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Ask to Join Kala Region Reboot

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Shiny Fennekin, Feb 17, 2017.

  1. Author's Notes
    If you would like to join this roleplay, I have about 5 spots open so it's first come, first serve. Anyway, here is the link:https://pokecharms.com/threads/the-kala-region-reboot.15626/

    These are the users who may post so far
    1. @Kate the Fennekin (Me)
    2. @I Never
    3. @Charlespark
    4. @SMRPG64
    5. @Ikuze_Lets_Go
    6. @SAChewed

    Hazel felt the soft, warm breeze hit her face as she stepped off the ship to the beautiful Kala region. She had never been this far from home and she was excited to see and meet new Pokemon. "I should probably get my Pokemon out now, they have been inside their Pokeball's for awhile. She got her two pokemon out. Immediately, Kuri, Her mischievous Chespin ran off into the Nekala island. "Well then, I guess I should get him." She then ran off after him with her Klefki behind her.

    After running for a bit she finally caught up to her Chespin. "Come here you!" Hazel then hugged her troublesome pokemon. "I guess we should go to the professor to receive a Pokedex is it called? Hazel took out her book about the Kala region to find more about the professor. "It says here he lives in Normvalla city. odd name, but okay." Hazel looked around for someone that could show her to the city due to her not being very good with maps. She then saw a small sign that said "Normvalla City, Up ahead." Hazel smiled and said softly "This is it guys, our first city in a new region!"

    When Hazel got to the city she couldn't believe her eyes. The city was much bigger than she expected with tall buildings everywhere. "This is going to take me forever to get to the professor's lab." She and her pokemon walked around city till she saw a odd looking building. It looked rather old and it had vines growing on the sides and the front windows were cracked. Suddenly she heard a males voice behind her "Are you a new trainer?" Hazel turned around to see a middle aged man in lab coat. His lab coat looked dirty and he had a messy 5 o'clock shadow but under his rugged appearance he looked friendly. "I'm the Professor of this region. My name is Professor Palm"

    The building Hazel had seen turned out to be the professor old lab that he still used. Inside were a ton of different pokemon. She saw a lot she didn't recognized but a few she did. "I came here to receive a Pokedex. Do you have any?" Palm slightly smiled and handed her one. "This is a Rotom Pokedex by the way. It comes from the Alola region and I spent many hours researching it. After awhile I just found out all you needed were some Rotom and a Pokedex and there you go! A brand new Rotomdex." Hazel started at it for awhile then thanked the Professor. "Before I go, I need to ask what exactly does a trainer do." Professor Palm then had a huge grin on his face, remembering the good old days when he was a young trainer. He briefly explained and then told her about the first gym. "Alan is pretty tough Rock gym leader so Fighting, Grass and Water pokemon would be a good idea to add to your team." Palm then gave her a few Pokeballs and sent her on her way. She was outside the building when he told told her she should probably spend the night in the city, considering it was dark out. Hazel agreed to stay in a small Hotel known as "Grand Starlight Hotel" across from the lab. She went to the lobby and slumped into a chair. "This has been a long day."Hazel sighed. Even her energetic Chespin looked tired. "I can't wait for what tomorrow brings me."
  2. Hope got off of the ship later in the Kala region, as there was only a zephyr in the air that cuddled around his body. He felt rather enthusiastic, but also had a bitter amount of nervousness since he was far from his native region. He looked over at his handgun-like device that was securely holistered on the right pocket of his trousers. He pulled out the device and flicked on a switch, as the machine started to boot up.

    A robotic-like voice came emitted from the machine, as it said to Hope, "Okay... where exactly are we here... I can't seem to load up anything of this area at all, but at least I have a little map that will fill up when we explore this area. Let's go over to the Hotel that the lady on the ship told us about. She said that the place is across from the Lab."

    Hope replied while moving towards the lab with his Pokémon, "Well, I'm kinda not sure if I should still go to the Professor here if there's even one in this area. I already have you as my Poké Browser, which is what they call as the Pokédex these days. I already have a few items, but I'm not like a champion that just came from another region though."

    The voice replied while the mini map on the screen started to slowly fill, "I'm not really that sure if I can really scan other Pokémon here though... I heard that there's quite a lot of unknown Pokémon here." Hope nodded at the device, knowing that this was a new region that he was in after all. He continued to walk towards the Hotel, as a small, colorful, bird-like Pokémon rested on his shoulders. There was a small, primarily dark blue, dino-like Pokémon that lied in his sling; snoring about with the calm breeze.

    After some brief minutes of walking, Hope got to the Hotel, as he walked into the lobby. He kept a modest grip on the device with his right hand, as he saw a girl that was slumped on a chair. He also saw a Chespin that looked rather tired, as he sat on a chair that was next to her. He said to her while there was a green blinking light on the side of his device, "Well, it certainly has been quite a day. So you're staying here too? I haven't really been to the Lab here to be honest, I've already got my own Pokédex thingy and some other items back in my region, though I'm not too sure if my device can scan the others here since it's from my region. Anyways, I'm Hope; the little bird on my shoulder is Pyravi, and the little dinosaur guy sleeping on my sling is Myaling. So, what's your story?"
  3. A chuckle escaped the lips of a Snivy as the Grass Snake Pokemon trotted off the ship from the Unova region to the new Kala region. There was a mischievious glint in those large brown eyes of his, glancing over at his trainer, it almost felt as if he was the trainer and his trainer were the creature being commanded; oddly since Snivy were only 2 feet in height. His dominance, and experience, were well shown by the infamous tongue being playfully stuck out at his trainer.
    Seasick, tired and hopelessly confused, Emi dragged herself after her partner who clearly had more experience despite having just come out an egg a week ago. His confidence was admirable and if she could, she'd be fascinated to see just what went on in his mind. All the neurons at work without a sense of regret, which the trainer was sure her pokemon lacked - regret.

    There was a strong gust of wind, coming right in her direction. In hopes of keeping her hat, which stored something she was told was very special, she gripped onto her straw hat for dear life, nevermind the skirt which had shorts underneath!
    "Mukai, do you lack sympathy or something!?" She remarked as she started running past the Snivy, who's name was now identified; her ash brown hair was well stablized by two buns. Mukai blinked a few times and dashed after the brunette. Both of them were faster than usual, as if the breeze gave them a boost and the strange boy laughing heartily behind them giving them all the more reason to leave.

    They ran and they ran, side stepping out of the way of other people and ensuring that one never lost the other in this strange, new environment. Emi, felt more and more pumped as she ran further away from the ship; both, however, completely forgot their destination and upon passing it, halted and ran back to where they assumed the lab was. In thoughts of the door being automatic and still not losing that gust, Emi ended up running into the lab door, Mukai smirking at the sight.
    'Stupid trainer...' He thought to himself as he managed to get through the door, for once waiting for his trainer to follow him inside after she recovered from the rush.

    A heavy sigh escaped Emi's lips, she was definitely out of breath from all the running, her stamina was never the best. Her pale blue eyes glanced around as she approached the professor. Mr. Snark the Snivy stood by his trainer's side, waiting patiently.

    In all fairness, I may or may not have forgotten why I came Emi thought to herself, a light smile on her features as she spoke. "Hey professor!" She made a small wave before standing within his line of vision.
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    This unfortunately also meant i had to merge a lot of Ikuze_Lets_Go's posts and that now they contain some references to a person who is no longer there - you might want to edit those. This is through no fault of yours. However, please do not mini-mod. You see a rule violation? Report it. Don't try to police the board yourself. ^^
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  5. Breeze's hair fluttered in the wind as she stood on the edge of the boat. Her Tyrogue, Twist, was happily eating some fries and enjoying the warm pool. Her journey on the cruise from Unova had been long, but quite enjoyable. But now she could see Kala and they were approaching it rapidly. She jumped off of the ledge of the boat and sat by the edge of the pool. Twist swam over to her and sat with her. "We're gonna be famous Twist" Breeze said, "We're gonna travel around the world, we're gonna be better than Petal."

    "(Ugh, Petal and her Togetic make me sick) Tyrogue Rogue Tyr" Twist said, "(But we'll beat her for sure) Tyrogue Rogue!"

    The cruise docked at the harbour and Breeze jumped off of the boat with Twist. She was so glad to finally be in Kala. The sun was so bright and she felt a burn prickling on her fair skin. "Let's the lab, and quickly" Breeze said. She walked through the town and instantly spotted the lab. Breeze walked inside and saw a girl with a Snivy and the professor. "Hi there, I'm Breeze and this is Twist" Breeze exclaimed.

    "(Hi there!) Ty RogueRogue!" Twist exclaimed.

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