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Kamen Rider RP (discussion)

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by DragonianKing87, Sep 20, 2011.

  1. The year is 2158 and all of the evils of the Kamen Rider worlds have been awoken and now have formed a new planet under the rule of Falperion. Now the new Riders from the 12 other worlds must band together and fight off Falperion and his group of generals or rosk losing all worlds to darkness.

    Ok this is a Kamen Rider RP as stated the basic Plot id above there are 12 groups of riders from the series the has stretched from 1971 til now the last series that should be used here is W/Double how ever you want to say it but whoever want to be Double will have to portray 2 characters.

    As far as how were going to work this theres a lot of people so maybe only the 12 main riders should be used with a 1 or 2 added from the series that have multiple riders so we would have like Dragon Knight Wing Knight and Siren for that series, also if the series has an english version you are free to use the english name if you want but most of Kamen Rider is in Japanese.

    To explain how you want to join up lets use this basic outline.

    Name: (give your characters name)
    Gender: (obviously for the gender)
    Rider Designation: (which Rider you are and add any alterations to the costume but only if you want to change it because of gender)
    Link to rider info: (just as it says please notethis isnt what your character looks like its just so others can see the costume)

    As far as my own character is concerned:

    Name: Ryan Alder
    Gender: Male
    Rider Designation: Decade
    Rider Info: http://kamenrider.wikia.com/wiki/Tsukasa_Kadoya

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