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Ask to Join .:Kalos Pokemon Academy:.

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Lechancie, Feb 15, 2016.

  1. .:Kalos Pokemon Academy:.


    You are like any other kid sitting at home while other kids are starting up for pokemon training. You want to get ready as well but haven't heard back from any of the schools you signed up for. You grown anxious with ever passing moment. You have no idea what your gonna do if a school doesn't let you in, maybe just go solo with not training? That's crazy you shove that thought back in your head as you grab your bag and walk out the house.

    You accidentally trip on Oddish with a note taped on him, out of confusion you go to look what it could be. You pet the Oddish an smile reading the not slowly.

    "First off congratulations to you,

    You have been accepted to Kalos Pokemon Academy.

    We are glad to tell you, you had passed the tests and got into one of the top schools.

    We are proud to have you come to our school and become a part of our school's family.

    Hope to see you here.

    - Ms. Freenon-


    -Lets keep this simple as possible-

    ~Time skip all sexual interactions of course~
    (This goes without saying as this sort of thing is not allowed by the Global Rules.)

    ~No one falls in love or hates each other right off the bat unless they share a back story~

    ~There are Co-ed dorms, you will in fact be stuck with the opposite gender~]

    ~There will be limited rooms~

    ~You must stay on campus for the first month of school~

    ~Keep it to 1-3 paragraph replies and try to spell correctly~

    ~You may have up to 4 characters Profiles ~

    ~All profiles must be approved before joining~

    ~Some days will time-skipped so try to keep up with rp the best you can~

    ~There will be a set rotation of replies set by me, so no one gets left behind~

    ~Let me know if you must vanish from the rp for a while. Do so via private messages, profile messages, or posts within THIS thread, NOT the RP thread itself.~

    ~Everyone will follow one or another schedule so you will always have someone to rp with~


    (Events will happen at random time so check here often, anything bold means it happening now)

    ~First day of school~No classes today~Meet & Greet~


    (Keep up with today's date in the rp and the weather)

    Months: September

    Day: 9th

    Weather: Some sun with a bit of could hanging around and nice breeze.

    School starts: Sept. 9th

    School ends: June 20th

    .: Dorms :.

    -Third floor dorms/Reserved for 1st year-

    1A: --------- & ----------
    2A: --------- & ----------
    3A: --------- & ----------
    4A: --------- & ----------

    -Second floor dorms/Reserved for 2nd/3rd year-

    1B: ---------- & ----------
    2B: ---------- &-----------
    3B: ----------- & ----------
    4B: ------------ & ----------

    -First floor dorms/Reserved for 4th year-

    1C: ---------- & ----------
    2C: ---------- &-----------
    3C: ----------- & ----------
    4C: ------------ & ---------

    -Left side 3rd floor dorms for Staff only-

    1S: ---------- & ----------
    2S: ---------- &-----------
    3S: ----------- & ----------
    4S: ------------ & ---------

    Template for character profiles:

    Home Region:
    Year of attending: (1-4 year)
    Specialty type(s): (2 only)
    Favorite Pokemon:
    Pokemon to join as your companion: (Chespin/Fennekin/Froakie)
    Electives: (Pokemon weakness or effectiveness)
    Class you'd like this semester: (Pokemon history or Pokemon Basics)


    Home Region:
    Specialty types(s): (2 please)
    Teacher of:
    Favorite pokemon:
    Pokemon Companion: (Any pokemon up to 6)

    My characters:

    Name: Shiona Freenon
    Home Region: Kalos
    Age: 23
    Appearance/Description: To be filled in, as the original format of this submission used unsourced art without permission, for shame!
    Specialty types(s): Ghost & Dark
    Teacher of: Principle
    Favorite pokemon: Liepard
    Pokemon Companion: Krokorok, Houndoom, Sableye, Haunter, Bisharp (BZZT. No, you do not have a Hoopa. You are NOT allowed to use Legendary Pokemon without staff approval!)

    Name: Sharen Laiton
    Home Region: Sinnoh
    Age: 18
    Orientation: Bisexual
    Year of attending: 1st year
    Appearance/Description: To be filled in, as the original format of this submission used unsourced art without permission - once again - for shame!
    Specialty type(s): Psychic & Fighting
    Favorite Pokemon: Meloetta
    Pokemon to join as your companion: Chespin
    Electives: Basic Weakness
    Class you'd like this semester: Pokemon History​

    Admin edit: Posts and threads merged to comply with the rules better. Note that you are NOT allowed to post unsourced art that is not yours in ANY RP thread - if you can't describe your characters in word, do not cheap out and steal other artists' hard work to save yourself the effort. Also, do NOT abuse colored text.
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  2. @Lechancie

    This looks very interesting. Care if I join?(will post char info tomorrow)
    #2 CrimsonMoon, Feb 18, 2016
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  3. i would like to join, as staff and a student. but if allowed would love to be a campus pokemon, one that roams the campus, is owned but no one knows by who, has been there since the begining?
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  4. Hullo! If I may, I would like to jointhis interesting RP.
  5. I want to join.
    Name : William P. H.
    Home Region : Unova
    Age : 13
    Orientation : Straight
    Year of attending : 1st
    Apearance/Description : After growing up in Anville town, Unova, this young boy has a rather unusual obsession with trains. His father worked for the battle subway, so he has quite a bit of experience with battles(which is why he got in at such an early age). The boy wears a blue or green conductors' cap, a brown trenchcoat, and whatever color pants he can find, besides ugly or pink and purple. He's a rather skinny boy, but when he's in a pinch, the power really comes out!
    Specialty Types : Grass and Fire
    Favorite Pokemon : Serperior
    Pokemon to join me as companion : Fennekin
    Electives : Basic weakness
    Class I'd like for semester : Pokemon Basics
    #5 Paul H. Hoff, Jun 15, 2016
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  6. Mind if I join?

    Name: Rory Lund
    Age: 32
    Home Region: sinnoh (snowpoint city)
    Appearance/Description: short dark brown hair, grey-blue eyes, A black under zipped hoodie, usually a blue t-shirt under, jeans, and a computer bag.
    Specialty types(s): Psychic, and fairy
    Teacher of: pokemon history for first years, and pokemon effectiveness.
    Favorite pokemon: Gardevoir
    Pokemon Companion: Gardevoir, Flygon, alakazam, sylveon, and togekiss.
    Additional school activities he coaches: pokemon track and field.
  7. Could I please join? If I can, here's my character:
    Name: Sunny Wood
    Home Region: Fortree City, Hoenn
    Age: 14
    Orientation: Straight
    Appearance/Description: Blonde hair in short ponytails, green eyes. Red t-shirt with a black unzipped sweater over it. Blue jeans and a reb backpack.
    Year of attending: 1 (New Student)
    Specialty type(s): Fire, Poison
    Favorite Pokemon: Growlithe
    Pokemon to join as your companion: Fennekin
    Electives: Pokemon Weaknesses
    Class you'd like this semester: Pokemon Basics
  8. hoi im temmie the cat and id like to join my char be under this messege:
    Home Region:TwinLeaf Town,Sinnoh Reigon
    Appearence:Black hair, brown eyes, blue shirt and green pants and red bag and orange hat
    Year Of Attending:1*new student*
    Specialty Types:Water,Ghost
    Favorite Pokemon:Aipom
    Pokemon to join as your companion:Chikorita
    Class you'd like this semester:pokemon Basics
    Electives:pokemon Weaknesses
  9. Pokemon id like to join as your companion:Froakie (srry im so dumb im sorry)
  10. May I join? If so here is my charachter discription.
    Name: Jack Bryson
    Home Region: Jhoto
    Age: 18
    Orientation: Straight
    Year of attending: 1st year
    Appearance/Description: Red and black hat, red eyes, red jacket, blue jeans, red backpack, red shoes and balck hair.
    Specialty type(s): Fire & Dragon
    Favorite Pokemon: Quilava
    Pokemon to join as your companion: Froakie
    Electives: Pokemon weakness or effectiveness
    Class you'd like this semester: Pokemon basics


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