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Open Journey to the Top - Pokemon Coordinator

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by .Frostbitten., Apr 5, 2021.

  1. Hello Everyone!

    I am writing this one out to see if anyone would be interested in an advanced storyline that would focus on a Pokemon Coordinator and her Pokemon. I say advanced in that I am hoping that those interested could write several times per week and respond with posts of 500 - 750 Words or more most of the time. If I still have your interest, than here is the premise that I had for the storyline...

    Premise of Story:

    My character and your character have known each other for a long time, or at least my character has admired your character for a long time. Your character also aspires to be a coordinator, and somehow my character had found themselves turned into a Pokemon (choose any method that makes sense) into a kind of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon and Human World kind of a cross-over?

    My character ends up being captured, and is somehow transferred into the care of your character as her starter Pokemon, and the story would continue on from there. My character learning how to be a pokemon, use moves and what not, and your character following her aspirations to be a top class Pokemon Coordinator together with her new partner who could be quite the handful at the start.

    I am open to whether your character knows her Pokemon used to be a human, or is oblivious to that fact, and treats them more as a normal Pokemon. As far as the setting of the storyline - I am open to an academy setting, positioned around a nobilesque estate, or adventuring the world to participate in various contests around the various cities and of course adventures on those roads.

    Inspirational Song:
    Pokemon XYZ- Serena AMV DoriDori - The Ultimate Performance - YouTube

    Setting of the Storyline:

    In the Region of Astoria, there is a legend of an Ancient Pokemon Coordinator who was so beautiful and so beloved that when she died she transformed into light that nourished the lands. It is said her sacrifice nourished the lakes and the rivers and the forests. To produce the sea of abundance which led to prosperity across the land and was intended to pass on the virtues of kindness to daughters.

    Instead the stories inspired younger ladies from shore to shore to choose the path of becoming a beautiful Pokemon Coordinator themselves. In time, and over the years, it became the dreams for every single younger lady who came of age and was allowed to have her own Pokemon. And this trend has continued throughout the thousands of generations to the modern day land of Astoria.

    Now, Astoria is considered the highest-level of Pokemon Coordinators in the world. Trainers from Sinnoh, Kalos, Galar and many others travel here to compete for the highest title in the world, and their economy had become inseparable from the young ladies who participate in these contests. It had become a vibrant and artistic hub focused on the creation of the most beautiful performances.

    ... And now your character is about to embark on her own path to become a Pokemon Coordinator together with a rather unique partner, who could take her dreams in the most unexpected direction!
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