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Open Kanto adventures

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Skelewulf, Jul 29, 2018.

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  1. Characters:
    Hobby: playing video games
    Character:kind,wants to win,kinda shy
    Appearance: Black hair,brown eyes,blue hat and jacket,yellow shirt,grey shorts,black and orange shoes
    Hobby:Searching for pokemon
    Character:kind,cool,hates losing,if anyone is in front him he talks to them
    Appearance:Black hair,brown eyes,no hat,orange shirt,grey jacket,blue jeans,grey shoes
    Story:Louis and Fillip got their starter pokemon (Louis=charmander,Fillip=squirtle) From Professor Oak.Louis trains his charmander to evolve and Fillip searches for rare pokemon.
    You continue the story!
    1.Swearing is ok but don’t swear too much (Cuz it’s gonna be stupid)
    2.In battles you need to be fair.Let’s say that a slow pokemon tried to hit a fast pokemon.The attack would probably miss
    3.No catching legendaries
    4.We can do a very good roleplay! It depends on the characters!
    #1 Skelewulf, Jul 29, 2018
    Last edited: Jul 30, 2018
  2. K
    Hobby: Training Pokémon
    Character: Kind, Smart, want meet new friends.
    Apperance: Black T-shirt, Grey Shorts, black Cap, white boots.
    Story: Professor Oak gave K pokemon, thet pokemon is Eevee. K are Birth in Hoenn, but he want go to Kanto.
  3. I thinking about this, my character cames from Alola but that would be crazy so im From my second Favourite region Hoenn
  4. K wants to meet Louis and Fillip
  5. K came to kanto and at route 1 he met Louis
    Louis:Hey! Those are pokeballs!Lets fight!
    K:Ok! Go evee!
    Louis: Charamnder! I choose you!cuz you’re my only pokemon
  6. Name:Eli
    Hobbies: Hanging out with friends/Pokemon
    Appearance: Meowth onesie, dyed hair (blue and pink streaks), Pendant around neck.

    Story: Lives in Johto and found a stray Meowth. He saved it and it became his partner.
    Has to visit family in Kanto. Meets K and Louis.

    "Hey there!!! How about winner battles Meowth and me??"
    #Challenge accepted 0w0
  7. K fought louis and won
    “Ok then you fight me!”
    “Go evee!”
    “Meowth show him!”
  8. "ATTRACT meowth!! " (Falls in love)
    eevee uses swift (nearly faints meowth)
    Meowth uses payback and Eli wins.

    "good game my friend," Eli said to K."And to your very talented Eevee. Are you planning to evolve him/her ??"
  9. Name: TJ
    Age: 14
    Hobbies: Drawing, hanging out with friends, and desperately standing outside Prof. Oak's lab hoping to get a Pokèmon one day.
    Appearence: (profile picture)
    Story: TJ moved to Kanto when he turned 10, he hoped to get a Pokèmon like everyone else did at the time. 4 years went by and still no Pokèmon. TJ began to lose hope. Then, one day, Prof. Oak asked a favor from TJ. He gave him a Pokèmon for his journey, and TJ left Pallet Town after saying good bye to his family.
    TJ walked down Route 1 and saw some trainers battling. He went over to see if he could join. He saw a kid he recognized, he tried to remember his name. (Mind: What was it....what was it....OH, IT WAS ELI) "Hey Eli, it's me TJ. Remember? We used to live in the same region."
  10. “TJ? Nice to see you friend!”
    Louis:woah wait you are friends?
    K:soo...The guy with the meowth onesie is Eli.the guy with the orange shirt is TJ.I am K.And who is this guy?
    Louis:Im louis nice to meet you.my friend is near.he is searchin for pokemon.Oh fillip!come meet these guys!
  11. "One......TJ, why are you in Kanto?? And two, Do ya wanna battle????
    I wanna see how much you've improved!!!!
  12. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    Whooboy. Some people here have clearly not read the RP forum rules.

    Script format posts, autoing, double posting (which violates the global rules, which you should have read before posting anything on Pokecharms AT ALL), OOC blather... Yeah, this is not going to fly.
    Thread locked. And if any of you fail to read and follow the rules again, there will be more than just a verbal warning.
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