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Ask to Join Journey of Kalos

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Hollyleaf, Feb 19, 2018.

  1. Character Bio:
    Name- Luna Jungfar
    Age- 15
    Hair Color- Naturally blonde but died dark blue
    Eye Color- Grey
    Mother- Danielle Jungfar
    Father- Sean Jungfar
    Sister- N/A
    Brother- N/A
    Likes- Reading, Playing with her Pichu, the Unova region, Sewing
    Dislikes- Video Games, Most other people, Bullies
    Fears- Social Interaction, Powerful Trainers, Large Pokémon
    Favorite Pokémon- Pichu


    Luna exited the house, sighing, her grey eyes troubled. Her mother had told her to introduce herself to the other occupants of Vaniville Town. She hated social interaction, as she had been bullied all her life.
    She looked down at her little Pichu that was trotting next to her and smiled. She was glad that she at least had one familiar face to look at, even if it was a Pokémon's.
    She tucked a loose strand of dark blue hair behind one ear and closed her eyes, taking a deep breath. Opening her eyes she murmured to herself. "Might as well just go for it," And with that she knocked on a nearby door.
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  2. Bio:
    Name- Wynter Bailey
    Age- 15
    Hair Color- A Light Brown
    Eye color- Brown
    Mother- Scarlet Bailey
    Father- Chris Bailey
    Sister- N/A
    Brother- N/A
    Likes- The beach, Her friends, Her Vanilluxe, Dancing, Ice-Type Pokemon.
    Dislikes- Bug-Type Pokemon, Soda, Seafood, Fishing
    Fears- Bug-Type Pokemon, Dark, Spooky Areas, Making people mad.
    Favorite Pokemon- Vanilluxe


    Wynter's plane finally landed in the Kalos Region from their very, very lengthy 8 hour flight. This was her first time in the Kalos Region, and she already loved it. She'd seen it many times in magazines, TV Shows, and movies, but now she was finally here. Her Vanilluxe floated happily behind her as they tried to find the way out of the airport. A big sign hung above their heads reading:

    Welcome to Vaniville Town, Kalos! Enjoy your stay!

    She turned to Vanilluxe and smiled, "We finally made it!" Vanilluxe bounced up and down in joy. "According to the Guide Books I've read, this is a famous spot for new trainers to start their journeys! I wonder if we'll find any new trainers here..." Wynter continued. The two managed to find their way out and into the bright Kalos sun. Vaniville Town looked very different from Unova towns, a lot smaller too.

    Wynter was born in Nuvema Town in the Unova region and has already participated in the Pokemon League over there. She placed 8th which wasn't terrible considering it was her first League ever. After feeling accomplished in Unova, she left her Pokemon back at her house and took only Vanilluxe with her. Wynter and Vanilluxe had been friends since Wynter was 5 years old. They spent every hour of every day together. Now, they had their eyes set on the Kalos League. Their goals? Make new friends and place higher than 8th.

    She walked into town and noticed a girl knocking on a nearby door. Wynter figured she should go over and ask her questions about Kalos since she seemed to live here. "Worth a try.." She thought.
  3. Pichu prodded Luna's leg and chattered something in Pokémon. "What do you want now, Pichu?" Luna smiled, turning to look at him. Pichu pointed at a girl with a Vanilluxe floating by her side, still chattering.
    Luna's eyes widened at the sight of the girl and, picking Pichu up, she looked away nervously.
  4. Wynter made her way to the girl, Vanilluxe close behind. She noticed the girl had a Pichu with her, or a least that's what it looked like. "Excuse me?" Wynter asked. "Do you live here in Kalos? I just got here from Unova and was looking for someone who could tell me where to go to sign up for the Pokemon League. Would you happen to know where I could do that?"

    Wynter patiently waited for a response while Vanilluxe floated over to Pichu trying not to startle it.
  5. Luna's eyes widened again and she stammered,"Y-yeah, I'm from Kalos. I just moved here from Lumiose C-City. Professor S-Sycamore lives there. He'll get you approved to start t-taking on gyms."
    Pichu excitedly jumped out of her arms and began examining Wynter curiously. Luna smiled,"I-it's nice to meet you, though. I'm Luna, who're you?"
  6. Wynter noticed the girl stuttering but wasn't going to say anything. "Nice to meet you Luna, my name is Wynter." Wynter said happily. She watched as Pichu studied her, she laughed silently in her head. "So Professor Sycamore is it? And in Lumiose City?" Wnyter asked. She then pulled out her Guide Book and flipped through her pages. "Ah yes here it is. 'Professor Sycamore is a world-renowned scientist who also grants Kalos trainers their Start Pokemon.'"

    Wynter smiled contently and place the book back in her backpack. "Thank you for the help." she replied. "Say, you wouldn't happen to be competing in the Kalos League too were you? If you were we should travel together. Your Pokemon journey is a lot more fun when you share it with others."
  7. Bio:
    Name- Max Terra
    Age- 15
    Hair Color- Brown
    Eye color- A LightBrown
    Mother- Cyndi Terra
    Father- ??? Terra
    Sister- Mia Terra
    Brother- Mike Terra
    Likes- Video Games, All Pokemon, His Friends, His Family, Doing Whats Right, Winning,
    Dislikes- Hot Weather, Losing, Letting Evil Win, Losing His Friends, Chores
    Fears- Tornadoes.
    Favorite Pokemon- Charizard
    Trainer Status : Owns All Badges From Kanto (Placed 2nd In The PKMN League), No Badges From Kalos
    Home Region : Kanto
    Best Friend : Eva Kadishie
    Team : Charizard (Has Lots Of Other PKMN At Oak's Lab)
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  8. Luna hesitated for a moment, glancing at Pichu before nodding slightly,"My mom always wanted me to do it. I suppose I could join you."
    Pichu jumped up and down, seemingly excited. "Pichu would like that too," Luna grinned. She looked back at the house she had knocked on. "It looks like this place is empty. I can take you to my house if you want."
  9. Wynter smiled, "I think you should! It helps the bond between you can your Pokemon grow even stronger." Wynter yawned, it had been a long flight to Kalos. "And sure, I'd be delighted to go to your house if you're offering." She added.

    Vanilluxe had been flying around the town looking at everything there. It was very small from the pictures she had seen. "I guess others will be bigger." Wynter thought. Vanilluxe was looking into a hole in a nearby tree. A very angry bird Pokemon met its face. Whatever it was must have frightened Vanilluxe because it took off running, or i guess flying, away. Wynter laughed and looked back at Luna.
  10. /\/\/\ RP /\/\/\

    As a trainer, his name be Max Terra, rides his Charizard on a straight decline to the region they call, Kalos.

    "Charizard, you can return." Max holding up his Pokeball, motioning for Charizard to return. "Grrrrr...." Charizard obviously didn't want to return. "Sure buddy, you can stay out. Just don't burn down the whole town, haha!" Max looked up at the sign, which is hanging high above; "Vaniville Town, huh. Well, might as well go introduce myself," Max walks into Vaniville Town, he looks around and he spots a girl with a Pichu; "Hey you! I am a Pokémon trainer, and I see you have a Pokémon, how about we battle!" Max stood with his Charizard by his side; " Also, yo. Names Max. Nice to meetcha!"
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  11. Luna jumps, clearly startled. "Aa! Wh-where'd you come from?!" She picked Pichu up and held him closer to her. "S-sorry. I'm not a Pokémon trainer, not yet at least, this is just my f-friend." She eyed the Charizard warily. "B-besides. You know it'd be an easy win for you."
  12. "Oh. S-Sorry about that. I thought you would have more than just a Pichu," Max looked embarrassed;" Also, sorry for scaring you, I'm new to Kalos."
  13. Wynter also jumped from the person's sudden abrupt introduction. She noticed Luna seem terrified. She put her hand on her shoulder, "It's okay. That Charizard won't hurt you. They're usually pretty friendly actually. They just like to show off." Wynter told Luna.

    She turned to the new trainer. "Hello, Max isn't it, my name is Wynter and that's my partner, Vanilluxe." She said pointing to a nearby lettuce garden where Vanilluxe was floating about exploring. "I'd take you up on the battle offer however. I may be at a disadvantage, but I would be fun!" She told him.
  14. Luna smiled slightly,"It's alright. I get startled easily. I'm Luna, by the way." Her stormy grey eyes studied Max. Something about him intrigued her, though she didn't know why. He had seemed so frightening at first but now he seemed genuinely apologetic.
    Stroking her Pichu she commented,"Y-you must be a pretty good trainer to have a Charizard. Where are you from anyway?"
  15. "Oh," Luna said anxiously at Wynter's words. "I can't stand seeing Pokémon get hurt but Pichu and I will watch. I s-suppose I'll have to get used to it if I want to enter the Pokémon League."
    Pichu jumped out of her arms and began pawing at Charizard's leg, looking vaguely interested.
  16. "Oh, I'm from Kanto," Max said; "And, not to brag, but I am a pretty good trainer," He said as he flashed his badge case that held all 8 Kanto Gym Badges; "Also, it would be awesome to battle you Wynter, but it won't be an easy win, I have happened to place 2nd in last years Pokemon Leauge in Kanto!" Max said finally before readying for battle!
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  17. "Ok then, I guess we should battle over there?" Max said pointing to a battlefield.
  18. Luna's mouth fell open with shock,"Y-you have all of the Kano gym badges?! How is that even possible?!" She shook her head with wonder. "Maybe you can teach me a bit about Pokémon battling
    later." She smiled.
    Pichu ran back to her when she beckoned to him and Luna followed the two, more adventurous, teens to the battlefield, curious in spite of herself.
  19. (I don't mean to act like I'm a leader or anything like that, I just want to warn you. I've had many great RPs closed due to double posting and not have long enough responses. I just don't want this great RP to be closed :( Hope you take this advice!)

    Wynter smiled, she liked the boy's confidence. She reached into her bag and pulled out her previous badge case from Unova that she kept for the memories. She opened it and held it up, inside were all 8 Unova badges. "Good Luck.." She chided and walked over to her side of the battlefield. "Vanilluxe, come here sweatie! We've got a battle to attend to!" Wynter called to Vanilluxe. Vanilluxe turned to her trainer and flew over with great speed. They were ready for battle!
  20. (Thank you for the advice Avalios. I'm new to this and I'll take any help I can get. Also: thank you for thinking this rp is great(although I can't take all the credit for that))

    "Geez," Luna muttered to herself. "These two are pretty powerful trainers. I need to train a lot if I ever want to be as good as those two."
    Pichu jumped up and down, chattering in Pokémon, clearly excited for the coming fight.
  21. "Ok, it's settled then. 1v1, my buddy Charizard here VS your Vanilluxe. Hey buddy! You ready?" Max stared at Charizard, then Charizard grumbled happily; "Now, let the battling commence!" Max shouted; "First I'll start with something simple! Charizard fly!" Then, with great speed, Charizard shot up into the sky like a bullet; "And before they have time to attack, Charizard!" Charizard soared straight down with his view locked onto Vanilluxe!
  22. "Wow..." Luna exclaimed softly, craning her neck back to try and see where the Charizard had went. She saw an orange dot in the sky and figured that that must be the huge dragon Pokémon.
  23. Wynter was finally getting the excitement she wanted in Kalos. "Impressive! That Charizard has great speed for its size!" Wynter applauded. "You're gonna have to try harder though! Vanilluxe, after it!" Vanilluxe bolted into the air after Charizard. Speed is one thing Wynter and Vanilluxe strived to improve. Everyday they went on a run, each trying to go a mile faster than the day before. Their training has definitely paid off.

    Vanilluxe was right behind Charizard's tail. Charizard still had the advantage though, not only the Type Advantage, but any moment Charizard could turn and hit Vanilluxe out of the sky. They had to be ready for it.
  24. Luna glanced down at her little Pichu and realized just how outmatched he have been if she had excepted Max's challenge. To her surprise she felt herself wishing that she and Pichu could fight like that.
    She turned to smile at Wynter as if to say,"You got this!"
  25. "Charizard, cancel your decline! Turn and bolt after Vanilluxe!" Max pointed at Vanilluxe! Charizard was about to collide with Vanilluxe, when; "Charizard! Fire Punch!" Max shouted, then huge explosion appeared in the sky! "It's over!" Max smirked.
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  26. Luna watched anxiously, hoping that Vanilluxe wasn't hurt to badly. "That looked painful," she commented with a smile.
  27. "That is one of my buddies greatest moves!" Max smiled; "And, just in case it hasn't fainted, Charizard, use Dragon Tail!" Max said finally. Then with one great heave, Charizard slammed its tail into Vanilluxe, which launched Vanilluxe straight down into the battlefield!
  28. "Hey!" Luna protested, springing up from her sitting position. "I think we can all agree that you won the match. No need to go overkill on the poor thing."
  29. "Over? For who?" Wynter smirked back. When the smoke cleared, it revealed that Vanilluxe had used Mirror Coat. Charizard's attacks did no damage, and instead inflicted damage on himself. "I have to say, that was a very good try!" She added.

    "Our turn, Ice Beam!" Wynter called out. Charizard was struck with an icy cold blast in the chest. Wynter followed that up with Avalanche burying Charizard in ice-covered rocks. She may have seemed like one of those "Pretty Girls" that only cared about themselves and how they look, but Wynter was very different from that stereotype. Her heart was dead set on becoming a great battler with Vanilluxe by her side.

    "Come and get me..."
  30. Luna covered her mouth with a hand. "Wow! You two are crazy!" To her own surprise she burst out laughing. "You got this Vanilluxe!" She called.
  31. "Hah! You two make me laugh. This battle ends now. Charizard! Feel my power! Beyond evolution...Mega Evolve!" Red laughed, then, Charizard began to glow; "Rrrroooaaaarrrrr!" Mega Charizard X was ready to battle. "Now, Charizard! Use slash!" Charizard with blinding speed slashed Vanilluxe; "Charizard again!" Charizard obeyed. "Now to finish it! Fire...Punch!" Charizard swung his fist with great power, sending Vanilluxe flying, then Vanilluxe crashed to the ground.

    "Vanilluxe is unable to battle, it's over. Charizard, get down here buddy!" Max said with a smirk on his face; "Haha! You did great Charizard, and you too Vanilluxe!" Red sprayed a super potion on Vanilluxe, and along with Max, Vanilluxe smiled; "It was a good battle, Wynter." Max then reached out his had to Wynter.
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  32. Luna folded her arms across her chest, pursing her lips. She looked uncharacteristicly annoyed. Standing up, she beckoned to Pichu to follow her, which he did.
    Luna walked over to the two trainers and gave Max a look. "Did you really have to go that overkill? I'm sure that you would have one Mega Evolving or not. Did you do that just to show off or what?"
    Pichu, meanwhile, was chatting away to Vanilluxe as Luna waited, somewhat impatiently, for an answer.
  33. Wynter smiled, it was a great battle indeed. She took his hand and shook it. She then looked down and picked up Vanilluxe, "Awesome job, honey." She said happily. She knew Vanilluxe hated to lose, but it was something that happened to everyone, you just had to pick yourself up and try harder.

    She turned back to Max, "Thanks again for an awesome battle! That was a great awakening to what Kalos has to offer." Vanilluxe seemed lost in conversation with Pichu. Wynter always wandered what Pokemon said to each other. She always thought she and Vanilluxe could sort of "communicate" but she wasn't ever sure of it.

    "So what's next on the agenda?" Wynter asked patiently.
  34. "Hey, it's just one battle, and when you wanna win, you should always try your best," Max said with a big smile on his face; "Also, I'm sorry if I injured you Vanilluxe," Max gave Vanilluxe an Oran Berry; "There, all better!" Max laughed.
  35. "Well, I am planning on finding some people to travel with," Beep! Max's phone beeped; "Oh speak of the devil! My old travel friend just texted me! Well, I'll finish my conversation with her later," Max put his phone back into his pocket; "Now, I just got a great idea! How about the 3 of us travel together," He said; "I'm sure our Pokemon would enjoy it." Max looked at the 3 Pokemon.
  36. Luna sighed,"W-well, I'll ask my mother if she'll write to Professor Sycamore to get us approved for the Kalos Region Pokémon League. They're close friends."

    Brushing some hair out of her eyes she smiled again,"You two can come with me if you want. I'm sure my mom won't mind. She keeps telling me that I need to make more friends." Turning to the Pokémon she called,"Come on, Pichu."

    When the little, yellow Pokémon looked disappointed she added,"Vanilluxe can come with us."
  37. "If your planning to challenge all 8 gyms, I'm totally in!" Max said with a friendly yet excited expression.
  38. Luna smiled back at him before turning to Wynter,"What about you? Do you want to come too?"
  39. "Sounds good." Wynter told her. "Vanillixe, let's go!" Vanilluxe flew along side Wynter as they walked. She looked up and Pichu was riding on top of Vanilluxe's head. "Looks like we've all made some new friends." She thought, laughing in her head.

    She couldn't wait for what Kalos had in store for her and her Pokemon. Now that she new Max was coming along for the ride too she couldn't wait. She had a new goal to add to the continuous list:

    She was going to beat Max.
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  40. When they reached her house Luna hesitated slightly. "Wait here, please. Let me tell my mom about you before you just come barging in." She opened the door and stepped inside, closing the door behind her.
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