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Ask to Join Just Your Average Pokemon Trainers

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Shiny Blue Gardevoir, Oct 5, 2016.

  1. The world of Pokémon is a diverse and beautiful land, home to pokemon which come in all different varieties. This is also true for the people who live and work with them, placing their trust, their dreams, and even their lives in the hands of pokemon. In Kalos, there lives a group of talented young men and women, who like many others, are aiming to become the Kalos Queen, or pokemon masters, or top coordinators. They are just your average trainers, the only difference between them and all the others, is that they are all disabled in some way. They do not want to be called 'inspirational', nor do they want to be seen as 'helpless', all they truly want is to be the best.

    (Now, here are the rules:

    1.) Five people, aside from myself, will be allowed to join. If you want to be a part of this RP, PM me, or comment on my profile, with your character sheet filled out. I'll get to that shortly. It will be first come, first served.

    2.) You can have one starter pokemon, and no more than one shiny. You can also have a service pokemon, if you like. A service pokemon is a pokemon which has been specially trained to help its master, usually by someone other than its master. For example, you could have a chansey pushing a paraplegic trainer's wheelchair, or a mightyena or other dog-like pokemon being used as a guide pokemon, for a blind trainer. Be realistic, though; a particularly small pokemon, like eevee, could not be used to push a wheelchair, for example, because it is too small and does not have the strength to push.

    3.) Any disability is allowed, physical or mental.

    4.) Aside from this, standard rules apply)

    (Now, here's the character sheet. I will use my character as an example)

    Name: Daniel

    Age: 15

    Gender: Male

    Trainer class: Coordinator (Your character can be whatever you like; performer, coordinator, or trainer)

    Pokémon: Serperior (Male), Mightyena (Female), Shiny honchkrow (Male), Plusle (Female) Lopunny (Female), and Machoke (Male)

    Service pokemon: (If your character has a a service pokemon, explain what they do for your character): Lopunny, who is trained to push his wheelchair, and pop his joints back into place when they dislocate (Which happens very often). She was trained by a breeder, who specialises in training pokemon to help the disabled, and then bought for Daniel by his mother.

    Disability: Ehlers-Danlos syndrome. Daniel has loose, unstable joints which dislocate easily, as well as chronic pain, due to this condition. He also needs to use a wheelchair.


    (Now, onto the RP)

    "I'll see you later, Mum," Daniel said as Lopunny wheeled him towards the door, his ribbon case and bag in his lap.

    "Have fun out there, sweetie!" she replied, "And promise me that you'll call tonight, so I know that you got to Aquacorde Town in one piece!"

    "Sure I will," he replied coolly. His mum's favourite thing to do was worry about him, or so Daniel thought. Not that he could blame her.

    He was headed to a park, nearby to practice his appeal to the Aquacorde Town pokemon contest first. Serperior, his starter, was due to be the star of the show, so, out he would come for practice.

    Placing a flower petal seal on Serperior's pokeball, Daniel sent out the pokemon, resulting in a flash and a shower of red rose petals.

    "Use Energy ball, and then frenzy plant!" he commanded.

    The snake-like pokemon shattered the energy ball with big, thorned vines, making green, sparkling mist go everywhere...
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  2. Kate woke up to her mom yelling at her, "Kate wake up! It's already eight o' clock!" She quickly sat up and bolted down the stairs. "Sorry mom." She panted and grabbed an apple. "I've gotta go! See you later!" She said and waved as she ran down the street. Kate wasn't actually sure what she would do today, she just wanted out of the house. "Piplup, Buneary, lets go!" She called as she sent the two out. "Why don't we go explore some?" She decided and smiled at her Pokémon. "Lets go."
  3. "Ok, now use leaf storm!"

    Serperior did as he was told, and whipped up a flurry of leaves around the park.

    "Now, finish up with leaf blade!"

    Serperior deftly cut through the leaves as his tail glowed, finishing his performance by snaking around Daniel and his wheelchair.

    "Looking good!" Daniel praised, giggling as Serperior nuzzled his cheek, "If you can do that again at the Aquacorde Town contest, we're guaranteed a spot in round two!"

    "Perior!" The pokemon answered.

    Serperior let him go, and expectantly waited as his master opened his bag.

    "Mint, or citrus pokepuff?" Daniel offered.

    "Perior!" Serperior cried, gobbling down the mint one in a flash...
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