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Open Kalos Time (Open RP)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by TrueHoodie, Mar 10, 2016.

  1. On a nice autumn day, in Cyllage City, a young boy was holding the Cyllage City gym badge, admiring it as the sunlight shined off of it. "It looks so cool! I can't believe we actually got it!" The young boy said to his pokemon. "Good job, you two! You did great!" A young boy said rubbing the heads of a Pignite and a Haunter. He looked at two other Pokeballs and said, "And don't think I forgot about you two either. You did amazing as well". He returned his Haunter into its Pokeball and sat down on a bench with his Pignite. "We did it, Flame! You guys did it!" He exclaimed, as he handed his Pignite an Oran berry from his bag.
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    Setting? Location? Actual place for other people to hop in? Actual RP content? One paragraph does not an introduction post make.

    Read the rules, then edit your first post to actually be something people can work with. Failure to do so in a timely manner will lead to the closure of this thread.
  3. (Alright, sorry. I thought I added that in. I hope the edit works though)
  4. "Um, excuse me, but where is the Gym?" Roy asked the young boy. He appeared exhausted from his fruitless search. His Espurr and Mawile appeared very energetic and ready for their second Gym battle.

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  5. Phanta watched the two from a distance with his Noivern. He had been training for the past couple of days with his Pokemon, and today would be the day he finally faced the gym. Phanta had never been one to go out of his way to socialize, so he was waiting to see if he should avoid the two, or if he would be stuck walking into the conversation. Noivern, on the other hand, was clearly excited for his first gym battle.
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  6. Kori had searched for the gym but had not found it. She saw two boys talking and approached them. "Excuse me, but do either of you know where the gym is?" she asked them. The Umbreon and Frogadier at her side were as eager as she was to win their second badge.
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  8. Midnight sniffed at the boys' Pokemon. The Umbreon was curious about these new Pokemon. Pablo stood faithfully by Kori's side. The Frogadier gave the Umbreon a stern look. Midnight walked back to Kori's side. Kori waited patiently for an answer from either of the boys.

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