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Kanto Journeys Disscussion

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Ry_Burst, Jan 5, 2017.

  1. Okay folks. Stellarwind is right. Let's all drop the mega evolution stuff. I might have to redo the thread itself. But let me know know what you guys think. Also, So the Mega Evolution, that i know of has been permitted for Ry and Darrius. Also the Team Zion thing, we need to cut back a little on them. Team Zion will probably appeared later, but much later in the series. The biggest reason for the way we are doing it is because the two admins are enemies of Ry and Darrius. The main thread isn't the about Mega Evolution, but traveling the Kanto region. We need to keep it like that.
  2. Alright, sounds good. What will we do next?
  3. Ok i understand well it would be ashame to redo the thread just for this slip up but im down with whatever you guys decide to do.
  4. Yeah I feel the same why, but it's your thread Ry so do what you want :)
  5. Well i'm planning to have a new thread. We'll start the story off from where we left off, but we'll have it an ask to join, however everyone who is part of the story at this point, will be allowed in right off the bat, but i will ask you to post your character bio on the new disscuion page, i set up. You will accepted, but we will have so other players who join in can know about the other characters.
  6. Alright so what is this new page going to be called.
  7. I'll have a link set up for the discussion page up first, then ill have the main thread. While i set up the main thread, please post your character bio on the discussion.
  8. Alright will do!
  9. Just let us know when the new discussion thread is up. I'll hunt back through the original thread to find Darrius bio so i can copy-paste it lmao
  10. Good thing my bio was right on the last page xD

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