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Private/Closed Journey through Kalos

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by TheStargazer, May 13, 2017.

  1. TheStargazer

    TheStargazer Previously LunaLuma

    Micah Slowly was getting closer to Lumiose City where he would get his first Pokemon. He struggled to get there especially when he went through the forest but he knew it would be worth it. Micah knew he would get his very own starter Pokemon. Micah arrived at Lumiose City and it was absolutely amazing to him. Micah had never been to the big city before so it was overwhelming. Micah took a taxi to the Professor's lab. Micah fixed his hair and lightly knocked on the wooden doors. They slowly opened and Micah entered. Standing in front of him was the famous Professor Sycamore and 3 cute pokemon.

    "Well hello there, Did you come for your starter Pokemon?" The Professor asked.

    "uhh Yes, i'm Micah Vergara," Micah replied softly.

    "You're mum told me you were coming, so I got out the 3 pokemon you can choose already,"

    All 3 of them walked closer to Micah. Micah liked all 3 of them.

    "The left one is the grass type Chespin, the middle pokemon is Fenniken the fire type and the right one is Froakie," The Professor explained calmly.

    Micah looked at all of them. He had already seen all of them before but one of them stuck out to him somehow.

    "I choose... Fenniken!" Micah exclaimed. Fenniken was very excited. Fenniken walked up to Micah and sat infront of him. Micah pet his tail. The Professor the handed Micah the Pokedex and some pokeballs and Fenniken's pokeball. Micah thanked the professor and left quietly. Micah waited outside to figure out what to do next....
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  2. A young trainer and her Riolu sat at a cafe next to the famous Pokemon lab. The trainer, Lily, quietly sipped at her hot chocolate and flipped through a Pokemon fashion magazine. Her Riolu was sitting on the edge of his seat, eagerly looking up at the trainers and Pokemon who passed. Professor Sycamore had told Lily that she could come and collect her pokedex that afternoon, and Lilly had eagerly been waiting for that moment to arrive. Glancing up at the clock on the wall, Lily slurped down the rest of her drink and rushed out the door, Riolu close behind.

    She swung open the large wooden doors, revealing Sycamore and another trainer with 3 Pokemon. "Ah, Lily" Sycamore said, walking over to a table in the corner of the room. "I'd expect you'd arrive exactly on time, after all, you've been waiting weeks for this" He said. He walked over to Lilly and handed her a small, Aqua, shiny pokedex. "I believe this is yours" He said, smiling. Lily gasped, finally, a pokedex! She'd been waiting for this moment for so long, and now it'd finally arrived.
  3. Marcy ran out of her room as fast as she could. She said goodbye to her parents, and decided to take her mother's Rhyhorn as a ride to Professor Sycamore's lab.

    It was a long journey, but Marcy was finally at the professor's lab. She opened the front doors, and notice the professor and two other trainers, and one of the trainer's was Micah, but she noticed another person, and got shy, so she only gave Micah a smile and waved.

    The professor came up to her, and said, "Ah, so you're Marceline? Nice to meet you." She gave a smile back, and said, "Nice to meet you as well, but you can call me Marcy." "All right, Marcy. Are you ready to choose your starter Pokemon?" the professor asked. "Of course!" Marcy exclaimed. "Well then, go ahead," the professor said as he chucked some Poke-balls in the air. There was a Chespin, Froakie, and Fenniken. It was a hard choice, but Marcy had already decided on who she wanted to choose since the beginning, Froakie. "Nice choice, Marcy, and here you go as well," the professor said as he handed Marcy a Poke-dex, "Good luck on your journey." Marcy nodded, having a bit of determination in her eyes.

    She went up to Micah, and said, "Sup, Micah, how're you doing?" She stayed a bit quiet because she didn't want to disturb the other trainer in the room.
  4. TheStargazer

    TheStargazer Previously LunaLuma

    Micah was trying to find somewhere to go so it was a relief when he heard his good friends voice behind him. Fenniken stood next to Micah quietly. Micah turned around to talk to Marcy.

    "I'm going well, I got my starter Pokemon!" Micah said, picking up his Fenniken. Fenniken liked being held gently. Fenniken then jumped out of Micah's arms and walked beside Micah.

    "Which Pokemon did you get?" Micah asked, knowing that Marcy probably got a starter Pokemon as well.
  5. "I'm nice as well," Marcy said as she smiled a bit, "and I chose Froakie as my starter Pokemon!" Marcy threw her Poke-ball into the air and out came her new pal, Froakie. "I've decided on giving him the name Black*Star. It really does suit him," Marcy said, and Black*Star was just as joyful as Marcy. Marcy decided to let Black*Star out of his Poke-ball and travel around with her. Marcy than said, "So, Micah, have you decided on what you want to do next?"
  6. TheStargazer

    TheStargazer Previously LunaLuma

    "I was thinking of challenging the gyms but I don't know where they are, I heard there's one in Lumiose but I also heard it was really strong so.." Micah said to Marcy in response. Micah wanted to enter the Kalos league but he didn't know where to start. It was a puzzle in his mind that he couldn't solve.

    "Maybe we should explore the city, I have never been here before so it would be interesting?" Micah said.
  7. Lily quietly watched the two trainers talk, envy ran through her mind. She'd never really had long lasting friends like that. Much to Lily's horror, Riolu saw the two trainers and sensed Lily's envy. So he ran over to the two trainers and gave them a friendly wave. "Riolu!" Lily gasped, rushing over to him. He scooped him up into her arms and looked at the trainers. "S-sorry" She said, "Riolu's very friendly"
  8. Marcy said to Micah, "Yeah, we should totally explore this city for a bit! It's been a while, since my mom has taken me here." Marcy then remembered her Rhyhorn, which was actually her mother's Rhyhorn, and Marcy freaked out. As she was about to say something to Micah, a Riolu came, and gave them a wave. Marcy couldn't help but get over excited seeing the Riolu, and said, "Awww! Oh my gosh, you're so cute!" The Riolu's trainer came, and picked it up, and she apologized. Marcy was still a bit quiet, and said, "No, it's OK. You're Riolu is no problem at all, it's actually pretty cute." Marcy was blushing, she isn't very well with talking with new people.
  9. TheStargazer

    TheStargazer Previously LunaLuma

    Micah looked at the small Riolu that waved at him. Micah waved back at it. Micah then saw the Riolu's trainer.

    "It's fine really, don't worry about it, I'm Micah and this is my partner, Fenniken," Micah exclaimed

    Micah was trying to think of a nickname in his mind but he was stumped.
    "I'll think of one eventually," Micah said to himself.
  10. Nautilus

    Nautilus Previously Dark Hydreigon

    Brandon slept in late, before being awoken by his mother. "There's mail here from your father, Brandon." His mother said to him as she left a poke ball on his drawer. Brandon got changed, grabbed his bag as well as the pokeball and walked out of the door, "Bye Mom!" he shouted as he closed the door.

    Brandon took a taxi to Professor Sycamore's lab, "Is this the right place?" he questioned himself.
  11. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    The sky was getting brighter as noon arrived. Kyle was becoming more excited by the moment. The blonde male was jumping up and down on the streets as he loomed closer to the laboratory.

    "Can you believe it Psych?! We are about to start our Pokémon journey," Kyle exclaimed "We are going to the top am I right?"

    Kyle looked down at his partner beside him, Psych just stared back at Kyle. "I knew you'd agreed with me!"

    Psych then went back to do his own things. The two were an unlikely duo: A trainer with a loud mouth and over confident, with an Espurr who says nothing. But, the two do work well together, so far. Finally they arrived at Sycamore's laboratory.

    "WE'RE HERE!" Kyle cried out loud.

    He was way too energetic for his own good. While he was still jumping up and down, Espurr went ahead of him and waltzed right into the lab

    Kyle stepped in and stared in awe on how huge the place was. It was much bigger on the inside than it looks on the outside. The blonde scanned the area till he found what he looked for. "Professor Sycamore!" Kyle shouted as he raced on over to the professor with his Espurr trailing behind him.

    "Hi Professor! I would like to get my Pokédex, if you wouldn't mind" Kyle smiled brightly and eagerly.

    "Ah Kyle," the professor claimed, "I was expecting you."

    The professor went to his equipment table and picked up a small green device that almost gleamed as he held it.

    "Here's your very own Pokedex son," Sycamore stated as he handed it to Kyle. "Be sure to keep good care of it."

    Kyle could barely contain himself. It was as if he was hyperventilating.

    "Thank you Professor!" Kyle proclaimed loudly as he bowed to show courtesy and respect. His Espurred copied him absent mindedly.

    The blonde turned around to see a group of kids with Pokemon were behind him the whole time. He had never took notice of them until now. There were 2 females and a guy with a Froakie, Fennekin, and Riolu.

    "Oh hi there!" Kyle exclaimed loudly. "How are you guys doing!" He wanted to have friendly competition if he were to go on a journey. "My name's Kyle Hansen!" Psych floated up beside Kyle's head and gave a slight nodded courtesy to the group of other trainers.
  12. The plane was getting crowded but John knew it would be shortly till the plane lands. He was breathing heavily knowing what he is going to have to go threw when he gets off the plane a journey. But he ignored that and reached for his cookie bag that his mother baked him it was empty he looked at Zack who had something in his mouth he stared at Zack blinkly. Well note the cookies are gone" John says. John sighs. He pulls out a picture of his favorite Pokémon trainer. Red the champion of kanto. ever since his disappearance of red John felt like it was his job to take challendges of those who were foolish but he was far from that and he knew that. We will be landing shortly" Says the plane operator. They land and Zack is jumping all around in his seat. They finally get out of the plane and they are in the air port they walk out but someone who might work with the professor gives him a Pokedex and runs off. He walks outside of the air port and see's a raticate he takes out a pokeball and throws it at the Raticate but the Raticate knocks it with its tail and runs. He runs after it onto a path and falls on his face . He gets up and sees some trainers. He looks at them. Why hello there" John says.
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  13. Lily smiled at the trainers, running her hands through Riolu's thick fur and gave the trainers a small smile. "I'm Lily, nice to meet you" She said.

    Lily yawned and looked down at the pokedex in her hand, "Oh yeah!" She exclaimed, "I almost forgot!" She held it up to the Fennekin and scanned it, registering it as 'seen' in her pokedex. She did the same for the froakie and the Espurr.
  14. Nautilus

    Nautilus Previously Dark Hydreigon

    Brandon walked into the lab, greeted by Professor Sycamore. "I'm a bit late Professor" he said to Sycamore.

    "No matter, here is your Pokedex Brandon." Sycamore said before he handed Brandon a Pokedex.

    "Thanks Sycamore!" he said to him. Brandon placed the Pokedex into his bag, and pulled out a Pokeball. "I completely forgot about this." he said as he walked out of the building and stared at it. He pressed the grey center button, which released a bluish-white ball.
  15. This is the worst day ever for Marcy. So many new people, and she can't handle it. She is so scared, that she was having a panic attack. Black*Star noticed this and tried to snap Marcy back into reality. Marcy was shocked when Froakie did this, and was able to say, "Um, my name's Marceline, but you can all call me Marcy." Marcy was just so shy, that she just hid behind Micah.
  16. "Wow, there are so many trainers here!" Lily exclaimed, "Guess it must be a popular day to get your starter Pokemon!"

    Riolu looked up at Marcy, sensing her shyness. Then he got distracted by the entrance of new trainers, so he ran to them with a friendly wave.
  17. John looked at the three other trainers and stared at Zack running over to him. Omg I'm so sorry I almost forgot you Zack"John says sorry. Well this is Zack had him since I was 5, I thought I was the only one starting an adventure well guess I'm suprised again" John says looking at Zack. Zack goes over to a berry bush and starts eating berries. Oh so the Cookies weren't anough?" John says giving Zack a death glare. Zack shrugs with his cheeks full of berries. Huh were my pokegear!"John yells. Zack starts dancing to Pokemusic on Johns pokegear. Sometimes I wonder about you."John says. Zack shrugs again.
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  18. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    Absentmindedly, Kyle accidentally introduced himself again not realizing that he already introduced himself.

    "Hi! My name is Kyle Hansen," the blonde once again stated, "and this is Psych, my Espurr!" Kyle included his trusty partner.
    Psych once again to acknowledge his presence in front of the group of trainers and went to hang out with the other Pokémon.

    "You guys going on a journey?" Kyle asked the obvious question with an obvious answer. "Would any of you mind accompanying me on my journey?" Kyle asked as he got straight to the point. "I'm aiming to be a coordinator, how about you guys?"


    I know this is self promoting but I really want this rp to happen, this is a one and only time thing I'm sorry. Pls join

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  19. Nautilus

    Nautilus Previously Dark Hydreigon

    Brandon walked to the bluish-white ball, revealing it to be an Alolan Sandshrew. "I've seen one of these back home, i'm going to name you... Jacob!" he said to the Sandshrew. Brandon was being oblivious, and did not notice the people beside him before he turned around and heard Kyle. "Oh hello!" he said to the group of trainers as he waved.
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  20. John looks at all the trainers an realizes he hasn't introduced himself. Oh by the way I'm John Adams Im from Lavender town in kanto I came here to kalos to try to become champion because there was a disspearense of my favorite trainer Champion Red"John says wisely.
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  21. TheStargazer

    TheStargazer Previously LunaLuma

    "I'm Micah and this is Fenniken to the people that don't know, and we plan on Exploring Kalos and entering the Kalos League!" Micah said confidently. Micah noticed Marcy slightly hiding behind him. It didn't bother Micah. Micah knew Marcy well.

    "I was planning on doing some exploring around Lumiose with Marcy since it's so big, Maybe you guys might want to tag along?" Micah asked. Micah was confident he would get along well with his new acquaintances and Marcy.
  22. "That'd be great!" Lily exclaimed, she then blushed and tilted her head down slightly. "Well, if you guys don't mind" She said softly. Riolu rolled his eyes and ran over to the Fennekin and the Froakie. "Ri! Riolu!" He exclaimed.
  23. Nautilus

    Nautilus Previously Dark Hydreigon

    "I have only been here for a day, exploring might be nice." Brandon said as he picked up his Sandshrew. He realized he didn't introduce himself yet, "Forgot to introduce myself, my name is Brandon.", "Lets see here... theres Micah, John, Kyle, person with a Riolu, and another person behind Micah." he said as he pointed to them.
  24. Zack smells something and starts running towards it. We'll all of you seem nice I guess well hop along on whatever you plan on doing isent that right Zack " John looks at where Zack was. ZACK!" John yells starting to run on a path into the forest.
  25. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    "That seems perfectly fine with me." Kyle stated. "I'll come along!"

    Exploring would do him great, due to him having no prior knowledge of other cities and towns Kalos before. He was originally all the way from Laverre City after all.

    "PSYCH!" Kyle called to Espurr extraordinarily loud. "We are about to go! C'mon!"

    The Espurr who was by himself next to the potted plants, used its Psychic abilities to float itself towards the group of trainer.

    'Guess he can't socialize yet...,' Thought Kyle.
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  26. Lily laughed as the trainer tried to remember everyone's names, "I'm Lily" She said, "Nice to meet you!"

    Lily turned to Micah, "Maybe we could go to Lumiouse Tower? I heard that you can climb all the way o the top" She suggested, looking at the large tower in the distance.
  27. Johns eyes widened as Lily sais this. He started sweating. I'm afraid oh heights" John said sweating. John started crounching on the ground hands over his head. Zack knew why he was so scared of heights. John finally looked at the tower and began to lay on the ground hands over his head as if there was a tornado drill. Zack was proud that John went on a plane not much promblems on the way there but he did have to gasp for air every now and then but as a Munchlax he kept him secure and safe and relaxed.
  28. TheStargazer

    TheStargazer Previously LunaLuma

    "It sounds like a great place to start with, I heard that something was there but I can't remember what," Micah said to Lily. Micah turned to John. He was afraid of heights but he got over his fear along time ago. he was feeling empathetic for John.
    "It's fine, you don't need to go up if you don't want to!" Micah told John. Micah then walked up to the lab and searched for a big map. Luckily, It showed him exactly all of Lumiose City. Micah memorised the way to 'Prism Tower' and began to run to the centre of Kalos.
    "Follow me!" Micah Called out with Fenniken close by.
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  29. John started walking to Lumiose city. He was looking in his pokegear to see if they had a gym. Oh great the Lumiose tower is the gym guess I have to go in John said to himself in his head. John was over his fear anyway. He ran up to Micha. Hey I want to go to the tower only cause it's the gym but I'll pull it together just like the plane I should do ok with Zack by my side also they have no windows so yea."John said to Micha
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  30. Marcy was even more nervous than ever before! Not only were all of these trainers all together in one room, but now they want to travel with her and Micah. However, she could remember all of their names. There was Lily, Kyle, Brandon, and John. This didn't help her though, because she was having another panic attack, and Black*Star once again snapped her back into reality. She gave Black*Star a little smile, but before she knew it, Micah was already heading off to go somewhere. "Hey, Micah! Wait for me!" Marcy exclaimed as she struggled to keep up with Micah. Marcy caught up with Micah, and grabbed him by the arm. She had a little bit of tears in her eyes from all the shock.
  31. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    Kyle undoubtedly has given off a huge smile. He was extraordinarily happy that he make companions to travel with. Honestly, Kyle loved Psych, but the Espurr could be a bit too quiet sometimes. Kyle thought he was talking to himself a couple of times.

    "Great! I won't be participating in the Gym though," Kyle reasoned, "But Psych and I would support you guys!" He cheered.

    Running after Micah, Marcy, John, Lily, and Brandon, he examined his surroundings of Lumiose City. There were many restaurants and shops he was dying to go to, but as a good new friend, he followed the group. Finally, they had arrived to the tower.

    "Wow!" Was all Kyle could say. It was ginormous.

    Remembering what one of his new companions said, Lily he thinks? If he remembers correctly........

    "Hey Lily," Kyle called out to the female. "If I remember, you said we can climb the tower?"
  32. John looks at the tall tower and feels intimidated. What did she meen by climb again if it's stairs I'm fine but rope climbing or something" John asked kyle looking around the city. It seems closed anyway"John says. John noticed Kyle looking at all the shops seemed like he wanted to visit them. Hey after where done with the gym how about we go to all the shops" John asks
  33. "Yeah, I've heard that you can" Lily said, walking over to Kyle. "You can walk up the stairs on the insid, or of you really want to you could climb it from the outside" She said, looking up at Prism Tower. "Either way you'll be able to sit up the top" Lily said.
  34. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    "Great!" Was all Kyle said before he did whatever nonsense he was doing. "Psych, use your psychic powers to get us up to the tower."

    Psych didn't say anything, but listened to his trainer's command. Psych stared at Kyle before his violet orbs glowed blue. Psych carefully lifted both of them up before he actually levitated Kyle.

    "See you guys up there!" Kyle called out before floating away.

    Almost immediately, both his Espurr and Kyle already made it to the top of Lumiose Tower. The view was amazing from up there. He could still see the others walking inside.

    "Might be a while till they get up here" Murmured Kyle. "As always, your powers are most impressive Psych!"

    Kyle patted and rubbed Psych's head. There was no reaction coming off the Pokemon, but that was quite normal since Psych barely reacts to anything at all. Kyle placed Espurr on his lap while letting his feet dangle off the tower. The view was, like stated, beautiful from above. Kyle could see all sorts of people and Pokemon. It's like he could see most of the city.
  35. Lily sighed, she was always being so tough on herself. She pulled out a rope from her backpack and threw one end up to the top of Prism Tower, where it looped around a horizontal pole thingy. Lily tugged on the rope, it didn't come down, "Good enough" She said, tying the rope around her waist.

    Lily climbed up and up, it was breathtaking but pretty scary as well. She was so close to the top now, she gave one final push and she threw herself onto the top next to where Kyle was sitting. "Whew" She panted, "That was fun"
  36. "You can do it John" Lily called, smiling and waving at Zack. Lily yawned and lay down, looking up at the partly cloudy sky. A cool breeze wavered through Lumiouse City, which was pleasant giving much of the hot weather
  37. Nautilus

    Nautilus Previously Dark Hydreigon

    Brandon was way behind the entire group because he was looking around the place, "Wait for me!" he said as he ran. Jacob was sluggish with the steel shell, which caused him to slow down along the way.

    Brandon reached the entrance of the stairs, and took a quick breather. He panted, and withdrew Jacob, "Am I the last one here!" he said in an groan. Brandon ran up the stairs in quick haste as he placed the poke ball back into his bag.
  38. TheStargazer

    TheStargazer Previously LunaLuma

    Micah took the stairs. He began to run up after people already climbed. He ran because he was tired from travelling to the city in the first place. Micah ran up to the top with Fenniken at His side. It was a nice view Fenniken wasn't fond of heights but she felt supported by Micah so it was okay. Micah wondered what his jounrey what be for him...
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  39. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    "Hey Lily!" Kyle greeted. "Took you long enough." The young lad joked.

    Soon right after, a thud was heard. Turning his head to the source of the sound, it was Munchlax. Waving back, he watch both trainer and Pokemon working together to get up. Immediately though, fear of heights got to John.

    "It's ok John!" Kyle said patting the male. "Here, maybe this might distract you."

    Turning to Psych, he whispered something to the Espurr. Next thing, Psych was using PsyBeam to make mini fireworks in the sky. The mini cluster of PsyBeams glittered down colorful sparkles. That should be able to calm down John at least. It was part of his and Psych's showcase work.

    "Oh hey Micah, hey Brandon!" Kyle said just noticing them. "Glad of you guys joining us on this fine day." Kyle joked.
  40. Lily laughed, "Why it is quite a fine day" Lily said, putting on a posh voice. Riolu snickered and looked over the edge of the tower. His eyes widened and his stomach did a somersault. He leapt back into Lily's arms, quievering with fear. Lily frowned, "You're scared?" She said, "Well that's a first" She said, laughing a little.

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