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Open Kanto Adventures.

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by revliSluoS, May 22, 2020.

  1. This RP takes place in the anime Kanto, anything from the games is voided in this RP.
    I hope you enjoy it ^^.

    Name: Harry.
    Age: 10.
    Appearance: Blonde hair, blue eyes, glasses.
    Pokemon team: None.
    Hometown: Saffron City.
    Years ago professor Oak visited Harry's school and taught his class about his job.
    Harry was fascinated and dreamed about becoming a Pokemon researcher.

    Harry, a young boy sat down in his seat on the monorail, he pushed back his glasses, he was not required to wear them but he felt that it made him look smart.
    Behind the spectacles were two sea-blue eyes.
    Harry took out small mirror and coiffed his gold blonde hair, he needed to look perfect for today.
    Today is significant because Harry is getting with the famous Professor Oak.
    Slowly the Monorail began to inch its way forward before speeding up.

    The journey has just begun Harry thought to himself.
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  2. // This looks like a good roleplay! I’ll definitely join!

    Name; Farah November
    Age; Ten, almost eleven.
    Appearance; A girl with straight, brunette hair reaching her mid-back. Farah has green eyes and freckles, and stands around 5’4” in height. (162 cm-ish?)
    Pokémon Team; Farah’s starter Pokémon is a Swablu, named Sky, that her father gave her as an early birthday gift for her eleventh birthday. Sky isn’t shiny, but the blue on her is darker than the average Swablu. She hasn’t caught any other Pokémon so far yet.
    Background; She was born in the Hoenn region, but soon moved away very recently. The day Farah was planning to get a starter and go on a journey, she was really late and all the starters were gone, so for an early birthday gift her father snagged her a Swablu and that day, her journey began.

    Farah was on a monorail, sitting across a boy with a pair of glasses and kempt, styled blonde hair. In her lap was Sky, her fluffy wings curled around her body to make her the equivalent of a round ball of fluff. This was a rare sight to see because Sky wasn’t very warmed up to Farah quite yet, and would climb off if she put her anywhere near her.

    Farah gently petted her Swablu, as to not disturb it and make it climb off of her lap, and made a mental note of the boy. She leaned her head against the window to watch the scenery change before her eyes as the monorail sped up.
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