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Ask to Join Jurassic Elm Discussion

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by LunarSilvally, Jan 24, 2020.

  1. You ride a train that will lead you to your current destination and you take your relaxing time until you arrive there but suddenly the power goes out when you reach the cafe to grab a drink that is inside the train towards the front. Once it flickers back on, you here an explosion in the back of the train where you were seated. The conductor asks you to gather the people in the back where the explosion happened. As you further closer you hear screaming and by instinct you see an axe in an emergency box and you don't hesitate to break it open and take it for your weapon of use. Once you reach the cart, there in your very eyes see a carnivorous Dilophosaurus and half of the people missing from the cart so you assume that they had been eaten. It starts to attack going straight for you as you had no choice but to use the axe to defend yourself but before you could end it's life....a Tyrannosaurus Rex comes out of nowhere killing off the Dilophosaurus. Then the train crashes and you suddenly black out. You wake up on an unknown island known as Jurassic Elm, and you are very dehydrated and starving and all alone. You manage to get up but your stomach and head is in serious pain due to being very dehydrated and starving.

    You start to realize that you may just die here as you collapse on the ground again leaning against something as you closed your eyes waiting for it to happen. Suddenly however, you feel breath touching your skin as you open your eyes once again seeing a carnivorous or herbivorous dinosaur staring at you. If you see carnivorous, you ask it to end your life now since you were at the dehydration and starvation stage but it doesn't as it lifts you up off the ground with it mouth as if taking you somewhere....you couldn't really do anything since you were so weak to even fight it off.

    You wait for death but it doesn't happen as it drops you down finding you a water source and with out hesitation you drink from it and once you finish you look at the dino holding a food source in its mouth offering food to you as well. You don't quite understand why this dino is not eating you but when you reach out to touch it with your hand, it kindly accepts touching it's head with yours. This is where your journey begins....

    General Pokecharm rules
    Crushes I allow(but keep PG)
    Violence is allow(due to hunting the Dino's for food)
    Chars are unlimited as long as you can keep up with them
    No double posting
    All weapons are handcrafted including shelter ,taming pen, and clothing
    Put "Jurassic" in other if you read these rules

    Bow and arrow

    Physical Appearance:
    Primary Dino(tamed rider):
    Secondary Dino(tamed rider):
    Crafted weapon:
    Weapon Skills:

    Name: JC
    Gender: Female
    Age: 19
    Appearance: She is a light skinned young lady that stands at 5'3 in height with a well feminine build. She has dark brown long hair pulled up in a high ponytail with light blue eyes, right almost completely blind which her bang covers. She wears a shirt that only covers her left shoulder leaving her right shoulder visible as only her black tank strap is shown on her right shoulder. In the front of the shirt it says "No Judgemental Comments" in light red, light green, and light blue coloring with black skinny jeans and flats on her feet as the straps wrap around her ankles securely. She wears glasses upon her face with a silver and black cross necklace around her neck with bandages around her wrists and ankles. She also has a tattoo of an Arctic wolf on the right side of her chest below her collar bone outline in black.
    Physical Appearance: screendShot_2020-01-05_22-17-32.png
    From: Pitzmaker (GooglePlay: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.EightStudio.PitzMaker&hl=en_US)
    Personality: She is slightly stubborn which can be a pain to handle along with being stern. Despite her stubbornness, she is a very understanding young lady who doesn't judge anybody no matter who they are but she only acts brave to hide her fear. She has a strategic mind and thinks before acting. She had trust issues but if you can gain her trust completely she will protect you as if her life depends on it.
    Companion: Dove(F)(white Siberian husky)(wears a life vest with the words "Guide Dog" on the side to help guide other travels and even warn danger to them by bark howling
    Primary Dino(tamed rider): Velociraptor(F)(Blue)(sister to Sparkx)
    Secondary Dino(tamed rider): Pteradactyl(F)(Lebby)
    Crafted weapon: Bow and arrow
    Skills: Archery, Crafting, Building, Dino taming
    Career: Art Student
    Siblings: Shadow(M)(Older brother)
    Crush: N/A
    Other: "Jurassic" She wears a white wolf blue-streaked mask to hide her face appearance. Blue wears crafted armor on the upper part of her legs, front of face, upper part of her arms and along her chest and under belly as Remmy has the same armor just like Blue wears it.

    Name: Shadow
    Gender: Male
    Age: 20
    Appearance: He is a light skinned young male that stands at 5'8 in height with a well masculine build. He has jet black hair that is slightly long in the back with light blue-gold eyes as his bang covers his gold colored right eye. He wears a plain buttoned down shirt with a black tank underneath with black skinny jeans and comfortable shoes on his feet. He has a bandage only on his right wrist with a black watch on top of it. He wears a black cross necklace around his neck with sunglasses at the top of his head. He also has a black wolf tattoo on his lower right black outline in white.
    Physical Appearance: screendShot_2019-12-31_13-33-56.png
    From: Pitzmaker(GooglePlay): https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.EightStudio.PitzMaker&hl=en_US)
    Personality: He is a brave young man who is strongwilled. He is calm in most situations and overprotective of his young sister JC which can be too much to handle sometimes. He won't show mercy to those who harm his sister in anyway.
    Primary Dino(tamed rider): Dilophosaurus(F)(Zephyr)
    Secondary Dino(tamed rider): Velociraptor(F)(Sparkx)(sister to Blue)
    Crafted weapon: Axe
    Skills: Mechanical,
    Career: Mechanic student
    Siblings: JC(F)(young sister)
    Crush: N/A
    Other: "Jurassic" wears a black wolf gold-streaked mask to hide his face appearance. Zephyr and Sparkx wear armor like Blue and Sparkx does. He has Heterochromia.

    Name: Maskerin
    Gender: Female
    Age: 18
    Appearance: She is a light skinned young lady that stands at 5'5 in height with a well feminine build. She has dark Russian blue long hair with red tips with a white bow behind her head. She has light blue-silver eyes as her red top bang covers her silver one. She wears a white dress with light lavender floral patterns on it with white flats as the straps wrap around her ankles securely. She wears glasses with a light gray scarf around her neck and a sun hat on the top of her head.
    Physical Appearance: screendShot_2019-12-31_01-22-33.png
    From: Pitzmaker (GooglePlay: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.EightStudio.PitzMaker&hl=en_US)
    Personality: She is a very sweet and very shy young lady who loves to make friends with just about anyone. She is very shy to the male of the gender.
    Primary Dino(tamed rider): Stegosaurus(F)(Honey)
    Secondary Dino(tamed rider): Therizinosaurus(F)(Livy)
    Companion: Sakuny(F)(Black standard poodle trimmed in a heart style)
    Crafted weapon: Bow and arrow
    Weapon Skills: Archery
    Career: Dog groomer
    Siblings: Mask(M)(Older brother)
    Crush: Milo
    Other: "Jurassic" She has Heterochromia.

    Finally xD now to tag

    @DevVoid @Willow Tree @Shadow_Pup @Clite of Dragonbow
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  2. Willow Tree

    Willow Tree Previously Brightheart

    Holy crap- ack, I was just thinking about what dinosaur fits Milo bests the other day wth. XD Such a wonderful coincidence but Idk if I wanna join since Dino aren't really my slice of cake. I'll think about it though, most likely I'll join but we'll only have to see.
  3. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    I want to join but I got a question. Are we allowed to have non-dino animal companions too, like JC has? Because it says nothing about companions in the Example Sheet or even in Shadow's Bio.

    also if you dont mind i wanted to make a primary dino for tartarus the tyrannosaurus rex, not an aggressive one but one that acts like tartarus himself. yknow, calm and collected, but when he gets hungry or things annoy him too much he gets mad.
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  4. Name: Gracie Pickering
    Gender: Female
    Age: 16
    Appearance: Gracie wears a pink t-shirt underneath faded denim overalls and white running shoes. Her hair is often tied up in a ponytail or two buns on either side of her head, and tied with a pink ribbon.
    Physical Appearance: Gracie stands at a height of 5'4. She has long blonde hair and green eyes, with a slim build and no defining markings except for some barely visible freckles.
    Personality: Gracie.... tries too hard. She's always overly cheery, and a hopeless romantic. She always wants to "impress" people, although her way of impressing people is rather... eccentric. She's the type of person who doesn't get the joke, but laughs anyway. However, please... do not make her mad, unless you have a death wish.
    Primary Dino: Apatosaurus(F)(Flora)
    Secondary Dino: None
    Crafted weapon: Crossbow
    Weapon Skills: lolno
    Siblings: None
    Crush: Uh... every male in the cast?
    Other: "Jurassic"
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  5. Willow Tree

    Willow Tree Previously Brightheart

    (Voila! I've decided to join! I've followed the form and all but I always felt like I'm missing something haha (do tell me if I did). Anyways, here's the two boys you're forever stuck with!)

    Name: Milo (who else lol-)
    Gender: Male
    Age: 19
    Appearance: Milo is a boy that stands at the height of 6'0, his curly hair putting up another inch in height. He got emerald green eyes that stand out well against his pale complexion but it also makes him look like he's glowing in the dark to which he despises. He is seen mostly in a vest suit, the kinds of clothes he claims are more comfortable than others but he wears a rather loose turtleneck vest during hotter weathers.
    Physical Appearance: He's a tall male with curly loose hair, some reaching down till his neck. If soaked by water, the hair will lose its curls temporary and reaches towards his shoulders, but will curl back up once dried. His most noticeable feature would be his eyes, which stands out among his pale features. He is slim, thoroughly muscled, but not so much for it to be strong and fit like a bodybuilder, only enough for you to tell he's been healthy.
    Personality: Milo is a mischievous fellow, never taking something seriously like he really is supposed to all the time unless fooling around is not an option to his situations. He is a mysterious guy, looking like he's hiding something all the time but yet, he's transparent when showing emotion, leading to people having to figure out whether or not to trust him. Even with that unsettling personality of his, he's overall a friendly guy and loves chatting and socializing with other people, preferring to stay on the bright side no matter what and is stubborn on that fact.
    Primary Dino(tamed rider): Diamond(M)(Stegosaurus)
    Secondary Dino(tamed rider): Jewel(F)(Pterodactyl)
    Crafted weapon: Spear
    Weapon Skills: Haha he got none- blindly waving his spear at you whilst hoping for the best is the most he can do.
    Siblings: None
    Crush: Meh
    Other: At first, I thought I was invited to a Jurassic Park rp lol

    Name: Willow Cynthia
    Gender: Male
    Age: 16
    Here's a link to their profile:
    https://pokefarm.com/user/Chary (chary's Profile - PokéFarm Q)
    Physical Appearance: Though he isn't as tall as Milo, he is by far the safer one in the wild. With his darker color scheme of all blacks, the boy can camouflage quite well in the dark, a luxury Milo cannot have with his bright eyes and hair. Willow too, is slim in feature, though not as muscled due to being quite weak in body structure. As though he is also not as strong, he is the faster one.
    Personality: Described as a charming sophisticated prince. He is well known for his calm behavior and tendency to help everybody in need. Due to such a soft personality, he is incapable of defending himself when it comes to bullying and arguments and is usually very against any dangerous act or adventure. Normally nervous when it comes to public speaking but seems to have no problem talking individually to random people. He's pretty smart and usually think things through during difficult situation but is still somehow nonetheless rather naive and gullible. If you were to lie to him, there's a 70% chance he'll believe you. He claims it's because he doesn't believe that people would have any reason to lie to him. Rather patient, there's little to no way to anger him since he's usually very chill towards anything you'll throw at him.
    Primary Dino(tamed rider): Venny(F)(Parasaurolophus)
    Secondary Dino(tamed rider): Maya(F)(Maiasaura)
    Crafted weapon: Crossbow
    Weapon Skills: ....he's...good at aiming? Does that count? Let's be honest here, he's only good with words, easily getting the dinosaurs trust is all he is capable of.
    Siblings: None
    Crush: Meh
    Other: Hell of a coward. The Jurassic world is not meant for him. (Which is why it'll be funny to put him there-)
    He's probably terrified by the two large dinosaurs he's been stuck with lol-
  6. @EeviumZ and @Willow Tree accepted and yes @DevVoid you can have a non dino companion just like JC since it's an optional choice and I only added it myself and yes you can have a T-rex like that also sorry guys I forgot to add Career to the char sheet so if you could add that then your all set
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  7. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    Name: Tartarus Whitecastle

    Gender: Male

    Age: 20

    Appearance: (Pre - Blackout) Black Tanktop, dark-grey slacks and black combat boots, along with a dogtag necklace. (After settling in to the new dino-era setting) Feather headband with various dinosaur and bird feathers tied to the back of it, kilt made out of mammoth fur with his usual black boxershorts underneath, the kilt tied to his waist with vines. Red face paint (two red lines underneath his eyes on each cheek and one red outline around his eyes. Bone Shoulder- and kneepads, tied to his shoulders with vines. Usually also wears a poncho made out of mammoth fur casually, but not when hunting. He also wears a necklace with several teeth of different dinosaurs, mainly predators, tied to it, aswell as his black combat boots that he wore before this large event took place.

    Physical Appearance: 6'8ft, jacked build of a bodybuilder. Red eyecolour, mildly tanned white skin, long spiked white hair that goes down to Tartarus' shoulders, some strains of hair are coloured black. Tartarus has a tattoo of a skull with a snake coiled around it, the head poking out of the right eye socket with the mouth opened as if the snake was about to lunge forward and bite on his back, drawn in a realistic fashion.

    Personality: Tartarus is usually pretty calm and reserved, pretty apathetic yet understanding. However, he does also have an anger problem, where even small things can easily tick him off. He tries his best to get ahold of himself and to control his anger, but once he's snapped, it's hard to turn him calm again without his anger solving the problem that made him loose it in the first place. As such, if someone or something can't restrain or calm him down, he will only calm down if, for example, he beats up the person that enraged him, usually beating them to near-death or to a crippled state if they cannot get to safety or defend themselves.

    Companion: Shade (Black/Forest Cobra, M) (Entirely Black, no white spots at all)

    Primary Dino(tamed rider): Tyrannosaurus Rex (M)(Yharim)

    Secondary Dino(tamed rider): Argentavis (M)(Yharon)

    Crafted weapon: Axe (Two-headed War Axe. Handle is a dinosaur bone and therefore almost the same size as Tartarus. Head is made of sharpened stone and tied to the handle by strong, sturdy vines.)

    Skills: Athleticism, Hunting, Combat,

    Career: Mafia Strongarm / Right Hand Man

    Siblings: Hades Whitecastle (M, Unknown Circumstances)

    Crush: N/A

    Other: "Jurassic"
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  8. @DevVoid accepted and well put together sheet
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  9. Ok so we have enough for now so I will post the Roleplay up soon
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  10. I have a question, the dinosaurs both have 'tamed rider' written in their section. Does that mean both dinosaurs need to be ridable or not?
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  12. So two ridables and extras after that or one ridable and one extra?
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  13. Two ridables and one extra if not more if you want
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  14. Thanks, that helps a lot! Two final questions, are there size limits or can I just whip out a Seismosaurus? And how are creatures that aren't dinosaurs but lived alongside them treated?
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  15. Well they are mostly food sources to survive for you and your dino and the size does not matter you can use any dino you want
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  16. Thank you, I'll create my character now
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  17. Name: Flint Burke
    Gender: Male
    Age: 18
    Appearance: Flint stands at 5'11 and weighs in at about 154 lbs, he has brown skin, brown eyes and curly black hair. He wears a white shirt, a black blazer, blue jeans with a leather belt and black boots with steel noses. Flint has quite the muscle tones from his job, though they are not bulging showmuscles. He wears a heart locket made out of amethyst with a picture of his sister inside of it.
    Personality: Flint is a sarcastic person who has a bit of a joker inside of him. Though no stranger to dinosaurs, he is no expert on them and doesn't know the difference between a Stegosaurus and a Tuojiangosaurus for example. He is a decent cook, and knows how to take failure pretty well. He has a decent temper, but once he loses it the offender usually went too far for him to stay calm.
    Primary Dino(tamed rider): Carnotaurus (M) (Dondi)
    Secondary Dino(tamed rider): Baryonyx (F) (Alice)
    Crafted weapon: Axe
    Weapon Skills: Heavy weaponry due to repeatingly carrying heavy items.
    Career: Mover
    Siblings: A younger sister called Amber.
    Crush: None yet.
    Other: "Jurassic"
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  18. Is this still open to join? If so, screw you @DarkHydraT you took Carnotaurus from me ;_;

    Also, Dilophosaurus isn't big enough to eat even 2 people for one meal, even less half of the population of a train. And Velociraptors are actually as small as turkeys. The dinosaurs they have in Jurassic Park/World is actually Deinonychus

    One last thing, can i have a spinosaurus? I feel like I have to ask as it's the biggest landwalking carnivore to have ever existed. Oh, and it's a good swimmer xD
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  19. Yes you can still join and you can have the same Dino's if you want and also I just prefer smaller Dino's like the Velociraptor and they are one of my favorites along with the Pteradactyl and Pachycephalosaurus
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  20. That didn't answer my question about the spinosaurus though. And I prefer always having my OC's differ from the rest as much as possible
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  21. Oh and yes you can use the Spino you don't really have to ask me what dino to use ^-^
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  22. Oh okay thanks. I'll work on my bio when i get home
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  23. Sure take your time
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  24. Name: Isak
    Gender: Male
    Age: 17
    Appearance: He wears a purple hoodie and torn jeans. Underneath the hoodie he usually wear a black t-shirt (mostly with some sort of rock band logo on it). He also have an earpiercing in his left ear and 'spiderbites' on his left side of his lip (if you don't know what that is, it's two piercings on your lower lip)
    Physical Appearance: 6'1 tall and have the same muscle build as a swimmer. He has black hair and green eyes
    Personality: He's a trickster pretty much. Even though he often gets into trouble, he can talk his way out of it using logic (unless it's dinosaurs because they won't understand him). Manipulates people quite easily too
    Primary Dino (tamed rider): Spinosaurus (M. Spine because... it fits...)
    Secondary Dino (tamed rider): Deinonychus (F. Nyx after the greek goddess of night)
    Crafted weapon: He already had a knife on him before in case he would get in trouble (a carambit) but his crafted weapon is bow and arrow.
    Weapon Skills: He's better at manipulation than using a weapon but he knows how to use his carambit quite well and he's a decent marksman with his bow
    Career: A low level thug
    Siblings: He had a sister but she died during the dilophosaurus attack (but he doesn't know it and hopes to find the place where the train wrecked to see if his sister is still there)
    Crush: None
    Other: "Jurassic". He's pansexual
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  25. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

  26. Oh well thank you i'm sorry if it took me a bit to reply but still i understand what you are saying
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  27. Tough luck, I wasn't sure which dinosaurs to pick. I was debating between Brachiosaurus, Nodosaurus, Compsognathus, Ceratosaurus, Carnotaurus and Baryonyx. You have the big cousin of my Baryonyx though, so I suppose it evens out
  28. I guess so. I did want something bigger than Deinonychus to be my speed-freak but with a Spinosaurus, it definitely evens out due to their ability to swim
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  29. Plus that thing is intimidating as all heck, if it rears up someone will soil their pants!
  30. So is a Carnotaurus. But with Spinosaurus size and it's similarity to alligators and crocodiles, it could potentially be more terrifying

    Carnotaurus looks more like it's face was flattened. I really love Carnotaurus but it really look like that xD
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  31. Yeah, it is a bit squashed together. Carnotaurus was bigger than the average human, but it'd be dwarfed next to a Spinosaurus. Plus, the arms take away a lot of intimidation and it had the turning radius of a truck once it was up to speed
  32. If i have my Spino be a sweetheart, it could nerf it a bit. But reptiles aren't technically known to have the same feelings that humans have (as far as i know. I'm not a reptile) and it would still be terrifying the first time you see it. And then there's the fact that the 'sweethearts' typically appear to be more terrifying when they're angry xD
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  33. Even more terrifying than a regular Spinosaurus? Awesome, can't wait to see it in action!
  34. That is in case i decide to have it be a sweetheart. I haven't decided yet. I could also give it a personality trait like Gaara's (a thirst for blood) but that would make it hard for it to listen to me. That could be a nerf at the same time as it's still a terrifying foe
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  35. You make it sound as if an apex predator wouldn't be terrifying to begin with. Screw the fact that it mainly ate fish, it would still wreck most of our cast if you decide to get into a fight.
  36. That is not my intention xD

    It is truely terrifying without any personality traits. But it could be more terrifying with those traits

    Yeah i guess you're right. Only you with the Baryonyx and Carnotaurus together could possibly stand a chance. But with my Deinonychus being annoying as well, it would be hard to win. The people with the Pteranodon's could escape but not take down the Spino. DevVoid with the Tyrannosaurus might stand a chance if you'd have the right strategy. Then there's only Willow's Apatosaurus that could be a potential threat. The Stegosaurus wouldn't really do much
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  37. I have land and water covered, though I'd do everything I can to not fight you if possible.
  38. So do i. I didn't even realize i would be the most powerful one while picking the Spino xD

    I think anyone who messes with Isak is pretty much screwed. Not only could he give you a long and painful death (Deinonychus eats it prey alive, like i said, the Velociraptors in Jurassic Park/World are actually Deinonychus and Alan Grant explained that in the beginning of the first movie)
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