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Kanto Journeys Disscussion

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Ry_Burst, Jan 5, 2017.

  1. Name -Jack Axel
    Age- 16
    Gender- Male
    Born in- Kalos
    Appearance- Same as Profile Pic
    Pokemon on hand- Fernus The Shiny Arcanine, Donatello The Gyarados, Hambo The Flygon
    Ambitions- Become the Very best trainer, to collect his 6 Dream pokemon. Arcanine, Gyarados, Flygon, Decidueye, Machamp, Gengar
    Personality- Overly Confident, Believes he is the strongest trainer of all, Always tries to show his power one way or another.
    Backstory (Extra)- After Training alongside the Elite 4 In Unova, Jack Travelled back to his homeland of Kalos to try his luck at the Pokemon League, After Defeating each of the gyms and Cleaning up 3 of the 4 elite 4 he was defeated by Drasna. Outraged that he had lost he travelled to Kanto To further train his pokemon to become the Champion of Kalos.
  2. yeah you're good. You're good to set up your opening post anytime.
  3. Okay so what im planning to do is have a bad team encounter in Mount Moon. They won't be your run of the mill grunts. I'm thinking of a team full of experienced ex-trainers. Don't have a name yet, but im considering adding Dennis as a member. BTW he's a rival//enemy from Ry's original story. (I'm currently writing Ry's original story and he is included) Any ideas for a name would be accepted. Trying to get a real good evil team name.
  4. Team Zion? and you could have Dennis be their boss. I could offer my character's arch-rival as an Admin. His name is Fergus, and he's an all Dark Type trainer. (Mega Absol v Mega Absol ensues)
    His team would be
    Weavile: Ice Punch, Knock Off, Night Slash, Fake out
    Mightyena: Crunch, Howl, Ice Fang, Sucker Punch
    Bisharp: Iron Head, Swords Dance, Poison Jab, Night Slash
    Absol (Mega): Play Rough, Sucker Punch, Swords Dance, Night Slash
  5. I'm afraid we can't go Mega's for them, due to a limit on Megas, however i think the whole goal of this team, is to cleanse the world of Mega Pokemon. Our arch rivals, could be admin's who had to destroy their connections to Mega Evolution to join. We could make it. it could be a huge plot point, and a reason for Jet to Mega Evolve. I feel Fergus, and Dennis, could work in a tag team, or something like that, considering their both admins. And characters would have to overcome all of this.

    Also, love the name. Team Zion. Duh duh duuuuuh.
  6. Alright, that works, i'm definitely down with that idea totally works. I look forward to seeing how this plays out.
  7. Okay so im planning on having the admins show up in the cave, but the send a bunch of grunts at us and escape. Them Cowards. *Shakes fist*
  8. So, I take it that the grunts are going to be slightly more scrubby by comparison to their admins, but will still be better than your average run-of-the-mill trainers, yes?
  9. Strong trainers, but not on the same leauge. We could defeat them easily one on one, but we will have to fight multiple ones, which is causing problems.
  10. Gotcha. Kind of like the Magma/Aqua Grunt horde battle from OR/AS?
  11. I didn't play ORAS. I thought i was original. *Starts crying into pillow*

    But seriously, yeah pretty much.
  12. Trainer name: Dhalin (pronounced Dah-lin)
    Region of Origin: Castelia City, Unova
    Age: 14
    Appearance: (Profile picture but with a white leather jacket instead of that green thing and purple hair)
    Personality: Serious battler, friendly off the field, excellent strategist after studying under the gym leader Cheren
    Pokemon on Hand: Froslass (nicknamed Shiver), Fomantis (nicknamed Artemis), Heracross (Possible Mega-still have to ask the admin-nicknamed Apollo)
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  13. remember to have a good backstory about how you obtained your mega stone and key stone
  14. Yeah, I sent it to Stellarwind
  15. If stellarwind approved your mega, then your good.just jump on in, were headed to the Mt. Moon.
  16. I wanted to start in Cerulean and possibly meet up with you guys in a way after obtaining a Cascade Badge (I think that's the one) and I was wondering if that was a possibility?
    Btw, my Pokemon move sets are as follows:\
    Apollo: Rock Slide, Megahorn, Focus Punch, Venoshock
    Shiver: Ice Beam, Shadow Ball, Thunder Wave, Hex
    Artemis: Solar Blade, Synthesis, Aerial Ace, Brick Break
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  17. Well to be honest, we were gonna have a team encounter, wth our evil team Team Zion. However, since you can mega evolve, you can get caught up in it, cause they hate Mega Evolution. We won't be Cerulean for awhile
  18. What if I met you guys in Mt. Moon?
  19. Yeah, that could work, you could join the group, near the beginning of Mount. Moon.
  20. Cool, I'm still waiting on the Mega-aproval from @StellarWind Elysdeon
  21. Okay, it might take a while. Depends when he's on.
  22. Hopefully my submission isn't too late.

    Name: Roy Severias
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    in: Aspertia City, Unova
    Appearance: Similar to Roy Mustang of Fullmetal Alchemist
    Pokemon on hand: Meowstic-F (His partner), Sylveon, Mawile, Volcarona, Venomoth, and Ninetales.
    Ambitions: To become strong enough to eventually defeat the Unova region champion.
    Personality: Cool, calm, and collected. Roy is generally pretty friendly, especially towards his Pokemon.
  23. Yeah, youre good
  24. Okay so I'm gonna set up the character profile for Dennis. @OrreChampionDarrius, please set up Fergus' profile.

    Name: Dennis
    Age: 18
    Born in: Viridain City, Kanto
    Appearance: Suit similar to Team Plasma, in black 2, but without the hat, and a blue cloak over it. wears a pair of blue tinted sunglasses
    Pokemon on hand: Gyrados, Golem, Tauros, Fearow, and Floatzel
    Ambitions: To become the very best, no matter the cost
    Personality: Pokemon are tools. He's cruel and doesn't care for them. Very hot headed.

    @OrreChampionDarrius also could Fergus have a similar outfit, but with red instead of blue. Trying to get a them going for the Admins. Also Dennis is going to be an OC
  25. Name: Fergus
    Age: 21
    Gender: Male
    Born: Ambrette Town, Kalos
    Appearance: Suit similar to Team Plasma in B/W2, but without the hat and a red cloak and a pair of red tinted sunglasses.
    Pokemon: Weavile, Mightyena, Bisharp, Absol.
    Personality: complete jerk, only cares about being strong, doesn't care about his Pokemon.
    A bit of backstory. Fergus is the trainer that had Sol before Darrius did, and he's the reason she's so timid around other people.
  26. Attention! For those who put some OOC chattter on the main thread with NO RP content, please delete it. Trying to keep the thread from being deleted.
  27. Hey there people, would it be okay if I rp'ed just as a pokemon?
  28. It's kind of a Trainers RP. I personally would say no, but Ry_Burst is the thread's owner, so if he says otherwise, i'll roll with it.
  29. No because RPing as a pokemon could cause some serious problems. Sorry but this is a Trainers RP
  30. Name: Robby
    Born: Vaniville Town, Kalos
    Appearance: Exactly the same as the Pokemon Emerald Trainer. Has a Mega ring like in X and Y.
    Pokemon: Charizard (First Pokemon), Gallade (Maybe Mega), Greninja
    Personality: Kind, caring, competitive, determined; kind of like Ash Ketchum. This will only be his second journey, the first being Kalos. Lost at the top 6 in the Kalos League. Wants to become champion of Kalos one day and master mega evolution. He obtained the key stone from Lysandre, but never became his pawn. Found the Galladite from the depths of Terminus Cave.
    Note: My first RP, so tell me if I make any mistakes :)
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  31. Okay you're good, but you might want to review the RP rules and review what's been happening in the thread. I've had a bad day dealing with that stuff toady, so i'm making sure you are 100% on the rules. If you know the rules, and have reviewed the threads, then you're good to jump right in.

    Nothing against you or anything, juts trying to keep it all running smoothly.
  32. Alright Sounds good.
    Just read all the rules, I think I'll join in after you guys get out of Mt. Moon. Oh, and do I have permission for my Gallade to mega evolve?
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  33. You need permison from Stellarwind Elsyon, send him a bio of your character, how you got the stone, full bio of your pokemon who can mega evolve, and how there bond is strong enough. I'm allowing Megas in the RP, but they have to be approved by an admin. So far everyone else's is approved.
  34. Okay, so how do I contact him? Just on this thread or do I have to go on a different one?
  35. PM him and tell him in the conversation.
  36. So, is his name just Stellarwind Elyson? When I tried to PM him it said he could not be found.
  37. I might have spelled it wrong. Stellarwind Elsydeon. I recommend, not posting anything that might imply you have Mega Evolution, until he approves. That's what i had to do for Ry.
  38. Okay, It work this time. About posting anything that might imply that he has a mega.. I kind of already said he had a keystone xD sorry.
  39. You can edit the post to change it. Its not a big deal.
  40. Here's my future team in the Rp
    Charizard, Gallade (Mega if approved), Greninja, Electivire, Donphan, and Aegislash.

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