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Kanto Adventures

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Demelza, Jun 2, 2012.

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    Name is really a placeholder because I wasn't completely sure what would work best. Anyways, yes I am trying my hand at writing a general fic as although at heart I am a journalist I've always wanted to write a few things for fun too. The story is loosely based on the plot within Pokémon Yellow, but it'll likely lose that a lot as it goes.

    To me personally the first chapter doesn't feel that detailed, but that should improve as I go. :)

    The Meeting of Heroes

    Demelza was about seventeen years old and a journalist. Well, she claimed to be, truth be known she was somewhat of a daydreamer who, yes indeed, took a great interest in journalism and being a writer, but spent a fair amount of her time lost in her own world. As for looks, she was fairly tall at 5”10, always dressed fairly country, had long dark hair which she always kept tied back, and had bright blue eyes. All in all she was a fairly simple girl really. Being a journalist she wished to travel though, being stuck in the quiet Pallet Town wasn’t interesting enough. She needed to get out, but to do that she needed a Pokémon, which is what she planned on gaining the next day. Pallet Town on a whole was a small town; people rarely left it unless they were going to visit the nearby Viridian City. Mostly people just stayed and lived their lives happily in the small town, but for Demelza that wasn’t enough, she wanted more out of life and intended on getting it.

    It was a warm spring night, and the night before Demelza was due to collect her very first Pokémon from Professor Oak. She’d changed her somewhat mad sleeping habits lately to suit heading to bed for about 11pm, which was a lot earlier than the normal AM hours she’d gone to sleep during lately. Having said that this young, soon to be trainer was excited, and instead of sleeping she’d taken to sitting on her small bed and thinking.

    Tomorrow marked the start of grand adventures like she’d heard all about from friends and her parents. She honestly couldn’t wait and these thoughts were keeping her awake despite how tired she felt. On top of this she still wasn’t completely sure just which starter Pokémon to choose. She had the choice between the Water Pokémon Squirtle, the Fire Pokémon Charmander, and the Grass Pokémon Bulbasaur. A picture of each had been pinned to the wall for the best part of a month while she tried to make the difficult choice. Making the choice between the three strange Pokémon was the hardest task that could have been asked of this young girl, and she knew full well come morning she’d still be struggling to make the choice. Would she really be ready and be able to pick?

    Demelza woke up on time; with so much time in fact she could have a quick play on the SNES first. Afterwards she picked up the Potion which she had in her desk (always best to have one in case a bird Pokémon crashed into the window or something), said goodbye to her mother, who thankfully didn’t cry, and headed off in search of Oak’s lab. She reached the lab fairly quickly as it was just a little way below her own home. The hardest part was making it up the hill. She’d reached the lab however, only to go inside and find the professor wasn’t actually there. Only his grandson was.

    “Well, this isn’t good.” Demelza muttered to herself turning on her heel and walking back out before Gary had so much as a chance to speak. But hey, Demelza was a journalist, and if there is one thing a journalist is good for its finding people. Demelza headed out in search of Oak and walked back down the hill and out of Pallet Town. Once she reached the long grass she came across some footprints in the grass.

    She was just about to bend down to take a closer look when Oak ran up behind her shouting “No!” at the top of his voice. Demelza span round to face Oak with a somewhat surprised look on her face.

    “I was just coming to find you, Oak.” Demelza muttered while working out how much trouble she’d be in with the Professor.

    “Don’t you know it isn’t safe to just go into the long grass without a Pokémon to protect you?” Professor Oak demanded in an annoyed voice.

    Demelza knew this well, but in fairness she hadn’t planned to go that far into the grass; it was only to check out the footprints. Of course admitting that wasn’t quite the right course of action given the annoyed look on the professor’s face, after all, she still wanted to claim her starter today. So Demelza muttered a “Sorry Oak, sir,” and let him lead her back to his Lab.

    Upon entering the lab, Professor Oak was greeted by his assistants and grandson, Gary. Demelza kept quiet and did her best to take in the layout of the building. Back when she was a kid Demelza and Oak’s grandson Gary had been friends, well, they were the only kids in Pallet Town at the time so had no choice but to get on. Because of their friendship Demelza had been in Oak’s lab many times over the years, but despite this the place still amazed her. It was messy, like any professors lab probably was, but it was awesome. When you first entered there was two big book cases piled to the roof with books on Pokémon. At the back Oak had some strange machine which could heal trainers' Pokémon if they’d been hurt in battle. Oak also had two tables, one small one next to the healing machine, which had two strange red book looking things on top, while the other table was bigger and had two Pokéballs placed upon it.

    “Huh. Oak, how come there are only two Pokéballs? I thought trainers had the choice between three starters?” Demelza queried, slightly confused by the seemingly lack of Pokéballs.

    “Well, normally yes. However, given the two new trainers are you and Gary I thought I’d handle things slightly differently.” The professor replied in a matter of fact tone of voice. “I’ve chosen the Pokémon you two will be starting with. The choice is based on my impressions of you over the years.” Professor Oak went on to hand Demelza and Gary a Pokéball each. This was the first time either of the new trainers had held a Pokéball before and they did their best to savour the moment.“Right you two open your Pokéballs and meet your partners.”

    Gary moved first and tossed his Pokéball into the air where it span then opened with a bright flash of light. Once the light faded it revealed a small yellow Pokémon was now standing before him. “Pika,” the small Pokémon grumbled in what sounded like a fairly annoyed voice. Demelza quickly tried to hide a laugh at the Pokémon’s reaction to meeting its new trainer; something told her those two were going to have a lot of fun.

    “What is this thing, gramps?” Gary inquired of his grandfather.

    “That, dear grandson is a Pikachu. A powerful electric type Pokémon which if raised right will be the perfect partner for you, in both power and its nature.” The professor replied laughing.

    “Humpy. Let’s see what you got then, Demmy,” young Gary muttered to his friend, ignoring the grumpy Pikachu who had ran to the other side of the lab and sat with her back to the trainers.

    In the excitement Demelza had pretty much forgotten all about her own Pokéball. Carefully she fished through her jacket pocket and brought out the small Pokéball, pressed the button on the front to enlarge the object and then threw it into the air. “Please don’t let me get a grumpy Pikachu like Gary,” she thought as the Pokéball continued to spin. After a blast of white light a small, furry, brown Pokémon was left standing in front of Demelza.

    “Vee..?” the Pokémon looked at its new trainer with a questioning look.

    “This Pokémon is known as Eevee. It is one of the most loyal Pokémon you could ever meet. It also happens to be fairly friendly and curious which matches your personality perfectly,” the professor explained watching Demelza and Eevee carefully.

    Demelza bent down and put her hand out to the small Pokémon which jumped back in surprise. “Hey now, I won’t hurt you Eevee. I want to be your friend,” Demelza said in a calm and friendly tone. The Eevee curiously walked up to its new trainer and put its paw out, as if to be taken in a handshake. Demelza smiled and took the Pokémon’s paw happily to shake, hoping this would be the start of a great friendship.

    "Right then you two, seeing as you’ve both met your partners for your grand adventures you’re almost ready to set off. Just come over here so I can give you both some Pokéballs and a Pokédex,” Oak said softly, more to avoid scaring the new Pokémon then anything else. Gary returned Pikachu to its Pokéball while Demelza let Eevee climb up to her shoulder before standing up. Both trainers then walked up to Oak so they could claim their items.

    “Now you two are very different Pokémon trainers already, that is shown by how you’ve handled meeting your first Pokémon. It will be interesting to see how you two grow over time.” Oak went on to hand Demelza and Gary a Pokédex and Pokéballs each. “This Pokédex will record data on all the Pokémon you meet during your adventure, it also acts as your trainer ID, so don’t lose it.” The latter half of the speech aimed more at Gary then Demelza. “I will also give you six Pokéballs to start you off; so you can catch some new friends. Now go out and enjoy your adventures in the Pokémon world you two!”

    “Yes, Sir!” both trainers replied happily.

    “Although, as a last request before you set off, I’d quite like to see my two new trainers do battle,” the professor commented, grinning.

    Demelza and Gary exchanged glances knowing full well what the other would say. Demelza felt Eevee tense on her shoulder, clearly up for a challenge.

    “So, shall we do it?” Demelza asked Gary, but already knowing what he was about to say.

    “Sure,” Gary replied, “let’s do this thing.”
  2. Great opening chapter Dem, I feel myself getting hooked into the story already ^^ And I like how it is based around your life aswell :3

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