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Ask to Join Kamen Rider Rp Discussion

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Thomas the trainer, Sep 25, 2019.

  1. Before I start making stuff like character bios I want to see if theres interest in a Kamen rider RP. The premise is.
    In 50 years from 2019 pollution has basically been abolished 83% of the world is using renewable energy but due to how bad pollution got in the previous decades it began to mutate humans and animals, but when the pollution issue was solved these mutants were abandoned and now want revenge. You as a Kamen rider will have to stop these mutants once they take a significant amount of damage using something called a beast vial this absorbs the mutants into the vial killing them if a vial is entered into a riders belt it allows them to transform into a rider form of said animal.
    @Frontier Master
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  2. Dead account

    Dead account Previously Super Lazy Man

    i would join it
    also, you still in bnha flotsam lot? you haven't posted in a while
  3. no I'm not

    Character sheet
    Name: (What your character called.)
    Age: (How old the character is.)
    Gender: (kinda obvious.)
    Appearance: (How your character looks.)
    Personality: (The way your character behaves, and acts.)
    History: (Characters backstory)
    Rider bio.
    Rider name: (What your Riders called.)
    Driver Appearance: (What the driver looks like,)
    Kamen Rider Appearance: (Optional as these can be complicated but at least give a Rider you look like.)
    Beast Vials (This is optional but you shouldn't have more than 3 to start with.)
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  4. Dead account

    Dead account Previously Super Lazy Man

    Name: Kalk
    Age: 19
    Gender: (kinda obvious.) Male
    Appearance: a light blue hoodie with some game writings in it, he wears light blue jeans with stylish sandals. black hair and eyes
    Personality: (The way your character behaves, and acts.) he doesn't often speak, more so, he doesn't, he relies on peoples common sense to understand him, wich is actually pretty hard to do
    History: (to edit) to be revealed in the roleplay
    Rider bio.
    Rider name: Mark Od
    Driver Appearance: a light blue cap and a white shirt, nicely made grey jeans, black shoes . brown hair and eyes
    Kamen Rider Appearance: (Optional as these can be complicated but at least give a Rider you look like.) the only difference is his eyes becoming purple
    Beast Vials (This is optional but you shouldn't have more than 3 to start with.)
    he has three, but he keeps it a secret
  5. Dead account

    Dead account Previously Super Lazy Man

    No, but i'm going with what you said..
    Did i mess up
  6. Name: Alexander James Xavier VII (Ajax)
    Age: 27
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: 6’0 with a sleek muscular physique, auburn hair and tawny eyes. His hair is kept short in a well maintained crew cut
    Outfit: Ajax more often then not wears a simple black shirt, red denim jeans and a leather jacket. His accessories always consist of a pair of Scorpion and Rhino necklaces. More often then not Ajax will be wearing combat boots with Matching fingerless gloves
    Personality: somewhat antisocial and standoff-ish, Ajax is very much a lone wolf and refuses to accept help. He knows he can defeat the mutants alone, anyone else would just get in his way. Quiet and efficient he knows his way goal and he knows how to achieve it so stay out of his way.
    History: (Characters backstory)

    Rider bio.
    Rider name: Kamen Rider Mutant
    Driver Appearance: similar in appearance to the ThousanDriver. A pair of beast vials is placed into the driver, one on each side. Each beast vial illuminates half of a DNA helix design in the drivers center. The vial on Kazumi’s right is considered the forms base vial and the form will predominantly be based on that animal. The other vial is called the mutation vial and will change the attributes of the form depending on the beast vial used.

    transformation sequence: To transform Kazumi inserts two Beast vials into the driver which creates the image of the two animals either side of Kazumi, he then hits the Evolution button on top of the driver. Causing the DNA helix to rotate on three sets of axis and the two animal images to combine into a fusion. As the respective rider-form manifests around him
    Kamen Rider Appearance:
    Charging Scorpion form:
    Sleek and elegant this form focuses on keeping the opponent at range with energy blasts use of the powerful spear-like Scorpion Striker. The addition of the Rhino Mutation vial increases the power and size of the energy blasts as well as adding armour to the forms forearms and shins.

    Striking Rhino form: robust and powerful this form focuses on getting up close and personal with opponents to deliver dangerous melee strikes with the Rhino Chargers. Spiked Knuckle-duster like weapons attached to each hand. The addition of the Scorpion mutation vial turns the spike knuckle horns into sharpened pincers.

    Beast Vials: Scorpion and Rhino

    (Note: I’d also like to reserve the Wolf vial, as I want to have Ajax obtain the vial when he first meets the others).
  7. Hey if @Lazy Millenial hasnt seen KR before then it’s probably a good idea for him to sit this rp out, because to be honest I don’t think a newbie to KR will get that much out of it.
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  8. Yes, I’d say it’s a mix of Ex-aid and Build
    Probably because it was written by the same guy as Ex-aid
  9. Cool I'll check it out right now watching kamen rider kiva @Frontier Master is there a reason for not having your characters backstory
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  10. It’s very late and I need to sleep. I’ll write it tomorrow
  11. Name: Kurutta Kagaku
    Age: 20
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Kurutta has unkept hair due to him not caring of his appearance. He has bright blue eyes, and pale skin. He usually wears orange and greens and always wears a orange trench coat with with white fluffy on the edges of the jackets weirdly enough he keeps the trench coat when he turns to a rider. He wears white gloves most the time as he is often doing experiments. One of the most recognisable things about him is he has massive scars on his neck from being scratched by the mutant who killed his family.
    Personality: Kurutta is a kind hearted guy loves saving people to make them happy. He is studious and keeps working on his biological and Engineering experiments and inventions. He likes to talk with others about mutants and riders. His disdain for Mutants is immense he believes their . destructive freaks and fights and kills them with no mercy, he wants to find the monster that killed his family and make them pay for what they did. He feels he has no purpose other than revenge.
    History: Kuruta has always been very intelligent someone who was top of their class in biology and engineering, but he has a giant lapse in his memory when he was around 19 involving being attacked by a mutant and soldiers being killed but all he clearly remembers is his parents being dead he felt as If he was left alone he went to his makeshift lab on the outskirts of the city and began living their ever since that day he swore revenge on whoever killed his family. He began developing his rider belt and after about a year began fighting the mutants.
    Rider bio.
    Rider name: Kamen rider Rensa
    Driver Appearance: At first it just looks like a black rectangular box but if a card is inserted it turns to the driver. Which looks like the picture when the beast vial is inserted the area around the vial closes protecting the vial then the name of the vial will come out of the speakers on the driver. The vials liquids go in to the tubes and go into a giant vial. Then when Kurutta says Henshin it works as a voice recognition then the liquid turns to gas and surrounds him and He then turns into a Kamen rider.
    Kamen Rider Appearance: Fox vial. He looks like wearing a orange trench coat. His gloves, elbow guards, shin guards, and chest plate is white with everything else being orange. He has large circular yes which at the top like build come out but the attach to the head to represent ears.
    Beast Vials
    .Sea urchin

    I'm going to make the thread

    How do you plan on The two riders teaming up
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  12. I don’t...

    Rensa is far too annoying for Ajax to willingly team up with and Ajax won’t ever ask for help nor would he allow Rensa to intervene with his fights.

    The only way I could see it working would be for both riders to be captured then have Rensa and Ajax forced to work together to escape. Which could also allow Ajax to ‘borrow’ Rensa’s Gorilla vial and create one of his power up forms (Gorilla vial would need to be destroyed just trust me)

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