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Open Kalos Quest

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Godjacob, Apr 1, 2017.

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  1. No need to ask, just post character information and join. You cannot have any Ultra Beasts, Guardian Deities (Tapus), Legendaries, or Mythics. No one sentence responses, no cursing, no graphic violence, no double posting and don't control another Role Player's Pokemon. You will be allowed to have ONE Pokemon that can Mega Evolve or use Battle Bond. See the official Pokemon RP Rules concerning Fan-Made Pokemon if you insist on using Battle Bond or Mega Evolution on a Pokemon that does not have it in canon. Try to avoid starting with more than one or two Pokemon and don't start with a Pokemon that can use Battle Bond/Mega Evolution right at the start. Develop that relationship and earn that power. Have fun and here's the template.



    Here's an example with my character:

    Name: Zane
    Gender: Male
    Age: 16
    Appearance: Short, black spiky hair, blue eyes, white & green hat, green & white striped shirt, brown pants, white tennis shoes.
    Personality: Hyperactive with great determination, but fails to think things through and rushes situations without thinking. Cocky and loves to brag, but is understanding of others and loyal to his friends. More than anything else he NEVER gives up.
    Pokemon: Froakie
    Goal: To become Kalos League Champion.
    Backstory: A young Kalos native who desires to become Champion after his father failed to win and left the family soon after.


    Zane ran through the busy streets of Lumiose City, a giant grin spread across his face. After years of persistent "nagging", Zane finally convinced his mother to let him go on his Pokemon journey. Now he was ready to show Kalos what he was made of.

    "My path to the Kalos Championship begins today! Look out world here comes Zane!" Zane yelled in his own head. Zane soon arrived at Professor Sycamore's lab, the professor greeting Zane with a friendly smile.

    "Welcome, I presume you're here to being your Kalos journey?" Sycamore asked.

    "Yeah Professor, I'm ready to kick butt and take names...though I need a partner. One Pokemon please?" Zane asked as Sycamore pulled out three Pokeballs and released the Kalos Starters: Chespin, Fennekin & Froakie.

    "These are the starters of the Kalos Region, you may pick any one of them." Sycamore said as Zane nodded and examined each one closely. Zane loved each one of them, but in his heart he knew what he wanted. Zane crouched down to the Froakie staring it eye to eye.

    "What do you say? Want to show Kalos what we're made of?" Zane asked as Froakie smiled and replied with a nod.

    "So you've chosen Froakie?" Sycamore asked as Zane nodded patting Froakie on the head. Sycamore handed Zane Froakie's Pokeball & a Pokedex before recalling Chespin & Fennekin.

    "I wish you luck." Sycamore said as Zane nodded and left the lab with Froakie walking by his side. The two were ready for an adventure of a lifetime.
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  2. Name: Mary
    Gender: Female
    Age: 17
    Appearance: Short, brown hair, brown eyes, white long sleeved shirt, blue skirt & white shoes.
    Personality: Sarcastic and quite witted, but can come off as an annoying know it all. Has a fear of Dark-type Pokemon and loves fashion, even if she pretends she's above the "girly-girl" label.
    Pokemon: Eevee
    Goal: To become a Top Performer and Kalos Queen.
    Backstory: Grew up in a flower shop before she realized that she didn't want to spend her life behind a desk. Saw Aria compete in a Performance on TV and desired to be just like her. Left home with her partner Eevee to become a Top Performer and one day Kalos Queen.


    Mary walked through the streets of Lumiose City, her partner Eevee right by her side. Mary had hoped to find Professor Sycamore to get her official Pokedex and begin her journey of becoming a Top Performer. Mary soon saw another trainer and his Froakie standing outside a building.

    "Uh excuse me you wouldn't happen to know where I can find Professor Sycamore would you?" Mary asked the boy.
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  3. Zane and Froakie were about to leave when they saw a girl and her Eevee approach them asking a question.

    "Why you'll find him in this building right behind me miss." Zane said jabbing a thumb to the building behind him. Froakie inspected the Eevee next to the girl, a curious expression on its face.

    "My name's Zane. This is my partner Froakie." Zane said trying to be friendly.
  4. Name: Diox
    Gender: Male
    Age: 13
    Appearance: Long, brown hair, light skin, tall
    Personality: Brave and will not back down from a fight, can be a little witty
    Pokemon: Chespin
    Goal: To be the Kalos Professor
    Backstory: Kyle and Chespin have been with each other since his parents left to go around Unova. He lives with Professor Sycamore and admires the Professor's work, acting as his assistant
  5. "Hey," said Diox. "You looking for the professor?"
  6. "Thanks. My name is Mary and this is my partner Eevee." Mary said as Eevee hid behind her leg, nervous about Zane's Froakie.

    "Um...would you mind waiting for me out here? I have to get my Pokedex from Professor Sycamore and...I don't know the layout here in Lumiose City. You look like you know your way around here and might be able to point me in the right direction." Mary asked
  7. "Yeah!" said Diox. "I'm headed right over there with my Chespin! Wait, where is...."

    Diox noticed Chespin eating Pokemon treats from Mary's bag.

    "What are you doing?!?" Diox exclaimed.
  8. (For future reference Arsenal42226512 no one sentence responses & no double posting.)

    "Sure I have nothing better to do at the moment." Zane said to Mary before he noticed another kid. Zane then saw the kid's Chespin eating food in Mary's bag and couldn't help but laugh. Froakie went over to try and stop the Chespin.
  9. "Hey knock it off!" Mary yelled at the Chespin, Eevee coming over to try and stop it. Froakie soon arrived to help Eevee as they were able to keep the Chespin away from what's left of Mary's treats. Mary let out a sigh.

    "I'll be back." Mary said as she walked inside the lab with Eevee following right behind her.
  10. "Chespin, get out!" shouted Diox as he attempted to yank Chespin away from the bag. Suddenly, a Bubble attack was shot straight at Chespin, who did not see it coming and was hit in the face.

    "Huh?" Diox wondered.
  11. (Once again Arsenal42226512 don't double post. Also don't control other Role Player's Pokemon. I don't want to be the stop having fun guy, but rules are rules.)

    "Well Froakie did that on its own. Guess it doesn't like your Chespin. Personally I found it hilarious." Zane said with a big grin as Froakie shot the Chespin a glare. Zane saw Mary and Eevee go into the lab before turning his attention.

    "What's your name by the way? Mine's Zane and this is my partner Froakie." Zane said deciding to change conversation topics after that skirmish.
  12. Name: Platinum

    Gender: Male

    Age: 15

    Appearance: (Physical appearance in profile picture). He wears a black hoodie and dark blue joggers most of the time.

    Personality: Platinum is fairly fierce and competitive go-getter, but is is also a very open-minded and compassionate person, willing to try out and experience anything that could provide him with a fun time.

    Pokemon: Vivillon (Polar Pattern), Helioptile

    Goal: To become the Top Coordinator of Kalos.

    Backstory: Platinum, originating from the Sinnoh Region, recently moved to the Kalos region after coming close, but ultimately failing to win the Sinnoh Grand Festival, coming 5th place overall. He wanted to take a break from his home and try to attempt his dream within a new region. So he left some of his Pokemon at home, and started anew.

    Platinum sat in a cafe near the Prism Tower in Lumiose City. He watched as everyone ran round inside and outside of the Tower, either failing or successfully gaining the gym badge, accomplishing daily to-do tasks, or just taking walks, absorbing the welcoming sun. The sandy blonde teen took a sip of his coffee, his Helioptile sitting on the table before him chewing on a poffin.

    It was a beautiful day, but stress was slowly consuming Platinum as the thoughts of this year's Kalos Grand Festival creeped into his mind. He had never even been apart of any Kalos Contests, so anything that he wouldn't expect could happen. However he did notice that Pokemon Showcases were a bit more of a bigger deal in this region, Performers having a slight bit more attention than Coordinators. He couldn't blame people for loving them, though, both competitions displaying amazing attributes of Pokemon. There was also the Kalos League, which he also noticed was a big deal - but it usually doesn't matter what region you're in, the League is always a big deal. Platinum himself had considered taking on Gym Battles, but he was still contemplating it, as he wasn't the most impressive battler when it came to brute strength.

    He tried to calm himself down, allowing himself to worry about the Contest when the time came - 2 days from now. Until then, he would enjoy his time in Kalos and even try to get some combinations in. Platinum stood up and made his way outside of the cafe, stretching as the sun shone on his face, Helioptile leaping up onto its trainer's shoulder.

    "I feel good about all of this, Helioptile," Platinum spoke. "I believe we can do this. But first...."

    As he spoke to himself, he saw the large Pokemon Lab across the street, in which he saw a small scruffle going on between 3 trainers and their pokemon. He laughed, making his way over. He followed the girl in, assuming she knew where Professor Sycamore was. He had emailed the Professor a little bit before he traveled to Kalos, and they set up an arrangement to have a Pokedex ready for him. So he continued on throughout the large Lab until coming up to the Professor's office.
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  13. Mary went inside and saw Professor Sycamore sitting behind his desk. Eevee stared at the professor with a curious expression.

    "Welcome, I presume you're here to begin your Pokemon Journey?" Sycamore said, probably not offering a starter on account of the Eevee next to her, Mary responded with a nod.

    "Well then here is your official Pokedex. I wish you luck on your journey." Sycamore said with a smile as Mary accepted the Pokedex before she left with Eevee following in toe.
  14. (Sorry about that! I'll make sure that I don't control anything you should! I'm kind new to this.)

    "My name is Kyle, but everyone calls me Diox because I am really into researching Deoxys, a Pokemon from space!" said Diox. "I see you already met my Chespin, who is really hungry right now! Speaking of hungry, how would you like to go to this right next to the lab while we are waiting for Mary?"
  15. "Sounds good to me. I could use something to eat." Zane said as he and Froakie went to the Cafe next door. Mary shouldn't have that much trouble finding them here. A waiter soon came to them.

    "What would you like?" The waiter asked.

    "A couple of donuts and some water, bottled please." Zane said as Froakie jumped up to his lap.
  16. "I would like some macaroons for my Chespin and a croissant for me, please," said Diox.

    Then, he said to Zane, "You know, I kind of find it funny as well how Froakie reacted to Chespin." As he said this, Chespin glared at Froakie.
  17. Mary soon made it outside the lab, with Eevee right behind her. She saw Zane and the guy from earlier eating at a Cafe next door. Mary soon sat at the table they were at and attracted the attention of another waiter.

    "I'll have a sandwich and some coffee. Also some berries for Eevee here." Mary said to the waiter before turning her attention to Zane and the other guy, Eevee looking at the Chespin as if to see if it would try something else.
  18. Diox noticed Chespin eying Mary's bag. "Chespin, if you even touch that bag, I swear I will......"

    Chespin groaned and continued to stare.

    "How did it go, Mary?" asked Diox. "Did you find everything OK?"
  19. Mary let out a sigh seeing Chespin eye her bag, her Eevee keeping a close lookout over it. This was going to be awkward every time, wasn't it?

    "Yeah it went well. Now I've got my Pokedex and am ready to begin my journey." Mary said with a smile.
  20. "Guess Froakie is the noble type. Saw that Chespin was messing with Mary and went to her aid." Zane said with a chuckle before he saw Mary arrive at their table. Zane chuckled seeing Chespin eye the bag again, Froakie once again at the ready to fight him off if needed.

    "Well in any event, what to you guys plan to do here in Kalos? I'm going to become Kalos League Champion!" Zane said with fire, wanting to know more about the others.
  21. "Well, I am going to be the Pokemon Professor of this region!" exclaimed Diox with enthusiasm. "But first, I have to travel from town to town and take special tests in each and catch certain Pokemon......."

    And then Chespin slapped him in the face with its vines.

    "Chespin, I know I was talking too much, but that didn't mean you had to slap me!" groaned Diox.
  22. "I intend to become a Top Performer and become Kalos Queen!" Mary said with a smile, already fantasizing wearing that crown when it was all said and done. Eevee looked equally happy at the thought. Mary then saw Chespin hit its trainer with vines and laughed.

    "By the way I don't think I got your name. Mine's Mary." Mary said deciding to formally introduce herself.
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  23. "It's Kyle, but just call me Diox!" he exclaimed.

    "Oh, yeah!" he remembered. "Did you see a fellow named Platinum receive a Pokemon from the Professor today? He was scheduled to be there."
  24. "Platinum? Never heard the name and didn't see anyone else when I went and got Froakie from the professor." Zane explained, wondering who this Platinum person Diox was talking about was. Froakie offered its own way of aid by performing a shrug, showing it had no idea either.
  25. (Godjacob, I accidentally cut the guy off at the beginning, so I'm trying to find a way to tie him back in)

    "Well," Diox started, "he was supposed to have come from Sinnoh region! He was an ambitious Coordinator who went to the Grand Festival, but placed 5th. So as a new beginning, he wants to get his Kalos Pokedex from the Professor!"
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  26. (oh, haha thank you Arsenal, I appreciate that! Also, Platinum already has two fairly new pokemon, so all he needed from Sycamore was a Pokedex.)

    After talking to Professor Sycamore for a while, Platinum finally received a Pokedex and thanked him. It wasn't necessary to take one of the Pokemon that Sycamore had offered, due to Platinum having been in Kalos for a couple of weeks already and currently raising two Pokemon from the region.

    He then left the laboratory, Helioptile still clung to his shoulder. He looked at the large city before him, not sure exactly what to do. So, as usual, the instinct to train for the up-coming Contest had come to his mind. Stepping down from the large stairwell, he went into the large, open green field next to the busy cafe he had just come from and seen the trainers from earlier enter.

    The field had a digitalized sign, announcing to everyone that walked by that the large patch of grass was for Pokemon playing and training, but no battles should take place there. Convenient for the blonde teen, because it was empty at the time, and he needed the practice, and this was the perfect place.

    "Alright Helioptile! Are you ready to win our first Kalos Ribbon!?" He spoke happily to the Generator Pokemon on his shoulder?

    "Heli! Heli!" It responded, leaping off from its trainer and on to the grass before them.

    "Lets do it!" Platinum called. "Lets work on perfecting the Shock Wave we were trying to learn earlier!"

    The electric type then began focusing up energy, and released it, the electricity bolts beginning to form circularly around him, dancing in a way. But the move was shaky, and the electricity bolts were quite uneven. It was a work-in-progress, to say the least.
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  27. Mary couldn't help but frown at Diox's description of Platinum. A Grand Festival Competitor coming here? Maybe this guy could be an example on how to perform with your Pokemon for her. Eevee sensed this and rubbed against Mary offering her comfort. Out of the corner of her eye she saw a trainer and his Helioptile practicing in a nearby training field. Curious about the display Mary got up, packing her food in her bag, and left with Eevee to go watch the trainer up close.
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  28. Chespin leaped for Mary's bag with the food in it, but Diox grabbed it. Then he asked, "Mary, what's wrong?"
  29. (Remember, no one sentence responses. God I feel like my mother with all this nagging. Sorry about that.)

    Zane saw Mary get up and leave and, after packing his food away, followed her curious about what had her attention. What Zane saw was Mary looking at a nearby training field that had a trainer and his Helioptile doing some training. It wasn't anything out of the ordinary, so why was Mary so interested in this guy.

    "Know this guy?" Zane asked Mary, Froakie standing next to him watching the trainer and his Helioptile.
  30. Diox, eager to speak, answered for Mary. "That's the guy I was talking about! Platinum!" He then pulled out his Pokedex and registered Helioptile into his Pokedex.
  31. Platinum and his Helioptile had been practicing different movements with Shock Wave when they heard conversation growing slightly louder, signaling approaching people. Platinum tried to pay no mind until suddenly he heard his name been called.

    He turned, noticing three trainers observing him, one of them registering Helioptile in to his Pokedex and one of them carrying along an Eevee, a Pokemon he wanted himself, but had no luck in finding one. Helioptile smiled brightly, loving being the center of attention. It began dancing about.

    "Heli! TIle Tile!"

    A slight sweat of embarrassment slid down the side of Platinum's head, the teen becoming quite shy in terms of being watched during his practice. He usually always worried about making a fool out of himself whenever he tried perfecting a move, especially when it was a struggle, as this Shock Wave had been.

    "O-oh! Hello! Yes, thats me." He replied. "Have I met you all before?"

    He was curious as to who these people were, but then it hit him. He recognized them from earlier, they were the ones outside of Sycamore's lab.
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  32. "Not formally," said Diox. "I'm Professor Sycamore's assistant, Diox. I know all about you from your email to the professor. This here is Chespin, my partner..."

    But as he beckoned to him, Chespin ran to the Helioptile and started to play with it.

    "Chespin, hold on!" shouted Diox as he ran to his Pokemon.
  33. When Mary heard that this was Platinum, she made an effort to watch him as closely as possible. This guy had some good moves, and that made her nervous. Mary wondered if she could get such spectacular moves out of her Pokemon. Then she saw Diox's Chespin run into the area.

    "That can't be good." Mary said to herself, as Eevee remained close by her side.
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  34. "Chespin, that Helioptile is practicing its Shock Wave right now!" exclaimed Diox as he tried to make a grab for his troublemaker partner. Chespin was about to reach out for the other Pokemon.

    "Chespin, stop it!"shouted Diox, as he grabbed the Pokemon and put him in his backpack. Chespin stuck its head out of the bag and looked longingly at Helioptile.
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  35. As one of the trainer's Pokemon ran into the field towards Helioptile, the electric type became extremely excited, causing jolts of Shock Wave to increase. Ultimately the Chespin ran right into the move, but luckily the move wasn't strong enough to do much harm. Still, though, Chespin wouldnt quite avoid some shock surging through it.

    "Oh! I'm so sorry!!" Platinum called out. Helioptile seemed to have noticed it got more overwhelmed than it should that, immediately quitting its dancing. It poked the Chespin, sympathetically checking to see if it was ok.
    "We're just now trying to get down Shock Wave, and its a little harder than we though it'd be."

    After another glance to make sure the stranger's Chespin was alright, he turned back to face the three before him.

    "Anyways, I'm Platinum! Nice to meet you. I actually do remember you guys, its because of you I was able to find Professor Sycamore! Thank you for that."
  36. "Nice to meet you Platinum. I'm Zane and this is my partner Froakie." Zane said with a smile. His Froakie stared at Platinum, maintaining a curious expression on its face.

    "Oh, glad we could help." Zane said surprised they helped someone out without even meaning to.
  37. "My name's Mary, and this is my partner Eevee." Mary said pointing to her partner, who remained by her side. Mary decided to be friendly with Platinum.
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  38. Name: His name is Kyle Vales.
    Gender: Male
    Age: He is roughly 16 Years old.
    Appearance: When Kyle is in his casual attire, he wears a gray, furry coat over his black Polo shirt. He has on light tan, short sleeved cargo pants and blue, lace-on tennis shoes. He has a monocle around his right eye, while he also wears an earpiece on his left ear that functions like a phone. He has on a brightly red, acrylic fiber backpack that has a carrier sling attached around Kyle's torso that can carry smaller Pokémon.
    Personality: Kyle is a hard-worker that is devoted to his efforts when it comes to dealing with tasks. He has a collected outlook for the most part, though he can be rather emotional when it comes to the worse case scenario. Although he can be irresponsible and clumsy at times, he can still get the job finished with some time and effort with his Ditto.
    Pokémon: He only has a Ditto for now, though he may befriend another Pokémon sooner or later in the roleplay.
    Goal: His goal is to help out the Pokémon in need and spread the word to Kalos.
    Backstory: After his father's unfortunate demise some yesrs ago, he sought to become a doctor to follow his father's footsteps. However, that all changed two years later when he encountered what appeared to be a critically wounded Mudkip on his journey through the region of Hoenn. He attempted to keep the Mudkip as calm as he could, as he treated him using his procedures of hemostasis and the removal of foreign objects lodged in his external wounds. He bandaged the Mudkip soon after, as he soon found out the Mudkip was a Ditto when it accidentally transformed due to its laughter from being tickled on its stomach. After some time had elapsed, Kyle and his Ditto had some ups and downs, while Kyle seemed to befriend him with his trust, as he caught him with his first Poké Ball with approved consent. The two decided to start their new journey in Kalos after having quite an operation back in Unova.

    Kyle sat in the Gallant Café that was adjacent to the Prism Tower's western side, as he calmly sipped on his warm cup of coffee that made his taste buds dance around from the delightful, sweetening taste. A Froakie happily sat on his lap while sipping on his infantile bottle of apple juice, as Kyle asked him, "So, how's it going so far? We're already here in Kalos and we're just relaxing in this nice cafe full of muscular people... though I kinda feel like a fish out of water right now."

    The Froakie gave a quiet chuckle and replied after taking note the waitresse's build and taking the bottle off of his mouth for some brief seconds, "Fro... Froakie Froakie." He placed the smooth, straight nozzle back into his mouth, as he glanced over at the others outside from the glossy windows that glimmered from the forenoon light that emitted from the happy star. He saw some people that chased after their Pokémon; presumably for the fact that they had such a strong disobedience Tower's their trainers. There were some others that socialized and cruised around in their roller skates like the fluid traffic.

    The same waitress that the Froakie saw earlier came to the table he was in with his trainer, as she said after putting something down near the trainer, "Alright cutie, here's your nice croissant sandwich, enjoy!" The Froakie gave off a blank stare at the waitress that was filled with envy, as Kyle glanced over at the sandwich that he slowly picked up with his hands in a modest grip. There was half of the crossiant on the bottom, followed by a nice layer of whitish eggs that were as white as the clouds that hid the blue skies. There were some slices of tomatoes that were darkly red like the mild sauce that was spread on with a hint of love. Following that, there was also some sausage patties that were elliptical like the planet's orbit, as there was the other half of the large crossiant that had the finishing touch to the sandwich.

    An unfamiliar scent fiercely smacked the Froakie's bubble nose, as he covered it with his frubbles in an attempt to mask the strange fragrance that came from the sandwich. He saw Kyle devouring the sandwich with exquisite delight, as he hesitantly said to him, "Froakie... F- Fro, Froakie." Kyle was preoccupied with enjoying his sandwich that he contentedly consumed, as he did not respond to the Froakie's dubious matters. He continued to ingest the mouthwatering food that the Froakie did not seem too interested in, as the Froakie discreetly dozed on his lap.
  39. "Hey, you guys," said Diox. "There is a contest in Santalune City where both Mary and Platinum could compete! Plus, there is a gym there for Zane AND I need to head there to get a pin of approval from the Pokemon School to become a Pokemon Professor! How about we head out soon?" He was very eager to start a journey and grow with his Chespin.
  40. "Sounds good to me! The Santalune City Gym is my first step towards greatness. Let's hit it!" Zane called out with his fist raised, his partner Froakie staring at him with an unreadable expression.
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