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Private/Closed Journey

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Shauna23, Dec 12, 2015.

  1. (this is an invite only rp. Post or conversation me to ask to join if not invited. This takes place on Winel, a hidden island in the orange isles. You are someone who was stranded by a boat crash along with everyone else. You and the other role players are the only people on board. To return home, you must face challenges I'll describe later on. You must dive under to get the few supplies which are listed below:
    1. A blanket
    2. Two flares
    3. A knife
    4. Seven cans of soup and spaghetti
    5. A radio
    No blood or violence. Enjoy!)

    Lenya felt amazing with the wind in her hair, and her flabebe certainly agreed. It was a small boat, only capable of holding no more than ten people. Then she felt the crash. The ship hit a rock. Lenya jumped overboard into the ocean and grabbed a blanket as the ship slowly sank. She and her one Pokemon swam to the shore.
  2. Diamond woke up to the water in the sunken ship. He was on the bottom of the ship when it sank. In a hurry Diamond opened his small chest and grabbed a knife then swam up to the surface. Diamond reached land and fell on the sandy beach. "Hah- Hah!" Diamond gasped for air.

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