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Ask to Join Journey to The End (Custom Region) (No Fakemon)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Chrono~, Jun 10, 2016.

  1. Chrome awoke to the sound of the hide tent flapping in the frigid polar wind around him, sitting up in his sleeping bag he noticed two shadows outside, definitely human one decently shorter than the other with the taller of the two holding a flaming lantern which cast fluttering amber light into his tent.

    The one with the lantern was the first to speak. "You understand the purpose of this meeting Copper," he said in an authoritative voice
    "Yes Mister Bismuth it is to rid the tribe of the boy and crown our both our sons tribe leader at the same time," the smaller one said in a snivelling voice. Chrome couldn't believe his ears, these men were planning to betray the tribe and "get rid of him" for their own selfish means.
    " Very well then, at first light I want you to distract his father, Silver before he can check on the boy whilst I send my Fearow to fly him away and drop him into the ocean so as to dispose of the evidence, understood?" Grumbled the lantern bearing tribesman
    "Understood Mister Bismuth!" Said the small snivelling man attentively. "Now Copper I would suggest using Jynx's psychic power to erase the rest of the tribe's memories of tonight just in case we have been heard," rumbled the tall man slyly
    "Oh, good idea sir, the idiots in this tribe aren't strong minded enough to withstand my psychic assault!" The snivelling well of a man squealed gleefully.

    Oh no! Chrome was beginning to panic when a the flash of an apricorn opening drowned the citrine torch light out. A monotone voice echoes from outside "Jyyyyynx."
    "Oh yes Jynx Lovely Kiss and Dream Eater super combo" exclaimed the stumpy man
    A tiny prick of pain and Chrome started becoming extremely sleepy..."

    Chrome woke up feeling resoundingly tired, though he couldn't quite fathom why as he had slept all the way through the night, along with this he felt an odd feeling of impeding doom which he shrugged off whilst leaving his tent and out into the snowy tundra.

    He emerged in a large semi circle of tents planted in the brilliant white snowy ground which sent light caterwauling from one minuscule ice crystal to the next causing the area to glimmer brightly. Strangely his father hadn't come to check on him however his suspicion was that the old man had slept in and wouldn't be out for a good while sighing at the cold permeating his puffy fur jacket and hide trousers. Taking up a crudely wittled spear from the equally primitive rack to his right he headed off toward a cluster of sooty green pines over at the mouth of the semi circle of makeshift tents which pointed up to the sky like arrows aimed at the clouds. Sadly it was time to hunt for food, an unpleasant activity for all parties involved, prey included.

    Chrome trekked swiftly through the crisp crunchy snow which compressed under his feet in a satisfying manor. Within 5 minutes he was under the first row of needle ridden conifers which had blocked out the fresh snow leaving it blotchy and spliced with dusty dead ground. After walking through wave after wave of almost identical pines and spruces Chroma came across a tree which looked as if it was blown over by strong winds, the tree had fallen onto what looked to be a small ice den which most likely housed an Ursaring or Beartic. Bracing himself to carve the poor forest creature that inevitably awaited him in the glistening sapphire ruins of the ice hole with the bone knife strapped tightly to his thigh. Chrome took a long stride forward glancing into a reflective piece of ice showing his full alert morning figure: Tall; Pale complexion with a tinge of olive; warming sea-blue eyes; a small button like nose; a mouth with lips tone with red pulled into a serious blank expression all framed by neck length honey brown hair styled into a long fringe.

    Chrome flinched heavily toward the icy stone as something unknown sharply tugged at the hem of his trousers. As he fell to the side Chrome glanced down to see a small bear like creature standing around where he just was, gingerbread brown fur; large head and a moon large crescent shaped mark made up of cream fur on its face. All telltale signs of a Teddiursa, a normal type Pokemon and probably the cub of whatever lived in the cave

    Chrome looked down at the creature as its small round eyes glistened and begun to moisten, Chrome feeling bad for the tiny bear Pokemon scooped the me all creature up like a baby and embrace it, the plush fur pushing against his face

    "There there," whispered Chrome to the grieving puffball "We need to get you to a new home fast," he rasped in his best impression of a soothing voice. As the last word left Chrome's mouth a dark shadow materialised above him among the high branches of the spruce trees. "Krakawww" screeched the voice. Realising danger was afoot Chrome doubled back toward the camp sprinting for his life Teddiursa still in hand. The shadow closed the gap quickly and Chrome soon found himself in the razor share grasp of a Fearow's talons, which were slowly elevating him along with the gigantic bird Pokemon.

    Soon Chrome found himself dangling precariously miles above the forest gripping the now panicking Teddiursa. Within the blink of an eye the Pokemon was nearing the edge of the forest and by extension the end of the land, which culminated in a sheet precipice. Jolting suddenly upward the bird began lightly shimmering from its muddy brown feathers. Whilst gaining altitude it occurred to Chrome that the bird was going to use its Sky Attack move to drop him into the frigid and deadly ocean! The bird looked back down at Chrome its sharp eye surrounded by the now bright-white feathers of the beast. With this cold stare the bird initiated a stomach turning loop causing Chrome to grip Teddiursa uncomfortably tight to his chest.

    Chrome felt the grip on his back lessen as he began to plummet toward the freezing water the air rushing at him makes his eyes teary whilst the tiny bear in his arms as It had devolves into a whirling ball of fur.

    The impact of the water was like sprinting into cement the air left Chrome's lungs and the last thing he felt before blacking out was the feeling of being raised up slightly and the rubbery skin of some sort of creature under rather him
  2. ((OOC)): feel free to PM me if you want to join I have a lot planned for this RP and would like a small group of new trainers to travel with((BIC))
  3. Paul was searching the beach for any potential Pokemon to capture, when he saw something wash up on the beach that looked like a pile of seaweed and fur. He wipped out his Pokewatch, scanned it, and found that this was no Pokemon anyone had ever seen. He suddenly saw it start to move. He pulled out a Pokeball and sent out Servine. "Just wait, Servine." he told him. "Good gracious! It's holding a Teddiursa!" he exclaimed. He walked over to it. "Heelllooooo." he said, "My name is Paul, and this is my Servine."
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  4. Chrome's eyes were foggy,they opened up to a blinding light, was this death, his heart skipped a beat. "Heelllooooo." Said a voice from somewhere above, his mind snapped back to reality, there was no way Arceus sounded like that... Matted curtain of honey brown hair hung from his forehead and a strange feeling overcame his body, it was warmth but not the temporary feeling that comes when a fire is near which can be dispelled by a gust of wind but a permanent feeling of not freezing to death, his eyes cleared some more, they sting and his lips tasted of salt, al he could see is some kind of grainy earth beneath him, seaweed and a ball of orange fuzz that made up the Teddiursa that had tagged along with him for the ride.

    Once more his thought was broken by the same masculine voice "Hello my name is Paul and this is my Servine." Hundreds of thoughts came to his head, Who or what is Paul and what in Giratina's name was a Servine??
  5. Paul thought for a minute. "I wonder what this is and why it is holding a Teddiursa?" "Servine, use Strength and pick this odd thing up. Careful about the Teddiursa though." he told Servine. "This thing looks rather human, could it be from a different region or so?"
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