easier on him.
    "Say wait a minute, I saw you on the ship. You're from Sinnoh, right?"
  6. Rose's breath caught in her throat. Had he recognised her, somehow? It was unlikely, given that they had probably just boarded the same ship, and her family had long ago lost their place in high society... But it was a possibility, still. It didn't matter. She wasn't Rosalia Lunelini, homeless girl working for Team Terra, or that spoilt little rich girl anymore.

    She turned away, Mimi at her side still. "What des it matter if I am?"
  7. "I just thought it was cool to see someone else from Sinnoh. We're from there and just finished the Sinnoh. We reached the top 16, but were wiped out by this guy with a Suicune"
    Then Ry looked at her Lopunny. "Speaking of pokemon battles, your lopunny looks strong. Care for a battle?" He said with a smirk.
  8. "Top sixteen, you say?" Rose said with an acerbic smile, "Well, finally, I get challenged by someone who's more on my level. Can't say no to that."

    Mimi nodded in agreement, jumping in front of her mistress with her fluffy paws at the ready. She'd send this chump and her pokemon flying faster than they could say, 'dizzy punch'. Battling was Rose's one and only source of income, so as her number-one partner, Mimi had to be in top form, and ready to fight at any time.

    "Mimi, began with dizzy punch!"

    As requested, the rabbit pokemon leapt towards the boy's togekiss, fists beginning to sparkle in a dazzling array of different colours. She leapt high into the air, and then braced herself to land right on top of Grace, ready to smash both fists into her.
  10. (sorry, new)

    Grace swerved straight down, then spiraled up.
    "Now use Sky Attack!" Grace rushed towards Mimi. "Let it loose!"
  11. Mimi hopped gracefully out of the way, allowing Grace to crash pitifully into the ground. A grounded, and stationary target was perfect for the next attack...

    "High-jump kick," Rose ordered coldly.

    The rabbit pokemon leapt up once more, to deliver a hard blow with her graceful legs.
  12. "Shockwave Spin!" Ry shouted!
    Grace, knowing the combination, used shockwave to spin to the right, allowing Mimi to hit the ground. Ry smirked. Mimi was to close to land safely and when she touched the surface she would get shocked. Shockwave never misses.
  13. Mimi took the shockwave, and under, Rose's instruction, tanked the hit.

    "Now, use toxic!" Rose ordered, "I want to finish this, and quick."

    Mimi blew a blackish spray of poison at her togekiss adversary. The fairy type would only be able to stay up for so long before the poison got to it... So the battle would end fairly soon.
  14. The spray splashed all over Grace immediately poisoning her.
    "Okay Grace, use Aura Shp-" but Ry was cut off by a phone ringing. he took out his Pokegear and said "He's here! Sweet!" He closed the phone and said, "I'd hate to cut this battle short, but I gotta go. I guess I forfeit, but let's have a rematch sometime.' He tossed a Pecha berry towards Grace, who immediately ate it. "Sorry again" he said rushing off towards Proffesor Oak's lab. "Good move one the toxic though!" He shouted over his shoulder. He would have loved to finish the battle. Sure, with the poisoning he was at a disadvantage, and with Grace only evolving yesterday, but Ry liked that girl. She was a good battler.
    "Wait," he said stopping in his tracks. "Wanna come with me.
    I'm sure you know Proffessor Rowan right?"
  15. "I know of him, but I don't personally know him," Rose spat, "Lemme guess... He's here to help Oak catch some starters for the newbie trainers? If that's what he has in mind, I'm not interested. I was done with that the day I quit Team Terra."

    She turned heel. "Later."
  16. Name: Ava

    Age: 14

    Born In: Lumiouse City, Kalos

    Appearance: Short dirty blonde hair, blue eyes, white shirt, black shorts, rainbow shoes, necklace with a key stone, red shoulder bag.

    Pokemon On Hand: Eevee, Gardevoir (Mega), Dragonite

    Personality: Kind, Caring, Shyish, Smart

    Ambitions: To be an amazing Pokemon caretaker and to learn more about Pokemon.


    Ava got off the ship from Johto and walked into Pallet Town. She was heading towards the Lab where Professor Oak would give her a Kanto Starter. Her Eevee walked beside her looking at all the new things. She saw 2 trainers battling and decided after she got a starter she would go and watch. She walked into the lab where professor Oak greeted her and then showed her the Pokemon. She chose Bulbasaur as it would help her a lot in caretaking. She walked out of the lab and sat on a bench to watch the battle. Bulbasaur sat on Ava's lap happily.
  17. "Proffesor Rowan where are you?" Asked Ry as he barged through the doors of Proffesor Oak's lab. Proffesor oak turned and greeted, Ry with a frown, "Sorry Ry, Proffesor Rowan couldn't make it. Something urgent came up." Ry frowned. "How ever he did send Splashy!" Said Proffesor oak handing Ry a poke ball.
    "Oh yeah, come on out Splashy!" Ry shouted throwing up the poke ball. Then a large Poliwrath appeared and Ry immediately hugged the water and Fighting and Type.
    "Now let's go. We gotta have out rematch with that girl!" ry shouted after waving goodbye to proffesor Oak.
    "Wait up Rose!" He shouted.
  18. Ava went back inside the lab where she found the two trainers that were battling. She saw one of them was hugging a big blue Pokemon. She walked over to it, "What Pokemon is that?" She asked.
  19. "This is Splashy, he was the first pokemon I caught! He is a Poliwrath. He's really strong after his training. I'm Ry, what's your name?"
  20. "I'm Ava and this is Eevee" She said pointing down at the Eevee by her feet, "And Bulby!" She said looking at the Bulbasaur in her arms.

    (OOC. RP Multitasking xD
  21. "Meet my friends!" Said Ry tossing out his poke ball. 'Meet Fuego the infernape, Grace the Togekiss, and Jet the sceptile! Say Hi everyone!" All his pokemon happily said hello.
    "How long have you had that Eevee? it looks well raised."
  22. "Come on out guys!" Ava said as she threw all of her pokeballs in the air. Out came her Gardevoir and her Dragonite. She put Bulby on the ground to play with Eevee.

    "I've had this Eevee since I was 4"
    Ava said, "she never goes in her pokeball."
  23. Name: Darrius

    Age: 20

    Born In: Gateon Port, Orre

    Appearance: Tall, blackish brown hair, bright blue eyes, wearing a black vest, denim jeans, and black tennis shoes, thick, black framed glasses

    Pokemon On Hand: Scizor, Arcanine, Salamence

    Personality: Sharp-witted, kind, always willing to help other trainers, very proud of his Pokemon partners.

    Ambitions: To be the Pokemon World Champion


    The taller, older boy walked into the lab, his Arcanine walking beside him.
    "Professor Oak! I'm Darrius, Professor Krane's protege. He sent me to pick up the research you promised him."
    He then spies the other two trainers and their Pokemon in the Lab.
    "Well, hello there!" he says with a smile beaming from his face.
  24. "Hi my name is Ry, nice to meet you!" Ry said smiling towards the new arrival.
  25. Ava glanced at the tall trainer then she Gasped as she saw the Arcanine standing next to him. "Wow" Ava said to the tall trainer, "Which Pokemon is that?"
  26. He smiles at Ava "This here is Fenrir, my Arcanine. You can pet him if you like, he's very friendly."
    He turns to Ry. "Name's Darrius." He puts his hand out, offering a handshake. "Pleasure to meet you."
  27. "Sorry, I should have introduced myself first" Ava said while stroking the Arcanine, "I'm Ava, and over there are all my Pokemon.". Her Dragonite, Eevee, Bulbasaur and Gardevoir waved at Darrius
  28. Ry turned to his sceptile and they shared a nod."That Arcanine looks strong. Wanna have a one on one battle with my Sceptile, Jet. A strong fire type will be a hard battle to win." Ry said with a smirk on his face. He was getting pumped again.
  29. He chuckles a little. "Sadly, Fenrir here is more of a lapdog than a fighter. That's why i let him walk around with me. However, if you want a battle, I've got a couple other Pokemon you can take on. I'll let you take your choice, Pokeball #1 or Pokeball #2?" He holds up a dusty looking Pokeball as option 1 and a net ball for option 2
  30. "After that can I battle one of you, 1v1 with my Gardevoir?"
    Ava asked Darrius and Ry

    If she did battle her opponent would have to be strong, she looked down at her necklace with her key stone. Her Gardevoir was stronger than it looked.
  31. Darrius nods "I welcome all challengers. It's the only way for us to get closer with our Pokemon."
    Looking to Ry "Well? what'll it be? Ball #1 or Ball #2? You'll get to meet them both either way."
  32. Ry turned and looked at the two trainers. "I'll take you on Ava after this battle. I'll go agaist the net ball. It's either a water or bug type. So it's 50/50 chance of having an advantage or a disadvantage."
  33. "Why don't we go battle somewhere other than the lab, we don't want to hurt all these newbie kids." Ava suggested
  34. He nods and smiles "Right you are." He tosses both of them up, a Salamence and a Scizor bursting forth from the Pokeballs.
    "However, looks like you would have been at a disadvantage either way, unless your Sceptile is capable of Mega Evolution." Salamence goes and stands beside Arcanine, and Scizor steps forward. "This here is Reaper, my Scizor. I've had her for a while. She's gotten me through quite a few scrapes in my time." Looks to Reaper. "I know it's been a while since we've battled, but let's give it all we've got, alright!?"
    Reaper nods. "Sci! Scizor!"
    After hearing Ava's suggestion, Darrius nods. "Sounds like a good idea, I concur. Route 1 is just to the north of here. we can have a proper battle there."
  35. "Great!" Ava said as they walked out of the lab. "Maybe we could all travel around Kanto together!" Ava suggested
  36. "I'm cool with that. and about Mega evolution. Jet doesn't want to mega evolve, so we don't. We once battled Cythina and her Mega Garchomp. We lost big time. She gave us the chance to use it and we declined. It kind of freaks Jet out. A lot. If Scisor can Mega Evolve please not for this battle." Said Ry. He didn't to freak Jet out. He was normally brave, but mega evolution freaked him out. "Okay lets hurry up and get there." Said Ry rushing off ahead of them towards Route 1.
  37. "I don't plan on leaving Kanto any time soon. I just got here and I've already met two very interesting and promising Trainers. I'll gladly travel along with you if that's what you would like Ava." Darrius says with a smile. Heading towards Route 1, he catches up with Ry.
    "I can only mega evolve one Pokemon currently, and she's resting back in Orre, so no worries on that accord." Reaper flies out in front of him, taking up her battle position.
    "You can have the first move Ry!"
  38. Ava smiled happily as she watched her two new travelling companions battle. Kanto was going to be fun.
  39. "Okay, Jet, get ready. You're at a disadvantage, but thats how you like it huh?" Ry exclaimed. Jet nodded.
    "Okay Jet, use Swords dance!" Jet pushed his arms out and stretched, focusing his energy and boosting his Attack.
  40. "Reaper, use Steel Wing!" Darrius calls out. Reaper's wings pop out and glow a bright silverish-white, and she flies towards Jet.

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