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Private/Closed Journey into Unova

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by TheStargazer, Mar 11, 2017.

  1. TheStargazer

    TheStargazer Previously LunaLuma

    Travis woke up and got ready to go on his journey. Travis was very excited. Travis said goodbye to his parents and then he headed to the Pokemon Lab. Travis hoped he got the starter that he wanted from Professor Juniper. When Travis got to the Pokemon Lab, The Professor's Pokemon Minccino, was holding a sign that said, "Please wait in a line until the Professor is ready please." Luckily for Travis, no one else was there so he was the first person in line. Travis petted Minccino on the head while he waited.
  2. Lily woke with a start, her mother's Delcatty poking her in the side. Looking at the alarm on her bedside table, Lily realized she had fallen asleep in the middle of getting her bag read for her journey today. "Crap!" she hissed to herself, getting up and stumbling her way to her boots. Her poor balance thanks to the surgeries caused more than one thump as she fell over. Zipping up her hoodie, and quickly double checking she still had everything, she came thundering down the stairs. She didn't really say bye to her parents, though her little mewl of approval upon stuffing a chocolate croissant into her mouth was thanks enough as she ran out the door. She sprinted her way to the lab, skidding right behind another kid, claiming her spot as second in line.

    "Made it!" she huffed, bent over and fisting the air, before she straightened and began to actually eat her breakfast while waiting.
  3. Ally woke up to the licks of a Herdier, her mother's pet, and soon realized what was going on. Juniper is in town! I can't believe it... she hopped out of bed to change into her normal clothes, and then slipped on her glasses. She snatched her bag from under her bed, which carried a few books. Quickly, Ally rushed downstairs, hugging her mother after picking up a packed lunch of some bento. She felt a bit reluctant to leave, because her father was absent, the day before she got her Pokémon.. I'll be able to call them, no need to worry. opening the door, Ally was able to spot two other kids near the lab. I should go there, she thought to herself, before walking over to the laboratory.
  4. Valerie got up, realizing she was a few minutes late. Damn it! At least I'm going to show up... rushing to get dressed, she slipped on her clothes and boots before grabbing her bag and heading downstairs, not even bothering to brush her hair or anything like that. "Bye mom!" leaving without breakfast was also something she thought was fair, and Valerie then dashed over to the lab, excited. Unova really is a big place. Exploring all of it would be amazing... but it's still not the same. It's not Johto. Impatiently tapping her foot, Valerie waited behind the line of other kids.
  5. Lily turned to look at the three people around here, all with various looks of tiredness, and also I came here in a rush, the kid in front of her seemed to be the most prepared, along with the freckled girl behind her, and of course the last girl who didn't even try. Taking the last of the croissant out of her mouth and swallowing, she waved behind her. "So, are you all excited to start exploring Unova or what?" she addressed them all, a bright smile on her face to complete the statement, wanting to appear friendly.
  6. Claire woke up to the Minun that continuously tapped her shoulder, as she slowly yawned and said to him, "Well... you sure are up early aren't ya? Let's get ready and go over to the Professor." The Minun gave off a slight nod at her, as he noticed her picking him up after getting off of the bed. She took him to the bathroom and took care of their hygiene, as the Minun gave off a detested glare over at her after she finished thoroughly washing his small body. After she dried him and combed her hair, she went out of the bathroom and walked over towards the closet, as she changed into her usual attire. The Minun stood near the bed with a distasteful look on his face, as he rubbed on his body; attempting to get rid of any other vaguely excessive moisture that was from the bath he had. He saw her coming over to him and picking him up after she finished dressing herself, as she grabbed her backpack and wore it around her shoulders.

    She went out of her room and walked down the stairs with haste, as the Minun was as silent as the little mouse he was. He saw her putting him down on a booster seat, as he noticed her giving him a bottle of special milk after she placed her backpack down next to her seat. He glanced over at the cereal box that she got from the upper vertical cabinet, as she also grabbed a porcelain bowl that had a modest dimension to his eyes. He saw her walking over towards the table after grabbing a silver spoon from the bottom cabinet, as she placed down the cereal box and bowl near her seat. He grasped his bottle with a tight grip, as the bottle felt rather warm to the touch; it was as warm as a Sunday honeymoon. He slowly picked the bottle up from the table with a gradual momentum, as he sipped the bottle at a snail's pace after placing the gentle nozzle in his mouth. The milk had a sweet taste that was sublime, as it felt like sipping the nectar of the gods to his now excited taste buds.

    He looked up at Claire, who was now eating her cereal after pouring it into her bowl and putting the cereal box away. He continued to drink his bottle at a steady pace, while Claire looked over at him after finishing her cereal minutes later. She got up from her seat and saw that the Minun had finished his bottle just now, as she took his finished bottle and her bowl that had her spoon in it to the sink. She washed all the dirty dishes and utensils that were in the sink, as she neatly placed them on the dish rack after everything was as clean as a whistle.

    She walked towards the Minun and picked him up after she was done, as she grabbed her backpack and wore it around her shoulders as usual. She went over to the front door while the Minun felt rather awkward from the white safety goggles that she always wore. He thought to himself while he saw her putting on her boots with ease, "Hmm, why does she always wear those goggles? It's just a bit strange to me to see someone wearing those all the time... it kinda reminds me of a doctor; wait... she is a doctor here! Oh never mind that, I just better hope that I don't have to get that painful shot again like last time when I was back in that other region with that girl in the pink hair!"

    After Claire got her boots on and laced them up, she did a quick check on her backpack to make sure that she had everything she needed before going out to the Laboratory. After she finished checking her backpack, she went out of her house and locked the door right after she went through it.

    She walked over to the Laboratory while keeping a gentle grip on the Minun, as his body tensed up from the sightings of other people that were within the Laboratory. He glanced over at the middling trees that were scattered about around the Laboratory, as he took note of the diverse range of the fauna that were grouped along with the trees and the short, green grass that were as brightly green as the trees' leaves. He gazed over at the glossy, glassy greenhouse that greatly gazed back at him from the reflective, lustrous lighting. He gave off a vague smile at the transceiving tower that was adjoining the Laboratory's right side, as it also gave him a slight surprise to see that the tower was almost twice the height of the Laboratory.

    He hesitantly turned his attention back towards the other people soon after, as Claire looked down at him and quietly said, "Hey, are you alright? You seem a bit tense here... maybe you should try to talk to me a bit, it'll surely help there quiet." The Minun gave off a nervous nod, as he took in a silent breath after feeling the light blanket of zephyrs that mother nature brought off on him. Claire gradually walked towards the others, as she blinked when she saw a Minccino holding up a distinctive sign that stood out to her observant eyes. She waited behind the line of other people, as she was rather astonished to see that no one else had a Pokémon yet.

    She replied to the girl that spoke out with a bright smile after just hearing her from a short distance, "Well, I am excited to look around Unova, though the little Pokémon that I'm carrying right here might need to get used to this area first since he's kinda like a fish out of water right now. He's very quiet around others so give him some time first. My name is Claire, and I am what some call me as a first response for the injured Pokémon here. So, what's your story?"
  7. TheStargazer

    TheStargazer Previously LunaLuma

    "Very," Travis replied to the girl that was behind her. Travis noticed how long the line was now. Before there was only Travis. Now there is about 5 people in line including himself. Travis looked at the Minccino who was waiting desperately now for the Professor to open the door. It looked a bit scared of everyone.
    "Maybe it's just a bit timid or it liked to see people get there first Pokemon?" Travis said to himself.
  8. Ally looked around nervously and tried to reply to Lily, who had asked a question. "I guess I am..." she shrugged the question off and tapped her foot, waiting for the lab door to open. Looking back at Claire, she bit her lip nervously and replied with "My name's Ally. I don't have much of a story to tell, anyway"
  9. Dustin Taylor woke up to Eon, his partner and best friend, gently licking his face. "Eevee," the small brown pokemon said, sitting on the boy's chest with a cocked head.

    "Okay, Eon. No more sleeping in. We need to get to Professor Juniper's lab," Dustin said softly, lifting up the Normal type. The Eevee gave a smile and climbed up on the blonde boy's shoulder.

    The duo exited the hotel smiling. "You know, we should really go and thank Professor Juniper for the board in the hotel last night," Dustin said quietly. Eon nodded and they walked off towards the lab. Inside they noticed the line of trainers. Then he saw the Minnchino and the sign. Dustin read it and awkwardly took his place in the very back of the line.
  10. TheStargazer

    TheStargazer Previously LunaLuma

    Just as Travis thought that he would leave because it was taking too long, The Doors to the lab begun to open. Minccino pointed to inside, telling Travis to enter.
    "Everyone come in please," Professor Juniper called from inside. Travis was excited but nervous.
    "So are you here for a Pokemon?" The Professor asked Travis. Travis nodded slightly.
    "Very well, You can pick from these pokemon," The Professor exclaimed. Suddenly, 3 Pokemon appeared. Travis could recognise all of them. 1 of them Was a Snivy, 1 was a Tepig and 1 was an Oshawott. Travis liked all 3 of the species but he knew which one he wanted.
    "I choose this Snivy," Travis mumbled as he was still nervous.
    "Good choice," The Professor said. "Here is Snivy's Pokeball, 5 Pokeballs and a brand new Pokedex."
    "Thankyou so much!" Travis said a bit too loud. Travis put all of his items in his bag.Travis' Snivy then jumped onto Travis' Shoulder.
    "I'm going to call you Leaf," Travis said in excitement. Travis then got out of the way so more people could get a Pokemon.
    Another Snivy appeared, taking Leaf's original position.
  11. Ally rushed inside, excited to see her new partner. When seeing the Oshawott, she smiled and picked him up immediately, hugging her. "I'm going to name you Sheru!" She put Sheru down and rejected the idea of putting her in a Pokéball. Sheru swirled around Ally, and Ally headed outside the lab.
  12. Being that she was last in the line, Valerie had to push her way to the front. Two kids had already chosen their Pokémon, and the ones they had chosen didn't catch her interest. Looking at the fire-pig Pokémon, Tepig, Valerie's instincts acted up, and she rushed over to the Tepig. "Hey buddy! Wanna be my partner?" the Tepig cocked their head, but then nodded. "Okay! I'm gonna call you... Coal!"
  13. Claire went inside the Laboratory after she saw some of the others also going inside, as she saw them getting their first Pokémon. She walked up to the Professor while still holding the Minun with her arms, as she said to the Professor, "Hello Professor. I am Claire, and I am from the region of Hoenn. Even though I do already have my starter Pokémon, which is the little Minun that I'm carrying right now, I came here because I need to talk with a Porygon that will assist me in the updating of my Pokédex here. I do have the required documents in my backpack in case if you need any proof." She stood near the Professor while maintaining her grip on the Minun, as the Minun glanced over at the others around him that seemed like titans to his unnerved eyes. He attempted to keep his cool in front of everyone, as he took in a quiet breath and kept his right paw on Claire's left arm.
  14. TheStargazer

    TheStargazer Previously LunaLuma

    Travis was about to leave when a Man ran through the doors with a pokemon in his arms. He looked like an assistant of the Professor
    "Juniper, This Lillipup Needs Help!" The man yelled. The Lillipup looked unwell and was getting worse.
    "Maybe take it to Nurse Joy?" Travis Suggested.
    "I don't think there will be enough time!" The Man Screamed
  15. Claire's attention turned towards the man that yelled towards the Professor, as she replied to the man in a confident tone, "Alright, I'll help out the Lillipup here! I might not look like it, but I'm what some call the first response for Pokémon. Is there anything wrong about the Lillipup that you can tell me right now? I also want you to slowly put him down here, I'll get working on him right now!"

    She quickly placed down her backpack aside from her, as she quickly unzipped her bag and got out a bottle of antibiotic gel, some layers of gauze, and forceps. She saw the Minun go down onto the ground, as the Minun nodded at her; knowing that it would be critical in stabilizing the Lillipup as soon as possible.
  16. Lily stumbled inside the lab as kids shoved past her. She grew frantic and worried as she saw all three starters in the arms of the other kids. "No no no no I waited five years for this they can't all be gone!" She thought to herself. Yet, she still tried to push her way inside, only to gracefully fall onto the hard ground. Now she was disappointed and in pain.

    Yet, something brushed the tiny tears from her eyes before they fell, causing her to look up into the golden brown eyes of a new Snivy who had leapt off the table down to her. "Oh, hello." She said, lamely, sitting up and noticing the next batch of starters. She laughed to herself in stupefied relief.

    The female Snivy leapt into her arms, and Lily made an adorable squeal, hugging her new partner close. She got to her feet, sheepishly accepting the pokedex and Pokeballs from the professor when the commotion cause her head to turn. She saw the Lilipup in critical condition, and gasped in horrified shock. But she couldn't do anything, and that made her feel even worse for the Pokemon.
  17. Dustin stood there awkwardly as the other trainers got their first Pokemon. He stuck his hands deep into his pockets and watched the look on the other trainers faces, as they lit up with joy, upon meeting their new pokemon companions.

    And then the man brought the Lilipup in. It seemed to be in a lot of pain. Dustin squeezed his eyes shut, to avoid seeing it, and possibly hurling. Eon however looked anxiously at the fellow Normal Type and slowly climbed of Dustin's shoulder, and drew nearer to the Liipup and the girl whom was treating it. Eon sat down and tried to look helpful, incase, his help was needed.
  18. Ally stared at the Lillipup, and then at the girl who was tending to it. She felt like running over to her, trying to help, but she knew nothing about medicine. The small dog like Pokémon was definitely suffering, and not being able to help the creature made the matter worse. Ally decided to cover her eyes to not look at the poor Lillipup, who was in pain.
  19. Claire took an observant look at the Lillipup that the man held, as he said to the man, "Okay, if you want to still hold him for a brief second here, go ahead. I'm just going to do something real quick that will stabilize the Lillipup for a brief time before I can begin the treatment procedure on him." She quickly reached into her bag and grabbed her blue surgical mask, as she placed it on her face in a swift motion. The white strings were around the ears to secure the mask, as the mask covered her face from her mouth up to her nose. She then reached into her bag again and got out a syringe; along with a glossy jar that housed a dormant, green liquid.

    She hastily sucked out the liquid into her syringe for the correct amount on the Lillipup's size after opening the jar, as she closed it in a swift motion and placed it back in the backpack in a rushed momentum. She walked up to the man in a rapid pace, as she said to the Lillipup in a conscientious tone while keeping a tight grip on the syringe, "Hey, are you okay? If you're still conscious here, just try to relax. I'm going to have to administer the stabilizer first before working on you since your vitals are in critical condition! Just hold still here, you're going to be fine after I treat you!"

    She aimed the syringe at the Lillipup's right leg, as she swiftly poked the needle into the Lillipup's leg! She injected the medicine into the Lillipup's leg in a speedy motion, as she pulled out the needle end a second after finishing. She assuredly said to the man after injecting the medicine into the Lillipup, "Alright, now I need you to put him down on the ground now! I need a flat surface to work with for the Lillipup here! His vitals should be stabilized for some time. Hopefully he shouldn't be too fussy to things, especially the medicine here."
  20. TheStargazer

    TheStargazer Previously LunaLuma

    Lillipup was still unconscious from what had happened to it earlier that day. The Assistant nodded as he gently placed the injured Pokemon onto the floor so Claire could work on a flat surface. The Professor wasn't sure if she trusted Claire before but the Professor was impressed with Claire's skills. Travis still watched from a distance with Leaf on his shoulder.
    "I hope Lillipup is okay," Travis said quietly.
  21. Claire smiled when the man gently placed down the Lillipup on the floor, as she said to the man and everyone else around her, "Alright, I need someone to call for help as soon as possible! Once I get him stabilized after treating him, they'll be taking him to the Pokémon Center where he can rest up and get treated again in case." The Minun stood by Claire, as he was ready to obey her instructions without questions; due to the fact that he was in an urgent situation with her.

    Claire thought to herself while placing two fingers around a certain spot on his neck for some brief seconds, "Damn! Looks like I'll have to measure his pulse the old way since I don't see any electrocardiograms here! Hopefully his pulse shouldn't be too bad here... please do me a favor and hang in there Lillipup..." She gasped in horror when she felt the Lillipup's pulse, as she said to the Minun in a bold tone, "Ack... his pulse is irregular! I'm already starting off with venticular fibrillation here! Minun, I need you to listen very carefully! I don't think that there will be any AEDs here or anytime soon, so here's what you have to do... you're going to have to use spark on the Lillipup, but be careful here!"

    She took in a deep breath and continued talking to the Minun, "He's a small Pokémon, so take it easy on the voltage alright? You don't want too little, or else there will be no effect. You also don't want too much however, or he could be damaged real badly. Just give him a nice jolt on the chest alright?" She moved the Lillipup over slightly so that its chest was pointing towards the ceiling. The Minun nodded at her in obeyance, as his cheeks quietly sparked! He began to rub in his paws with modest friction, as joules of electricity could be seen to the focused eye.

    The Minun swiftly placed his paws on the Lillipup's chest and let off a lowered spark on him, as Claire smiled at him. She quickly placed two fingers again on the Lillipup's neck for some hurried seconds, as she said to the Minun, "Alright, good job Minun! His pulse seems to be stabilized now, but we might need to watch out if it goes bad like that again." The Minun smiled at Claire, as he stood alongside her now, while she continued to work with the injured Lillipup.

    She said to the Minun after noticing a small pool of red liquid on his head starting to form, "Now, let's get on with the real show- wait... is that blood on his head?! Oh no, the shock must have engaged his body, he's hemmoraging now! Quick, reach into my backpack and fetch me some absorbent gauze! It should feel rather thick, and it'll look pale white here! It should be next to the little jar with stabilizer in it; which is the green liquid!"

    The Minun gave off an obedient nod at her, as he quickly grabbed the other gauze and handed it over to her with haste. She quickly placed the gauze on the Lillipup's head, as the gauze quickly absorbed all the blood within seconds; revealing a long, but also slightly deep cut that had some shards of glass sticking out. She quickly grabbed all of absorbed pieces of the gauze and tossed it into the nearby trash can, as she said to the man in a moderate tone, "The Lillipup is doing fine here. His vitals seem to be better now, though it's not completely stabilized since I gotta remove the foreign objects on the laceration here. Just have someone call for help as soon as possible, the sooner, the better!"
  22. TheStargazer

    TheStargazer Previously LunaLuma

    "Yes, i've already called nurse joy to pick Lillipup up, thank you so much for that," The Professor said with a smile. Travis was impressed. She didn't look that old and she was treating a Pokemon like it was in hospital. To Travis, it was inspiring. Travis looked at the Lillipup. It was still unconscious but it looked much better than it was before it was treated.
  23. Lily let out a sigh of releif, her body relaxing from its tense state. The Snivy in her arms sighed along with her new trainer, before wrapping her vines around Lily's arm and climbing up to her shoulder. Uttering a small cry, the Snivy pointed to the outside world, more specifically, towards the next route outside of town. "Oh! Um, I don't really want to go alone though..." Lily muttered, Great, she thought, of course I hardly know anyone here and just up and saying I want to just out of the blue partner up with someone is just plain awkward.
  24. Relief flushed over Ally, as well as curiosity to know how someone could treat a damaged Pokémon so easily. Of course, she also wanted to explore outside of Nuvema Town, but leaving the other kids behind seemed like a bad idea. Sheru the Oshawott, who patted the Lillipup on the head before walking back to Ally tugged at her pants, looking up, as if asking if they could leave yet, and trying to inspire her to ask someone if they wanted to go.
  25. Claire noticed the Oshawott patting on the Lillipup's head, as she said to the girl that appeared to be the Oshawott's trainer, "Hey, you might have to watch over that blue otter there! I can't have anyone near the injured Lillipup here, because I don't want anyone hurting themselves or the Lillipup! I'm still working on stabilizing him, so try to be careful around us!"

    She then took a deep breath and replied back to the Professor while keeping a tight grip on her forceps with her left hand, "Alright, he should be stabilized before Nurse Joy gets here... do you know when she will be here? I'm almost done with the Lillipup; I just need to remove the shards of glass and fix the huge laceration on his head."

    She thought to herself while placing two fingers on the Lillipup's throat again for some brief seconds, "Hmm, his pulse seems a bit higher off now... he seems to be having a case of tachycardia now. I should watch for venticular fibrillation again or else it could be like last time."

    She thought to herself again while preparing to take out the glass on the laceration, "Alright, it seems like there's only those shards of glass here. Now I wished that I still had my scalpel since it could help on making sure there's nothing else inside. It doesn't look like there's anything else that's stuck inside him now, but I might need to consider feeling it since I can't carry that huge ultrasound tool with me everywhere I go. Argh, damn it you little virus Pokémon! Why did you have to melt my scalpel with that one move of your's when I was trying to gently take care of that fire bird Pokémon back in that strange region?! Now I can't really do an incision since I don't have anything else that can cut!"

    After having some angry thoughts with the past, she quickly moved the forceps with her left hand towards the smaller shard of glass that was sticking out of the laceration on the Lillipup's head with the other shards. Knowing that glass was rather fragile, she grasped the shard with a modest grip with her forceps. She pulled it out carefully and with haste, as she said to the Minun, "Alright, we need to be quick here! Minun, I need you to get me more pieces of the absorbant gauze! His vitals might plummet from the hemmoraging, so I might need to get the stabilizer again! The Nurse is coming, so it's best if we get this done as soon as possible!"

    The Minun gave off a slight nod and swiftly walked towards the backpack. He quickly reached his paw into the backpack, as he grabbed some more pieces of the absorbant gauze with a hurried look. He went back to Claire and handed her more absorbant gauze, as he went back to his original spot that he stood in soon after.

    Claire knew that there was now a time constraint, since the Professor had already called the Nurse. She quickly extracted all the shards of glass that were sticking out of the lengthy laceration, as she swiftly placed the pieces of gauze on the laceration. After some seconds passed by, the gauze turned in a shade of dark red, as she quickly grabbed the gauze and tossed it all in the same trash can. She saw that the bleeding was ceasing, as she said to the Lillipup, "You're going to be okay, I just need to put the other gauze on you and then bandage your head after putting the gel on the gauze. Just hang in there alright buddy?"
  26. TheStargazer

    TheStargazer Previously LunaLuma

    Lillipup was was feeling much better but it was still trying to gain conscience. Lillipup managed grinned at the nurse who was taking care of him. Travis looked at Lily's Snivy and then heard what Lily said.
    "Maybe the 6 of us can travel together, I mean , if that's okay with you all," Travis said and then blushed slightly. Leaf liked the sound of this. He jumped on Travis' shoulder although it was hurting Travis a bit. Travis didn't know what Lillipups actually looked like until that day. He heard of them but never got the chance to see one. He was glad to see his first one but Travis didn't like seeing Pokemon injured.
    The Professor Overheard everything, "I think you six will make good travelling partners and Claire, Nurse Joy is almost here."
  27. Lily looked up, "O-oh! That'd be great!" She sighed, releasing the tense awkwardness she felt. "Thank goodness that's out of the way. Although, we should probably all introduce ourselves." She continued. The Snivy on her shoulder agreed, following up with a small cry of "Snivy~"
  28. "Thank goodness," Dustin said, taking a breath of relief. "My name is Dustin Taylor and this is my partner Eon," the boy said after the request for introduction. "I'm fine what traveling together, but who are you guys?"
  29. As Claire was now putting the Gauze on the Lillipup's head where the laceration was, she replied to the boy after taking note that his name was Dustin, "Well, I may not look like it, but I'm what some call me as the first response. I'm Claire, and Minun is my partner here. I specialize in treating Pokémon to stabilize them before help arrives so that the others like the Nurse or even the Police can take them to the Pokémon Center where they will be receiving any other further treatment and recover with rest."

    She had finished putting the gauze over the laceration, as she quickly grabbed her tiny jar of antibiotic gel and opened it in a swift motion. She placed the gel over the gauze, as the gauze turned into a greenish color after placing a moderate amount on it. She quickly got her bandages that she had placed into her pocket unknowingly earlier, as she started to wrap the bandages around the Lillipup's head snugly. She said to the Minun, "Alright, I'm almost done now, I just need you to get me the medical tape so that I can secure the bandages in place. I also need you to get me the scissors too. Then the Lillipup will be stabilized and ready for the Nurse to pick up... though we don't really have much time since she's almost here."

    The Minun gave a slight nod at her, as he reached into the backpack and grabbed a layer of clear, medical tape that appeared rather translucent towards the untrained eye. He also grabbed some silver scissors that glimmered along with the fluorescent lighting. He walked in a quick pace towards her, as she said after taking the tape and scissors, "Alright, thanks Minun. You sure did a great job here, I really appreciate it." She used her scissors to cut the last layer of bandages from its roll, as she taped the bandages in place soon after to secure it.

    She said to the Minun and Professor in excitement, "Okay, operation complete! The Lillipup is stabilized now, he's good to go for the Nurse." She placed her medical supplies neatly into her backpack and zipped up the backpack, as she placed it back around her shoulders. The Minun smiled at her, as he went up to her and gave her a rather big hug. She knelt down towards his height and said, "Well aren't you happy now Minun? Let's relax for a bit and keep a watch on the Lillipup still in case anything goes wrong."

    She stood back up and went over to the Lillipup with a smile. The Minun followed along her, as she knelt down to the Lillipup and said to him in a calm tone, "You're going to be okay buddy. Don't just thank me, thank the man that took you here and the Professor for calling the Nurse. Just lie still and relax okay? The Nurse is going to be here soon." She gently patted the Lillipup's body, as she waited for the Nurse with the Lillipup and her Minun.
  30. Lily smiles over at Claire, happy that the poor thing wasn't in danger anymore. "Well, my name's Lily. And this gal..." She looked to her partner, who sensed the attention shift and began to preen her leaves. "Well I don't actually have a name for you yet, sorry girl. I'm sure I'll think of something eventually." She smiled as if guilty, but the Snivy's response was to wrap her tail gently around Lily's neck.
  31. "Travelling together would be fun," relief washed over Ally, knowing she didn't have to ask anyone. Briefly brushing her red hair for a moment with her hand, she continued. "Err... I'm Ally, and my Oshawott is named Sheru."
  32. TheStargazer

    TheStargazer Previously LunaLuma

    "I'm Travis and this is Leaf, it's a pleasure to meet you all," Travis said. Travis was about to speak more when Nurse Joy arrived.
    "Thankyou for stabilizing and treating Lillipup, I'll take care of him now," Nurse Joy said. Next to nurse joy was a big pink Pokemon.
    "Aud Audino," The Pokemon said quietly. Nurse Joy picked up Lillipup and gave him to the Pokemon who rushed to the back of the van. Nurse Joy then drove away to the Accumala Town Pokemon Center since there is no Pokemon Center in Nuvema Town.
  33. Valerie nodded, wanting to have a group to travel with. "I'm Valerie, and my new partner is Coal the Tepig!" then Nurse Joy arrived, taking the Lillipup away. "Good thing Claire was able to help the poor thing.." looking past the town, Valerie asked the group, "Should we start heading out?"
  34. Lily nodded, "We should get a good start and try and reach the next town before dark, unless any of you have camping gear packed?" She laughed a little, before shifting towards the door, "Does anyone need to grab anything before we leave?"
  35. TheStargazer

    TheStargazer Previously LunaLuma

    "I'm ready to go when you guys are," Travis said. Travis had packed everything in advance as he parents expected him to be travelling with people. Leaf was excited to leave the Pokemon lab because he was extremely bored and wanted to battle wild Pokemon as soon as possible.
  36. Lily nodded, "I'm all packed up as well." She then turned her back slightly to show off the rather plain grey and black backpack, clearly built for extensive hikes. It wasn't bulging by any means, but it looked well stocked. Then, Snivy, sensing the long journey, crawled her way into the hoodie pockets on the front. There was now a little lump over Lily's stomach, and Snivy was comfortable curled inside the fluffy pocket, although Lily did have to help her starter tuck her tail in.

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