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Kanto Journeys Disscussion

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Ry_Burst, Jan 5, 2017.

  1. So I got the official discussion page set up for the Kanto Journeys Rp. So if your in already or want to or whatever, this is the disscussion area.

    Also, any people wanting to join the story, entered your info on this thread and we'll give you the clear. We just want to keep things more organized then they have been.
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  2. What are we discussing? next steps/ overarching plot?
  3. Basically, yeah. And also if someone's getting off for the night, or has a suggestion on any conflicts that might emerge and etc. that's what it's there for. Keeps the storyline a little more smooth as we continue with the story
  4. True true. So, what sorts of conflict are we going to encounter as we go along? you're the storyteller here. can you give me (and anyone else who may read this later) some hints as to what you have planned?
  5. I want it to be more of the characters traveling the region and dealing with problems. Both of our Characters are the only ones planning to collect badges, that are known as of now, so we have a Pokémon Leauge happening. I think the best point of action at this point would be to get the first badge and go to mount moon. This story shouldn't have a set plot line, with every thing having an order, but more of going with the flow of the story and creating bigger and harder obstacles for our characters to overcome.
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  6. The next thing that needs to be focused on is the gym leader. Will we go with the set gym leader of Kanto, Brock, Misty, etc, or new trainers taking over the gym. (Same type of gym, different leader)
  7. suggestion:
    Pewter: one of brock's little brothers.
    Cerulean: One of Misty's sisters
    Vermillion: still LT Surge
    Celadon: Still Erika
    Fuschia: Janine
    Saffron: still Sabrina
    Cinnabar: still Blaine
    Viridian: Blue/some other trainer that isn't Giovanni
  8. Okay for Pewter we can do Forrest, (cause he wanted to take the gym over when he was older)
    His team can be
    And we could work on the others trainers teams as we get furhter in the storyline
  9. Agreed. and did you mean to say Kabuto? or did you mean Kabutops?
  10. Kabutops. And for the battle we can just each take turns battling each other as Forrest.
  11. Alright, sounds good. i posted my reply to your last message on the thread already, so i'm waiting on you.
  12. Ok just wanted to get this cleared up before we moved on with the story.
  13. So this is the discussion I was looking for ok now I know what's gonna happen
  14. Ok the lets get our RP on.
  15. Would it be wrong if I said I owned the small plot land of which the grotto is in?
  16. "You own part of this forrest?" Exclaimed Ry shocked at the news. Then Sting, Ry's curious Weedle burst out of his pokeball and started sniffing around.
  17. Dude this is the discussion board
  18. Never mind. Though this was the actual story.
  19. I've done that so can I?
  20. Okay so I see nothing wrong with you owning it. It's not the entire forrrest and you do live near here, so sure.
  21. We're leaving Viridian to go to Pewter. We just left Viridian.
  22. Oh well then I'll call my mum on the pokegear
  23. Ok then. Making sure you know the gameplan
  24. I'll take the role of Forrest while you guys have your gym battle with him.
  25. Which of us should battle first? Also, we should have him use lower stage Pokemon to battle with Jack. it would be unfair to him otherwise.
  26. Yeah I don't want get smashed by level 35 Pokémon
  27. Yeah. Okay well I think he can use Onix and Geodude for Jack, cause that's what happens in the games right. So he can battle Darrius first, then heal his pokemon, while he battles Jack with his other two. Then switch again for me. How does that sound?
  28. So it go's darrius,jack then you
  29. Okay so can one of you guys get everyone to gym, while I talk to the new guy, and get him over on this page. Please and thanks.
  30. If already aproved then yes.
  31. And they are not approved in this Rp (I don't think
  32. I made the thread, they were alowed. They'be already been done, they just have to have permission for that that charachter to have a mega from StellarWind Elsydeon.
  33. I'm gonna change the intro saying that they are allowed mega ( as long as they are approved) to keep out any confusion.
  34. Kabutops moveset: Dig, Slash, Rock Throw, Surf
    Omanyte moveset: Hydro Pump, Protect, Ice Beam, Rollout
    Aerodactyl moveset: Crunch, Supersonic, Stone Edge, Wing Attack.
    Onix moveset: Iron tail, Screech, Bide, Rock throw
    Geodude moveset: Tackle, Defense Curl, Rock throw, Mud Slap
  35. Axes moveset:tackle,bite,dragon claw,dig
    Chim's moveset:ember,tackle,fire punch
    Weedles moveset:poison sting,protect,harden

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