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Just wondering if this team is solid

Discussion in 'The Doctor's Clinic' started by D, Aug 11, 2010.

  1. D


    This team is for fourth Gen competitive battles, and I was wondering if it's solid. I'm planning to use it in the next season of the Charms league. Most of the team members are pretty bulky, so yeah...

    Dusknoir: @ Leftovers
    ~Sucker Punch
    ~Pain Split
    ~Shadow Punch
    -252 Attack
    -126 Defense
    -126 Special Defense

    Ninetales: @ Wise Glasses
    -Flash Fire
    ~Energy Ball
    ~Confuse Ray
    ~Dark Pulse
    -252 Special Attack
    -252 Speed

    Drapion: @ Muscle Band
    ~Cross Poison
    ~Night Slash
    ~Aqua Tail
    ~Brick Break
    -252 Speed
    -252 Attack
    -6 Special Defense

    Vespiquen: @ Bright Powder
    ~Attack Order
    ~Defense Order
    ~Heal Order
    -252 Defense
    -252 Special Defense
    -6 Speed

    Magnezone: @ ?
    -Magnet Pull
    ~Flash Cannon
    ~Magnet Rise
    -252 Special Attack
    -126 Defense
    -126 Special Defense

    Slowking: @ Leftovers
    -Own Tempo
    ~Ice Beam
    -252 Special Attack
    -126 Defense
    -126 Special Defense

    Kthx ;D
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  2. KoL

    KoL Expert FPS Player
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    Currently it is very solid, so solid in fact that I'm just going to summarize general points instead of going over each individual team member:

    - The most glaring issues present here are no Stealth Rock, no Rapid Spin, and no-one present who can utilize either move. This is worth keeping in mind, since Rapid Spin and Stealth Rock especially are extremely useful to every team, the latter being almost required for every team to succeed.

    - Dusknoir would really be better off with HP training instead of split defenses due to how dismally low his HP is. Will-O-Wisp is a nice move to have on him if you'd like some status-spreading available to you.

    - Your Vespiquen is currently very vulnerable to any faster Taunt user, and since Vespiquen is very slow, pretty much every common Taunt user in the game is faster than you are. Also, Defense Order is practically begging someone to Roar/Whirlwind you away, and since Stealth Rock absolutely murders Vespiquen by stripping you of 50% of your maximum HP, being PHazed out by Roar or Whirlwind will put Vespiquen in a very dire situation, and Defense Order will only encourage your opponent to PHaze you out even more. Protect is a fantastic option along with Toxic and Pressure though, and I'd recommend that as an alternative to Defense Order, since I can't see that move being very useful at all against an experienced player.

    - Shuca Berry can work for Magnezone's hold item in case a faster Earthquake user catches him off-guard before he can activate Magnet Rise.

    - Slowking can use Trick with Choice Specs to disrupt anything that may attempt to wall him, such as Cresselia or Blissey. Grass Knot is a very nice alternative move as well, and I personally think Vespiquen needs the Leftovers more than Slowking does (Brightpowder alone isn't going to hack it really, given what Vespiquen's commonly faced with.)

    - Currently, three of your team members are weak to Ground, and the one who is immune to it suffers from the aforementioned Stealth Rock weakness as well as a weakness to almost every coverage move any Pokemon using Ground-type moves is likely to carry (Ice, Rock and in the case of dragons and Heatran, Fire are the most common coverage used with Ground.) This could present a problem if a speedy Earthquake user shows up, such as Dugtrio or Flygon - I'd keep this in mind.

    - HP training is your friend. Although with Pokemon like Slowking and Magnezone it isn't quite as relevant, but Vespiquen and Dusknoir really could do with HP training and then focusing on one defensive stat, since spreading yourself out too thin usually ends with you being slaughtered by both physical and special attacks because your HP is too low, as opposed to being able to wall both.

    - Finally, since you have four pretty slow Pokemon and two Pokemon that can use the move, Trick Room may be an interesting addition to consider for your team.

    You've definitely got some very good stuff here though.
  3. Ruko

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    I have two cents two add upon scanning.

    As KoL said, Dusknoir's life expectancy will be much more greatly increased by HP training rather than split defense training.. however, this will dampen the usefulness of Pain Split, and your Dusknoir seems to want offense over defense anyhow.

    In addition to this, all of your pokemon which are trained for bulk have evenly split defenses.. This allows for balance on each individual pokemon, but as a team you will find it harder to stop pokemon which have used Swords Dance / Nasty Plot to sharply boost one of their attack stats.

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