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Just Plain Weird Pokedex Entries

Discussion in 'Pokémon Chat' started by Lime307, Jan 17, 2014.

  1. In the Pokemon Universe, some Pokedex entries are just...weird. Some of them state that this Pokemon kidnaps Children, Hypno. That, this is a tree stump that is possessed by the souls of a Children who get lost in the forest, Phantump. See what they have in common? Children. Pokemon is a Children's game. Yes, the Older Audience can still play it and I'm not trying to say anything against that but it was made for CHILDREN and there's all these references to Children getting taken or dying in forests or getting pulled under the water by Jellicent or Frillish. It's weird and all but I guess it's just the Creators way of making it their type of scary. (Some info for this was taken from Bulbapedia (Phantump) and some other info is from The JWittz, check him out!) Got any weird Pokedex entries of your own? Gotta Post 'em all! (In the Comments). :halo:
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  2. I find that the Pokedex entries of the Litwick and it's evo's are kinda scary..
    I mean how can a cute thing like Litwick leech the life of peopole?!
    And imagne now a Lampent waiting outside the hospital for someone to die?!
    That's just creepy.. :-O
  3. hahah yeah i know. and how if you grab Aegislash by the Handle or touch its blue cloak type thingy it will suck the life out of that body part. I agree with that Vaporeon part...
    Maybe that Miltank does...just maybe..I WONDER IF IT GIVES YOU SUPER POWERS!? aha.
  4. StellarWind Elsydeon

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    Most 'dex entries are "just plain weird". A lot of them are pseudoscientific bullshit attempting to "sound smart" but having absolutely no basis behind them and combine blatant hyperbole and folk tales - ending up failing miserably.

    That is because they are clearly written by 10-year-olds.
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    Remember gen 3 duskull according to the entries it enjoys the crying of children, and gen 4 drifloon grabs children with its strings and carries them off. And shedinja according to the pokedex if u look into the hole in its back it steals ur soul... Ever notice how when in battle u look at the hole in its back for a kids game there is a lot of hating on children and soul stealing
  5. Spoink.
    If you hug it it dies.
    How does that make you feel?
  6. and if it stops bouncing, its heart stops beating
  7. Poor Spoink.. :'( I love them sooo much!
    But if you catch it in a Pokeball, it still stops bouncing.. So if you catch it, you kill it.
  8. I think that's only assuming that it's not already an organic freeze type containment, like cryo, halting your body's function...
    Or that they keep bouncing inside the pokeball, like floating in space, just bouncing away...
  9. Well, I do hope for that..
  10. Honedge's pokedex entrie says if anyone dares to grab its hilt, it wraps the blue cloth attached to the top of its head around the persons arm draining their life energy completely.
  11. You can't mention Espurr without also bringing up Meowstic:

    "When in danger, it raises up its ears and releases enough psychic power to grind a 10-ton truck to dust."

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