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Ask to Join Kala Region Rolpeplay

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Shiny Fennekin, Sep 29, 2016.

  1. More about this thread if you want join:

    Lana was heading towards the Kala Region to start her Pokemon Journey. She would have done it in Unova, But when she heard of Kala, She knew she had to go. She wanted to go to all the regions, but she was rather lazy and her mother was overprotective. It even took a lot of permission to go to Kala. It took a few days to get there by Boat, But she did. When she got of she was greeted by a Man, About 30 with Shaggy Brown Hair and Sparkling Green Eyes, and A Lab coat. "Are You Lana?" "Yes why, Sir?" "My name is Professor Pine, I am the Professor Here in the wonderful Kala Region! Your Mother Called me and asked if I could greet you at your arrival. Your Mother and I were friends when I lived in Unova. Any way Follow Me!" He seemed Nice and Trustworthy so Lana Followed him. They got to this Huge Building and went inside. He took here to a huge desk with a lot of Pokeballs on it. "I am guessing you already know what Pokemon is, But Today you get to choose your starter! That was always my favorite part of my journeys." He got them all out. But what really stood out to her. She knew the Pokemon was form Unova, She had seen it around many times.. Tepig was it? It was smaller than average Tepigs but as soon as Lana saw him, she knew that was the pokemon she would pick. "I want Tepig! It is too cute not to use!" "Excellent Choice Mademoiselle, The is Great, Non? I zink so! " Pine Said with a Silly French Accent. He then spoke in a rather sad tone very quietly "That was your mother's first Pokemon." His face quickly changed from sad to happy. "Any way I hope you have a great Journey, Oh wait here is your Pokedex!" He gave this little thing. It Looked Clear until she touched it. "You can show that Pokedex the Pokemon, and It will tell you all about it. And now including it's type, level, and final evolution if any. Try it!" Lana tried her Tepig It told her things Pine had told her plus a lot more. "Wow, this is awesome!" "It is now can be used as a phone and it records all the Pokemon you have seen and caught!" Lana looked really exicted she started to run when Pine stopped her. "Your mother said I had to go with you on your journey, but I am much too busy and old to be running around finding pokemon again. So instead when more trainers come I will find you a partner. You are welcomed to stay for free at the Nekala Star Hotel while you wait. "Thank you for everything." Lana hugged the professor and ran off. "She lookes just like her mother." He chuckled and went back to work. Lana got to the hotel, went to her room she would be staying at for the night, and started looking at the moves Tepig could do. It wasn't much, but when time and practice, Tepig would become amazing! "I think I am going to name you little guy. Tepig looked annoyed, he was about to take a nap. "How about Bacon" Tepig gave her a "Really?" Look. "Oh I know! How about Wilbur!" Tepig liked that named. Wilbur. It suited him. "Well Now it's you and me Wilbur!" "Well I suppose to get another partner that isn't another pokemon." "I wonder who it will be?" She then went to the first floor lobby to maybe find a partner
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  2. Luke Got his first Pokemon, Blueberry The Mudkip in The Hoenn Region but when he heard of the Kala Region he knew he had to go there. Maybe there was a secret legendary there no one had ever seen. Or Maybe he could catch all different kinds of Pokemon from different regions then go back to the other regions with experience. He was traveling on a boat with Blueberry, Who despite being a Water Type, Got easily boat sick. Blueberry was throwing head over the side of the boat and...well you know. After that Luke cleaned him in the Cabin the two of them were staying in. As soon as Luke finished he heard the Captain on the Intercom. "Attention Passengers. We will be stopping in 10 minutes at Nekala Island. Please get your stuff from your cabin and report to the front deck for further instructions. Luke immediately put down Blueberry and started to pack. Since Luke didn't have much besides a sleeping bag, three pokeball, a potion, a Bookbag, and some PJ's he was packed in less than 10 minutes. He pick up Blueberry and ran to the front deck. When he got there he saw the island right in front of him. It was absolutely beautiful. But he couldn't just stand there admiring the beauty of the island all day, he had to meet The Professor. He asks some people where the Professor works and a Guy took him to the Professor. "Oh Hello! Are you a new trainer? "Yes I am. Now can I please get my Pokedex and get out of here. "Someones Excited! Anyway what is your name?" "Luke. Luke Evans. And this is my partner, Blueberry." Professor Pine Smiled "Well I see you already got a Partner, Well me just give you a Kala Region Pokedex." He gave Luke the Pokedex then explained the things on it, like calling and Levels and Stuff like that. He said thank you to the Professor then went to a Hotel nearby the Professor's Lab. It Looked Nice so he went inside. Inside was a ton of trainers and their Pokemon Hanging Out in the Lobby. He noticed a Girl with some Pokemon he could not Identify. He walked over to her "Hey, I'm Luke. I was wondering what that Pokemon is and what your name is
  3. Flame explored in Kalos region for a while but decided to go somewhere else where no one really ever goes. His hopes were to catch more pokemon, get strong, and win the league. He came to the Kankala Island to start his new journey. Once he got there he was supposed to go to the proffessor's lab to get the pokedex and badge holder. Once he got there he ran into a girl. She had a Tepig with her. Flame had a Froakie on his shoulder.
    "Hello, my name is Flame, you?" FLame asked the girl
  4. "Hey. I am Lana. Oh and this is my partner, Wilbur." She looked at Wilbur, who was sleeping. "Lazy Pig" She muttered to herself. She then turned to Luke "This is a Tepig, It is from the Unova Region." "It's A Fire type." Lana smiled and Looked at the other pokemon. One was a Froakie while the other was Mudkip. "I like both of your pokemon. They are both really cute." She smiled then remembered something "I have something to ask both of you. My mother said I needed at least one partner to go with me on my journey. I don't have one yet and so I can't start my journey. Would either of you or maybe even bot of you would like to be my partner on our pokemon Journey through Nekala and the Other Islands? "
  5. "Sure, sounds fun, im actually a little expirenced, i traveled in Kalos a bit before coming here." Flame replied.
    "Fro." Froakie said happily on my shoulder.
    "Froakie soulds happy to do this." Flame said. "I need to get the pokedex for this region first."
  6. After reaching the age of 16, Maerik grew tired of watching the world of pokemon from afar. He became a wiz at the pokemon card game, and felt battling should be just as easy for him to master. After all, his older sister was a caoable trainer, so couldnt he do it too?

    Maerik left his home in Mahogany town and took the long trip to Goldenrod city, in order to visit his part-time job at the daycare and tell them he would be leaving to begin his pokemon journey.

    "Well, have a safe journey young-in." Said the daycare man without looking back, his hands full as he tries to wash an Oddish.

    The daycare lady leaves the counter, and approaches Maerik with a hug.
    "Don't come back until you become a pokemon master, you hear? Call us if you ever need anything!" She said.
    "Truthfully, you are a smart boy. You can't keep those brains to yourself. If you want to fly like a Braviary, you can't be hanging with Pidgeys forever."

    Maerik began to snivel, but covered his eyes to avoid looking like a wimp. He may be a total geek, but he felt he had a jockish aide as well, and did not want to lose his composure. "I will ma'im! Pay attention to the T.V.! I'm gonna hit the Kala region hard, and I'll advertise the Daycare too! I'll be leaving now. Bye!"

    Maerik ran off back to Goldenrod. He took the Magnet Train to Saffron City. There, he found the first boat he could heading towards the Kala region. He knew he wanted to begin his journey in the Kala region ever since he was 10. He just found raising pokemon to be a better excursion. But now, nothing was stopping him.

    After a lengthy boat ride, Maerik finally got off the boat, and took his first steps into the Kala region. He felt a cool ocean breeze hit his face, as water splashed onto the boat. He checked his Pokegear map and found the laboratory that housed Professor Pine, but to his surprise, Professor Pine greeted Maerik shortly after getting off the boat.

    "And you must be Maerik," Pine said. "I was waiting for you! Your mother contacted me a few days ago telling me you were ready to begin your journey! Great job at the Goldenrod City TCG tournament by the way."

    "Oh uh, thanks I guess. It wasn't really that hard to win though. I'm hoping to learn more about real pokemon battles. What is that loud noise?" Maerik covered his ears to avoid the loud ringing of what sounds like an alarm.

    "Oh that..." Professor Pine struggled to wonder where that sound was coming from. "Anyway, I have a few selections available for you as your next starter. Maybe-"

    Maerik interrupted. "I want an Electrike so just give me that."

    Pine looked at Maerik with an empty expression, then belched out in laughter. "Mon Ami? Per-chance oui may not like this, but I do not have that pokemon! Nous have more selections however."

    Maerik looked at the ground a little dissapointed. "Oh. Well I guess I'll choose something a little more from home. Do you have johto starting pokemon available?"

    After walking inside of the lab, alarm ringng loudly, Pine pointed at three pokeballs. "WE HAVE CHIKORITA, CYNDAQUIL AND TOTODILE! PICK ONE!"

    Maerik recalled that his sister chose Totodile when she began her journey a few years ago. Wanting an advantage over her, he calmly pointed at the grass starter's pokeball.


    After walking outside of the lab and saying bye to Proffesor Pine with pokedex in hand, he registered the labs number into his pokegear and walked to the Nekala Star Hotel. The inside of the hotel lobby was bustling with a few trainers and their pokemon. Noting this, Maerik released his Chikorita from its pokeball for the first time.

    Chikorita came out, and immediately smiled at Maerik. She ran up to his leg and started rubbing it a little.
    "I haven't named you yet Chikorita. How do you like the name Bryn?" Said Maerik.

    "Chika!!!" Bryn exclaimed in excitement, and began running in circles overjoyed.

    "I guess that settles it! Let's begin our journey together Bryn! So maybe we should go inside a room and sleep in until tmrw. Its getting kind of late." Maerik explained, seemingly with ulterior motives.

    The Chikorita looked a little sad. It seemed like it did not want to rest yet after being in its pokeball for some time that day. It looked around and pointed its leaf at a party of three who had a Mudkip, Tepig and a Froakie.

    "But there's a pokemon tournament on the T.V. today in the Sinnoh region, we can learn a lot from that!" Maerik looked at Bryn again, and then the group of trainers. "Fine, let's socialize a little. But after, we take you a bath and go over battle strategies."

    Maerik walked towards the three trainers, Bryn running ahead to catch up to the trainer with a Froakie on his shoulder and politely looked up.

    Maerik followed soon after, with his hands in his pockets. "Uh, Hi guys. Hope I'm not interrupting much. My Chikorita pulled me here, but her name is Bryn. And I am Maerik from the Johto region. You can just call me Rik though."
  7. In a little house in Laverre City, Kalos, a young man named Ken had hopes and dreams of becoming the very best, like no one ever was. "KEN! HURRY UP OR YOU'RE GOING TO MISS THE BOAT!" said Kens mother yelling frantically. "What? OH MY GOD! IT'S 4:30 PM" Ken said worrying he's going to miss the boat to the Kala region. Oh the Kala region, many strong amazing trainers have gone their and Ken wanted to be one of them. Ken was ready to go to Kala he had his poke balls, potions, exp share, and bike, all conveniently shaped in one backpack. As Ken was about to leave his house, his mother grabbed his arm and said, "Ken wait, I have something to give you," and in her hands was a poke ball. "What is it?" Ken asked. "Check it out for yourself," replied his mother. As Ken pushed the button in the middle out came a Gastly. "WHAT!? You really went out and caught me my favorite Pokemon!?" Ken exclaimed happily. "Well, I knew that it was your favorite Pokemon so I thought, why shouldn't you take one in your journey?" "Thanks mom, I promise to make you proud." Kens mother than smiled. And so Ken went of to the S.S. Anne.

    As Ken was on the S.S. Anne he admired his Gastly and noticed a weird looking stone on it's necklace, but he thought nothing of it.

    Then as Ken stepped of the boat he saw a weird looking guy. As he approached the man said, "Why bonjour, se what'sa bring'a you here?" "Well, I want to be a Pokemon master." replied Ken. "Well you're in luck, I happen to be the professor of the Kala region." "WAIT, WHAT!? Really?!" said Ken surprised hearing that the weird looking dude is actually a professor. "Oui, you may call me Professor Pine. If you follow me I'll give you a starter Pokemon and a Pokedex." "Ok!" As Ken followed Professor Pine, he noticed that the professor had the starter Pokemon of the first six regions! "Choose whichever one you want." This took hard concentration but Ken finally decided on taking Treecko. "Nice choice, now here's your Pokedex, and now you can finally go explore the Kala region!" "Thank you professor, you've done so much for me!" Then Ken exited the professor's lab.

    As Ken was walking down the street with both his Treecko and Gastly he noticed someone's trainer card on the floor. He decided to pick it up and the person who dropped it, but then a group of trainers with a Tepig, Froakie, Mudkip, and Chikorita. "Hey guys do you think those guys will make worthy rivals!?" asked Ken to his Pokemon. "Treecko!" "Gas Gastly!" said his Pokemon excitedly. "Well then let's go! What are we waiting for?"
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  8. She was here for bright young trainers, she had her notepad, her pencils, her coat, and her 1-ton companion. She got a breath of fresh air and looked at the surrounding town. Her short black hair gleaming in the sunlight. Her pokemon glaring ever brighter. She cracled her knuckles and waved a hand."Anatha Yvette Nickels! Wanting to travel alongside aspiring trainers!" She said, her nails painted a dull yellow like her vest.
  9. Maerik gushed to the side, nearly falling over from what felt like an aggressive push.

    "Hey! What's what are you pulling?" Maverick exclaimed, turning around to see the trainer that bumped into him long gone. He noticed the kid dropped his trainer card, and saw another person pick it up. Next to this rather tall trainer were a Treeko and a Ghastly.

    Maerik looked at the trainer from a distance, and then proceeded to smile and shrug, displaying disdain at the other kid's hastiness. He proceeded to wave over the trainer bearing the Treeko and Ghastly.
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    Bryce the PKMN Trainer's posts have been removed from this RP as this is PHENOMENALLY not how we RP around here. Carry on.
  11. As Ken was about to meet with all the trainers in the group, he noticed the trainer with the Chikorita waving at him, so he decided to talk to him before anyone else in the group. He knew that this would be the perfect group to be rivals with. "Wait, before I go talk with that group over there, I feel like I should give you guys a nickname!" Kens Pokemon looked at him with anticipation. "Hmmm, Gastly, I think I will call you Jack, and Treecko, I think your name should be Sycamore!" "Gastly!" "Treecko!" "Well then now let's go!"
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  12. Pat exited the boat to the Kala region. "Finally!" He said to his Charmander "That took ages!"
    He looked around, excited. "Now are you ready to win the league with me?" He asked Charmander
    "Char! Charmander!" Charmander shouted excitedly "Char Char!"
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  13. Maerik put his hand down quickly after waving for an awkward amount of time. He felt a little stupid waving to someone he didn't know. He felt like an excited kindergartner, and that did not rub him the right way. He shuddered away his uncoolness and welcomed the approaching trainer.
    "Nice pokemon you got there," Maerik said. "How do you have two already? Did I miss something?"
    Bryn smiled at the trainer, flipping her leaf back and forth in a wagging notion. "Chikiriiii!"
    She looked excited to finally see a fellow grass type. Maerik noticed his pokemon enjoys company, which is something he will have to get used too. With several years of daycare experience under his belt, he knows that a happy pokemon is a good one.
    "Oh, this is my Chikorita, Bryn. I just got her so we are kind of strangers still. My name is Maerik, but you can just call me Rik."
  14. "Hi there Rik, my name is Ken and I'm from the Kalos region! Oh the reason I have two Pokemon is because my Gastly was actually a gift from my mom and I got this Treecko from Professor Pine." "Gas Gas!" "Tree!" Ken saw his Treecko and Gastly wanting to interact with Rik's Chikorita. "My Gastly's name is Jack and my Treecko's name is Sycamore." said Ken to Rik. "So do you know those guys in that group over there?"
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  15. OOC I'll probably be referring to my character as Rik since I am on a phone at the moment, and it speeds things up.

    "Well, I suppose it is a pleasure to meet you Ken. I've never been outside of the Johto region... But I did challenge a kid from the Kalos region at a Card tournament held in Olivine city."

    Rik turned to the other trainers nearby. He assumed he did not speak up loud enough to garner their attention.
    "I actually haven't met them yet. Guess my social skills could use some work."

    As the pokemon interact, Bryn uses her leaf as a weak fan to analyze Jack's gaseous state.
  16. "Well, I was hoping that we could all be rivals, and I've never been out of Kalos until now either, the only thing that I've ever seen from Johto was Professor Sycamores' Ampharos." said Ken to Rik. Ken then noticed how Jack and Sycamore get along with Bryn. "Hey Rik, don't ya think that both of us, and the group over there, can be rivals? I just want to be a strong trainer, and I heard that many strong trainers had rivals and friends to get them pumped up to be the very best, and I just want to know how that feels. If you couldn't tell already my dream is to become the strong trainer that other people look up to and I can't do it alone. So Rik will you join me?" asked Ken to Rik feeling anxious and scared if he says no.
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  17. Ken was soon regretting his decision of talking to Rik like that, he felt like he was to enthusiastic and that Rik thinks of him as some sort of weirdo, so Ken than said, "Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry for saying something like that, you probably don't want to be my rival, I was just too excited for arriving at the Kala region."
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  18. Maerik sized up Ken and his Pokémon. Becoming rivals couldn't hurt. Heck, having competitive friends is the only way to get better at the card game. So it should be the same here.

    "Yeah, we should be rivals. As long as you promise to strive to get better. Otherwise, we will just be slowing each others growth."

    Maerik rubbed his head and held a half smile.

    "Geez, you don't have to worry. I mean, what kind of jerk would be mean to another person he doesn't even know? Especially on the beginning of their new journey. I may come off as rude myself, so just... If we offend each other, let's promise now that we mean it out of kindness?"

    Maerik gulped as he nervously spoke very fast, without inhaling for oxygen. He closed his eyes and calmed down, followed by a determined glare towards Ken.

    "But sometimes, I think it'll be healthy for us to separate too. I have a sibling who is a trainer as well. And they completed their journey on her own. I have get a little taste of that."
  19. "Great! Don't worry Rik, of course I'm going to get stronger! How else am I going to be a great Pokemon trainer! And just for you to know when we do separate, I'll just train to become even stronger. But I still want to travel with a group so I'll just the people over there." Ken with a new rival was ecstatic to travel on and be an amazing trainer in the Kala region.
  20. Ken's determination felt contagious, as Rik felt a surge of excitement he hadn't felt in a while. He looked down at Bryn, and was stoked to begin his journey.

    "Alright! Let's do this! When should we head for the first route? I may stop by a pokemart to knab a few items. I still need to by a small camping set."

    Bryn slowly walked near Rik, carrying a smile on her face. It seemed she was calm, but prepared to show her capabilities to her new trainer.
  21. "We should head into the route tomorrow morning, that should give us enough time to do whatever we need to do," replied Ken. Ken already had all that he needed, but what he really wanted to do was train. Now that he has two Pokemon, he's going to have to train as twice as hard than the other trainers.
  22. "Well, Nekala Island doesn't have any gyms according the my Pokegear's map-app. So when we meet up tomorrow, let's decide on which Island we would like to go to. I know what I want to do."

    Maerik picked Bryn up onto his shoulders.

    "I want to try out a battle, my very first battle. I also want to catch my very first Pokemon. I've seen enough replays of leave champions and gym battles to understand the general flow."

    Maerik patted Bryn's head while she smiled, excited to go to whatever limits her trainer wished to go. Maerik drew a surprised face when he realised that he and Ken should keep in contact.

    "Hey Ken, do you have a Pokegear or a Pokenav? We should register each other. I'd hate to lose touch with my competition."
  23. "Yeah, I have a PokeNav! Here you go." Ken handed Rik his PokeNav. "I think that Nekala Island is a good place to go to first. And why not have your first battle with me! A starter vs starter battle!"

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